Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette)

Loved flying about the fret-board. Sadly, I found the melodic progression too repetitive and indulgent to offer a wholesome song.

The guitar tone in the song is too regular as well. Here, Aren is back in her brassy form. The bamhum lead you alongside misty Naga hills, this time, overlooking metro citylights. From Naga chants, the bamhum has led you into the big bad world of metal. This is the only song with the guitar highlight ranging from urbanseque blues to a dash of uptempo power metal?

Then you wake to the bamhum again. Great song. Bad guitar rhythm tone. Abiogenesis needs a Turbo or a FX charger to get a punchier Aggro? The reverb sounds silly in fact. But overall, a rocking song. Long live the bamhum.

It shines in Misty Dzukou as in Saramati Tears. But on MD, it sounded a bit off-tune. And even stretched, not strained. Aside from this small hitch, Misty Dzukou is highly listenable.

Then Wah Taj! And then decide. A piece of advice: No musical stuff here. The next, Magic of Love is painfully in the line of Undiluted Lovewhile the second-last outing Bamhum Shakewill leave you shaking your ears it is fusion or confusion music. While the lyrics are excruciatingly average, the melodic delivery is commendable particularly where the second chorus is bridged by the guitar. But bad rhythm layering tone again. Arenla and Moa are undeniably beacons for local rockers to navigate on.

But more than just originality, there are times where originality has to be contemporized with tonal fineness and perhaps a dash or two of proficient technical delivery. Especially in rock-based compositions. Another nettle is the production. The guitar phrasings, particularly the tones or the effects used? But music lovers can decide for themselves at bucks. Alright, Nagaland, here is a profile of the LA rockers who will be playing for you live and serious time loud on the evening of September 29 at the DDSC stadium.

According to motormouths, bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee were convinced that the band would benefit from John's deeper and more powerful voice than the shriek and scream of Vince Neil.

The others are well, no space here. Well, christened with a name that has much to do with docks, amphibians and slithering reptiles, singer and guitarist Eric Dover has associated his talent with bands having equally-related names — Jellyfish, Slash's Snakepit, and Alice Cooper. Inhe joined Jellyfish and later, Doverman with Roger Manning. Hey these two guys are the cameos in the The Brady Bunch Movie. Then before Doverman started recording, Dover auditioned as lead vocalist for the first solo album of a hat-loving mean 6-bender called Slash from a band called Guns N' Roses.

After Imperial Drag retired on superannuation inEric Dover appeared on several albums as a session musician before joining another group.

Because the next band he joined was one, also, that single handedly raised the humble Python to superstar status during the 70s and 80s —Alice Cooper. Dover did time with Alice Cooper for the Brutal Planet tour in He played on 's Dragontown and has big Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette) on most of the album The Eyes of Alice Cooper as well.

Latest news says Dover is fronting a band called Sextus no reptilian association here this time. In Dimapur, Farrell got to do a lot of other cool stuff aside from tearing up the stage during that visit — he got to pose with IRB NAP Jawans for endless photographs for them uniformed guys! Originally from Chicago, Farrell moved to LA to go bite into the rock scene. He is touted as one of the most dedicated and hard-working musician in the LA scene and is now one of the most sought-after drummers on the circuit, it is said.

His influences are Bun E. Carlos and Vik Foxx. He has also performed with Donnie Vie and Gilby Clarke. Unlike his bass playing, Stardust is pretty low-profile. If you to have happened to play for some guys called the LA Guns, you gotta be.

And dandruff. And boy, what temptation. Both are unmistakably similar yet each holding its own — mid-tempo jagged rockers with heavy intermittent, progressive off-crunch riffs; not melodic, but boy you can hum, yes hum it, thanks to the rhythmic hooks a la 80 thrash scene.

The guitars are devotedly bad-tempered. Straight unpretentious bangers with no 80s glam frills like irritatingly prolonged or incongruous, meaningless guitar solos. Even two solo fillings between any bridges would have murdered the two said songs downright. Both are with a touch of mainstream avantgarde but definitely thrashy, accentuated by smooth verses and jumpy time signatures.

