Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette)

Ascending four-note bassline, organ stabs and atmospheric filter fuckery coalesce into an eternal head nodder, made all the better by two German voices speaking simultaneously each voice panned hard left or right. I love this shit. Pionier Serios have an M. A lot of this style of music is meant to have the cool, detached, moody vibe but Pionier Serios are too weird for that. Poetry-rock is such a high-wire act. First, the words and delivery have to be on point.

Second, the musicians have to find a way to support and empower the words while remaining unobtrusive—and they must do this without being boring.

Sky Furrows just fucking nails it on all counts. Additionally, they weave in dynamic shifts at appropriate moments, rejecting stasis in spite of the repetition.

The rhythmic section of Donnelly and Hardiman is air tight, seamlessly guiding the songs and Hardiman might be the secret MVP with his locked-in but melodically varied bass lines. Sky Furrows is masterful and a goddamn delight to listen to. Endlessly replayable. Totally essential. Utterly trash. Elsewhere, the comp runs the gamut from beautiful folktronica miniatures Alanthebox to blaring lo-fi messes Monster Monster to gentle singer-songwriter vibes Peoplemath. Overall though, is an eclectic blast darting from one manner of underground expression to another in three minute chunks.

It creates a kaleidoscopic effect, experiencing the breadth of the past 15 years of the no-audience underground in a half-hour sitting. If you'd like to contact me for any reason, send an email to this address: auxoutblog[at]gmail[dot]com If you have any releases you would like me to consider for review, you may send them to the following address:. I cannot guarantee a review I can only guarantee that I will listen.

It is highly unlikely I will post a review in a timely fashion. Wednesday, June 30, June Here is the long delayed second batch of reviews of I've had a bunch of personal stuff going on this year that has vacuumed up what little free time I had coming into the year so its been tough getting done the amount of writing I want to, let alone getting anything done on a regular monthly schedule.

I still have a bunch more great stuff to write about so stay tuned. I'm hoping the second half of the year will allow for more time to dedicate to writing.

New way to get it, indeed. Three songs, all good and all unified in their aesthetic. Monokultur have the rare ability to seem really strange to the straight-laced crowd and deliciously poppy to a weirdo like me.

The duo manages to show many sides of themselves while maintaining a seamless atmosphere through the album. If David Lynch ever plans on making another Twin Peak he oughta book Monokultur for a month-long residency at the Roadhouse. The songs seem to be blown along like a leaf in the wind, drifting but determined to find a home. Both groups are similar in that they seem creatively restless, willing to try new things and break a few rules, but will never or may be unable to get away from whatever special recipe makes them sound like them.

And, hey, if Monokultur turns out to be my new Maths Balance Volumes, they are indispensable. I got more Mystic Inane, something I never thought possible. Mystic Inane really knows how to connect with the children. Candice Metrailer is one of the finest guitarists of recent times and she kills it on this record as usual. Mystic Inane was one of the best bands around during their brief tenure so if you haven't already buy all their records and enrich your life. Ah New Zealand, surely the greatest contributor to rock music on a per capita basis.

Great bands have stayed together and stayed great making strong records one after the other, avoiding burnout and conflicting egos and whatever other reasons that cause bands to splinter. There are no guest contributors or dramatic left turns into different genres and as a result the band sounds even more confident. Opposite Sex is clearly comfortable with their sound and who they are as a band.

With male-female vocals playing off each other, a rollicking rhythm section and mangled guitar, Opposite Sex sound like the Bs if they were the types to beat your ass with a bicycle chain. Equal parts pep and savagery. This idea of taking two sides of a dichotomy and smashing them against each other carries on throughout High Drama.

Behind the mellifluous veneer, Hunter sounds pissed and hurt and pulls no punches. Working from a coo to out and out rage and back again, her peculiar phrasing leads the loping, feedback dappled tour de force through its peaks and valleys before unleashing her voice at the summit to rip the song apart seam by seam. Lead by male vocals, its loose, rambling nature belies the simmering tension that steadily builds with no release granted. The gambit pays off as High Drama leaves you with more questions than answers, eager to flip the record and start again.

