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It´s not that i don´t like people

Answer (1 of 17): Here could be the reasons why: 1. You lack social skills 2. You are very good at reading people and you don’t like how toxic people can get. 3. You are a knowledge seeker unlike most people who are pleasure seekers, you want a REAL conversation where you actually get to learn s.

When It’s Not You, It’s Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Friendships, Families, Relationships One of the joys of being human is that we don’t have to be perfect to be one of the good ones. At some point we’ll all make stupid decisions, hurt the people we love, say things that are hard to take back, and push too hard to get our way.

Answer (1 of ): Anti=social, loner, non-people person, it doesn't really matter what you call them. More important would be why they don't like people. Have they been hurt, are they so low on self esteem that they need to reject others to prevent being rejected. Such a person is likely depres.

It is difficult for people to understand exactly what it’s like to have a migraine everyday. People mostly just roll their eyes and tell me to ‘soldier on it ‘s just a headache’. Friends and family are often left wondering if your just ‘ faking it ‘ and you cant help but feel guilty for being a downer.

 · Introverts Don’t Hate People, They Hate Shallow Socializing. by Rachel Ginder. I oversimplify and say I don’t like people, when what I actually dislike are the surface-level interactions of most social gatherings. I like to make jokes about how much I hate people. As an introvert, it’s easy to do. The stereotype of the misanthropic.

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  1.  · Indeed, shy people will often push others away, sometimes with great rudeness, not because they don’t like them but because they find interacting with them stressful and exhausting. Misanthropes are different. A misanthrope may be shy of course, but he may also be confident, even arrogant. Shy people often like others and long for their s:

  2. When You Feel Like You Just Don't Like People Thinking you don't like people may be a totally reasonable conclusion based on your life so far. People who think like It's easier to form a negative opinion of people when you're at a distance and view them in the abstract. If someone Saying you.

  3. Some people are like that, and that's great, but not all of us have to be that way. Some people have dispositions where they're really drawn to everyone and want to learn what makes them tick. And some people are less naturally interested in others. Again, they don't hate humanity. They're not .

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