In other words you have two tight and beautifully angry James LaBrie-meets-Tesla bangers. Real time dude-stuff, these. Endured the George Michaelish boogie-woogie intro and too-spiky bass but into the first verse, I liked the song right-off. Do you listen to urban disco? The song is pure bluegrass delight with generous doses of urban jazz tunes yet decidedly sunny enough for a bluesy guitar to shine a rock shine.

TMW is very, very hooky and downright; loved the soulful tunes, especially the disco-tinged arrangements. Mature lyrics. And simply loved the cascading solo woven around tight funky bass was that slapping or pulling, Mhathung?

Back to swingy dandruff-shaking, people. A commendable effort. The song starts of with a three-bar Hammer-Ons blanket in a fuzz of power chording. Thankfully, as the song progresses, a new progressive sensibility takes control. Obed gets more passionate almost angry ; Zakie Nuh and Aseu ignite their Dream Theatre influence and Mhathung does his Neal Morse impersonation with convincing off-shot bass. This song grows on you and suddenly, you are a progressive riff fan.

Good one. And then hell breaks loose Excuse me this is supposed to be a Christian album. Boy, power metal never had it so good. The song reminded a little of progressive power metal band Nevermore. Sounding angry goes great on you Obed. Remain angry. Just one itty-bitty itch here: the progression is too repetitive and technically bland almost naked to be even anywhere near imaginative.

One of my favorites, but definitely leaves you wondering if more could have been. Sunny, 80ish and hooky, this exceedingly tight piece of slow, progressive tinged number will have you doing a hard rock jig or two. The highlight here is the guitar arrangement; a smoothening progressive transition between uplifting tunes reminiscent of radio ballads and arena live rock.

Too beautiful to be a song. One small advice: Go easy on the cheesy stuff, DC dudes. Else, go open a Paan Shop on Mt. The first thing I did sooner as this huge guitar riff came on, was slam the headphone down and scurry through the sound credits.

I blinked at the sound. And the sound-pusher? I mean would you promote some lousy, mediocre band knowing fully well they are mediocre? It's purely celebratory music, and again I'm way out of my element here in general. Still, it's making me want to relisten to that Buena Vista Social Club Soundtrack, that's probably the last time I ventured into latin funk territory like this. That will probably make these guys cringe, but you gotta start somewhere.

The horn section really drives the melody of this, with a huge array of percussion and recognizable piano? The fact this is essentially a cover of the 5 royales is insane. Like the James Brown reinterpretation it's completely changed, there isn't an immediately recognizable piece of the original.

More than just latin funkifying the original, like those novelty lounge tracks, this sounds to me like a classic reinterpretation. You're a fan of the sentiment, and this is more of a homage through a Spanglish filter. It's an amazingly expertly engineered mix, everything is perfectly captured The smack of every conga, that bleating trumpet, really impressive recording. I'm completely impressed by this kind of massive orchestral instrumentation. Little punctuated sections at the end of a verse part, mostly instrumental.

Nice smooth trumpet solo with a guiro washboard style rhythm throughout. The title lyric just comes in during a breakdown section at the end, a group harmony It's one thing to listen to this sound on 7inch vinyl, but to experience a band like this live, whole different story. This 7inch captures a crystal clear separated clean mix of this funk, but can I imagine this outside? They should work out some kind of dancefloor. From Electric Cowbell Records who will always remind me of the insane diversity of music out there, and if you think you're some kind of expert about music in general Posted by Jason at AM 0 comments.

Labels: electric cowbell recordsSpanglish Fly. Chris at Folktale Records sent me this freakishly small 5" record, the likes of which I dumbly can't say I have another example of anywhere actually Sorry about that Chris, lesson learned, and let it not be said that 7Inches covers the occasional non 7inch from time to time. No Babies on the A-Side? Why does this seem so crazy, it's throwing me off just looking at this thing Here's this object that's the same feel essentially, but only has two tracks This side has No Babies sounding clearly like they're in a live room space, performing all together, one take, starting very quietly at first with the hint of a low string instrument, a cello maybe and a post punk off time beat.

Minimal electric notes pierce the soothing female vocals, but it's short lived. They explode into Foot Village bursts of spastic tempo rhythm with yelling vocals and saxophone? These organic sounding additions sound great being a part of this raw performance, and I think I'm questioning exactly what's there because of the sheer free form cacophony style in this middle section. There have to be a heck of a lot of people jammed into this basement space and that deliberate dynamic contrast catches you off guard.

