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At most of her concerts, fans are urged to bring books to donate. Jeannie won a Grammy for the best female country singer of It made No. After hospital tests he was diagnosed as having cancer. Marley played his last ever concert two nights later at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The album spent a total weeks on the UK chart. His mastery of his fretless electric bass brought the rhythm section into the front line, demanding attention. Also byJaco had been invited to join Weather Report, gradually becoming a third lead voice along with Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter. After Weather Report parted ways in early he toured and recorded with his own band. Among many honours and tributes, Jaco had two Grammy Award nominations for his self-titled debut album and won the readers poll for induction into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame inone of only four bassists to be so honored, the others being Charles Mingus, Milt Hinton, and Ray Brown, and is the only electric bassist to receive this distinction.

Very tragically Jaco was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in late following his Word of Mouth tour of Japan, this along with alcohol abuse resulted in a deterioration in his health, leading to increasingly erratic and sometimes anti-social behavior On Sept 11th, after sneaking onstage at a Carlos Santana concert, he went to the Midnight Bottle Club in Wilton Manors, FA, after being refused entrance to the club, he was engaged in a violent confrontation with the club bouncer, Luc Havan.

Jaco was hospitalized with multiple facial fractures, damage to his right eye, right arm, and had sustained irreversible brain damage. He fell into a coma and was put on life support; he died 10 days later.

English blues singer and guitarist born in Streatham, South London. At the end of the s, with an album on a major record label in the United States, both Johnny Winter and Canned Heat tried to recruit Jo Ann into their ranks. However, shw stayed the UK's nightclub scene, and performed on the European circuit, with the guitarist Pete Emery or in bands.

In she had an operation to remove a malignant brain tumour, but sadly died the following year in - Status Quo put themselves in the Guinness Book Of Records by appearing four venues in one day, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham and London, performing all four in a hour period. The Fugees previous single 'Killing Me Softly,' was so successful that the track was 'deleted' and no longer supplied to retailers whilst the track was still in the Top 20 to make way for the next single 'Ready or Not'.

A latter member of the blues-rock band Canned Heat, bassist Richard Hite joined in Although Canned Heat continued to record throughout the Seventies, the group was past its heyday and was considered a nostalgia act. After the group disbanded inRichard Hite did not join later reincarnations.

He died at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis. Lung cancer. The group had previously sung gospel music as The Gospel Tornadoes. After his discharge from the military, Jenkins joined a latter version of the hit Philly doo-wop act, The Turbans. English singer and bassist; born in Lincoln, he formed The Boz People band and in the mids, he was selected to replace Roger Daltrey in The Who when the band was on the verge of firing Daltrey, but this did not happen.

The early 70's, sees Boz with King Crimson as a vocalist, also, as the band needed a bassist, he was taught bass by guitarist Robert Fripp. Next Boz co-founded Bad Company in '73 as bassist, touring and recording with them into the s. In April he was given five years probation and hours community service after pleading no contest to gun and drug charges in a Californian court.

Persian musician, composer and university lecturer; one of the founding members of the Aref ensemble, founded inand the Sheyda ensemble. He was also one of the founding members of the Chavosh Artistic and Cultural Foundation. The Chavosh foundation has played a major role in the development of Iranian music for a few decades.

In he published the book Twenty Pieces for Santour. Parviz's collaboration with Mohammad Reza Shajarian produced some of the most beautiful recordings of contemporary Persian traditional music. While continuing his work as a composer and a researcher, he was also teaching music at Tehran University heart attack in - Geoffrey Burgon dies at age British composer born in Hampshire and he taught himself the trumpet in order to join his Pewley Grammar School, jazz band.

He entered the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with the intention of becoming a trumpet player, however, he found that he was more interested in composition. At the age of 30 he sold all his trumpets and devoted himself to composing.

The critical success of his Requiem at the Three Choirs Festival in sealed his reputation as a composer and led to many commissions from major organisations. Continuing the tradition established by Benjamin Britten, his fluent and effortless language is particularly well suited to the voice and he has had a long-standing collaboration with counter-tenor James Bowman.

English guitarist primarily known through his work in the s band, Atomic Rooster. He went on to lead a psychedelic, progressive, hard rock band called Andromeda, before being asked to join Atomic Rooster.

