Atomic Nova Terra - Kirlian - The Angel Of Death (Vinyl)

Towards the latter half, chirping synths come to the fore. These 20 minutes pass by rather quickly. If I may relate an anecdote - once whilst listening to this track, at one point the backing glissando was sliding up note by note, gradually becoming thicker and fatter in sound, and I had the feeling I was hovering a few inches off the floor. Wow, I'm levitating!! It lasted a few seconds Atomic Nova Terra - Kirlian - The Angel Of Death (Vinyl) it happened, and without the aid of any chemical enhancements.

Or, I may have been drifting off to sleep This is pure symphonic Gliss like no other. At any rate, yet another excellent and effective album from the Electrick Gypsy. Tom Ozric Hey, just thought id add the info that this album was recorded for th 'Rainbow Dome' at the first mind-body-spirit festival, and it was the guy from the Orb playing this in a club which led to Steve forming System 7 with him and various Atomic Nova Terra - Kirlian - The Angel Of Death (Vinyl).

Now 33 years old, it hasn't dated much at all. Vocal free and quite unlike anything else in Steve Hillage's catalogue, 'Rainbow Dome Music' is a beatless journey through sunny countryside where you might want to stop, have a cup of tea, eat some sandwiches and swat a few flies off your pork pies before dozing off in the late afternoon sunshine. That's what goes through my mind anyway Unobtrusive synths and proto sequencers are used liberally on the opener which lasts a whopping 23 minutes.

Very similar to modern day equivalents Steve Roach and Robert Rich, you can see where those artists got some of their inspiration from.

Some really nice high pitched electric guitars weave their way gradually into the album but are sensibly kept in the background and used frugally. One good thing about this album is that it's not cheesy at all. It sounds almost timeless. The second and last track 'Four ever rainbow' continues where the last one finished. Walls of keyboards dominate as a few bloops and bleeps emerge here and there. Guitars are so effected that they no longer sound like guitars and appear as washes of keyboards.

Lewis Graham I just don't know, why i like this album. There aren't Steve's guitar solos and it doesn't look like early works in their traditional prog sounds. Rainbow Dome Music has a good music's atmosphere with some space effects, typical for new genre at that time - "progressive electronic".

I can't stop listen a hypnotic effects, which are on every Steve's album in different ways. Miquette Giraudy Finally out grows her rather cruel Didier "Bloom" inspired nickname of the cosmic camel and shows what a very competent synthesizer player she had become.

There is very little one can say about the music that has not already been said very well but walls of color come to mind. If only all Steve Hillage records were as interesting as this one. Available on clear vinyl at a time when such fancies were still unusual this record also boasted a slightly cut price 1st run. Although it did not sell as well as L or motivation Radio it still sold relatively well which demonstrates that Hillage even then had a wider appeal than just pure acid rockers.

In one word wonderful. For those who delight in subtle textures and atmospheres, this entrancing and hypnotic mood piece will soothe and satisfy. It is a fine representative New Age record but lacks the compositional and musical feel of a progressive rock album. I manage to play this recording about once or twice per year for the relaxation effects and not because of any profundity of the musical statement.

It is worthwhile for what it is. But if the expectations are that you are going to hear music similar to previous recordings, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. It would be like classifying Snow Patrol's latest album as progressive rock simply because the last track is over 16min long.

Whereas some ambient pieces just hang there in perpetual nothingness, this album does at least have some movement and development. It won't appeal to fan's of Hillage's trippy brand of space rock, nor will it appeal to the purest of prog- heads, but it's one of those albums you never know you'll like until you hear it.

It shows a very different side to Hillage and, seeing as it's his first and only excursion Atomic Nova Terra - Kirlian - The Angel Of Death (Vinyl) ambient music, it's executed very well. Plus, if you have the transparent vinyl edition like I have, it also looks pretty :- Simon Slator Rainbow Dome Music, recorded by Steve Hillage especially for Atomic Nova Terra - Kirlian - The Angel Of Death (Vinyl) Festival For Mind, Body and Spirit way back in January has been in my collection for a hell of a long time.

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  1. Jul 29,  · Kirlian is at his best here. Three hard, hard, hard Acid skull-crushers, Atomic Nova Terra being the darkest of the lot ('creepy' would be a good word). Cold is a no-nonsense Acid annihilator - fast, driving 4-on-the-floor beat on top of a wall of feverish noises. Salsa is the weakest track, but still works as a rather generic stomper/5.

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