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The vibrant jewel-bright colours, printed and painted, caught the fancy of women in England and France and became the fashion for daily wear.

Kalamkari fabrics, dubbed as chintz, by the English traders, formed a major part of the trade of the East India Company. Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art that originated about years ago. It derives its name from Kalam meaning Pen, and Kari meaning work, literally Pen-work. The Kalamkari artist uses a bamboo or date palm stick pointed at one end with a bundle of fine hair attached to this pointed end to serve as the brush or pen.

These paintings were earlier drawn on cotton fabric only, but now we can see these Various - A Slight Touch Of Grace (CD) on silk and other materials as well. Centuries ago, folk singers and painters used to wander from one village to other, Various - A Slight Touch Of Grace (CD) stories of Hindu mythology to the village people.

The Kalamkari art includes both, printing and painting. Kalam, means a pen, and the art of freehand line forms the base of Kalamkari designs.

The function of a painting was to convey a story, and the artists were well versed in iconography and stories of the epics. The colours used were to depict a mood, for example, rajas a violent emotion was painted in red and sattvic emotions were done in white and yellow.

The Islamic culture took a larger synthesis of this art form and their inherent love for natural motifs surfaced in the Kalamkari fabrics of that time. The lotus, the palm, the mango, the peacock and the elephant motifs intermingled and blended in their design.

Looking To Buy Indian Art? India has a rich history to boast about with regard to arts and paintings. Paintings have always been an integral part of our culture for centuries. It is only through stories woven in artwork that we know so much about our heritage today. From the prehistoric cave paintings to the modern Indian paintings these have changed and evolved to a large extent.

Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh, discovered and explored only inis one of the richest sources of primitive art in the world, with paintings that come right into the historic period.

In the Ajanta caves, we can find locales, figures, and episodes of the Jataka stories. The Ajanta artists showed themselves capable of depicting the most moving scenes in the life of Buddha with a classic restraint that has won them a place among the most expressive paintings in the world. The mural traditions and miniature paintings also evolved in the sixth to the eleventh century which is also symbols of great artistic creations.

Lord Hanuman — A Prototype of the Ideal Worshipper Hanuman, the ancient monkey-divinity of India: for many, he represents the force of life in man's struggle to exist. He is most known for his devotion to the god-king Rama, and for his exploits as leader of the monkey army that helped save Rama's princess from the demon-king of Lanka. Yet in northern parts of the country, Hanuman is a god of great importance in his own right. There he is worshiped as the epitome of strength and vitality; popular legends associate him not so much with the self-restrained Rama as with Siva, possessor of creative and destructive energy.

Hanuman is well known throughout India-rural and urban, north and south. He appears in much Sanskrit and vernacular dramatic literature, and in epic poems; he is the central hero of many folk stories, and a popular subject of village plays and dances.

His likeness in stone and wood adorns many shrines. Brightly coloured pictures of him are hawked in city streets and pasted to the walls of homes and shops. In his honour, monkeys are fed in the precincts of many temples. Whether as Hanuman or as Mahavira "Great Hero" he is known to almost every Hindu-children and adults, literate and illiterate alike. Hanuman was called so because he had a disfigured jaw right from his childhood. Another version, found in Jain texts, indicates that the name was derived from the island "Hanuruha", where Hanuman spent his childhood.

Jewelry is the ultimate form of self-expression and an opportunity to reconnect with your heritage through a form of living art. You can find jhumka earrings in almost every shape and style, each incorporating the signature bell shape into the design. These timeless earrings double as an ornament, giving you a statement piece that is sure to be the center of attention wherever you go.

No one does body art like in India, where the craft has existed for thousands of years. In fact, the tradition goes so far back that archeologists have found mummies with forms of Mehendi on their hands. In Western cultures, the temporary skin art is widely known as the henna tattoo.

Hence its western name. A paintbrush, gold rod, plastic cone, toothpick or stick are the usual tools used to apply the paste onto the skin. While the color of the paste is usually a dark brown, it can also vary in shade with Mehendi sometimes applied in red color tones. Ethnic traditional bedspreads from India are full of vibrant colors!

This makes it easy to add a touch of culture to your room decor. Traditional Indian quilting dates back as early as the 17th century, when the technique was used to make clothing such as hunting coats. Usually made from chintz fabric, which was dyed and painted cotton, each was made with running stitches. Originally made to carry babies, kantha quilts specifically are a popular Indian style bedspread.