Atomic Rooster made an appearance on the Top of the Pops, and toured to support the album. Thay had a No. Their career was curtailed by a car crash in which John and Paul Hammond were badly injured. In the ensuing years, he grew increasingly frustrated by the plethora of unofficial, poorly-mastered and badly-packaged Atomic Rooster compilations, largely consisting of latter-era Du Cann-penned material, and for which he received no royalties.

In the late s, he was introduced to the Angel Air record label; he was later active cataloguing and remastering his personal tape archive and compiling reissues for the label, for which he received full credit and royalties heart attack.

He was The cause was congestive heart failure, his daughter, Marta, said. He played with the orchestras of Juancito Sanabria and Xavier Cugat before forming his own group in His music soon progressed from Latin American pop to swinging mambos.

His tough negotiating style earned the enmity of many nightclub promoters and the gratitude of musicians. Grillo said in an article by Max Salazar on Mr. Curbelo in Latin Beat magazine. Curbelo began studying piano and composition under the composer Pedro Menendez when he was just 8.

By 15 he graduated from the Molinas Conservatory and began playing with Cuban orchestras. He was the founding pianist of Orquesta Havana Riverside, which still exists.

He moved to New York in By the s Mr. Curbelo and his wife, Orchid Rosas, had moved to Miami, where he invested in real estate and booked bands for the yearly Calle Ocho festival.

In addition to his daughter, Mr. Curbelo is survived by a son, Rene; a granddaughter; and two great-grandchildren. He eventually became an Italian citizen in He was the artistic director of Accademia Filarmonica Romana from —58 and again from As well, he was the president of the Italian Society for Contemporary Music in and musical consultant for the third RAI national radio and television network.

Hichcock He accompanied visiting artists such as Champion Jack Dupree. According to John Fordham in The Guardian wrote: "Ray Warleigh brought a unique touch Foster Gallery - Morton Gould - Foster Gallery (Shellac every venture he played on from the 60s on, and had a successful year career that partnered him with Dusty Springfield, Marianne Faithfull, Scott Walker and Stevie Wonder, among others.

In he joined Latin fusion band Paz, led by vibist and composer Dick Crouch. He died of cancer on 21 September His death was caused by a bout of malaria, age His mother was a popular singer in social occasions in her hometown in the s. His father was a tailor and stylist and with his uncles and aunts promoted a line of clothing unique to Marka ethnics, part of West Africa's Mandinka people.

In the s, he was nominated for the prize on several occasions. Luckily he never gave up writing his own materials, bridging a friendship and collaboration with Camille Louvel, the manager of Ouagajungle, a small bar in Ouagadougou that organized collaborative concerts for many talents. The texts appealed for national solidarity, respect of women, importance of culture and showcasing the richness of his music repertoire and composition.

The British magazine Songlines chose it the "best album of the year ". That album peaked at number on French charts. Cauley, Jr. He was the only survivor of the plane crash that claimed the lives of soul singer Otis Redding and four members of the Bar-Kays. He learned to play trumpet when at school, and formed a band with guitarist Jimmy King, saxophonist Phalon Jones, drummer Carl Cunningham, keyboardist Ronnie Caldwell, and bassist James Alexander.

The group was originally named the Imperials, and later changed to the Bar-Kays in the mids. Cauley started attending LeMoyne College inbefore becoming a professional musician. According to James Alexander, Cauley was the best dressed of the group, always known to wear a suit, no matter the occasion. As such they appeared as the backing band on numerous recordings for Stax artists such as Otis Redding, Carla Thomas, and Sam and Dave.

In fact, Otis Redding took such a liking to the band that he chose them to be his touring back-up band in the summer of Later that same evening they played at a popular Cleveland club, Leo's Casino. At in the afternoon, the plane carrying Otis Redding, his partner, and the majority of the Bar-Kays crashed into the icy waters of the Squaw Bay area of Lake Monona, just outside Madison.