Wa La! Patricia Brennan — Solar [Valley of Search]. Serpentine Skies - The Red Plague. The Punishment Zone is the first recording in seven years from Freelove Fenner, the Montreal-based trio that gave the world one of the best songs of the last decade. The results bear this out as each collection of Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette) they release is ornately crafted and polished by hand to a stunning gleam.

Creation 3. Runnin 4. My Shit 5. Colors 6. Rhyme Show Ft. Vis Major of Heart N Brain 7. Glaciers Of Mics 8. Easy Access Ft. Jkroaz 9. Stereotypical Black Man Hell On Earth Ft. Vis Major of Heart N Brain Left For Dead You Winter Ft. Melodic Intro 2. The People Tree Feat. Money Feat. Music Feat. Way Down Feat. Hiphop Feat. Four Rooms Earth View 8.

Strange Enough Feat. Spacious Thoughts Feat. Gifted Feat. A Volta Feat. Theirs A Party Feat. Spank Rock, M. O Pata Feat. Soul Samba Feat. The Mayor Feat. Anthem purchase: Amazon. Raekwon Ft. Method Man Ft. Raekwon - Meth Vs Chef [] Ghostface Killah Ft.

Wu Tang Clan - The Projects [] Raekwon - The Turn [] Wu Tang Clap - Clap [] Ghostface Killah - The Afterparty [] Raekwon - Happy New Year [] Method Man - Yolanda's House [] Raekwon - Meth Vs Chef Pt. Raekwon - Crime Wave Freestyle [] Method Man - Killa Lipstick [] Clap feat. Respect 3. Masta Killa feat. Station ID Break feat. Gza 6. All Flowers feat. Method Man - 'John ' 8.

Raekwon - 'Treez' 9. What It Is Rush feat. Method Man, GZA Mathematics - 'Da Way We Were' Early Grave feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard, Bad Luck Keep Pace Wu Vs Beatles Intro 2.

Got Your Money 4. Forget Me Not 5. Back In The Game 6. Uh Huh 7. Criminology 8. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' 9. Daytona Labels Smith Bros Room Wu Vs Beatles skit Mighty Healthy Clientele Kidd Cutting It Up The albums were compiled by Barry Hansen. You may know him better as radio's Dr. There was no radio or TV advertising for the Loss Leader albums. The famous Michael Jackson Vanity Fair phonograph.

Way too much in my opinion Labels: sssChildrensMusicPhonographRecords. School Lunches. Labels: sCreepyFoodLunchSchool. Edison Disc Records.

Check out THIS beauty! An Edison Disc Phonograph from ! Edison's Disc Records were very advanced for their time, using a diamond stylus instead of a steel needle and a floating diaphragm, things that wouldn't be seen again until the Hi-Fi age of the early '50s. Labels: sMusicPhonographRecords. Monday, August 27, Perfection and Superfection. Labels: sGames. Labels: sRecordsStrange. Stretch Armstrong. The Autobots evaded the attacks the best they could, but they did get some scratches as Foxwire was fast in his robot mode.

Cliffjumper tried to get his distance so he could pull out his weapons to fight at a range. Foxwire then pulled the wire to get closer to Cliffjumper landing a blow to his back. Cliffjumper fell to the ground with a blue liquid leaving his wound causing pain. The other Autobots then came to the rescue with Ironhide and Chromia attacked Foxwire while Wheeljack tried to save Cliffjumper. Both Autobots, Ironhide, and Chromia were dealing with Foxwire hand-to-hand, with Chromia being the only one able to be fast enough to hit the Decepticon.

Foxwire knew he needed distance from them to think of a plan to get some room and so he transformers into his Turbofox beast mode and ran away to get distance, but Chromia also Transformed and chased after Foxwire.

Chromia then leaped into the air turning back into her robot mode and tackled Foxwire to the ground, however, that was a mistake as when they got up, Foxwire was back in robot mode with both of his clawed hands were covered in a blue liquid, and everyone saw Chromia was injured with two deep slash marks on her left leg and the side of her stomach area, she had to be in so much pain, she even was forced to take a knee due to the pain. Foxwire then started to walk up to Chromia, most likely to finish her off but noticed Ironhide charging at him with a battle cry with anger and tried to throw a punch.

