Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol. 5 (Cassette)

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For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. Glad to see someone mentioning the Windham Hill video releases…. It is from an old video, but it is great to see and hear her play. It is an educational video. Carl — the 11 song video can also be watched on YouTube. Hello friends Windham Hills, i am a regular listener of some artists and composers of this house pity that here in Brazilwe do not have accaes to every work.

Happiness and succses. So what are the harbingers of the end? Will Ackerman left is something like It appears that Dawn Atkinson remained the lead on Windham Hill matters at whatever company owned Windham Hill for another 15 years or so. However, Discogs could probably answer this question with a little more research strangely, sorting by year yields an Angelo Badalamente soundtrack released in Russia on the Windham Hill label in … if you find out definitively, let us know.

In the end, there is a reason I chose the scope of this Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol. 5 (Cassette) to be the albums released on vinyl. First, I love everything in the first 30 releases. Secondly, I love most albums in the first next Releases get a little uneven for me. You have absolute classic albums mixed with some that were good but not groundbreaking, and some that are completely forgettable. The site was windham.

Anyone know how to contact Dawn Atkinson so we can clear this up? Regarding their Not sure what there is to clear up, Dan. Sony Legacy has the rights to the label, and are uninterested in promoting it, apparently. Agreed, Johnny.

Yeah, I know. Though ripping and sharing is illegal in some jurisdictions e. USthe fact is that some Windham Hill music is no longer available legally in any shape or form. Given that there is no inventory cost to offering digital downloads, there is no reason why that album should not be readily available via Amazon MP3, iTunes Music Store or wherever. A real shame! I did and I am a notorious cheapskate when it comes to music.

Caitlyn, Thanks for the suggestions I was unaware of Discogs. However, I already have a copy on vinyl and another on CD.

I also have a site about Nightnoise and regularly get queries from people looking to get a copy admittedly, not a flood I have recently been looking for an album we used to play Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol. 5 (Cassette) featured the electric harmonica. It was a powerful recording, and would like to find it!

Try the two Shadowfax releases, particularly Shadowdance. Chuck Greenberg was a master on that. I had no idea what it was but just liked the beautiful tree on the cover. The music turned out to be as great as the cover. The music is so timeless; I enjoy listening to them now as much as when they were new.

Thanks for filling in the blanks too. Like many others here I always wondered about those missing numbers. Thanks for this listing. As a college student I made an effort to see these artists. I saw Michael Hedges and Liz Story in concert together in Nashville inand the next day we saw them walking down the street and gave them a lift back to their hotel! Such a thrilling moment. My memory is somewhat vague but I seem to recall it had Spring on the cover I had it on cassette.

I wish I could offer more information,but I hoping someone here can help me on this. Some other countries had different releases, particularly in later years for samplers. The cd did not contain any song titles… only samples of some songs along with a few complete songs. It was not an official Windham Hill Sampler… just a freebee. That Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol. 5 (Cassette) about as specific as I can get.

Any clue where I can find this track? I have looked everywhere for it but can only find it on a CD. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!! If anyone has a source, there would be a growing market for this there are at least two of us!

Why not go to the source. By incident i landed on this site. Sultans of Swing, Bop till you drop, etc. Right now i am listening to the Windham Hill Piano Sampler, as a testrecord for my latest home-build Scan Speak Illuminator based mini monitors.

In fact i was looking for high-res verslons of Windham Hill records. There should really be a market for these. Best regards, Martin Deisting. Thanks for the comments, Martin. Yes, Passage was one of the very first digital recordings, and sounded very good for the technology.

I do still prefer most analog recordings, but what they did is really amazing. I would guess those Scan Speaks really make the music sing. However, you should check out high-res issues from Windham Hill artists. Nice site. And then I can try the other artists. I liked the story of the audiophile find in Arizona. It is nice to get some of the history through the comments. Thanks for documenting this information. Just came upon III in time for opening presents Christmas morning.

Manufactured in cooperation with Windham Hills Records. Michael Lorima: Remembranza: guitar: DC 3. DC 4. DC 6. DC 7. Hi Dan, Thanks for taking a look at the site. Are you the publisher of BSNpubs? For a long time that was one of the very few Windham Hill discographies online.