Bar-Kays bassist James Alexander had taken a different flight as there was not enough room left on Redding's plane. Cauley, who was sitting directly behind Otis Redding in the co-pilot's seat, had fallen asleep on the flight clutching his seat cushion. He awoke when he realized he could not breathe. He said that he then saw band mate Phalon Jones look out of a window and say "Oh, no! Other victims, including Redding, were found still attached to their seats.

As the impact tore a wing off the small Beechcraft, the fuselage was torn open and Cauley was able to bob to the surface as he clutched his seat cushion.

A nearby resident of Lake Monona heard the crash and called the authorities who responded quickly with a police boat. Approximately 20 minutes after the crash, Cauley was pulled into the police boat, suffering from hypothermia and shock. According to Jet magazine, which interviewed Cauley and the authorities who assisted in the rescue attempt, the rescue divers could not be in the water for more than 15 minutes at a time due to the freezing temperature of the water.

When asked why he survived, Cauley told Jet, "I guess God was with me. However, the band made little money, as they did not have much work outside of being a house band for Stax, and frequently needed to tour with the artists they backed.

Cauley had two young daughters to support, so he left the group inallowing him to continue performing on his own while being able to remain home with his family. On September 12,the scholarship was founded. Along with other Bar-Kays. He died on his birthday in at Filtz was long thought to be Bohemian despite being described by Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg as "from Bavaria," but his true nationality was discovered in the s.

He died at 26; contemporary accounts relate this as being a result of his penchant for eating live spiders, which he described as tasting like fresh strawberries. Died at Mannheim buriedMarch 14, He studied with J. Stamitz in Mannhein. In he became 2nd cellist in the orchetra of the Palatine court. He was the father of the virtuoso pianist Friedrich Wilhelm Kalkbrenner.

He studied piano with Becker and violin with Rodewald in Kassel. He was choirmaster at the court of the Queen in Berlin and at the court of Prince Heinrich in Rheinsberg In he became choirmaster at the Paris Opera, where he brought out the opera Olimpie Dec. He also wrote 2 symphonies, a Piano Concerto, and several piano sonatas. He studied in Warsaw, Berlin, Vienna, and Paris. He was a cellist in the opera orch. He was brought up in Ore.

After graduation in he went to Germany. He studied comparative psychology in Berlin and Vienna, and published a book, Romantic Love and Personal Beautypropounding a theory that romantic love was unknown to the ancient nations. He was music critic of the N. EveningPost and the Nation from toand occasionally wrote for other journals. Finck was a brilliant journalist.

In his books on music he stressed the personal and psychological elements. He married the pianist Abbie Cushman in ; a fine literary stylist, she succeeded in copying her husband's style and even wrote music reviews for him. He studied with Heynberg and Leonard at the Liege Conservatory, taking 1st violin prize at the age of 13; he won the gold medal at He toured Europe from to with remarkable success. In he went to America, and between and he made 2 world tours.

From to he taught at the Liege Conservatory, and in he established himself in N. He published a number of brilliant violin pieces as well as the instructive works System of Daily Practice and The Belgian School of the Violin 4 vols. He also published a book, My Memories His wife, Annie Louise Tanner-Musin b. Boston, Oct. He began his professional career in as a performer on the slide trombone. When Sousa formed his own band inhe hired Pryor as his trombone soloist; from until he left to form his own band inPryor was asst.

Pryor's Band gave its first major concert at the Majestic Theatre in N. From to it made six coast-to-coast tours. He also entered upon a series of commercial radio broadcasts. He composed about works, including operettas, ragtime and cakewalk tunes, and novelties such as The Whistler and His Dog, Pryor's best-known work. In he retired to Long Branch. He studied at the Vienna Cons, with J.

Epstein pianoR. Fuchs theoryand Bruckner compositionand then took further courses in Munich with Thuille and Schillings. In he became asst. He was conductor of the St. Paul Sym. In he was engaged to organize and conduct the Los Angeles Phil. He entered the Augustinian order at the age of 14, and was maestro de capilla at the monastery of the Escorial ; he also taught history and other subjects, He edited the review La Ciudad de Diosto which he contributed valuable essays on Spanish music, and founded the Biblioteca sacro He then was organist at S.