However, Foxwire moved out of the way getting behind Ironhide and jumped onto his back and attempted to slash at his back, but Ironhide changed his armor from red to steel.

The origin of the blast was from Cliffjumper, who was on the ground holding a large robotic rifle and having Wheeljack helping him up due to his injury. He was too damaged from the blast he took not more than a minute ago. Ironhide then stepped back from Foxwire to remind himself of what he was doing, he needed to be better than any Con, and here he was doing what they would have done just for fun, but for him, it was his anger at what has happened in the past.

It was Cyclonus. Wheeljack told them all that Starscream had blasted him into pieces. This was not how things were supposed to happen, my plans are just to try and gain the trust of Starscream, none of you were meant to be harmed.

In just a matter of seconds, it was over, Foxwire had gotten away and some of the Autobots were harmed. Stella ran out of her hiding spot and ran towards Chromia, worried for her, she has never seen the Autobots harmed, that was the first time she had seen them harmed.

Ironhide was stabbed in the back, Cliffjumper was stabbed near the neck and Chromia had deep cuts. They then saw Wheeljack entering the room with Stella in his hands, letting her see the Autobots.

It seemed as if you all knew him? One day we were planning a raid on a Decepticon base, but they knew we were coming, and it was Foxwire who sold us out. He said he was innocent, but all evidence pointed at him as, so he was arrested for betraying us all. We lost a lot of good Bots that day. Then someone came into the room, it was the Autobot Arcee who entered the room.

After that Stella and Arcee left the room, and Chromia turned to the other two. The Nemesis Back on the moon withing the Nemesis, the crashed ship of the Decepticons, the Decepticon Nickle was tending to the injured Foxwire who was in a lot of pain from today.

As she was fixing him, she was talking to him in a calm and soothing tone to make him feel safe. On the outside of the Nemesis was a large ship, it was smaller than the Decepticon ship and looked like a giant metal bat with red wings.

What Message? However, Cyclonus got in his way and answered the call. He finally awakened from his sleep getting all the rest before turning to you, the reading, and asked.

Chapter 4: Crashing a Nemesis Last Time: Lincoln was working with the Autobots to learn the secrets of a strange box of Decepticon origin. After being attacked by the Decepticons, a new one named Cyclonus came out of nowhere and kidnapped Lincoln for his reasons and now the Autobots must find a way to save him.

It was a large area with the walls being purple and other robots, some being Vehicons while others look like the Decepticon Starscream but with different colors.

There were some plate forms near the walls of the room with four on one side of the room while four are on the other. One of the platforms was lighting up and then several robotic figures were on the plate form. Cyclonus was holding Lincoln Loud in one hand, who was struggling to get away from the Decepticon.

Lincoln looked around and saw all the Decepticon forces that were surrounding him. Until then, it would be for the best if this human is locked away in a holding cell. Starscream looked at Cyclonus with suspicion and hatred towards them, he was too good at both his skills of the fight, ability to teleport, and kissing up to Lord Megatron. Am I making myself clear, Commander Starscream? Skywarp, Thundercracker, to me. The black jet then released a bright purple and vanished and appeared in front of them and transformed into a robot that looked identical to Starscream along with the other one that caught up.

They both looked just like Starscream, who explained to them what they were to do with the human. Starscream is one of a kind, thank both Primus and Unicron for that.

Both the Decepticons then walked up to Cyclonus. You hold on to them Thundercracker. Cyclonus then turned to Megatron and the other Decepticons as they all went to get medical treatment. He then left the room without knowing that someone was still in the room. Meanwhile at the Autobot base, the Ark, the Autobots were talking about how to save Lincoln who was taken by the Decepticons, and that both Sundor and Wheeljack were missing. We will find a way to get them back.