I appreciate the vocal about riding in the pouring rain, just barely forgetting about the past few weeks of nothing but and bringing a change of clothes to work again because I just can't bring myself to wear rainpants AND a jacket.

Whitman offers, "Here's to denying our existence" on the other side which has an equally minimal soft beginning. Slow acoustic loud picking and a chorus of layered vocals, like an old John Davis single, without the crazy accent This brief lyric is all the track needed: "About a quarter of me hopes that you're happy - and the rest of me hopes you're dead.

Whitman is working on kickstarting his long overdue full length with various packages of color vinyl and playing in your livingroom. Not only is it the tiniest record, and reason enough to pick up but, it's packed with a nice printed lyric insert, catalog and download card, with a great skull painting on the cover which is mirrored on the record inner label as well Get this one from Folktale Records who have a ton of great releases: This record starts off with the forlorn and familiar plucking of Los Angeles based, Whitman's guitar, which is shortly joined by shaky vocals that deliver some of his most brutally honest and straight forward lyrics yet.

Then things take a bit of a turn as your ears get pummeled with shrieks of white noise and tape garble. A short but haunting journey, showing you Whitman at his best. On the flip side, current Oakland residents No Babies start their song off with a catchy beat, bass clarinet, and vocals that are surprisingly melodic. This is a pleasant surprise for anyone who is used to their energy packed live shows, but it doesn't last long, the beat picks up and chaos ensues, leaving you with an exhausted but satisfied feeling in just under two minutes.

This is a one time pressing of 5" records on black vinyl. They come in full color covers with art by Anthony Fonda and Christopher Payne and include a lyric sheet and MP3 download card. Posted by Jason at PM 0 comments. Labels: Folktale Recordsno babiesWhitman. Saturday, May 28, Tonetta, Vol. II on Black Tent Press. I'm a little obsessed with Tonetta, and the awesome guys at Black Tent Press sent me his latest full length to review.

I've been working on it forever, because I approach full length releases like 10 singles. There's some words over in the forum about this enigma. Check it out and pick this up from Black Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette) Press.

It will be one of the most original things you hear all year. Posted by Jason at PM 3 comments. Labels: Black Tent PressTonetta. If you like what you hear, head over to the Mammoth Store and pick these up. First up is Krang and this Sabbath meets Wooden Shjips description is perfect. I would even throw a little Dead Meadow in there for the crushing low end coming out of my speakers right now.

Super heavy slow warbly vocals and low end riffage complete this heavy heavy psyche metal. It's great they really captured the hugeness of this sound, you might as well have just walked into that dark, smoke filled room you could hear from the street.

I hope these guys have some earplugs or those gun range headsets, or they'll have a Mission of Burma situation on their hands if they don't already. Then on the B-Side, they start out with a muddy acoustic and tambourine, far off ghostly howls accompany a heavy delay vocal, but never fear the wall is coming When it breaks, the solid melody they've been steadily burning gets one plateau higher and they wah-wah through epic solos.

I can't get enough of this completely live, bleeding into each other sound. This one is over here. We think that this is the best 7" we've released so far. Two heavy-psych brain-warpers, think Wooden Shjips if all they ever listened to was Black Sabbath and smoked way more dank.

Krang embody the pure spectacle of their psychedelic stoner-rock - crushing rhythms, screaming guitar solos and a dude blaring away on a clarinet making the most ungodly sounds. They destroy. You've been warned. Next up is the Sharp Endsand this single is actually a reissue of a self released 7inch they put out in that just people had the luck of picking up This 4 song EP is back out having been unearthed in the lower reaches of the Cave, and it's another great production, getting that live room sound just right, sound waves reverberating around, for that unhinged garage psyche feel, keeping their dark character and what I'm sure is exactly what you'd get on stage.

The A-Side's title track, "Broadview Pressure Test" is made up of a massive rhythm section, huge room sound drums and the low end bass and gritty guitar. The vocals are captured just above this wall, with just the right amount of distortion that comes from yelling your face off. They keep this quieter dark section playing off the all out chorus A great burst of "Vacant City" goes south with a little bluesy bent, definitely getting garage, with just an overwhelming amount of low end driving this train.

