Atlantic Bridge - I Cant Lie To You (Vinyl)

Link to the title track. Subject: Holy old flyin'!! Did you Toronnie guys see what Chris Coghlen did last night? Looked kind of like a Bobbie Orr move.

Football on the goal line Subject: Willie, the Energizer Bunny He just keeps on Atlantic Bridge - I Cant Lie To You (Vinyl). Pretty solid, only a few guests, including the late Leon Russell on one track, but not thank goodness another duets project. Hear it while it lasts. Wish I had an in with NPR. Would love to see Cashmere Cat up there so we could hear his work. Probably not my cup o' tea, but you know My friend sent me the following email.

I thought you folks would enjoy it. It's over Canadian retaliation for the softwood import tariffs Trump is imposing on Canada. Give us back Neil Young and The Band. Gotta love it. Peter, Bob Fass was no ordinary DJ, and you can read about him in the link above. That was the one on the Witmark sessions. Bob Fass played lots of unreleased Bob Dylan long before it ever appeared on bootlegs and was a friend of Dylan. The list of musicians who didn't appear on his show is shorter than the list of who did.

Subject: Magnus. The Curious Life of Cashmere Cat. Lotta press. Includes brief incorrect information regarding the Band website. The answer is yes; 45 years ago, Ian Anderson called it "Locomotive Breath". Peter V: Holy shit - right Atlantic Bridge - I Cant Lie To You (Vinyl) like that in Henry fucking Vee!

There's another one in Henry V where Katherine of France is getting her lady in waiting to teach her English, and mispronounces and says it, then just in case anyone missed it, comments that English is a very rude language. Amazing what one can learn. Malvolio is named well. JT, it's the bit where Malvolio is trying to puzzle out the coding in Olivia's letter.

In Hamlet it's "Let us now speak of country matters" to Ophelia, and most often Hamlet pauses very slightly after the first syllable of "country. Subject: Who knew? Studied 'Twelfth Night' in grade 7 junior high school. This was not emphasized. Who knew? Melnick - as a by the way - is one of Canada's finest broadcasters with exquisite musical tastes.

The fact that a Fox News exists is bad enough Scary times. Subject: Swearing The straight goods The onliest thing needs saying What I've never been able to figure out is how Jesus Christ got hisself dragged into this all the time Subject: Sensing hostility Reading between the lines, and correct me if I've got this wrong, I'm picking up some dissatisfaction with your President Jeff Man, i never watched cable news till about a year ago.

I've understood Twitler from Day One. He's never surprised me. The difference is that most were far more intelligent, some just a little more. The latest Record Collector May"" cover has a major Robbie Robertson interview as the lead article, along with a Chuck Berry tribute. Subject: Happiness and swearing Swearing up here is widespread.

I love it. But one of my happiest memories relates to London swearing. I worked as a bin man in London for about 6 months back in the day. I loved it when my bin lorry with six men aboard passed other bin lorries to the shouts of 'You faakin' waankah!

Happy days. I remember reading in the Observer television review a writer saying that everybody knows Rodney and Delboy don't really say Plonkah. I hadn't thought about it until then. A bit more. The champion swearers in my experience are the Irish. They also get away with it. I was with the Irish sales director of my august and ancient educational publisher, a man known for rarely completing an F-word free sentence.

I was due to speak at a large Catholic Teacher Training College. We walked in to the hall, and it was surrounded by realistic statues of crucifixions, gruesome martyrdoms, Madonnas. He whirled round. Subject: Link Donald Fagen is taking four locally well known twenty something Ulster County musicians out as his backing band on a solo tour. For these guys it's a shot at national music industry exposure. One of my late co-authors spoke many languages and could hold forth on swearing in different cultures.

He believed German to be frustrating because the sexual words are the everyday words, so you could only be obscene though creative combination. Spanish he held to be the very best language for swearing he was bilingual and had lived in Madrid for years but he said swearing in Madrid was expected to combine the sexual, the divine, the excretory, a family member, perversion AND the diabolic in one sentence to carry Atlantic Bridge - I Cant Lie To You (Vinyl) weight. I half recall an example, but it is too obscene to list.

This is advice when wielding heavy mallets in the event of an accident. Subject: Ringo Suggested reading. And there's some things germane to many discussions in here. Thanks for making this world a better place. The reality of your own nature should determine the speed.