You said they always kept it in space. They should have been where they fell on the battlefield. As the Autobots were talking about what to do, Jazz stopped talking as he got something, it was a message. Where are you? If seen capture alive. I need you to go and save that kid. Sending the codes to you all. Authorization code: SentinelO.

Data on: Lincoln Loud sent to Project: Pretender in progress. The cell was holding him in with a wall of energy and had both Thundercracker and Skywarp on the outside guarding him, really, they were just complaining about how boring it is guarding Lincoln.

Lincoln needed a way out, but then he felt something in his jacket, he checked and remembered something. He now needed a way to distract the guards. Why did you do that? Why would something this small need such a large cell all to themself and it was a waste of energy. He then threw something in the air, something he had in his jacket pocket.

Knocking the two down, letting Lincoln run through the cell entrance and allowing him to escape from containment, and Sundor pressing a red button on the wall locking the two Decepticons inside the cell. There was a way both he and Lincoln could get past all the guards outside of the cells. But then he saw a vent on the floor. Lincoln began to walk down the vents to avoid making any sound for anyone to heard by any of the forces outside. They had to avoid anything that could mean danger for them, they heard guards talking to each other, giving updates while some just said what was on their mind.

He overheard the following conversation. However, there was a voice up ahead that made him stop cold, as their voice gave him chills. It was the voice of Megatron. Starscream capture them both! This one was a feminine voice with a New York accent.

The voice came from a small Decepticon with cyan armor and a cube-shaped head. They had what looked like twin red rockets on their back and some tools on their front, the bottom of their chest area.

If it was not for that, I would have ended him so long ago. Oh, also what are we going to do to the human after we get the information? Are we going to throw it out of the airlock? Why are you growling at the- Oh? Sundor then flew out of the vent and blasted at the Mini-Decepticon knocking them out. Sundor then started moving into the room and flew around shooting at Megatron and Lincoln ran away.

He ran and ran and ran for a few minutes now it was like he just ran a mile without stopping. Go left, or right?

Up or down? Which way is the right way? He then heard a vehicle sound, it was a car, and it was inside the vent, driving towards him. Lincoln was about to run away until he heard his voice.

Is that you? Lincoln then told Wheeljack about Sundor and the ladder thought of going back for them, but he needed to get Lincoln to safety and took him to drive him away from any danger. I need to get you to safety. Lincoln has always noticed since he first met the Autobots that they cared for other species, from humans, to animals, and even to other smaller lifeforms that he thought they would normally see beneath in both a literal point of view and metaphorical standpoint.

But now, he does see that they would care for anyone. Lincoln then got out of Wheeljack who transformed back into robot mode and was ready to jump out for an attack and after only a second of thinking of actions, he jumped out of the vent, and what followed right after was, nothing. It was silent and when Lincoln looked outside the vent too, he saw that the only ones outside the vent were him and Wheeljack, it was an empty hallway.

They both turn to see it was Cyclonus, who had appeared out of nowhere down the hall, Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette) then teleported to be only a few feet away from them. His face showing no emotions what so other.

They had now entered a large room on a platform bridge they were standing on, and in the center of the room looked to be a large futuristic engine for the ship. If someone inputs the right codes you could make the Nemesis crash somewhere in a matter of time, maybe the middle of the ocean or somewhere away from earth.

All you would need to do is, plant a small explosive to keep anyone from changing them. He then stopped and saw that Wheeljack was a few steps away from him with Lincoln in hand as they were a little surprised by his rage. But I as to why I am helping you, it is all part of my plans.

Cyclonus walked forward to the Commander of the Seekers and second in command of the Decepticon forces. Trying to find out where we are going? It was Sundor. Are you mad? Well, if you are then come at me!

Wheeljack then took this moment and transforms and drives right into Starscream and knocked them down. Wheeljack then transformed into robot mode and started beating down Starscream, giving him punch after punch, not even giving them a second to defend themself.

After just a few more seconds of this savage beat down, Wheeljack started to pick up Starscream and tossed him like a rag doll at the same pipes that Starscream had hit just a minute ago, forcing more steam out and knocking out the Decepticon. Making him shoot Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette) the pipe to make him blind for a second so we could beat down on him? You know he could have missed or hit you, right? Do you still think it was a good plan? His armor was stronger than I first thought, also I am running out of energy.