Made from cotton or silk, they adorn patterns of flowers and birds. They have a soft feel due to the intention of creating each quilt from cotton saris. Lep Kanthas, a different type of quilt, are made of 7 layers and usually have geometric designs and patterns.

There's also Sujni quilts that are mostly used for guests. Between vibrant colors and intricate prints, these homemade bedspreads from India will satisfy your eclectic home decor needs. Navratri Festival. Navratri Festival The Navratri Festival is right around the corner with the most prominent celebration taking place this year from the seventh until the fifteenth of October.

What is the Navratri Festival you may ask? The Hindu festival of Navratri is celebrated for nine nights and ten days. The word Navratri itself has quite a literal meaning. It comes from the Sanskirt words Nava, which means nine, and ratri, which means nights. According to a few Hindu texts, including the Vaishnava Puranas and the Shakta, there are actually two or four seasons where Navratri is celebrated.

Two of these are specifically known as the Sharada Navaratri and the Vasanta Navaratri. The most prominent and observed of the Navratri festivals is the Sharada Navaratri, which is celebrated near the autumn equinox, in the months of September or October, referred to in the Hindu calendar as the months of Ashbin and Ashwayuja respectively.

Regardless of the specific time of year that the Navaratri is celebrated, all of the festivals celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and specifically, are in honor of the noble Hindu goddess Durgu and her victory over the malicious Mahishasura.

Temple Jewelry. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. However, in India, well, it often is. A magnificent part of Indian culture is traditional Indian jewelry.

Imagine Various - A Slight Touch Of Grace (CD) formed, ornate gold adorned with the most stunningly brilliant gemstones, pearls and diamonds. There are actually three major classifications of traditional Indian jewelry.

The origins of temple jewelry can be traced back to South India in particular. From the ninth century until the sixteenth century, the region of South India was ruled by the Chola, Pandya and Krishnadeva Raya dynasties, who were all fine jewelry connoisseurs. Ruling for such a long period of time, temple jewelry became an intrinsic part of both religious and cultural tradition.

The Evolution of Indian Sculptures. Does a dull, slightly blackened piece of a metal artefact lie in a corner of your room? Well, I have seen a lot of houses with such a scenario.

It's only a matter of polishing it nicely before it will turn into its bright gold-yellowish colour and spread its beauty and charm in the room. Yes, we are talking about brass here, a highly underrated metal in present times. But did you know that brass had a glorious past in India, in fact worldwide, a past wherein it was put into use for making everything from household utensils to guns and canons?

Let us briefly look at how important a role brass played in the development of Indian culture and society. Brass was a commonly used alloy in India as early as the first century B.

Brass articles of the first century B. General Excavation of stupas at Manikyalaya revealed a copper box enclosing a brass cylindrical box cast and beautifully turned on the lathe. The great tope at Manikyalaya has been identified to be a mausoleum of the Indo-Scythian King Kanishka first century B. Another inscribed brass urn of the same date as the former has been discovered in a tope about 30 miles west of Kabul in the district of Wardak.

This was similar to the ordinary water vessels used in India. The Glory of Jamawars of Kashmir. The Glory of Jamawars of Kashmir The glory, and the colors of nature captured skillfully on cloth characterize the famous Jamawars of Kashmir. King and nobles bought the woven fabric by the yard, wearing it as a gown or using it as a wrap or shawl.

The base of the Jamawar was always wool-with perhaps addition of a little cotton. The brocaded parts were woven in silk or pashmina. Most of the designs were floral, with the kairy or paisley as the predominant motif. The art of weaving a Jamawar was painstaking and intricate one. Several kannis or little wooden shuttles of different colors were used for a single weft line of the fabric. Upto 50 colors could be worked into one shawl-the most popular colors being zard yellowsufed whitemushki blackferozi turquoiseingari greenuda purplegulnar crimson and kirmiz scarlet.

Months of hard work went into the preparation for each Jamawar, with not more than an inch being added per day in a inch width of material. Elegance, luxury, sophistication and class. These are but a few of the adjectives that describes the Jamawar Art. EZ30R block. VVL The intake camshaft was machined with a split lobe for each intake valve — the centre of the lobe was the low-speed lobe, while the outer lobes were the high-speed lobes.

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