If you become restless, speed up. If you become winded, slow down. You climb the mountain in an equilibrium between restlessness and exhaustion. Then, when you're no longer thinking ahead, each footstep isn't just a means to an end but a unique event in itself To live only for some future goal is shallow.

It's the sides of the mountains which sustain life, not the top. Sorry to laugh JQ but that reminded me of what my long gone Dad said when he dropped a 5 pound mallet on his bare foot. PV - I wince when I hear young teenagers using fuck conversationally; although it's used that way, by all ages, more frequently now too. The sad thing is that it worked so well as an exclamation for most of my life and now it's fast becoming like pshaw.

I think telling someone to shut the fuck up might be its most powerful use still. Maybe an adjective if you add "ish". So what's left to shout when you drop a 3lb sledge on your bare foot like I did yesterday? Actually shouting fuck 3 times in a row did help. There's a swing between religious profanity and obscenity from generation to generation. A British court ruled that "fuck" was no longer offensive when said to a police officer.

So there you go. The weight of words change. To the 17th century, "naughty" meant "evil". It lost its power. Currently the F-word is losing its power in the same way. I don't know anything about hockey so I can't join that conversation. However, as a life long Knick fan, I know sports suffering. That's why it's going to be so much sweeter when they do win. The entire Tri State area is going to have a smile on it's face for weeks.

It will be the biggest sports moment in New York history. The fact that the big guy from Latvia is going to lead the city of immigrants to the championship will make it even more perfect.

Dreams go on forever. Read Cathal Kelly in the Globe and Mail. Habs like the Leafs but a little more developed and further along, both teams are continuing to grow. Look at what the Oilers have accomplished with patients, the superstar notwithstanding New young players need time. Leafs are behind Habs in this regard but the future is bright I gotta wear shades.

Fans require patience during growth. Its not easy when you achieve some success. Just a thought, though. Predators thriving with Subban. Penguins getting a lot out of Kessel. Could they have made a difference? Who knows. We'll never know. One thing for sure: I never saw Phil smile in Toronto Thanks Kevin.

Really enjoyed lawrence Block. The first series of Rebus was a dreadful flop. They started again with Ken Stott in the leading roll. Subject: F Kevin: You bring up an interesting point. There are many movies and TV shows where people use profanities like the F-word. I am not certain at what date these words evolved but like you, I would be surprised if they existed years ago and if Atlantic Bridge - I Cant Lie To You (Vinyl) were used at all. So we have to give the writer and the filmmaker some slack.

If I were making films or telling stories of events in the past, I'd find out what profanities were used in the time of the events portrayed. But that's just me The Inspector and the Sea really suffers from the "singing cowboy" problem It was jolting - but I got over it.

Dunc, thanks for the tip. We're going to watch Department Q as soon as we finish the new season of Bosch. We tried Rebus awhile back but didn't care for it. However, I believe the first season had a different actor in the lead role.

I'll keep it in mind. I'm definitely going to check out the books by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo. I love crime stories. Subject: Better team Unfortunately, the better team won. Go Oilers. Thank you and I know you are right on that. It's just hard sometimes. Imagine how Steve would have felt these days with the double whammy of Habs out and the Trump madness! Thank you, Dunc I am currently watching "The Inspector and the Sea" A German series set in Sweden Not brilliant by any stretch but very good.

Subject: It's in yer blood! Kevin and Jerry. Kevin, we've shared the same disappointments time and again. You can't stop caring no more than you can stop breathing. Jerry, there is no need to wonder why, it's in your blood.

What I can never stop wondering about, is how we cannot teach the world to share the caring. If you go to a hockey game and as you move through the crowd and in to your seat, you can see just about every ethnic type of person you can name on this planet.

All sharing and honestly caring about the same thing. The folks who work at "Playing for change" never stop trying to bring people together thru' music. Still we are manipulated by an American president who vows to put an aircraft carrier in front on North Korea as a "show of force" and a Korean lunatic who says he'll blow it out of the water as a "show of force".

I think these loonies would really do this. So what do our lives mean? Greg Iles. With apologies to Mr. Also a member of the author's rock band that includes Stephen King.

As Pops and Mavis Staples begin singing harmony like dark angels floating down from heaven, some semblance of peace washes over me. How much soul and conviction must a white man have to sing lead in front of angels like that? Levon is an Arkansas country boy as rail-thin and tough as the bastards who killed Caitlin, yet he somehow sings with the wounded humanity of a man without a tribe, a man who has known both love and grief and understands that one Atlantic Bridge - I Cant Lie To You (Vinyl) the price of the other.