Wheeljack then planted an explosive device on the hub network and grabbed Lincoln so they could all get away. With the halls of the ship almost empty, they were so close to heading home. To reaching their goal. Lincoln did want to ask him what had happened, but he thought maybe for a later time. It was Skywarp and Thundercracker. The two were looking angered from the sight of the Autobot who had transformed into his robot mode, ready for just one last fight before they head home.

The red Autobot named Cliffjumper let out a sign a nodded to the order he was given. Once Cliffjumper activated the bomb an explosion could be hard from a part of the ship, an alarm going off following with the ship starting to shack like a building going through an earthquake.

The Autobot then all went to the Space Bridge which had started to go off and just a matter of a second, they were all gone, back to earth. The Nemesis then started to reach a crater in the path, but it started to lose speed and once it reached the crater it stopped with one half of the ship over it, but thanks to the zero gravity of the moon they would be alright. Can you get us a Ground Bridge and check on Wheeljack and Sundor when we arrive?

It was rather more a huge victory for them, but they all knew this, that it was most likely that the Decepticons were all still active and alive. But all that matters is that Lincoln was safe now. Back on the moon, the Decepticons were all still active and moving around, there back was damaged, many of them were injured from the crash. The Decepticon Cyclonus was in a room talking to an unconscious Starscream. Now I must leave, Megatron will want us to know what is to happen next.

Right beside Cyclonus was someone who looked just like Starscream, but they were translucent, completely see through, like a ghost. To stop the darkest of times for all. It was around sunset in royal woods, a black and yellow muscle car drove down the street, basing it off small stores around the town.

It has been a few days since Lincoln first met the other Autobots along with his friends. Lincoln would then release one of his hands from the wheel to reach into a bag to pull out a hamburger, but before he could eat it, but stopped due to someone talking to him. Lincoln turned the passenger seat with a very high-tech red microscope on it, with the body tube turned to make the objective lens face Lincoln like they were a pair of eyes. Lincoln then put the burger back.

Are we at that location you suggested? No one uses it, so it should be an okay place to look at the box, but why not back at the Ark? Mainly in an area that is large for me to work in and privately.

Lincoln had thought back to first finding out about the symbols making the Decepticon symbol; he was surprised by that fact and had told Optimus over his communicator.

Optimus had told him just to stay calm and wait until Perceptor would be ready to investigate it with another Autobot that was away. Now that Autobot was called and prepared to help with learning about the box. Before shutting down, the last owner Flip had installed some Auto garages on the side of the gas station, but it was made with cheap materials and could fall apart quickly. The owner Flip was arrested for crimes but after the court ruled them guilty, they had a heart attack and passed away.

Lincoln then exited Bumblebee and opened the garage door to let Bumblebee inside. After they get in and park Lincoln closed the garage door and then opened the side door of Bee to grab both the box and Perceptor. Perceptor then transformers again, this time into a much larger microscope with the box on the stage. The atoms are in a normal state, the material is simple Cybertitanium.

Although it does seem to be mixed with Micro changing technology. When no one was noticing, one of the sides of the box changed the symbols on it to make a diamond shape that glows purple, the eye of the one inside the box. Lincoln stepped outside of the garage for stretching and for some sunlight and thought about the past few days of meeting Bee and the other Autobots and their home world.

They have one human with them. Ravage, Laserbeak eject. Operation: Assault. The back door of the armored SUV opened, but not up or the door splitting apart like normal but popped or extended out and two large rectangular objects with two holes in them were launched out. Lincoln then heard something around the corner of the garage, like something heavy landed on the ground and started to walk making heavy footsteps.

But as tried to run away something was dashing at him from behind and Lincoln ducked down, in the back of his head he thanked Lynn Jr. Whatever it was about to crash into him jumped over him as it was going to pounce at him. Lincoln got back up and saw what it was, it was like a robotic panther with silver-colored legs and had the Decepticon symbol on both of its forelegs and had what looked like blasters on its sides above the hind legs.