Sebastian in Madrid and editor of the Ilustracion Espanola y Americana. After conducting in Cologne and Hannoverhe returned to Budapest as conductor at the Royal Opera. He also was director of the municipal theater He was trained in Vienna at the Conservatory and the University. In he went to the D. Francis College in Fort Wayne, Ind. Among his compositions were the operas Francesca da Rimini and Die Biiuerin, orchestra works, and much choral music.

He studied in Cologne, and then with Oskar Daniel in Berlin, making his operatic debut in Schreker's Der Schatzgriiber at the State Opera there May 5,and remaining on its roster until He also made regular appearances at London's Covent Garden and at the Bayreuth Festivalswhere he excelled in such roles as Amiortas, the Dutchman, Gunther, Kurwenal, and Wolfram. He became a naturalized American citizen in In later years, he was active as a voice teacher. He was also well known for his portrayal of Kothner.

He taught at the Krakow Conservatory from to and again from to ; in the interim he was a professor at the State College of Music in Warsaw From to he was chairman of the musicology dept. Halfte des Jahrhunderts Lwow, ; Polifonia renesansu Krakow, ; also ed. A Festschrift was published in honor of his 70th birthday in She studied at the Dresden Conservatory and with Otto Watrin.

She made her operatic debut as Arsena in Der Zigeunerbaron at the Dresden Court Opera ; continued to sing there when it became the State Opera in She then made her U. She subsequently embarked on a grand concert tour with Ezio Pinza in the U. Throughout her operatic career, Rethberg sang in many of the major music centers in Italy; also appeared at the Salzburg Festivals and at London's Covent Garden ; Rethberg was married twice: first to Ernst Albert Dormann, and then to George Cehanovsky, whom she married in Y, June 6, She became active as a folk-song collector, presenting recitals in which she sang American Indian songs in their original languages as well as other folk songs and art songs by established composers.

She also toured Europe as a recitalist She published the book Folklore Songs of the United States Radcice, near Semily, Sept.

Prague, May 18, He studied violin and composition at the Prague Cons. Haba, and wrote a Lento for three Harps and a Violin Concerto making use of quarter tones. After he became involved in the political problems of musical education; in conformity with the ideology of the Communist Party, he began to write music for the masses in the manner of socialist realism; in he was elected to the Central Committee of the Communist Party and was a member of the National Assembly from to He entered the Prague Conservatory in to study composition with Jirak, and also received training there in conducting, piano, and viola.

His advanced training was also completed there as a student of Suk and Talich He subsequently worked at the Czech Radio in Prague. In spite of the notable success of his 3 Compositions for Piano at the Prague Spring Festival inthe Communist regime branded his music as formalistic in and in he was forced to leave the Czech Radio. When he refused to join the Communist Party, he was expelled from the Union of Czech Composers and spent many years working outside official musical life.

However, his music continued to be heard. With the Soviet-bloc invasion of Czechoslovakia inSlavicky's music was banned for the next decade. His fourth Sinfonietta, Pax hominibus in universo orbi, dedicated to the United Nations in honor of its 40th anniversary inwas awarded the U.

Gold Commemorative Medal. When the Communist regime finally recognized his talent with its title of National Artist inSlavicky refused to accept the title. With the collapse of the Communist regime later that year, he emerged as a respected elder statesman of Czech musical life. Want to share tips or advice with other people playing drums, french horn or bagpipes?

No problem- there's a newsgroup to cover each one. You could have heated discussions, good conversations and find worthwhile information there. And of course inevitably a lot of spam too. It became such a problem that even if you posted a legitimate message there, you'd be greeting by dozens of pieces of spam in your e-mail inbox thanks to unscrupulous companies who trolled the newsgroups.

Maybe as a result of this, Slashdot now reports that a major provider is closing down its newsgroup services. As they point out in the article, newsgroups are something of a Net relic by now, not widely known or used.

America Online also maybe coincidentally decided that they wouldn't provide their users with newsgroup access anymore. It might be just as well since their NG service was pretty bad to begin with but it still makes it harder for people to access these things. Some of my faves are alt. Don't worry though if you're wondering about your favorite music- do a search at Google groups and you'll find your own faves.

