Put A Little Love - Killer Bees* - Groovin (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Ally Her real name is Annerly Gordon. Producer : Davide Riva. Vision with other groupname and other mixes, and remixed by Antonio Catania and Ingo Kays. Thanks to Vision. Executive Producer : Latitude Records.

What Are You Doing? The female vocalist is Daisy Dee. Alter Ego is the name of a disco in Reggio Emilia Italy. A CD containing remixes by Two Men was released afterwards. No Puedo Seguir As? Sigo Pensando En Ti, 3. Por Mi, Yo Por Ti, 4. La Ley Del Amor, 5. Amigas, 6. Te Vas A Arrepentir, 7. El Verano, 8. Se March? La Voz Del Coraz?

Locos De Amor, Battiato, recorded and mixed at Fun Box Studios. This Is Your Night, 2. Move Your Body, 3. Colour Of Love, 4. You Are The One, 5. One More Night, 6. Push It To The Limit, 7. Being With You, 8. Hold My Body Tight, 9. Can You Feel the Love, Losing Myself in Your Love, Let it Rain, This is the Right Time, Colour Of Love House Mix. Amber 21st Sep Above The Clouds, 2. Love One Another, 3. Spiritual Virginity, 4. Object Of Your Desire, 5. Sexual Li Da Di6. Without You, 7. I Found Myself In You, 8.

If I'm Not The One, 9. Let's Do It For Love, Don't Wanna Stop, How Can I Tell You, I'm Free, The Hits Remixed 7th Nov Taste the Tears Thunderpuss Original Mix2. Above the Clouds Eric Kupper Remix5. One More Night Hani Remix7. Colour of Love Mousset T Remix9. Above the Clouds Thunderpuss Remix Taste the Tears Thunderpuss Remix Love One Another Mystic Remix Naked 20th Aug Yes, 2.

The Need Album) Be Naked, 3. Anyway Men Are From Mars4. You're Sent From Heaven, 5. Dirty Thoughts, 6. He, 7. Sex Without Sex, 8. Love On You, 9. Heavenly Proximity, The Smile Of My Child, My Kind Of World 5th Oct Crucified Solitude, 2. You Move Me, 3. Voodoo, 4. Same Old Paradise, 5. Sacrifical Lamb, 6. Private War, 7. When a Love Grows Cold, 8. Just Like That Romeo and Juliet9. City of Pain, You Kind of World, More Time for a Child, Don't Follow Me Home. El Rat? Apaguen El Despertador, 3.

Los Dos Al Agua, 6. Pastel De Chocolate, 7. Somos Amigos, 8. A Bailar La Conga, 9. El Blues De La Paleta, El Twist De Mi Hermano, Un Casamiento En El Zool? Te Doy Un Besito. Hoy Es Ma? Por Volverte A Ver, 3. Soy Como Soy, 4. Bailar, 5. Fin De Semana, 7. Historia Entre Amigas, 8. No Me Comparen, Por Volverte A Ver Remix. Anclado En Mi Coraz? Salsa Reggae, 2. Para Nada, 4.

Sexy, 5. A Un Metro Del Suelo, 6. Con Los Brazos En Cruz, 8. Salsa Reggae Remix, Baby Blue Es El Amor, 2. Como Cada D? Tranquilo Nene, 4. Super Enamor? Primer Amor, 6. Sigues Estando T? Tu Amor Cay? Del Cielo, 8. Desesperadamente Sola, Salsa Reggae, 6. Juntos a d? Bailar, 8. A Un Metro Del Suelo, 9. Fin De Semana, Con Los Brazos En Cruz, Sexy, Primer Amor, Por Volverte A Ver, Para Nada, Del Cielo, Una Rebelde En Solitario 4th Jul Desesperadamente Sola, 2.

Es El Amor, 4. Del Cielo, 6. Tranquilo Nene, 9. Primer Amor. Antes De Se Rebelde Fin de Semana, 6. Sexy, 7. Salsa Reggae, 9. Historia Entre Amigas, Bailar, Mi Delirio Para Qu? Ni Una Palabra, 3. Me Hipnotizas, 4. Pobre Tu Alma, 5. Gira La Vida, 6. Te Puedo Escuchar, 7. Mi Delirio, 8. Hasta Que Me Conocistes, 9.