Subject: Caring Kevin J; I know how you feel. The phenomenon of collective and personal emotional caring for a team is an enigma. I have been a Leaf fan since It gets all tied into one's childhood and one's dad and playing the same game yourself and getting involved in something that is both in you and outside of you simultaneously.

Then you share it with others who also care and the success becomes an addiction. It feels good. And the failure is a profound disappointment. There's more to this but as I say, its an enigma. I just can't figure out why its so vital to those of us who care. I'll wear my Leaf shirt tonight and hope the boys can live to see another day.

I understand and I am sorry for your loss. This is the monotonious and depressed area in Low Countries where you can get closest to Finland Yes, couldn't agree more, Kevin. Interesting leading characters. Watched the third film last night. Make sure you catch the series, Bob. We're lucky we get a foreign crime series on BBC 4 on Saturday evenings.

But there has been a bit of a debate about this in the press. Some people think too much money and time are given to crime series. Make sure you see Shetland, Kevin. Interesting musical experience yesterday. Lovely atmosphere in the town - beer and food festival. And it would have been Gerry Rafferty's 70th bithday yesterday if he was still alive. So to celebrate Baker Street, the song was played by a decent band a couple of times in the open air with twenty to thirty saxaphone players playing the sax parts.

Brilliant sound. Baker Street has had over five million plays worldwide on radio. Erika M. Karohs is the world leading expert in Graphology. I finished this intriguing book in the middle of a cold night last November in front of the fire place. Was the man Garth, his past and his future, hidden in the Norbert over the fireplace?

Could that be? I took the framed Garth from the wall, removed the napkin out of the frame and made a 3D digital scan of it. With a direct modeling program on my laptop I separated Garth from the napkin.

Now I enlarged the words and my quest for Garth started by examining the hugh 3D words. With Dr. Just looking at everything Norbert would reveal about Garth. Last week I finally finished my examination with a report and send that to Maud asking: Is this the real Garth?

While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them. You have considerable unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. SKUNK CELIA NAVVY GIRLS LOOSE LP Reggae. This album consists of the band's first two singles, plus 6 previously unreleased tracks, plus 2 tracks recorded in after Mick Ronson's death.

MUSIC BIG JORDU OLEO Limited picture disc version. Live from the 76 Club in Burton-on-Trent, in the summer of ' NO LIP LIAR NO FUN Two separate gatefold sleeve albums packaged together, original artworks, gram HQ vinyl. PORGY Today's headlines Most Read French police open fire on migrants' dinghy on Dunkirk beach with potentially lethal rubber bullets to stop Finally the army goes in!

Setback for Prince Andrew: Virginia Roberts' lawyers are so confident they will win sexual assault lawsuit How long can he defy gravity?

Boris Johnson soars in the polls despite tax hikes and a petrol crisis - but How UK was fooled into the crippling fuel crisis: When ministers met road groups to fix a shortage of tanker The 'EFFing crisis': Ministers are bracing for months of energy chaos, fuel shortages and empty food shelves Military starts training emergency drivers as Britain's fuel crisis is Star Wars?

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "I Can't Lie To You" on Discogs.

  2. Jan 01,  · Listen to I Can't Lie to You on Spotify. Atlantic Bridge · Song · Music Duration: 3 min.

  3. Feb 07,  · Atlantic Bridge's sole, self-titled LP is respectable but somewhat middling early fusion, though as a release, it's more cutting-edge than it would have been had it come out a few years later, when their brand of fusion was pretty common. Jim Philip's sax playing is certainly the most striking.

  4. Nov 03,  · I Can't Lie to You [*] () Atlantic Bridge. Atlantic Bridge 's sole, self-titled LP is respectable but somewhat middling early fusion, though as a release, it's more cutting-edge than it would have been had it come out a few years later, when their brand of fusion was pretty common.

  5. This reissue comes with two bonus tracks not on the original LP, both of which are McNaught originals. "I Can't Lie To You" and "Hilary Dixon." The former, co-written with Barry Murray, is distinguished by uncredited female backing vocals and more "lead" bass, but this time, unusually, employing unfettered arco double bass.

  6. Atlantic Bridge, an Album by Atlantic Bridge. Released in November on Dawn (catalog no. DNLS ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Jazz-Rock, Progressive Rock. Featured peformers: Mike McNaught (piano, electric piano, arranger), Daryl Runswick (bass), Mike Travis (drums, percussion), Jim Philip (flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone).

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