Lincoln was too scared to move or even think, what would you do if you saw a beast about to attack you, all Lincoln could do was scream on things, not out of fear but to get help.

The garage door was then ripped apart and Bumblebee stepped out with a blaster in hand and fired at Laserbeak and sent it flying. Who names these guys? Quick throw me at them! Lincoln then picked him up and stuck his head out of the window and threw the Marco changed Autobot at Laserbeak who easily dodges it.

Ravage then stopped following them and used the blasters in his sides to fire lasers at Sundor while Soundwave was still following them like a savage dog. How do we shake him? Bumblebee drove into an alleyway of buildings and Soundwave soon followed chasing only after the Autobot without knowing that something came out of Bumblebee in a matter of a split second.

Lincoln Loud was holding both Perceptor and the box in his hand as they were released from Bumblebee and put behind a dumpster to hide them from Soundwave. Lincoln and Perceptor then left the alleyway with Lincoln feeling worried for his friend Bumblebee, the two had got to know each other very well.

Bumblebee had even told Lincoln more about his home world of Cybertron and the many war stories that he had shared such as how Bee joined the Autobots when the Decepticons attacked his home city of Iacon, and it was Optimus Prime who saved him and most of the other planets near Cybertron.

He leads the Decepticons with fear and hatred for the Autobots and anyone who gets in their way. They did split up. Their arms however were no normal but looked more like power piledriver slamming the ground. The two were then fully seen, they were identical with small robot bodies, but one was purple and blue armor with a silver marking on the chest that looks like circuitry while the other had black and red armor and gold on their chest. Perceptor then pulled out a blaster and fired hitting the only Frenzy in the arm knocking them off-balanced but Rumble kept going and tackled Perceptor who told Lincoln to run away.

Lincoln then ran into an alley to getaway. Then we creak the nuts inside. Perceptor then got back up and picked up Rumble and threw him at a building. I was caught off guard, but I can easily take these two, you need to stay safe and protect that box.

He ran and ran for what felt Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette) hours and the sun was even closed, almost making it nighttime. He was thinking about going home but he knew it was a bad idea and the Decepticons could attack him home and he was separated from Bumblebee so it would have made the family ask questions, so he ran near the supermall. It was like a ghost town with no one in sight and most likely only the security guards inside the mall being the only people.

Lincoln then stopped walking and sat down to take a breath and cool down on his stamina was rather low due to him running for a while. He then remembered the other Autobots in the area and thought of contacting them for help or for a pickup. But once he used his communicator all he got was static that made an ear-shattering sound that made Lincoln turn his device off without even a second thought because of how painful the sound was. Lincoln kept on looking up trying to see if he could see whatever it was that made that sound but then he heard something from his communicator that was switched back on as the voice of Jazz could be heard.

The boombox then made a sound that sounded just like the voice of Jazz. This is Soundwave. Soundwave had picked up a car and threw it right at Lincoln, which he had dodged for his own safety. Soundwave was walking towards Lincoln getting ready to strike but was stopped as they took a laser blast to the side, knocking them down for a short time. Lincoln turned his head to see Sundor, who looked worse for wear as they had some burned marks and scratches all over and looked as if they were going to crash.

Could you carry me around for the time being? Lincoln could only say one thing. Lincoln then ran away to the exit, but the jet just kept following him. The jet then started to change, it took a humanoid shape form, but its body was almost like most other Cybertronians Lincoln has seen before but they had what looked like the cockpit of the jet on their chest and that said chest area was red while their arms and legs were a mix of gray and blue with blaster cannons on each of their arms.

Their head looked to have a gray face but also had a black box-shaped helmet. They even had jet wings on their back that had the Decepticon symbol on each one. This Decepticon had a name, and it was Starscream. Lincoln tried to escape to no avail as the Decepticons tried to corner him every chance they got. Then they came, the other Decepticons he had seen throughout the day, Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble, and Frenzy all of them looking beat up and angry.