I used it at one time to upgrade my personal list and noted they were missing many entries. James Hogan Love, Esq. It is intended exclusively for the individuals and entities to which it is addressed. If you have received a copy of this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by email and delete all copies of this message. This message is protected by applicable legal privileges and is confidential. Unauthorized interception is prohibited by Federal Law.

Thank you for this resource. I discovered Windham Hill when I went to see them at Ravinia in as a high school graduation present to myself.

Mostly, I was hooked on their samplers, but I certainly wore those out. Add my thanks as well for the work done here to provide a resource for Windham Hills lovers. Specifically Narada Lotus which was actually what brought me to New Age and instrumental music in the first place. Thanks again for a great resource! Thanks for the comments. John, I just stumbled across your site while doing a Windham Hill discography search.

Smith, AR Sound Warehouse a long time ago. I have many of the early LPs and much of the subsequent CD releases. Thanks much! Anybody have leads? For this and so many other recordings, you might try the Discogs marketplace. As I write this, there are currently 41 copies of the US vinyl release for sale. John beat me to it. All in all Discogs has over 5, Mark Isham items for sale right now, including most of his soundtrack releases.

Slowly but surely building an awesome WH vinyl colllection. But demand is definately changing. Anyone reading this in the Toronto area, if you see any LPs in record stores, give me a shout at escapenine gmail. I think Will understood the need to use quality vinyl and have excellent pressings to reduce surface noise with these quieter recordings. And yes, it seems that every LP I find appears unplayed, or at the least very well cared for. The do sound truly wonderful. I have found exactly 1 one unplayable Windham Hill vinyl disc in all my years of searching.

While it definitely supports the notion Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol. 5 (Cassette) Will Ackerman using high quality pressings, it also points to the fact that most people who gravitated towards the Windham Hill catalog of material generally took better care of their stuff. Agree with you both. So cool to hear from others who really dig the label and value their WH collections.

How rare are those two LPs? Btw, Hot Beach by Interiors is gorgeous! How rare? Happy hunting and leisurely listening. An excellent UK label. Very much influenced by Windham Hill. Does anyone know Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol.

5 (Cassette) Windham Hill production included a beautiful chorus of some sort sung by a group of Cambodian children? If you do, could you please email me at: cjanem earthlink. Um, depends on how you define instrumental — there is some humming along and vocalizing, but not singing clear words in the first Hi there.

I think Trouble Blues - Various - Sampler Tape Vol. 5 (Cassette) all of the early catalogue is instrumental. Once WH started High Street most albums that featured vocals were moved to that imprint. Jim Brickman of course comes to mind here. That makes four out of the first 10 that have vocals. Does somebody know, where i can get the rights for this song? This site only covers US releases on vinyl. Looks really good, though.

Hi Tom, There are different engineers for each recording — check the listing by album. But many of them were recorded by Harn Soper or Steven Miller. Good luck. Years ago I had a tape of music that I loved. It was released by Windham Hill and the only song I can remember from it was tubular bells. The music was a part of me, I would like to rediscover it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I wonder if you were thinking of the album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield? It is a beautiful piece with trumpet and other horns, as well as the bells. I live in Greenville S,C. If so how is it done? You can buy Windham Hill discs, new and used, all over. I live in Greenville S. If so how is this done. Like the author of this site, I bought a lot of my originals as a teen and filled in the blanks using eBay.

Keep in mind that not all of them were released on CD ever, and some of the CDs were released in the early 90s, but not by Wyndham Hill. The only clip I can find is for Is it part of a longer piece? I was transfixed by it and tried to find it. All that seems to exist isand then it fades out. Please help. Can you help me: EAN, price…further informations.

Thanks W. Same for me — these albums are always played starting November and through the holidays. Everything is in mint condition with the exception of one thumbnail sized piece of plastic missing from the affixed CD tray attached to the book style holder.

Interested parties should contact me at jdcollier gmx. The claimant will be asked for their address and I will gladly send it to you at no charge. Anybody have any idea who they were? Meanwhile I am so glad I found this site. I am a huge fan of most of the WH artists and have most on cd and a few on vinyl. They are all loaded on my iPod and I listen to them frequently. Interior was a Japanese band. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A sample of "Meat Grinder", described by PopMatters as "a tongue twister, with multiple contrasting internal rhymes and almost nonsensical verses jammed together in a way that almost sounds silly but doesn't".

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