My Very Good Friend In The Looking Glass - Jennie Smith - Jennie (Vinyl, LP)

With that, this becomes a best of three heading to Davenport on Friday. Me thinks it will be over on Saturday. A hour and twenty nine minute rain delay and the game took three and a half hours to complete.

Bandits were done in by leaving 13 runners on base. Cedar Rapids can win the Championship on Saturday. Logan Porter hit a Zach Featherstone pitch over the left field fence in the 9th inning to force a game 5. A win. What really stood out is that the Kernels left the bases loaded three times and failed to score any runs out of this. The Kernels stranded 14 runners in the game.

And it forced the winner take all game on Sunday. Tucker Bradley added a home run in the 4th and a sac fly in the 7th to put the game on ice. A J Block, started and pitched fairly well but was lifted for Zach Haake who got the win. Cody Lawyerson, only got one out before Denny Bentley relieved him.

The Kernels loaded the bases but Haake stuck out the next three batters and basically that what all she wrote for CR, who simply didn't hit.

The Kernels were in their 7th straight post season. Saturday, September 18, The weekend of finds. The high A ball league Championship will begin next week, with The LP) City River Bandits awaiting the winner of the 2nd playoff birth which might be Cedar Rapids if they beat Peoria, otherwise Lake County will be the playoffs.

You gotta love the grit of the teams fighting for that final spot. Unlike the Chicago Cubs who continue to lose to Milwaukee, 11th straight games the Brew Crew has won, and the second game that the fucking Cubs blew yet another lead.

Had they held the fucking lead, they might be in the playoff hunt. But alas they have no luck and no relief pitching whatsoever. In the five games that I have seen the QC bandits, they had a record. At least the Cubs finally beat Milwaukee, although the bullpen and Rowan Wick, who's doing his best at being worst, damn near gave the game back to the Brew Crew walking 3 in his 2nd straight shit outing.

With two weeks left in the season, the reclamation projects have taken on interesting twist since the core players were traded. And the reality is that had the Cubs won the games they blew the lead in, they might be challenging for a playoff spot.

They did lead the Brewers at some point all three games. The pitching has been a revolving door, even more so in the lack of relief department and nobody had been lights out. The constant walks, the constant gopher balls given up and every pitcher either getting on the shuttle back to Des Moines or kicked to the curb so long Dillon Maples, who had a 2.

Wick was supposed to be in line to be the stopper but two crapping showings reveal he was no better than the departed Maples. Frank Schwingel, on the other hand has shown a comeback after being a journeyman, hitting a hard to believe. With Wisdom, it's a all or nothing thing, he has a strike out rate at 40 percent and for the second straight game struck out four times before connecting on the game winner.

Certainly it's great to get HRs, but that and counting SO's at bat is pretty ugh. With those ugly K's, he won't get rookie of the year but for a feel good story, well at least he will have a record of his own when this season is over. The Brewers won 15 of the 19 games played with the Cubs but at least the Cubs won the final meeting between these two teams The Brewers will clinch the division title, but they will have to do it against a red hot St Louis Cardinals team that has won 8 games in a row and are determined to get a playoff spot.

This should be a interesting series. As for Jake Arrieta, he had yet another bad game as the Cardinals plummeted him for 5 runs, however, Tatis Jr, dropped a fly ball and threw a wild pitch at home, leading to the Cards scoring those runs first. He's this season and the feel good story of him returning to Chicago is long gone, replaced by the worst pitching of his career.

The season has been his black eye in a stellar career. Congrats to the Orioles, for losing another games in a season again. Forever in the crapper till Spanos sells the team. We have two hurricanes out in the ocean. One is named Pete, the other is Rose. Iowa creamed Kent StateThe Iowa Defense still is dominating, but the offense is still spluttering, even tho Tyler Goodson had yards rushing and scored three TDs. Spence Petras threw for a TD and completed 25 passes out of 36 for yards.