Instead of brooding on this style, they sound like they're exorcising it. Get this one here. Reissue of Sharp Ends self-released 4-song 7" EP that came out in an edition of and sold out in 24 hours back in Decemberand in my humble opinion, the best Sharp Ends best songs from when they were fresh and hungry.

Deadly serious here, we've been itching to reissue this since it was released. Richard over at Super Secret Records was kind enough to send me his latest release from Austin based Manikinwho have been around for at least 10 years and this one had me looking back at Super Secret's catalog to backtrack this Texas post punk bands sound. The A-Side, "Minority Rules": I forget where it was the other day that I randomly heard 'At Home He's a Tourist", but it sent me off on yet another Gang of Four listening party super party as MP3's no less, hopefully ebay will rectify that sad situation already and I'm floored that these guys are essentially carrying this sound around perfectly in That similar spoken, hardly a melody vocal delivery, the strong determined foundation bassline and basically experimental guitar noise that evolves into the chorus Everything drops out halfway through for that echo vocal only section and that staccato gated guitar sound right out of that jittery, nervous post punker playbook.

It's even reminding me of The Sediment Club, who I wish would have a full length out already, that similar socially abstract lyric, and no-wave sound. It's a great sound the two of them playing off one another in a weird sort of anti-harmony. There's just a great disordered guitar performance on this one that illustrates Alfonso's talents to be perfectly in jumpy time, to solo squealing feedback with an array of delay. It's got that spontaneity every time you hear it, working independently from the rhythm section while supporting this great abstract lyric, devolving along with the state of mind of it's subject.

This is a great one, down to the military stripes and stencil font inner label design, so glad they released these two gems from a recent recording session new album?

Labels: manikinsuper secret records. Here's another one from Volar Records, probably old news by now, but I'm just getting around to putting it on the turntable and already I can see that these 4 tracks are going to be monsters, hardly taking up half of the side of a More than just their name, the reverse sleeve has the track titles in spanish, specifically these guys are from Monterrey, Mexico and even my rudimentary high school spanish could figure out Ratas del Vaticano is Rats of the Vatican I hope Who cares The A-Side "All authority is a joke which does not make me laugh " I love translating these song titles, they just get better and better.

The fact that this is coming from Mexico just makes me think about how it's even more punk to write in your own language When my brother was in Denmark, it seemed sad to me that all the bands he came across had to write everything in English just to have any kind of future outside of their own country.

Good music, played like this with the kind of energy and punk shouldn't matter if you understand every word. There are plenty of live Germs shows that I don't understand a word of, Darby had his own messed up inebriated language. I don't think it has to be nostalgic or quaint All of them should have this soundtrack. I don't want to mix politics and 7inches but if the punk fits There's even a fade out "I seek no problems with authority" this one feels like it could have something in common with the echo-y garage sounds from Nashville, at full speed of course, but the distortion in the vocals, and gritty texture reminds me of something off Teenage Hate and that guitar screech from one speaker to the other is a nice touch.

Get this one from the Volar Records blog, another lable I can barely keep up with the slew of quality releases from these guys. Opening minds and ears. And if this is definitely your bag, Siltbreeze has a full length from these guys which should have about songs on it. Posted by Jason at PM 1 comments. Labels: Ratas del Vaticanosvolar records. Hunter at Gold Robot Records sent in a copy of a new single from Railcars which is available now to have a listen to But this single is a different side of Railcars, featuring two different female vocalists over early tracks and the really interesting part is getting some insight into his live or rehearsal space process, like that Animal Collective Crack Box.

These are extremely raw, and I'm a sucker for demo versions on the seven inch single, it's what they were almost made for. Have another look at a new side of an artist, a place for them to defy their own conventions a bit. This is especially true when reviewing the final result like the Stumparumper full length. The A-Side, "B's Skeleton" is much more minimal than anything else I've heard from, you get Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette) sense of this tiny physical room on the recording, but also picking out the individual elements of the instrumentation, the array of unique sounds that go in and out with the press of a trigger.

The stuttered cheap drum machine, in an odd formation, along with the organ melody carries this along essentially but Biljana Mirkovski's vocal work has an intensity that comes from being distorted and working in a sort of Portishead sexy whisper.