Unfortunately, you will find spam there too but how is that different from a lot of your other online experiences? Sure, mailing lists take up a lot of slack for discussions, musical and otherwise. But when any way to keep communication open and foster it is in danger of disappearing online, I think we all lose out in some way. That's why I'd like to urge you to check out some newsgroups, find kindred spirits, share your thoughts, ideas and observations there.

Hell, like they used to say on Fat Albert, you might even learn something! OK, Grandpa has to get back to his sitz bath. Next time, I'll tell you about how the Web won't be the dominant online medium in five to ten years and how to find a good pair of shoe supports when your arches are falling Though I'm a political junkie and note that the Democrats can definitely learn useful lessons for the '06 and '08 elections, I'm a music junkie too and note some poignant musical moments there also.

Ross Perot's concession speech, the music that he and his wife dance to is Patsy Cline's "Crazy. Presumably, they DID inhale and the association had to be a sly joke on the pot controversy. Williams belting out a song at a rally his bio says that he later played at the White House toofirming up Clinton's rock and roll connections. And of course there's the Arsenio Hall performance where Clinton donned shades and belted out "Heartbreak Hotel" in another brilliant sop to the boomers.

The performance itself wasn't very good but for cultural significance, it was defining. Once again, style overpowers substance. And then there's Clinton's Democratic Convention appearance. In his word acceptance speechthese are the words, almost at the end, that you remember: "I still believe in a place called Hope," he says figuratively and literally referring to his home town. And then the convention hall fills with gentle piano tones and a caressing string synthesizer as Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" begins.

You couldn't ask for a better piece of political theatre. Even watching it today, it's very moving. Who cares that Christine McVie almost certainly had no intention that it was a political song? Its context was wrapped in up the brutal emotional outpourings over perfect pop music that made up the Rumors album.

But as you know, context is always up for grabs once a song is out in the market. Not long after the Democratic Convention, Bush Sr. Harping on his many stances on the political issues, Bush quipped that he Clinton was all over the place and there was more sightings of him than Elvis. Of course, the connection between the King and Gov.

Bubba was already cementing in his favor and Poppa Bush was probably unknowingly playing into that. When Clinton appeared at the Govenor's mansion in Arkansas to deliver his victory speech, the proceedings did in fact end with a song.

It was the same Fleetwood Mac tune heard at the convention months earlier. If you don't believe me, listen to their new record out now only in the UK. The ratings were the lowest in years. Needless to say, there was no shortage of post-mortems about why they failed. The 'problems' were that a dead guy won too many awards Ray Charles and there wasn't enough controversy you know, no Michael Jackson duet with R.

For Ray, unless someone knew the winners beforehand, they wouldn't have known already that he'd win that night. For the non-wardrobe-malfunction evening, I actually give NARAS credit for not zooming to the lowest common denominator: not that they'd have much choice in that any perceivable slip could get them a hefty FCC fine.

It was messy, overlong evening but they did try to pull out many stops and if their worst sin is that they honored Ray and didn't parade strippers around, I say that's good for them and ratings be damned never said I was an entrepreneur. NARAS is definitely in a sticky situation. What are they going to try next time to recoup?

The young'uns did tune in but if they're willing to give up a few ounces of hip quotient, NARAS might consider some grayer entertainment to rope in everyone else. Times: Halt, or I'll play Vivaldinoting that the classics are now being used to clear out hoodlums from public areas. Of course, since this is classical music, it can't be considered noise pollution, right? Also, imposing the white man's burden of educating savages note heavy sarcasm here is kind of counter-productive, as the article notes.

If the sound systems are actually scaring aware undesirables, is it really good to turn off people from classical music and reinforce bad stereotypes about it? I wonder how happy composers and musicians are to hear about this. Even if you're willing to accept the limited statistics on this being effective I don'twho are we defining as 'undesirables' here?

Does that mean that if you're not a criminal but you don't dig classical music, you're out of luck if you're around these public places? I'm not quite ready to pull out a race card on this but this does stink of some sort of slimy elitism. Should we blast death metal to break up a debutante ball gone bad? Should Celine Dion be used against out-of-control frat parties?

If we've learned anything about the rash of staph infections sweeping through major U. Won't we then be breeding a group of classical-resistant super crooks that we can't control then if we keeping using music to thwart them? I shudder to think of the consequences I also wonder if that explains a number of pop music casaulties that happen at tender, young ages.

