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It's called smart business. That's something we haven't heard in a while, and the results of our survey was picked up by such consumer publications as the New York Daily News, the Orlando Sentinel, the Louisville Courier-Journal, Hartford Courant and others. But the mainstream reporter who got it best was Martin Miller of the Los Angeles Times, who called me after the index was released and talked with me for almost an hour. He went on to talk with others in our industry, and the result was this piece in the LA Times on February 21st.

Imagine if we had a number of articles like this to counter-balance the PR onslaught of satellite. It would help level the playing field. Pummeled by an enormously successful holiday media and publicity blitz, terrestrial radio this week begins a multi-pronged marketing counteroffensive that it hopes will bring its overhead competitors back down to earth, preferably in one huge crash.

Cooperating in unprecedented ways, terrestrial radio broadcasters are officially unveiling a significant tech innovation of their own and a high profile nationwide campaign to trumpet it. One campaign that began Monday in Los Angeles and more than two-dozen other big cities heralds terrestrial's long-awaited entrance into the digital age. At stake is whether traditional radio can recapture some of the consumer and industry buzz temporarily ceded to satellite radio in the wake of shock jock Stern's defection to Sirius Satellite Radio.

Industry observers wonder whether these initial steps by terrestrial radio will be enough to maintain it as a dynamic media business. Like other forms of old media newspapers, network televisionterrestrial radio must fight the perception that it will inevitably lose major ground to the new media, even though it can still appeal to mass audiences.

But radio needs to fight back fast and hard against its satellite competitors, according to analysts. In the works for more than a decade, digital radio will enable broadcasters to significantly upgrade their signal — AM will sound like FM, which in turn will sound like a CD, they say. Further, the compressed digital signal will allow for multicasting, which means radio stations will be able to divide their dial spot into anywhere from two to four channels.

Nationwide, only about stations are broadcasting in digital and just about of those stations are or will soon be multicasting, including about a dozen in Los Angeles. Industry officials say both those national figures are expected to more than double within the next year. The radio industry has pledged the side channels will be commercial-free — at least for the next few years.

While it's true digital radio is free, consumers currently need to shell out at least several hundred dollars to buy a special receiver to hear it. The in-car incarnation Analog radios, of which there are an estimated million units in the U. Another problem for HD radio is sheer numbers — right now, there are probably less thanunits in use nationwide. Many stations that have been broadcasting in digital or multicasting may have been doing so to audiences in the thousands, or even less.

And, at the moment, HD Radio doesn't have a Howard Stern-like selling point to crystallize interest and demand. The most urgent matter for the radio industry is negotiating a deal as soon as possible with automakers to have digital radios installed in cars. So far, just BMW has agreed to put them in its cars. Meanwhile, radio officials have been feverishly lobbying American automakers to follow suit.

Driven by the holidays and a publicity windfall surrounding Stern's move to Sirius, both companies combined to score nearly 2 million new paid subscribers in the last quarter of Meanwhile, a high-ranking XM official resigned from the company's board earlier this month and warned of a possible financial "crisis. Still, he praised Sirius' marketing chops in publicizing the transition.

But, he noted, the strategy could easily backfire. After more than a half-dozen high-level meetings over nearly nine months, the group officially came together in December to accelerate the push for Good Americans - Killradio - Good Americans (CD) radio.

The various campaigns started ramping up in October of last year when Stern was jumping from terrestrial to satellite. You hear it here first. As terrestrial radio rolls up its sleeves while it rolls out its product of tomorrow, the message it ultimately is trying to convey to its millions of daily listeners is that rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated. Light, or lack thereof, is vital for regulating circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.

The presence of even a small amount of blue light in the bedroom at night can reduce vital melatonin levels and disrupt sleep. This is the reason I wear dorky orange sunglasses at night and cover the blue light on my smoke alarm with electrical tape. Many of us think we are sleeping in darkness, but forget mini light sources like clocks, charging cell Good Americans - Killradio - Good Americans (CD), TV lights and other tiny light sources.

For much of human history, we had sunlight during the day and no light or only orange hues from the moon, stars, or campfire at night. Now, we have artificial light in various shades and spectrums and our bodies respond to these differently.

Even ambient light in a normal house is times brighter than natural moonlight and in much different colors. At night, in darkness, our pineal glands produce melatonin which is vital for regulating cortisol, hormones and body temperature. Even small amounts of artificial light can interrupt this process, and this partially explains why so many of us have disrupted cortisol patterns. As this article explains :. This is because melanopsin — a photopigment found in specialized cells of the retina involved in the regulation of circadian rhythms — is most sensitive to blue light.

Crazy as it seems, even a little Good Americans - Killradio - Good Americans (CD) of light in your bedroom at night, especially blue light, can disrupt Good Americans - Killradio - Good Americans (CD) and potentially lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, increased cancer risk, higher chance of depression and anxiety, premature aging and heart problems. Temperature is another important factor for great sleep. Your body Good Americans - Killradio - Good Americans (CD) naturally cools slightly during sleep, and this occurs most easily when your bedroom is at certain temperatures.

A room that is too hot or too cold can affect sleep quality and even reduce the quality of REM sleep. Most experts recommend a bedroom temperature of degrees with comfortably warm bedding and socks. Temperature is so important, in fact, that one initial study showed that insomniacs who wore cooling caps that helped reduce body temperature were able to sleep as soundly and for the same amount of time as those without sleep disorders. Many people use sound machines to block out noise and help them sleep.

This is helpful for many people and in theory, this is great, but with a caveat. The blues. David Byrne.

Community Wireless Network. Walter Benjamin. Looks like Greg agrees Werner Herzog. Malcom X. Good Americans - Killradio - Good Americans (CD) Wordsworth. Oregon coast. Long live DeLeo. This was once my favorite song. I tried to remember why this afternoon and failed. Or the second. Or third.

I pretty much gave up on the album for about six months until I heard some bootlegs of the songs live. This was one of them, and it completely changed everything. Now I worship Ghost just as much as the rest of the Wilco catalog. Clearly the best opening songs in the history of rock and roll.

I spent most of the morning with a city sewer worker for a profile story. Once we got all the sewer chatter out of the way, we wound up talking tunes. He loves music unconditionally. Wish I knew more like him.

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