We got bad news; we lost the Autobots who we were fighting. Sorry, we failed. Lincoln looked around but then looked down and saw a hubcap, most likely one from a car that Soundwave had thrown a little while ago. He then looked up and saw a car stuck between a wall and the ceiling and could slip and fall at any moment. The security guard then saw the giant robots and could only do one thing and react as anyone would after seeing them, scream in fear. Lincoln then made a run for it and ran towards Frenzy and Rumble, the ladder of which Lincoln pushed into the other knocking them down.

Without knowing what him and Frenzy was above he started to shake the ground and cause the balanced car up above to get loose and fall hitting both Rumble and Frenzy. Lincoln let out a laugh as that happened, he outsmarted them and was about to get away again.

Lincoln Loud was very wrong about that fact. Something hit the ground, it was a large purple laser blast that caused a huge explosion pushing Lincoln back and knocking them down while still holding on to the box. In their hand looked to be a strange-looking handgun, it was a gray Walther P38 pistol with the barrel of the gun being a little longer.

The Robot Ninja then threw the gun into the air and the barrel breaking off, it started to change both form and size, turning into a mostly gray take; an M1 Abrams tank, but with the barrel being much larger and even goes into the head of the tank.

As it was still falling the tracks of the tanks started to move, and even glow purple energy and started to fall slower than it did before and just stopped in mid-air. The tank then took a humanoid form with gray armor, and the black barrel that was on both the tank and the Walther gun was now on their right arm, they then opened their bright red eyes. Lincoln heard his name and remembered what Perceptor had told him. So here is our deal, hand over the box or else.

Lincoln had nowhere to run, the Decepticons were all around him and he had no idea what to do. He then checked his watch to see that he got a message, telling him to get down. Lincoln then heard a familiar sound, the ground bridge. Lincoln then Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette) down to the ground as behind the Decepticons was a ground bridge that had just opened, and out came, the Alt modes of Bumblebee, Jazz, and Chromia along with three other vehicles, one being a red Freightliner FL86 truck that had crashed into Megatron while the other cars were a White with green and red stripes model Mustang and the other was a Red and white Search and Rescue Hummer H2.

I will not allow you to harm this human! Lincoln was happy to see the other Autobots coming to his rescue and saw that someone was fighting another. Jazz was fighting the Decepticon Soundwave. The Rescue Hummer then stopped next to Lincoln and the door opened and had Vincent Witwicky inside the driver seat. Lincoln then entered and they started to drive away to the ground bridge to escape the action. Good thing Bumblebee sent us a message telling us that Soundwave stopped following him and was after you.

We picked him up and followed your tracking signal. Is it possible I could stay on the Ark for the night? The box glows even brighter, Lincoln tried to let go but somehow, he could, it was like his fingers were glued to the box. Vincent tried to help him, but it started to move on my own. Lincoln was trying to release his hands from the box, but they were still stuck like a fly on a fly trap, but then he hears the voice again from the box. The box then floated in the air and opened on all sides showing a purple orb inside of it.

The orb then started to release purple lines that stayed connected with it and started to make the shape of a humanoid figure made of machine parts and then gave it a full-on body that looked more alien.

Then a blinding light was all that was left and when it was all cleared there stood a giant robot with purple armor along with a pale white face. Their head had cone-shaped with devil horns. Whoever they are, they are not friendly as they have the Decepticon symbol on their chest. A large one edgy blade had emerged in their hand as they wield it. Cyclonus then vanished again only to surfaced again, this time in front of Chromia, who the ladder tried to attack with bladed arms she had but the Decepticon she was fighting had caught her by her arms and committed a low kick, knocking her off-balance and being thrown like a ragdoll into the wall of the super mall putting a hole in it and just like before Cyclonus vanished again.

They showed themself once again this time right beside Jazz and were ready to attack them, but Jazz was quick enough to defend themself and grabbed Cyclonus by their wrist and forced them to drop the sword they held. Once again Cyclonus vanished but as he did a laser had pasted by right where he was standing and to where the shot came from Cyclonus stood right beside the sniper who was Perceptor and slashed at their sniper rifle, cutting it in two and then vanished once more and reappeared in the middle of the battleground and finally raised their right hand into a fist and did a backhanded punched and hit an invisible Wheeljack who was knocked back and seemed to be knocked out before his invisibility activated again making them unable to be seen.