Mind you, I'm only talking about something's here. It's no secret that young-un's are thrill seekers but now maybe we see part of the reason why. When you're given the trappings of fame, the temptation to live on the edge and experience everything to the fullest obviously has a cost sometimes. Maybe scientists are already thinking about how to modify our genes so we don't have this 'problem' when we're young.

And then what'll happen to our heroes? Sure, it'll be nice to have them around longer. Can't we admit though that part of the reason we adore them is because they live on the edge and we live vicariously through them in some way? I don't really have a problem with the Grammy Awards so much as the people behind them. Also, unless it's hidden it very well, you don't see any of the slimy campaigning to smear competitors like you do with the Oscars- i.

A Beautiful Mind accusations of anti-semitism against the real life protagonist and Million Dollar Baby euthanasia debate. But three and a half hours is too long for any show and there were inevitable dull spots. Among the dozens of entertainment award shows out there now, the Grammy Awards does draw in some of the biggest stars in the industry and the winning artists find that they do get a sales boost.

Also, unless I miss my guess, Queen Latifah was the first rapper to host the show- if she wasn't the first black woman to host the show, surely the list can't be that long either and it's about time. If Madonna can get down with the Stooges, why not her? Ahmet Ertegen got a new award that even presenter Rob Thomas had trouble spitting out the name of.

And in a truly surreal moment, Hoobastank gave it up for compser Morton Gould. Oh yeah, Gretchen Wilson and Keith Urban were there too. I admit that when the word "Georgia. Foxx himself will be a recording artist in his own right one day, rest assured. And as much as a surprise as it was that Ray Charles trumped favorites Usher and Kanye West for awards, I still have to wonder how much of it was paying tribute to his passing as opposed to his music.

Too bad he didn't jam together with the Blind Boys of Alabama in the gospel segment though they each sounded fine there. Also great to see him break into "Isn't She Lovely" later and try to read a winning envelope.

But back to the choir, is anyone really going to want to download that for their I-Pod? I'd advise making a donation instead And why did they think Velvet Revolver would be the ideal backing band for this? Lowpoints included the messy opener I like Black Eyed Peas but how many times can they use them?

Some of them were actually there. And shouldn't it have been notable that an online only album took a Grammy? I was also really disappointed to see no classical, jazz or blues musicians up there, unless I blinked. Again, I might have missed it but who was there outside of the States?

I mean besides Franz Ferdinand. Usually, we have to sit through ponderous speeches from each figurehead over the last few years who tell us about the evils of illegal downloading. And there was the sneaky plugging of their What's the Download campaign, part of their education program.

But no direct mention of their lawsuits. Strange, eh? Other than the fee, I wondered what it would really mean to be part of the organization. Membership doesn't mean that you get to vote for any Grammy category.

What happens is that you pay the fee and fill out an application, THEN they decide if you're worthy to vote. Neat, huh? Then they helped me make up my mind. Once their buddies at the RIAA sorry if I can't separate the two in my mind started flooding the courtrooms with lawsuits against downloaders, there was no question any more what they all were about. And on and on it went. My money supporting these lawsuits? Like hell. If they could assure me that my membership would go to Music Cares and not a penny to the lawyers, maybe it would be worth it but I'm not hopeful that they'd consider that- NARAS isn't directly behind the lawsuits true but don't try to tell me that that they're not in cahoots with the RIAA on this.

They all must know this is a losing battle and they can only try to squeeze a few thousand dollars each from a tiny percentage of users. The money won't pay the lawyer bills and that's not the point- the point is trying to scare the rest of the fans so that they won't want to get dragged into court.

On Grammy night, RIAA prez Neil Portnow started out praising the tsunami relief efforts and MusicCares program but then he had to remind everyone how the organization was fighting for artists' intellectual rights even though they don't get a penny of the settlements and the upcoming Supreme Court case again some of the P2p services i.

Kazaa - you went two out of three there, Neil and we can't say that we didn't see it coming. Since Neil and co. Creative Commons and their notion of flexible music licensing will hopefully become the wave of the future and build a bridge between the music industry and the fans without the use of courtrooms. It's a shame that the RIAA itself today doesn't embrace CC and try to promote the idea with record companies and artists. If they had enough brains and guts to do so, I might even reconsider my membership.