Not bad for a day's work but they still look tentative at times. It didn't help the Wildcats having two defense players get thrown out for targeting and two drives ending up with FG only. UA gets number 4 Oregon next week. Things are LP) pretty grim for them as they should beaten NAU which hasn't been that great this season. As for the ASU plastic forks, they may not be as good as advertised but they should do better against Colorado. When you can't make classic albums anymore, the way to go is to reissue the classic rock albums, and bloat them up with bonus, tracks, studio chatter and the usual live concert or DVD.

Since the major labels don't have the patience or time to groom a band for three or four albums, they opt to go with the anniversary packages of those great albums that I haven't cared much to buy again. Aerosmith has managed to get their Columbia masters back to them, so they will reissue them via Universal Music. And don't plan too. She was She recorded as a solo artist for Kirshner and EMI records.

Going to Davenport I got there late after arguing with my special someone, who played there yesterday and hurt herself on a faulty stool, a long story behind it being broken but of course guess who got the burnt of that frustration. And once again, trying to have a decent day, only to have some fucking moronic kid weaving all over the road behind me, with his 13 year old GF giving him a hand job in the process. And I have been very angry with the Creator about dealing with fucking morons that can't drive, red lights, semis in front and each bargain hunt becomes less fulfilling.

Being later than usual, I didn't hit the goodwill and Salvation Army stores, but rather going to the Source Bookstore and Ragged Records, only to had to use the bathroom at the former thanks to my IBS problems. If The River Bandits make it to the second round playoffs at home, I'll probably be back. But I do believe I need to really sit down and clean up the house and take inventory of the stacks of CDs yet to be filed away.

I probably will be single in a day or two. I don't think neither one of us are happy, and love should not be this indifferent. But in the meantime, I got to miss out on my friend Kane Brown who played in Moline, I had to deal with his crappy pre recorded drum tracks during their soundcheck and us playing the free stage in Monticello back in July.

Which seems like a long time ago. The Fireballs first album balanced Buddy Holly type of songs and instrumentals and the instrumentals win out. Bulldog and Torquay being the highlights, the popularity of the instrumentals would be the exit of the original Fireballs vocalist and Jimmy Gilmer would replace him. The Atlantic Volume 7 has been the missing piece in my collection, but it is the weakest of the Atlantic box set. It gives too much emphasis to Robert Flack, not enough Aretha and too much of the Philadelphia soul to which Gamble Huff would take to the next level.

This is the band that featured Albert Lee, the wunderkind guitar extraordinaire and Chas Hodges, the counter to Colton's pop tendencies. One Woman was that song that eluded me for many years. HHF could rock with the best of them but they broke up after this album was released.

A lost classic. The wordy 15 minute The Iron Man will try your patience. The Two and half minute All Night Long, is better. A curio album and a dollar find at the local Analog Vault.

One of those look what Goodwill had for 45's this week. I didn't think there would be much there since I was there a few days ago but somebody threw out their collection of mid 70s singles and a decent copy of Polk Salad Annie and White Horse.

What strikes me funny is how The Bay City Rollers really rocked it up with Money Honey, their best attempt at glam rock and forget the faces and teen idol pinup shots and it just as rocking as T Rex or Slade. He did have a nice run of rockers in the mid 70s, Promised Land was the next single. And people wonder why I hate the Cowboys. New stadiums look good, and players can mug around like the WWE and there's not a shred of personality anymore.

Back in the dark ages, players have to play in elements and crappy old stadiums that seen better days. Even in the Polo Grounds looked like a wrecking ball away from being knocked down, rats big as linemen running around the locker room and field. With a lack of a drainage field and a baseball infield not covered and a driving rain turned the Polo Grounds into a mud field. And there wasn't much offense in this weather. Cleveland was undefeated, and New York was trying to find their way back to the top, but even with Charlie Cornerly, they weren't that great.

A very youthful Frank Gifford ran a couple kicks back for a few yards, but basically this was your defensive battle for both teams. Not much of a game but if you love a good mud game. This one can't be beat. Disc 2 is Anthem Of The Sun done in one setting and not without various concerts spliced in and to be honest it is nice to hear these songs without distraction, tho Anthem Of The Sun remains trippy hippy dippy classic. You can tell they're still working on getting things squared away on Alligator and the 10 minute Caution Do Not Stop On The Tracks before concluding with a barrage of feedback noise that gives fond memories of Metal Machine Music, or perhaps Starship from the MC5.