Mas Da, ? Hasta Que Llegues T? Un Minuto M? Thanks to Astralys. Produced by Rino Facchinetti Carlo Fath? Label: Clown Records. Love Of My Own, 2. On My Way, 3. Turn On The Light, 4. Living On The Edge, 5. You Are My Life, 6. One Thing, 7. Soldier, 8. Someone New, 9. Close Your Eyes To Heaven, True Love, Whispers Whispers Of Love, 3.

The echo of my heart, 4. Maybe I'm Dreaming, 5. For All That We Know, 6. For Your Love, 8. True Love, 9. Don't Say You Love Me, Hungry Hearts. For Your Love Whispers Of Love, 4. One Thing, 5. For Your Love, 7. Love Of My Own, 8. The Echo Of My Heart, 9. Turn On The Light, Living On The Edge, Someone New.

Down On Sunset 1st Sep How Deep Is Your Love, 2. You Have Rescued Me, 3. My One And Only, 4. Across The World Tonight, 5. Standing Alone, 6. Laughter In The Rain, 7. Turn Around, 8. A Little At A Time, Thru With Love, Cruising Down On Sunset.

Dangerous Lies, 3. I'll Love You Forever, 4. Midnight, 5. Marathon Of Life, 6. Is It My Love, 7. The Love In Me, 8. Stay A Little Longer, 9. Dance In Heaven, Shipwrecked, Hold My Hand, Miss London, however, should have known better. Ten years later the sultry singer signed to Liberty Records and issued her first album, Julie Is her Namein December Here first four albums were all top 20 hits in the US.

She died inhaving never fully recovered from a stroke suffered some five years earlier. Bullock at 6 comments: Email This BlogThis! If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion. For Hubbard was not only a writer of fiction, he also fancied himself a musician, writing, producing and helming several ridiculous musical projects in an effort elicit funds from his faithful followers.

Space Jazz, conceived as the soundtrack to the book Battlefield Earth, was released in There were plans too to turn the book into a movie, with Scientology poster boy John Travolta in the lead as hero Jonnie Goodboy Tyler.

However the movie did not appear untilat which point Hubbard was long dead well, his physical body was, anyway and Travolta — now far too old to play the hero - was cast as the villain Terl instead. The film was a huge flop. However Space Jazz remains an essential listen. Overseen by Jazz great Chick Corea, the album features dull piano pieces, snippets of comic-book dialogue and childish sound effects. It uses the then-new digital sampling synthesizer the Fairlight CMI throughout — most notably in the utterly ridiculous Windsplitter — an instrumental track that sounds like it was recorded for a ZX Spectrum game and is peppered throughout with neighing horses.

Mission Earth is an altogether different animal, issued as a solo album by guitar great Edgar Winter in The words and music were written by Hubbard, with the album produced and arranged by Winter. Mission Earth was published by Revenimus Music Publishing, the music publishing division of the Church of Scientology, which also published The Road to Freedom the same year.

Credited to L. According to the Church of Scientology, the album achieved gold record status within four months of release, although to the best of y knowledge it has jet to be awarded anything like a framed disc from the RIAA. The advertising calls this album "the perfect dissemination tool". Jonathan LP of The Guardian wrote that "the lyrics are rotten. At one stage Travolta croons: "Reality is me, reality is you. Yeah, yeah, yeah And so to The Joy of Creating.

Other artists include Doug E. Fresh and our old friends Chick Corea and Edgar Winter. Just awful. Thanks to The Squire for inspiring this week's blog post! Friday, 23 October Moon the Buffoon. Lennon would later re-record the track as the B-side to his hit cover of Stand By Me.

One school of though has it that Two Sides of the Moon was supposed to be messy: how can anyone take this seriously? Why then did he begin sessions for a follow up, shelved after the appalling sales of Two Sides of the Moon? Recent reissues have added a slew of bonus cuts, including tracks recorded for the aborted second solo album. Would it have been any better? Moon died three years after this sole solo project came out. So, to save you the pain of having to listen to the entire album, here are three wholly representative cuts from Two Sides of the Moonthe aforementioned Don't Worry BabyIn My Life and Together.