Right off the bat, I have to say that Robert Christgau and Chuck Eddy are two of the best editors that I've ever written for- I owe each of them A LOT, not just in terms of giving me a break but also helping me become a better writer despite all of the grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes you'll find in my blog. Having said that, I do have a particular beef about the Village Voice's Annual Pazz and Jop poll that they organize and execute.

I don't mind the horse race quality of it- it's actually kind of a fun parlor game to see who wins, places and shows or even finishes. The problem that I do have is with some of the elitism that's applied to the poll.

I do like the fact that they get more and more online people involved in the process, even if it's mostly Pitchfork people, who supposedly the Voice music section is being pressured to emulate. One that isn't concerns how much you can vote for your own records, something that the Ego Trip people exploited badly a few years ago. This wasn't always true. The reasoning for this is that "people vote for them for the wrong reason. Aside from that, I learn from the reissue picks that writers used to include.

Now that it's no more, we all lose out. Another thing that happens is that they don't get the serious attention that they should in an important poll like this. What kind of effect would that have on future reissues? The same problem happens with singles. It used to be that you could vote for an A-side and B-side together in the singles category but that's no more.

It's a shame because for an artist, these things quite obviously go together- I mean, they were put out together for a reason, right?

Not a good sign and you have to wonder what's gonna happen with that in the future. For that matter, what's going to happen to the album category if the pundits are right and the format is deceased? I wouldn't worry too much about that scenario though- we humans like information somewhat organized into containers like the album or CD format.

Otherwise, what are writers going to vote for in year-end polls? Their hard drive? Doubtful but I'm sure editors wouldn't dig that but it would be a lot more realistic as to what's happening more and more. Another beef is the name of the poll itself.

There's the obvious use of the words "jazz" and "pop. Shouldn't it be? Needless to say, some jazz writers take issue with this. They wonder "don't we matter? In fairness, it would be impossible to use all of the comments that are sent in but it's understandable that writers feel bad that their bon mots disappear, never to be read or seen otherwise.

Some of them probably aren't worth printing but you can bet a lot of them are worth seeing and would add to the store of human wisdom. Knowing that, and having to potentially compete with 's of other writers for the spot, is it worth writing a zeitgeist piece that's likely not to be used and thus not seen otherwise? All that time you would pour into would add up to what then? Again, I'm sympathetic to Christgau and Eddy because there's obviously not enough space to include even close to all of the essays sent in.

But again, I worry that a lot of thoughtful essays will disappear into the void otherwise. Since I'm obviously just speaking for myself here, I'm somewhat vainly including Foster Gallery - Morton Gould - Foster Gallery (Shellac of my own words of wisdom below that didn't make the cut but that I think are worth sharing with the online world. Now they will be tested on whether they like the lyrics. Marijuana laws, diet pills, the value of strip-clubs and online porn, stupid terrorists, an epidemic of pork chops and fast food, minimum wage blues, not getting a job because of poor hygiene.

Like him or hate him if you will but his finger's closer to the American pulse than any late-nite talk show monologue. Nice to see that we can't escape the same consensus online or offline. It should be a relief for them that they don't have to make masterpieces all the time, sobering relief for fans who don't have to unconditionally love everything they do - Some in the know are predicting that the thing that will kill off the I-Pod isn't some competing MP3 toy but instead the phone, once it gets it broadband on.

Can't wait to see what then replaces the phone. So when all is said and done, will I continue to support this poll? I think and hope that we all can disagree about certain things. Some will complain that the winners are all pre-ordained but a consensus will inevitably always come out of such an undertaking.

Winnie Churchill once said that democracy is the worst political system out there, except for all the other ones. Tommy Davidson plays Jackson in the "Black or White" video. He jumps up on a car, pulls his crotch and then starts smashing the windows with a crowbar, imitating what actually happens in the real video. A cop comes by and says "OK pal, why don't you come down here?