Phil Lesh mentioned that is one of his fave Dead concerts and perhaps he has a point. Anthem Of The Sun really can be mentioned as one of the early space rock albums and beat Hawkwind by about five years to make this spaced out effort. Not all of this album works, The Midnight Hour isn't that great. Certainly, Road Trips 2 is a classic concert of who the Dead were and certainly Pigpen was still singing the blues quite a bit. But you can tell the winds were changing, Quicksilver Messenger Service would take these space jams to their own level on the Happy Trails album.

Which wasn't as classic as you think it is. Tracy Deaton aka Tad told me about this album when we were discussing the Moody Blues and of course I remembered it and of course I would go find the album soon afterwards.

Decca Records the supreme record company gave their blessing to a German label to compile the Denny Laine years along with early singles from Laine's replacements Justin Hayward and John Lodge to try to fit the pieces in before the classic 7 albums that came soon after. Those early singles would be on Prelude, a nifty London comp, that included the five bonus tracks from the Caught Live album, the Laine years were LP) into the hard to find Magnificent Moodies collection, tho Repertoire would issued the Go Now album, but their album pales to the London M.

Perhaps nobody would have noticed if the latter did sneak up on a later overview tho Laine's primal screams at the end would reveal as am imposter of sorts. It would have been fun to see Tony Clarke get a hold of these songs and segment them into the other songs as he did with the 7 classic albums. Hayward does have some great songs here as the newbie, Fly Me High and Cities would gave a great counterpart to Laine's music.

Also telling, the importance of Mike Pinder being the bridge from the R and B band unto the new frontier of music cannot be overlooked. This may have never happened had Laine not gone solo and they stayed to a Rhythm n Blues cover band sound. To which it did have it's moment and makes a good companion to This Is, that is if you can find it. For his efforts, punter Tory Taylor was named special teams player of the week by the big ten.

He was the reason why Iowa State had to start deep in their own territory. Four of his 8 punts were inside the ISU ten yard line and beyond. Mick Tingelhoff, one of the ironmen of pro football passed away at age He never missed a game in his 17 year career games and is one of the all time great Vikings of all time.

He protected the likes of Joe Kapp and Fran Tarkenton in the glory years of the Vikings, good enough to get the super bowl but never enough to win it. He was soft spoken but let his blocking do the talking. Only Jim Marshall never missed a game as a Viking straight games up to his retirement.

Phillip Rivers managed to tie Mick's games played in a row before he retired last season. I had to include a photo of Fran Tarkenton behind Mick. They spent a lot of time on the field, and yes Joe Kapp was great back inTakenton and Mick were naturals together.

Once the Vikings went indoors and Mick and Fran retiring, it was never the same again. Last week we talked about the Cubs seven game winning streak and how they could play spoiler. Well, the jokes on us, especially after the Giants pummeling Hapless Zac Brown Davies In typical fashion, Cubs give Davies a lead and then next inning Davies can't get nobody out and it's 5 to 1 and another 2 inning shitshot pitching from Davies, the booby prize of the Yu Darvish trade.

Cubs may as well sit his ass down. Kris Bryant got more applause than the Cubs themselves, and former Cubbie La Stella hit a three run home run. I wasted too much time on this anyway, Cubs lose and back into their stumbling bumbling ways, no thanks to a pitcher that can't last two innings as a starter.

And Miguel Rodriquez has a long way to go. And Brothers? Light a fart for his half assed effort. They can all go home in three weeks. Forever rebuilding but still bathing in the suck. Don Maddox, the last living performer and the final link to the development of country music passed away.