The feedback squeals into the PA and Biljana says, "I'm sorry". Her emotional breathy vocals versus this real exchange between musicians is really interesting. It can all be that much more interesting by subtracting nearly everything but an underwater, distant kettle drum, a kick beat and one organ note. These are great insights into deconstructing Aria's Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette), the pieces of rhythms that get expanded later, or really taken to this sonic end game he seems to be striving for.

The B-Side "Saints are Waiting" has Dasha Bulatova I'm starting to wonder if these names aren't part of some kind of pseudonym requirement for being in the band singing against live drums, and lo-bit synth sounds, but that could be the limitations of the cheap boombox mic in this huge space this time. Again Aria's making full use again of these minimal rhythms and beat patterns. The practice piano on the other side of the room sound brings back those memories of playing alone for a minute when no one else is around to judge.

This track leaves me with a whole lot more respect for Railcars as a grounded melodic act, that full length was almost impenetrably dense, almost overwhelming.

It was exciting to pick through the huge pile of sound to find a structure, and it's definitely challenging, but these stripped down live demos are what has sold me on taking quite a few more listens to the longer pieces, hearing the skillful work ethic and raw talent. The compositions and melody, not that it wasn't all there before it's just you wonder a little sometimes how much that aesthetic might be hiding something as much as it's working in entirely new ways Go preorder this single from Gold Robot Records, even if you're completely unfamiliar with Railcarsit's really experimental and crafty.

I respect Aria even more after this quiet, softer, broken down side. Maybe that full length is way beyond what I can even understand, it took this back-in-time demo to catch up. Labels: gold robot recordsrailcars. This foggy, grey, nearly rainy again morning for the 5th or 6th day Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette) a row in NYC brought me this single from Ming Donkey and his One Man Band waiting on the stack next to ye olde turntable.

Pretty much appropriate for today's mess of weather. The sleeve is exactly how a dirty, raw, stripped down blues sound should be presented; handmade with imperfections and Ming is most definitely a one man band, as a bunch of flickr pics will attest. Not only did he perform this single live but it was written, recorded and designed! The matte ink was probably printed on heavy card stock the same day, a thick layer feels like an old house that could weather and peel over the years and scrape off in your hands.

The 2 color ink passes even miss some areas of the blue sky in that unique way with the brown cardstock showing through for the banners of song titles.

The vinyl is a grey marble swirl and the inner black and silver label looks like it's based on an old blues design. Really thoughtful package. Ming's more melodic, but that similar kind of growl It's a kind of folksy blues that you know you haven't heard this before but it's familiar, playing with those standard arrangements. The real draw for me would be to see these live, and his crossroads coordination.

He's got a modern blues sadness down, with the sincerity and super rough vocals, plus all the credibility of actually living in the area he's talking about, playing live by himself all over the state - you can hear it. I love this huge reverb ungrounded hum, that plugging the guitar in sound that's being used here in the background to get a sort of thunder effect running throughout.

The B-Side "Lil Cross-Stitch Bitch", there's nothing like that back and forth electric scale riff and a wailing harmonica over a 1,2 beat, back and forth between the snare and kick Add these washed out distorted vocals, mic'd at the end of a sewer pipe and you have a little bit of the sound of this one.

Slow enough to feel that suffering pain of trudging though it, but leaving it just pounding along to shake your head at. I love this modern blues that combines all that whiskey and broken bottle slide guitar into something like this, even better the idea of this solo musician roaming around on his own, it's working in that tradition of this kind of southern artist.

I'm all for more people picking up the Doo Rag torch and running with it. There's a huge period of The White Stripes that no one can deny is just perfect.

The sound of believing in that mindset so clearly, there's not one tiny bit you can fake it. It depends almost entirely on the performer. This one might be on ultra low fidelity Mississippi records, but I can't find them anywhere, but the truth is, it's been recorded pretty damn clear, the raw guitar, the harmonica, kick thumps I'm just hoping there's no overdubbing here because that really wouldn't make any sense for a one man band.

Posted by Jason at AM 1 comments. Labels: ming donkey and his one man bandultra low fidelity mississippi records. This minimal, catchy electric guitar melody accompanies Bernadette's quivering powerful vibrato, it's a unique vocal phrasing that literally sounds like she's grinning. They go through the range of crystal produced folk pop, a little jumpy reggae beat Wring That Neck - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette) quick strumming and those rim shots, and then a ska-ish brass section, a dash of rhythm and blues in the vocal, and finished with a phaser organ.