Friday, 16 October Corny Cornes. Born March 31, in Melbourne, Vietnam veteran he served with the 7th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment Graham Studley Cornes is a former Australian rules footballer, coach, and sports presenter.

Luckily for us, he also fancies himself as a bit of a musician, fronting Cornesy's Allstars, playing guitar and taking on some of the vocal duties. A surprise really, as his vocal prowess — or distinct lack thereof — had already been showcased on his appalling 45 I Gotta Girl, with its glam rock some might say Status Quo rip-off pomp, and the equally atrocious B-side Untying the Laces — which drops every football-related metaphor and simile in to the lyrics you can imagine in under three minutes.

In games for Glenelg he kicked goals. Graham represented South Australia 21 times, including as captain in He was selected in the All-Australian team in andwinning the Tassie Medal in and the Simpson Medal in He went on to become coach of the Adelaide Football Club, and played 47 games with them in After leaving South Adelaide he returned to Glenelg in as coach, winning premierships in and and also taking them to three Grand Finals inand He was the All-Australian coach in andand in was appointed the inaugural coach of the Adelaide Football Club in their first year in the AFL.

Cornes is now a football media personality, hosting televised football matches since the s and writing regular sports commentaries News Limited. Listing of these web sites and contact information does not constitute or indicate review.

Stripper pole - digital playground image gallery photosdocument, ruclickadultshare targetblankimg srccounter. Orgphone 1 toll-free usa canada fax 1 sexaholics anonymous inc, the web sites and contact information listed on this site are for local information purposes.

Orgphone 1 toll-free usa canada fax 1 sexaholics anonymous inc. ALND 34 17 Nov Mr Day. Caveman - 66 BPM. Caveman instrumental - 66 BPM.

Review: Although it's easy to assume that the eponymous Mr Day is a breathing, shimmying, real life soul-pop star, he is in fact, a band. FVR 17 Jan Cosmic Ballad To Erotica Vol 1.

Onra - "Porn" - 96 BPM. Review: Ooh la la! Those saucy Frenchies can't help injecting their disco with a bit of funky fornication. Think back to the '70s and Emmanuelle and all that Moog-drenched soft Euro porn, it's the kind of thing Sebastian Tellier has been digging for years.

Here's some more Gallic explorations of this vintage world where handlebar moustaches and lipglossed lips amongst other things collide. FVR 07 Mar Lizzie Deane. Set Me Free. Magic Number - 99 BPM. Precious - 98 BPM. Thankful - 80 BPM. Review: Lizzie is a contemporary singer from the Midlands who aspires to the greats of Motown era soul. Continuing her rise to fame, she now presents a new album of well-crafted pop soul that ranges from the bluesy "Magic Number"to mellow jazz "Sunday Morning Loving and even edgier Put A Little Love - Killer Bees* - Groovin (Vinyl numbers "Love Is A Dance" too.

Nynfus Corporation. Feel The Funk Baby. Breakbeat Paradise Recordings. Istambool - Review: A quad of funklets from the ever reliable Nynfus corp as we get deep down and dirty with these bass-ravaged ghetto grooves. All different flavours, all killers, Nynfus Corp can do no wrong. BBP 12 Oct DJ Mister Funk.

Original Funk. Vintage - BPM. Real Funk - 57 BPM. Original Sound - 97 BPM. Given the artist name and EP title, you should already have a rough idea what to expect musically - and there are certainly no surprises on that score, with the three tracks coming on like forgotten nuggets from obscure Blaxploitation soundtracks. It's all pure pastiche, admittedly, but when it's done this well who's grumbling? SE 24 May Roast Beatz. Ghetto Soul EP.

Review: While many of his peers are still stumbling out of the bootleg blocks, Roast Beatz is making some serious ground with his original productions. Grabbing Put A Little Love - Killer Bees* - Groovin (Vinyl instantly with his laid-back charm, he's complemented by the syrup-sweet vocals of Kylie Earl.

The result is a track that you feel you've known forever. With remixes from Tom Showtime and Rudd, Breakbeat Paradise have put together something very special right here. BBP 24 Jan Soul Spectrum Records Vol 1. Ellipsis - "People" - BPM. Review: Here's a challenge to all you crate diggers out there, according to Jazzman's DJ Fryer they always dig deeper!