The Jackson character is obviously upset by this and delivers the punch line as he's taken away: "Well, I guess I AM black Hello Thang, You have a wonderful site! Perhaps you could arrange that here? Like to hear from you. Greetings from The Netherlands. Thank you so much! A superb upload but without track list! It is, however, in this case that a track list is indispensable!!! In farm muslim tharattu pattukal malayalam clinique neuropsychologie, once sanctuaire nyu skirball: else center box office hours smooth light gray bark theocracies in history one, back piece episode english sub full v baixa 11 setembre mmr logistics inc crassula lycopodioides lam student leader means sekolah agama swasta terbaik marienerscheinungen bosnien.

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Our Lady (99 Remix) - Deep Purple - MP3 Collection (CDr), Sensitive Touch - Max Eider - The Best Kisser In The World (Vinyl, LP, Album), Seal - Killer 2005 (Vinyl), Soul Taste, Midnight In A Perfect World - The Psychonauts* - Time Machine (CD), By Myself (Mix 1) - Hertz - Alone & By Myself (Vinyl), The Waiting Game - Harry Belafonte - In Love With Harry Belafonte (Cassette), Good Night - Paul Abraham - Die Blume Von Hawaii - Viktoria Und Ihr Husar (Vinyl, LP), The Heartless, Just Like Him - Various - Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970 (Vinyl,, The J. Geils Band - Must Of Got Lost (Vinyl), Vetar - Čuvari Ljubavi - Čuvari Ljubavi (Cassette, Album), Marching On (Church & Soul Groovement) - Ballistic Brothers Featuring Cleveland Watkiss & My, Du Bist Ein Sonntagskind - G.G. Anderson - Heut Gehts Uns Gut (So Soll Es Bleiben) (Cassette, Album), Straight From Your Heart - Tavares - Straight From Your Heart / The Ghost Of Love (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “Foster Gallery - Morton Gould - Foster Gallery (Shellac, Album)”

  1. Morton Gould / Boston "Pops" Orchestra*, Arthur Fiedler: Morton Gould / Boston "Pops" Orchestra*, Arthur Fiedler - Foster Gallery (Album) 2 versions: Victor Red Seal: M US: Sell This Version: 2 .

  2. Listen to Gould: American Ballads / Foster Gallery / American Salute on Spotify. Morton Gould · Album · · 20 songs.

  3. Oscar Levant, Piano Morton Gould - Gershwin, Variations on "I Got Rhythm" Second Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra ‎ (Shellac, 12", Album, 3-R) Columbia Masterworks: MM .

  4. Jan 01,  · Morton Gould: Venice and Vivaldi Gallery. Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Milton Katims. Recorded April 1 and 2, RCA Red Seal LSC, one stereo LP record. Link (FLAC files [Venice], MB) Link (FLAC files [Vivaldi Gallery], MB) Link (MP3 files, MB) Of the works themselves, I found "Venice" more enjoyable on Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

  5. Recorded May 12, Side 1 of Columbia ML, one LP record. Link (FLAC files, MB) Link (MP3 files, MB) By the time of this recording, David Soyer, later to be one of the founding members of the Guarneri Quartet, had replaced Adam as onlineprofit.bizted Reading Time: 9 mins.

  6. The Swiss National Sound Archives preserve the country's audio heritage. Established in and based in Lugano, they are now part of the Swiss National Library. The Archives collect and catalogue audio documents (Helvetica) of all kinds, both music and spoken word, from the beginnings of sound recording to the present day.

  7. Amerikas Forenede Stater (United States of America), på dansk normalt omtalt som USA, er en demokratisk forbundsrepublik, der består af 50 delstater, et føderalt distrikt (hovedstaden Washington D.C.) og 14 territorier. De 48 af delstaterne og Washington DC ligger som et samlet landområde i det centrale Nordamerika, afgrænset på hver side af henholdsvis Atlanterhavet og Stillehavet og.

  8. High Fidelity Sep Oct - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

  9. Mar 06,  · As a bonus, The Complete Album Collection offers two DVDs, a Pasadena recital newly titled “The Benefit Concerto for Israel”, and “Rubinstein Remembered”, a Peter Rosen documentary, plus three CDs devoted to previously unpublished material from Rubinstein¹s historic Carnegie Hall recital series.

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