On occasion the famed Cotton Bowl would be the place for some memorable mud games, and the Cowboys kryptonite in Dallas is mud take for account the big muddy in Cleveland which they won in one of the worst all time mud fields in NFL history and playing the winless expansion New Orleans team should have been a slog through the mud right? Not really, both teams turned the ball over three times and Dave Witsell had one of his best games, two interceptions, one for a pick six and one to snuff out a Dallas drive.

New Orleans had three chances to take the lead, Jim Taylor fumbled after catching a pass and then Gary Cuozzo had a pass picked in the end zone by Cornell Green. However the big fumble came on the Dallas 6 and with The Saints driving, Billy Kilmer blotched a center snap to which Dallas recovered and game over. It's a big event when James comes out with a new album and for his first in over 6 years he went back to his roots and got David Grissom and Kenny Aronoff to play and Ross Hogarth, who recorded the first two albums for Columbia and it's a winning album.

He saves the best for songs that I can relate to, Fort Walton Wake Up Call, where's the singer is dealing with his nagging companion and What's The Matter, where the nagging companion complains from afar. Blackberry Manor might be three complaint songs too many but that you can refer to the first 7 songs. And now, the biggest disappointment of Basically an album with songs that described her divorce, the album is sunk on the same production team that made Golden Hour what My Very Good Friend In The Looking Glass - Jennie Smith - Jennie (Vinyl was.

I never thought that record was all that great, for pop it was passable but for country, it was a Trojan Horse passing for country but was New Order mope and sorrow. Best song Simple Times describes this the best: Being Grown up kinda sucks. Which sets the tone between processed beats and autotuned vocals, one of the more annoying things about music today In some ways, Ruston Kelly, the inspiration of Golden Hour becomes the un-inspiration of Star Crossed, an album that might win a couple of converts, but lose a thousand others, to which this may be the bomb of Musgraves deserves better, but perhaps the best advice is to get back to the country and soon.

But for original songs, Pat came up with great sounding singles but the albums that came with the singles were so so, with plenty of filler songs to boot. I think they played this too safe on 11, tho it starts out with two side openers that are the best Girl Like You, Yesterday Girl then after that, you can't tell the difference.

I have bought this CD in the cheap bins a couple times, played it and then donated it to Goodwill and then getting it again to compare if it has improved over the years. But found out it's still the same. It's workman like and tight as a drum, maybe a bit too tight.

Even the Beatles and The Who could loosen up. Chris's son follows in his dad's footsteps with cowboy songs, songs about the rodeo life, songs about being on the road.

He does his dad proud and Ned got the finest session players to help Mac Mcanally produced and played guitar, Greg Morrow drummer extraordinaire. Upon hearing the rest of this, This Cowboy's Hat isn't that bad. His tribute to his dad is a tearjerker and a classic. Anybody that grew up in the s had a copy of This Is The Moody Blues, an overview of the 7 albums that the Moodies made after Denny Laine departed and Clint Warwick left and got a real job. The new guys Justin Heyward and John Lodge took the band into a whole new direction and Mike Pinder discovered the mellotron.

If you really think about it, Pinder was the sound behind the Moody Blues as this overview suggests, the crazed out Legend Of A Mind part where Pinder's sounds like a LSD trip gone bonkers, The Voyage, which has not aged well but might be the most progressive rock song they ever did and, of course, Melancholy Man which I tend to hate one minute and then love.

But every Moody gets their due. Which leaves Grahame Edge's and his poetry to which Pinder recites perfectly, but Edge did contribute After You Came, the most metallic song that didn't make the cut but is on Every Good Boy Of course Nights In White Satin is their best classic song that you hear still today on radio, a combination of the band combining with Peter Knight's orchestra to conclude this on a high note.

All the songs on This Is, were remixed and have a more polished sound so to speak. This record isn't exactly perfect but it did capture the hits that made the Moody Blues one of the more beloved bands of rock n roll.

The 7 albums have been reissued and remixed and have full of alt takes and b sides for the listener to seek out, but if you're on a budget and can find this for 2 dollars at the local thrift shop and not a Moody fanatic, this is for you. Fred Walk was part of Linn County.

