Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD)

The 20th century has not been kind to most standard classical music forms. The piano sonata, the concerto, the symphony -- none of them have disappeared entirely, but none remain in a state that could be called even remotely healthy. The same was true of the string quartet untilwhen violinist David Harrington got some friends together to play contemporary music and offered his old high-school composition teacher a bag of donuts if he'd write a piece for them. The resulting composition was the first of over works that have been written for the Kronos Quartet over the course of the following 25 years, a period which has seen the revitalization of the previously moribund string quartet format.

But Kronos has done more than simply triple the size of the string quartet repertoire; by focusing on living composers, by cultivating a somewhat rebellious image, and by playing with impeccable professionalism and skill, Kronos has brought a new and primarily young audience Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD) classical music.

This massive ten-disc retrospective includes performances of 31 major compositions, most previously released, but some in new recordings. There are none of the miniature works that fill so many of Kronos' individual albums; these are all long-form compositions, all but one presented in their entirety. They include two string quartets by Henryk Gorecki, Terry Riley's post-minimalist Cadenza on the Night Plain, Morton Feldman's Piano and String Quartet, three quartets by Philip Glass, and many others, but the highlights of the collection are the tremendously moving Different Trains by Steve Reich who combined train sounds, multi-tracked string quartet, and the recorded voices of concentration camp survivors and Pullman porters to create a powerful and deeply personal statement on the Holocaust and Alfred Schnittke's exquisite Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled With Grief.

The packaging is excellent as well, and includes a booklet packed with photos, essays, and notes on the individual composers and compositions. This may be the single most powerful piece Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD) music that the Kronos Quartet has ever recorded, and perhaps that Terry Riley has ever written.

This is because Requiem for Adam is so personal, so direct, and experiential. Requiem for Adam was written after the death of Kronos violinist David Harrignton's son. He died, inat the age of 16, from an aneurysm in his coronary artery.

Riley, who is very close to the Harringtons and has a son the same age, has delved deep into the experience of death and resurrection, or, at the very least, transmutation. Requiem for Adam is written in three parts, or movements. The first, "Ascending the Heaven Ladder," is based on a four-note pattern that re-harmonizes itself as it moves up the scale. The drone-like effect is stunning when the listener realizes that the drone is changing shape too, ascending the scale, moving ever upward and taking part in the transmutation of harmony.

There are no blustery passages of 32nd notes only gorgeous arco phrases shimmering away as the harmonics transform the piece of music form an ascent to a near pastoral acceptance of the highest realization linguistically. The second movement, "Coretejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo," is full of electronic music, horns, bells, and percussion that slam around in the background.

This is a sampled soundtrack for the quartet, but it is integral in moving the focus of movement panoramically, expanding it across vistas instead of making it a vertical relationship between soul and the divine. It is cacophonous and almost celebratory.

Riley refers to it as funeral music that might be heard in New Orleans, and he's almost right. Still there are classical canonical funereal figures here, like a Deus Irae Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD) is somehow kinked up, offbeat, sideways, but nonetheless very present. In title movement, number three, plucked strings move against sliding harmonics and two long pulse notes stretch into almost impossible duration and intensity.

These give way to funky dance figures, almost bluesy as a coda that moves toward an ever more frenzied articulation of theme and variation of the coda. It's the most complex quartet Riley has yet composed, and easily his most satisfying.

The disc closes with "The Philosopher's Hand," a solo piano piece played by Riley. Riley was asked by Harrington to improvise a piece while thinking of Pandit Pran Nath, Riley's musical and spiritual teacher who passed in Riley claims that Pran Nath had come to Adam's funeral and held David Harrington's hand, which, Harrington remarked, was the softest hand he'd ever felt. The piece reflects all of these: the softness, the deep regret of Adam and Pran Nath's passing, and most of all of Riley's remembering, which is filtered through the anguish and beauty of the human heart.