Before Optimus could even fire his weapon, he heard Lincoln screaming out of fear and he saw that Lincoln was in danger. The same goes for all of them too. My plans to change fate and destiny of the future! And as for you, Cyclonus, what are you planning to do with that human?

He could even hold information that you could need, for he has information on him that you want. Optimus then got back to try and go after them, picking up his weapon and charged at them all.

Stuntman - Kasabian - Empire Instrumentals (CDr), Glow - Luna Amară - Pietre În Alb (CD, Album), Cult Of Optimism (Mogi Grumbles Remix) - Laurel Halo / Mogi Grumbles - Ambrosia EP Remixes (File, MP, Celestial Soda Pop - Windham Hill Artists - Sundance Reflections (CD), Cockoo - Nuffsedd 180 - Open Doors For Strangers (CD, Album), Fantastic Damage - El-P - Fantastic Damage (CD, Album), Co Się Ptakom Śni - Various - Czary - Mary (Piosenki Dla Dzieci) (Cassette), Friends - Various - Maxipower (CD), Vamonos pal Monte - Fania All Stars - Las Estrellas De La Fania Vol 09 (CD), Toto - Goodbye Elenore (Vinyl), Muffin Monster - Brian Reitzell - 30 Days Of Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD, Album), Take Me, Long John - Capleton - Gold (CD), Untitled - Lory D - Untitled (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “Oh Mama - The Shift (5) - Run The Mixtape (Cassette)”

  1. Run The Mixtape - The Shift. VERY LIMITED CASSETTE RELEASE * 2x CASSETTES MAXIMUM PER PERSON * (IF YOU EXCEED THE MAXIMUM LIMIT YOU WILL BE REFUNDED) Run The Mixtape was recorded by The Shift a week after RTJ3 came out. (5) Oh Mama (6) Run The Jewels (7) Get It (8) Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)(Feat. Followers:

  2. Dec 24,  · Oh Mama Lyrics: Gun in the holster be / Right in the upholstery / Somewhere right close to me / Just in case the rollers be / Rolling on the G / My woman keep it in the hosiery / I'm known in my.

  3. Jul 11,  · Movement Mixtape v.1 (Mixtape) by FIVE2OH, released 11 July 1. Intro 2. Hustle Hard 3. Can I 4. Why Stop Now 5. God Belongs In My City (Corpus Christi) ft. Eddie D. (X-Rejects) 6. Take Me Away 7. Praisn' 8. Hell's Hot 9. Ball C.R.E.A.M. (Remix) (ft. Hope Pusha) Remember Shut Up ICry Mercy ft. (D-Jon, Rill, Eddie D.)

  4. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about The S.O.S. Band - The 12" Tape (Five 12" Mixes On One Cassette) at Discogs. Complete your The S.O.S. Band collection.

  5. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Chase - Run Back To Mama at Discogs. Complete your Chase collection.

  6. JW & Blaze - Oh Mama Krystal Khayne - Stick Shift Preston - Work Screws - Naughty Wine T.O.K. Adrenaline M1 - Drummer Boy Sahga - Streets Is Mine Bunji Garlin - Over Yuh Head Skinny Fabulous - Leh We go Mr. Vegas - Brace Pon It Kes - Socializing MX Prime - Brutal Granty - B.I.G. Benjai.

  7. DJ Ransom Dollars. Way 2 Dirty 2. Ola Runt - Mama Tried. Chance The Rapper & Jeremih - Merry Christmas Lil' Mama.

  8. Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama. Store Sevilla Vinyl Sevilla Vinyl diggen Spanien Vinyl spanien Vinyl Diggen in Sevilla Flohmarkt Berlin Indoor Flohmarkt Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape KAMAAL Edits A Dusty Crate Sonoras Natse #4 Hip Hop Instrumental Album A Hip Hop Tribute DJ Filthy Rich Funk Connection Toni Shift This.

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