Frederick Leslie Walk Jr. He passed away in the comfort of his home with his wife and daughter. Cinematiamo checked An American Pickle 6 minutes ago. An American Pickle JM checked Bhuvan Shome 7 minutes ago. Bhuvan Shome The African Queen Zack Snyder's Justice League Nomadland Driving Miss Daisy Out of Africa Jonas Lost, Lost, Lost Diaries Notes and Sketches The Misandrists BUtterfield 8 Air Force One It also should be noted that This Gun I had dragged along a friend--who had last seen The Toasters at the Big Kahuna with me--and he left SOB's afterwards very much disappointed and disillusioned with the band.

But, for as long as I've known him, Bucket has always seemed to thrive in the role as the down-but-not-out underdog the man's got grit and his stubbornly determined and singular vision for the band already had seen the group through a decade of triumphs and tribulations. This rough patch was temporary; he was in it for the long-haul and prepared to take it on the chin while rebuilding his band, brand, and label.

Box suggesting that he put together an international ska festival at CBGBs they were happening at London at the time and declaring in a review I cobbled together for the California-based skazine "Roughneck Business" that The Scofflaws! Chris "Kid Coconuts" Acosta of the NY Citizens, who had helped Bucket run the label for several years, was moving on to other things--and I set up my operations at a small desk in my apartment's kitchen and still had a day job to pay the rent; though this changed a few years later, when I started working as a salaried Moon employee.

Issued inNew York Fever was the album where The Toasters seemed to cast off the albatross around their collective neck, regain their musical mojo, and set a redemptive course for extraordinary success for the remainder of the decade. Yet, had New York Fever failed to deliver and prove to the fans that the 90s version of The Toasters was a credible and viable musical enterprise, none of the aforementioned albums would have followed--and it could be argued that the ska boom of that decade in the USA might not have been nearly as powerful and momentous.

Around the time of the recording and release of New York FeverThe Toasters were on an upward trajectory again that would provide them with two enormous opportunities for exposure at the national level: a taped performance at NYC's Palladium with The Scofflaws for the USA network's Up All Night "New Year's Eve Ska Party" --just about every ska kid in America saw this; and the first big national ska package tour of the s, put together after the smashing success of the Skalapalooza show at The Ritzthe triumphant Skavoovee Tour with The Skatalites, The Selecter, The Special Beat, and The Toasters--that played every major market in the US, attracted huge crowds, and proved to promoters and booking agents that there was a healthy and burgeoning market for big ska tours across America.

All of this and more would spur Billboard to take note and declare ska "the next big thing" in a January feature on the genre. In the studio, Schneeberger helped Joe Jackson give the band a supercharged and brilliantly vibrant sound that came very close to capturing how The Toasters sound live.

And The Toasters served up some of their finest studio performances the only odd note on the album is the rather straight-on, uncomplicated rock drumming on many of the album's songs. Nowhere else do the races and classes come together more frequently and intimately than in a subway car. The irony is that Fingerman's artwork trades in stereotypes: the fat, sweaty Hasidic Jew; the giant, Lurch-ish, gold-chain-sporting b-boy; the disgusting, Mad Magazine-like, melting, homeless alkie bum; and the emaciated, gay AIDS activist--all of which I thought were going to generate a bit of controversy, but no one noticed or cared.

There are lots of small details that I do love here--how the metal pole that subway riders hang on to bisects the cover; the arm with the needle full of H sticking out of it in the lower left-hand corner; the rude boy's most excellent creepers; and how Fingerman works the titles of the songs into the subway car ads.

Two things are completely accurate here: how filthy the trains could be, and the tendency for perverts, gropers, and flashers to prowl the trains.

The Pork Pie album takes a more literal and ludicrous approach to the record cover: New York Fever is represented as a dancing thermometer in front of the city skyline But the overall message seems to be that the city is a degenerate freakshow--with the notable exception of the "normal" rude boy and girl, who appear to be either above it all or so accustomed to the state of things that it doesn't even register.

One last note about the artwork: Fingerman only illustrated the cover; the rest of the album's design--essentially blood splatter, which I assume was representative of all the violence in the city at the time--was created by an unsung graphic designer at DiscMakers.