It's more than a whispering close to an already astonishing recording: it's the end of the world, and the beginning of the next, or at least the evidence that music can almost deliver this much. Terry Riley would certainly bristle at the idea of there being a "definitive" version of In C, since it was created with the intention of having an infinite number interpretive possibilities, but this version, a reissue of the original Columbia recording, led by the composer, has a certain authority since it was the means by which the piece was introduced to a broad public and it paved the way for the biggest revolution in classical composition in the second half of the twentieth century.

It has the hallmarks that came to define musical minimalism: triadic harmony, a slow rate of harmonic change, a steady pulse, and the use of repetitive patterns.

In this performance, it has a shiny, almost metallic brightness and Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD) visceral energy that immediately set it apart from the intellectually rigorous and austere trends in the new music establishment of the s. The performance, by members of the Center of the Creative and Performing Arts of SUNY Buffalo, is disciplined, staying within the parameters Riley prescribes, but is also freely inventive, taking advantage of the opportunities Riley gives the performers for creative self-expression.

The result sounds spontaneous but assured, never chaotic or capricious. The ensemble understood and had rehearsed the piece thoroughly, performing it at Carnegie Hall not long before this recording was made inwhen the piece was already four years old.

For listeners with a sympathy for minimalism, the energy of this performance can be a wild and exhilarating ride, and it will be a nostalgic trip for anyone who knew it in its earlier incarnations on LP or cassette tape. It will also act as a comfort to those of us who love the visual accompaniment of a revolving turntable and hovering stylus with our vintage jazz grooves. Mod Jazz Mo' Mod Jazz Even Mo' Mod Jazz. Marcadores: JazzMod Jazz. After extensive search they found a singer in Jorn Lande ex-The Snakes, Millenium who left all bands in order to give full force to this band.

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Vocalist J? For whatever reason, however, the band soon disappeared from sight, and apart from Lande later joining Ark and after that, Masterplanthe members were never heard from again. Nattefall was a black metal band composed by bassist and drummer Lars Wiik and keyboardist Bent E. After releasing the demo Ode to the Nightsky ininterest was shown Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD) the company Velvet Music. The band changed its name to Mundanus Imperium and the demo was released as EP in Petter J.

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Known for his work as a bandleader and during the s with Miles Davis, Garland helped popularize the block chord style of piano playing. Garland's trademark block chord technique, a commonly borrowed maneuver in jazz piano today, was unique and differed from the methods of earlier block chord pioneers such as George Shearing and Milt Buckner. Aqualung Jethro Tull. Autumn Leaves - Michel Petrucciani / Louis Petrucciani - Flashback (CD) as a Brick Jethro Tull. Misplaced Childhood Marillion.

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  1. Autumn Leaves - Jazz Play Along LEAD SHEET KB: Autumn leaves (Eva Cassidy).pdf: KB: Autumn Leaves Cannonball Adderley And Miles Davis Sax KB: Autumn Leaves Music by Joseph 84 KB: Autumn 95 KB: Avatar - Leona Lewis - I See KB: Avatar sheet music Book James KB.

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  3. Autumn Leaves - Jazz Play Along LEAD SHEET KB: Autumn leaves (Eva Cassidy).pdf: KB: Autumn Leaves Cannonball Adderley And Miles Davis Sax KB: Autumn Leaves Music by Joseph 84 KB: Autumn 95 KB: Avatar - Leona Lewis - I See KB: Avatar sheet music Book James KB.

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  5. Autumn Leaves - Jazz Play Along LEAD SHEET KB: Autumn leaves (Eva Cassidy).pdf: KB: Autumn Leaves Cannonball Adderley And Miles Davis Sax KB: Autumn Leaves Music by Joseph 84 KB: Autumn 95 KB: Avatar - Leona Lewis - I See KB: Avatar sheet music Book James KB.

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  7. Jul 30,  · Bit CD Quality kHz - Stereo. Autumn Leaves (Live) Michel Petrucciani. Acheter Michel Petrucciani, Composer, Piano, MainArtist - Jose Rodriguez, Mastering Engineer - YVES CHAMBERLAND, Producer - Eddy Louiss, Organ, MainArtist - Roger Roche, Mixer, Recording Engineer - Francis Dreyfus, Producer.

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