Watching a couple of youtube videos about their process you can't help but be impressed by the lengths they went to record everything live, the entire band playing at once, separated in isolation booths, dropping the guitar and running out into the hallway to play a steel drum part.

The whole effort seems to be honestly spreading the good time in a poppy folk way, there's a sense of optimism to everything, with a left of center lean, like Rilo Kiley or even Tegan and Sara especially in the next track, "Lost in the Sea" with these two strong vocals working with each other over this acoustic foundation, they get a chance to show off those great harmonies that they probably come up the first try.

The beachy slow strum of a reverb guitar comes in with tight strung toms and takes this track into surf rock territory, but that's a reach, they're able to play and write across genres, but are willing to invite all kinds of instrumentation into the mix, not shying away from the distortion and synth melody towards the end of this one. I almost heard a bit of the Bowerbirds unusual melody structures here, but without the mysterious melancholy, they just can't help but to sound cheery, wearing this enthusiasm on their sleeves.

I'll tell you what though, if you had to pick a band to travel for days on end in a van, it would easily have to be these guys. I'd probably end up a lot less of a jerk, and who knows that could even rub off with just the single. Labels: bern and the brights. Like a broken record I know The whole thing sprang from a drunken night on tour, bets were made against better judgment, promises to press a split Me You Us Them is up first with their track, "Research", as soon as the needle hits the record, a crazy bunch of layers of guitar unleashed in a repeated melody that keeps switching between the dual at least distortion.

The lead vocals are yelling, even getting metal at times. They are after and get a huge sound, that could be almost Battles in tone. Rosalind Russell looks at 's equipment and goes round the shops In a short time his collection of congas, bongos, cowbells, shakers, triangles and countless ONE OF the most interesting developments in recent years on the contemporary music scene has been the recognition and attention paid to those folk who Jaco Pastorius: Portrait of Jaco.

And he won't hear a word against his Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman aren't exactly garrulous types. But behind the The weeping, fluid style that Carlton rings from his has become a definitive sound on albums And for more than a decade, Waddy Wachtel: Confessions of a 'Mafia' Guitarist. Mafia", has just finished the most important recording sessions of his career — his own. A prime mover in the Bebop era, Max Roach knows all about revolution. But in America, art has more to do with A fair assessment, but it hardly captures the joy and affection of his modern Cooder gesticulates in much the same way as he articulates musically — with an emphasis that lets you know he's earned the insight.

Don't ask this guitar star what gauge of strings he uses. He just might punch you in the face. Robert Moog may have envisioned Sat square in his little hotel chair like some Great Panjandrum surprised by a person of Between the pleasant song hooks and facile photogenia of the Police there lies a sophistication and urgency that has justly brought Andy Summers, Sting and Stewart Copeland to the Ask anyone who's ever owned or played one, or InThe Who toured Britain, dragging around a support act who were, to say the least, an unknown quantity to all but a very Such a revelation is surprising, in view of the fact that Kortchmar aka "Kootch" has Honking saxophones played a major part in shaping '50s rock 'n' roll, but the instrument's role was virtually eliminated by the guitar Some well-meaning rock fan comes up to guitarist Albert Lee and starts telling him he's a great player.

James Jamerson: Motown's Unsung Hero. Van Halen issued its first record. It was dramatic, intense and bold. King, Wilson Pickett, Roberta Flack, The Irish terror has been compared to Beck, Van Halen and every whippersnapper coming up on the circuit.

Nile Rodgers does it differently; he Robert Quine, mild mannered Every guitarist today — from Coryell to Steve Stevens — has been marked by the stamp of Purple Haze genius. Sixteen axmen explain Hendrix' influence in their Can a microtonal man from Harrisburg, Pa. Hanging out with the Celluloid Records central committee, of course, and laying down tracks for Roy Buchanan on turning down the Stones and being flattered by Beck.

Not many can say they turned the offer down either. But Roy Because Mark King of Level 42 is widely reckoned to be the best bass guitar player ever. He plays so fast that his thumbs The left-handed wonder is much more than just a member of the Cars.