However, it very much seemed like our once grand metropolis was on the way out; and to begin to understand this album, one needs to be aware of the environment that helped birth it. Indeed, in the early s there was an growing anxiety that NYC was sliding back toward the chaos, ruin, and municipal dysfunction of the s for a good taste of those times, good and bad, track down "Blackout," "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx is Burning," "In the South Bronx of America," and "Subway Art".

Things in Gotham were bad and appeared to be getting worse. Yet, all of this was almost completely eclipsed by the ugly and abysmal relations between the races all of which had been manipulated, exacerbated, and exploited by the provocateurs, race-baiters, right-wing tabloid press, and far too many politicians, all for their own ends. There had been some very disturbing and highly controversial incidents in the mids Bernhard Goetz 's vigilante gunning down of four black teenagers who tried to mug him on the subway in ; and Tawana Brawley's hoax that she had been kidnapped by several white men, including a DA, gang-raped, and then left in the woods upstate, covered in dog feces with racial slurs written on her body that seemed to ratchet up the fear and hatred to ever more dangerous levels and brought out the worst in us.

Attorney, Rudy W. Giuliani, who promised to bring law and order back to the city. Looking back, it seems like a miracle that NYC never experienced mass rioting like LA did following the Rodney King trial and acquittal of the cops who savagely beat him after a traffic stop.

Around this time, my ex-work study boss from college, who knew that I lived in the Yorkville section of the dreadfully white and mostly wealthy Upper East Side--whose northern border of 96th Street immediately gave way to one of the poorest and non-white sections of the city--half-joked that it was going to be the first neighborhood to fall when the revolution came.

The city was seemingly on the brink and so were its people. All of this heavily influenced Bucket--who, in the honorable tradition of ska musicians from the s through 2 Tone, firmly believes that a crucial aspect of this genre of music is its powerful legacy of addressing socio-economic injustice "Ska is definitely good-time music So, while "New York Fever" and "Ploughshares into Guns" and even more pointedly, "Ploughshares Version" reflected the city's host of troubles, its ills still managed to infect the personal lives of the people depicted on many other tracks sick, dysfunctional societies breed sick dysfunctional peopleincluding "Social Security" more on this one below"Too Much Happening" being overwhelmed by life: "The fear of falling down is chasing me" and "Johnny, Forsake Her" pernicious relationships: "She'll only bring you nights of pain" --while "History Book" traced some of the society-level problems back LP) the exploration and colonization of the New World.

A close reading of the lyrics reveals that New York Fever is an album concerned about money, class, power, and race.

But in a much broader sense, it's about the price of life. How some lives are highly valued above others--as determined by class and race--and how many others are simply ignored and wasted.

It's a liberal, socialistic critique of how things are--and implicit in Buck's songs is how things should be. The first three songs on New York Fever --the title track, "Ploughshares into Guns," and "History Book"--are some of the most powerful, relevant, and catchy Bucket has ever written.

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  6. Jun 10,  · lyrics. buy track. A serpent drifts through water, it’s true form skewed by silt Spewed forth in bursts of murky current Hard dark scales. An ancient leveler of egos, a tempest undisturbed Cast aside in the wake of shadows. This writhing figure embodies, fangs sharpened on the bones Of the less aware.

  7. Messed-up funky jazz from an obscure early 70s UK group – and an album that really lives up to its trippy cover! The tracks are all long and stretched out – with lots of organ, sax, and spaced out drums – and the overall style is a mix of dub-heavy funk, Afro jazz, and a bit of jazz rock jamming!

  8. Prices are when purchasing 1 only 1st: Plymouth HI FI # Pops Record LP's 's Vinyl 33 1/3 Rpm "8 Top Hits" Don Raleigh And his Orchestra Vocals Jimmy Perry & Les Young Songs are Chanson D'Amour, Johnny B Good, Looking Back, For Your Love, All I have to Do is Dream, Jennie Lee, Kewpie Doll, Sugar Moon.

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