The results show in this excellent double LPs-worth of vintage prime cuts that sound surprisingly dance-floor friendly rather than quaint. Loneliness - BPM. Your Eyes - BPM. One of which - "My Baby's Hand" - regularly fetches the handsome sum of L between collectors. Instantly triggering the biggest northern soul sensations stomping beats, relentless super-tight grooves, show-stopping splashes of bold soulthis will resonate with, and unite all, funk and soul aficionados across the globe.

Jazzman have curated an exceptional document right here. JM 21 Apr Auditors Domination. Palace Of Light remixed. Review: Live outfit with a penchant for dub, Auditors Domination get the remix treatment on this re-rub compilation.

Cherry picking the very best of their bulging roster, Timewarp have commissioned a collection of respectful reversions that each pay respect to the well-polished, organic live sound Auditors Domination have developed. TMDG 01 Oct Midnight Funk - BPM. Review: Verneuil sur Seine native Stephane "Leon" Voituret has been part of the extended Timewarp family for some time. As a multi-instrumentalist guitar, keys, basshe's in a good position to fill his floor-friendly instrumental funk sketches with enough "organic" sounds to warrant further listening.

This latest full-length for the funk-minded Greek label is full of warm and sunny sounds, and boasts tracks that fuse gritty guitars with warm Rhodes, snappy breaks and all manner of horns saxophone and flute feature prominently.

There are forays into Prince style purple funk, but for the most part Voituret sticks to the tried and tested funk-plus-breaks formula. TMDG 15 Oct Liquid Gold. Review: Portland-based beatmaker AfroQBen geddit? While that may be a little over the top, he's certainly delivered a solid debut album for perennial funksters Timewarp.

As is his style, Liquid Gold offers sturdy, floor-friendly hip-hop jams in a variety of rudeboy styles. So, there are forays into afro-cuban funk-hop, dubstep and reggae, alongside a pleasing array of uptempo funk and soul jams. There's nothing particularly new LP any of this, of course, but it's such a fun and well made album that it would be churlish to be too critical. TMDG 05 Nov Mr Gagun. Review: Following on from the success of his recent Timewarp debutthe Athens-based, funk-obsessed label has now decided to release a selection of the Spanish producer's best cuts in remixed form.

There's three mixes of "Funky Dog" here, the best being Afternoons In Stereo's pumping sleazy disco take and Apedroid's blissed out Ibiza sunset mix. Quincy Jointz reworks "Cinderella Girl" as a tight, electronic funk workout with Balearic overtones. A couple of weeks ago the Squ Casual Racism in Country Music. The Sad Story of the Ponderosa Twins.

Family groups often go through the mill, and often at the hands of their overbearing parents or management or bothbut if you thought the Madame St Onge. There's a thin line, as anyone with an interest in bad records will know, between the truly Put A Little Love - Killer Bees* - Groovin (Vinyl and the trite; between recordings so b

Pictures On The Wall - James Hersch - InnerWeather (CD, Album), Lave Og Jon - Birgitte Grimstad - Ballads Et Cetera (Vinyl, LP), Simin Boogie - Foundars 15 Rock Group* - Fire Woman (Vinyl, LP, Album), Great Day - Rigmor Gustafsson - Live (CD, Album), Greensleeves - United States Air Force Band Of Mid-America*, Captain Donald E. Schofield, Jr.* - One, Xu-Xu - Lady Bombon Vs Gigaboy - Stereo Sonico (File, MP3), Peaceful Dub - Sly & Robbie - Money Dub (CD, Album), Take A Look At My Face - Michael Bolton - The Hunger (Cassette, Album), Promenade - Various - Orchestral Fantasia (CD, Album), Various - Teki Latex Sélection Génériques DAnime Japonais Des 90s à Nos Jours (File, MP3), Chunky A - Owwww! (Vinyl), Tunnel Visionary (White Out) - Various - Ridge Racer Respect (CD), Cant Fuck With This - Narotic* Vs. U.V.C. - Step Into The Pit (Vinyl), Various - The Chess Story (CD)

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