He's a magician, a wizard, a merlin of the fretboard. The soft-spoken guitar genius has waited a long time to spring his music on us. We present a play-by-play of his layered approach to axe For a short time in the late sixties, Page and Beck were in one of the most happening bands to ever come out of England.

Some say In looking for a new way HERE," drawled the voice on the phone. Billy Gibbons was calling from Arizona where he was en route to Los Angeles for the filming But he keeps pushing himself — and his guitar — to higher spaces. There's no doubt about it — it takes a lot of years. Like his father, Ustad Alla Rakha Khan, his instrument is the tabla and like his The one-time Procol pace-setter has seen musical trends come and go, but he's back to playing among us because he has a vision of the But like every other member of During 'Big Time', while Gabriel brayed in mock-macho tones The Ice Man.

The Houston Twister. The Razor Blade. Those are just a sampling of the titles that have hung And he tries, throttling it bluefaced on the Television records Marquee Moon and Adventure, and damned There's absolutely nothing wrong with pretty faces fronting other people's songs Depeche Mode's Synthetic Survival.

I call up Chuck Eddy and he says, He plays seated, most of the time, with his guitar flat on his lap. There's something about Richard Thompson Rings Some Changes. Steve Vai is holding a seven-string guitar, custom-made for him by Ibanez. Needless to say, they don't put it Yngwie Malmsteen: Enmore Theatre, Sydney. My music is Wherever stellar rockular personages gather together he's there at the back, shiny of pate and blurred of hand.

But who is this Bongo Basher By Marc Ribot: Master of the Sideways Guitar. Loop: The Feedback of the 5, Volts. LOOP have long been associated with a wall of sound that is guaranteed to play havoc with the senses. And so, when Musician got the idea of Dim, manic, noisy, and rarely women. But drummers aren't all troll-like, says Adam Sweeting The eighty-two-year-old Fender The great guitarist and inventor talks about the basis of his style; the making of 'How High The Moon'; co-inventing The Chipmunks; his influence on other musicians; the development of sound-on-sound and multitrack recording, and pays a heartfelt tribute to Mary Ford.

When Teenage Fanclub step into the studio, the rules are simple: use old guitars, old amps and old recording equipment "to make a record we Glenn Phillips would probably agree. In the liner notes for Echoesa But the pre-concert scene congealing toward the rear of Universal Studios stage 12 was Three years ago it had all but disappeared beneath the deluge of hard rap and technological beats. Now, from the choreographed trouser arousal of En Forget about trying his home in New Jersey because he's hardly ever there.

Chances are you'll Of course, by the time Woodstock was over, his "I'm Going Home Kristin Hersh: Lipstick, Powder and Saint. Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr.

Producers Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade have made a career out off getting excellent guitar sounds to tape, lending their skills to the likes of After a whole year of well-publicised feuds with Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses' Slash has now cut loose to record his own album with a IT'S EASY to understand why so many jazz and pop musicians have gravitated toward the buzzing, grinding and squealing of guitar distortion, even if those The story of the first electronic instruments is as twisted and circuitous as their primitive, labyrinthine wiring.

Mark Sinker goes in search of these often He holds a master's degree in jazz performance from Manhattan School of Music, and he has been part of

Hidden Pond - Various - Hidden From The Eye Of Day (Cassette), Keep The Faith - Toni Childs - Keep The Faith (CD, Album), III. Allegreto Vivaci - The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy - The Philadelphia Orchestra Euge, Interstellar Good Times. - Protodome - Chipfunk (File), Daughter (Thats Your Red Wagon) - Swinging Sax Kari And Orchestra* - Daughter (Thats Your Red Wagon), Arrivederci Roma - Werner Müller - Italian Festival (Vinyl, LP, Album), 1000 Masks - Aïboforcen - Face (Of) Death (File, Album), Lay It All On Me - The Black Crowes - B C Roadshow 25 October 2008 (CD), Co Się Ptakom Śni - Various - Czary - Mary (Piosenki Dla Dzieci) (Cassette), Insanity - Various - Deep 74 - Der Summermix 2001 (CD), 100 Letters - Halsey - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (CD, Album), A Journey Into Sound - Various - Dancing Dance / Take This Train (Vinyl), Laureano (2) - Laureano e Brinky na Brincolândia (Vinyl), Like Rain - Nils Lofgren - Night After Night (Vinyl, LP, Album), Punker

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