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I mean, you know, it ends up playing out. I usually do a lighter book and then a heavier book. And in the case of the last two novels, I was, you know, delving deep into institutional racism, Jim Crow. And so by the end of "The Nickel Boys," once I was bringing my characters to their tragic end, I was very depleted and very weary and definitely ready to do something lighter.

And I knew immediately that the story of Ray Carney was going to allow me to live in a different space psychologically when I wrote the book and also that his world would be much different than the world of Cora in "The Underground Railroad" and Elwood and Turner in "The Nickel Boys.

You grew up in New York, but not in Harlem proper as I understand it. And so my earliest memories of our - of a very sort of gritty, dirty s Harlem on Broadway. You know, going back to the neighborhood now to write the book, I ended up going back to my old places I dimly remembered and then rediscovering different parts of Harlem I hadn't been to in a long time.

KING: The writing is vivid. It's always moving. Something's always popping. Something's always snapping. Why did Shuffle King get interested in this particular, say, five to 10 years that the book covers? So I have to put that work in.

And in this case, I knew I wanted to write a heist book. I love heist movies, particularly, you know, the ones from the '50s and '60s and '70s.

And so I tried to think of a big moment in New York history that my heisters could exploit for their purposes - so the race riots of the - of So '64 became the year, and then everything came from that. And it isn't my Harlem. But strangely, it is my parents' Harlem because they were newlyweds in Harlem at that time, raising kids about the same age as Carney - Ray Carney and his wife.

And so I would do all this research and go to the library and find the Hotel Theresa, this place, that nightclub. And then I would tell my mother. You know, two months later, I was like, oh, Blumstein's blah, blah, blah. And she said, oh, yeah, your dad worked at Blumstein's, like Carney does, you know, for two summers.

And so I should have just been asking her the whole time. It didn't occur to me till Shuffle King was halfway through the book that I could use her as a resource. KING: How did you do your research? Did you wander around? These are to allow you to connect the inlet or outlet pipes either from or to a straight pipe coming to or from the pump or, as you can see in the picture at the top of this hub where my old pump is connected if one of the pipes is coming in at a right angle to the pump or leading away from the pump at a right angle, these connectors allow you to deal with that.

Firstly I connected the inlet pipe, which was an easy enough task, and then it was time to fit the new filter. So, the water inlet pipe has been connected and sealed with plumbing tape and the outlet side is now ready for the new filter to be fitted and then I can make the final tube connection.

In in the pictures below, you can see the difference in design between the old filter and the new one. One thing I had to do was trim the pipe Shuffle King about two inches 5cm due to the fact that the new style connection on the new pump made the whole connection longer and so to avoid kinking the outlet tube backwards and straining it, it was necessary to alter it slightly.

Outlet pipe trimmed, straight connector fitted and ready to connect. So, now the new pump and filter are all connected and it should all be ready to go. The whole job really was simple and took no more than an hour. When I filled the tank back up would everything work properly without leaks? Only one way to find out. As the system is empty, the whole thing has nothing but air in it so, as well as filling up with water I have to make sure all the air is out of the system.

Now to remove the final bit of air between the tank and the taps and fill the Carver Cascade water heater Shuffle King. I closed all the taps except the hot tap in the kitchen, then I switched the pump on and with the kitchen hot tap open, the pump whirred into action.

For a few seconds, the water that was still in the system between the pump and the taps came out as a slow, steady flow and then, once that had cleared, the air came through - a few seconds of spitting water and then, a nice, smooth steady flow.

No spitting, no pressure or flow rate fluctuations, just running water! The cold water taps followed and no more than five minutes after connecting the new pump, I had water that was flowing properly from all four taps: no spitting, no variable flow rate. Just a steady, consistent flow of water. Once the hot taps were opened, the Carver filled, and then I switched the gas supply to it back on. Quite soon, just minutes, and the water was already warm.

A final inspection of everything showed no leaks, and so it was then just a matter of putting the cushions back on the dining area seats, tidying up, tools away and then a well-deserved cup of tea! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Is flipping cars profitable? You bet. I give you all the lessons I've learned so you too can make a nice weekly or monthly profit and have fun learning to flip cars for a living. Have you ever looked at your car and seen that bubbled paint on the edge of your fender? Follow along as I cover the steps to easily repair this common problem.

From sanding to priming and finally painting and clear coat. I will provide an easy, step by step guide with a list of products I used. If you are looking to upgrade your stock motorcycle, then here are the best beginner-friendly mods that Shuffle King fast, easy, and affordable to perform.

Diagnose clutch drag and follow some simple steps that may help you correct clutch operation. If you are a dedicated van lifer or just someone who enjoys weekend camping or off-grid life, then check out these top 5 items for an enjoyable experience. What details distinguish a show-worthy car from a nice but ordinary car? Removing a stuck or seized fuel injector is not an easy job and requires a considerable amount of time to carry out. This translates into longer downtime and bigger loss for our business.

Therefore, preventing the fuel injectors from getting stuck should be our priority. When your car struggles to start when the engine is cold, check the most common sources of trouble.

With the costs of motorhomes spiraling ever higher each year, it is logical for the frugal retiree to purchase an older model in good shape, and upgrade it to suit their needs. RV owners are demanding TV services while they travel to campgrounds across the country.

This article provides some simple explanations of satellite TV service, how it operates, and how to set it up. A motorhome owner will be tempted to tow a smaller vehicle along on a camping trip. If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:.

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  2. The Shuffle King 8 is a state-of-the-art electronic card shuffler, specifically developed for casinos and cardrooms. This electronic shuffler accelerates the game by up to 20 percent, as compared to manual shuffling. The shuffler can fill up to 8 decks of playing cards and ensures a continuous card supply without any interruptions.

  3. Shuffle King II is the second generation of a professional electronic card shuffler for your casino or poker club. By purchasing this card shuffler, your dealing process can become up to 30% faster. More dealt hands will bring more profit for your casino. Using two decks allows one deck to be in play while the other is simultaneously shuffled.

  4. Shuffle King have made the transition into Asia with consummate ease, and they have every intention of shuffling the marketing pack with the same sense of dexterity as their latest onlineprofit.bizted Reading Time: 2 mins.

  5. SHUFFLE KING 8 1 to 8 deck electronic shuffler. Service. Shuffle King services. Tell Me More. Accessories. Shuffle King cards and chips. Tell Me More. Contact information. APEX pro gaming a.s. Vaclavske nam. /66 Prague 1. CZ - 00 Czech republic. VAT CZ

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  7. Sep 21,  · Add a candy shuffle. Olliecat Posts: 1 Newbie. September 21 edited September 27 in Tiffi's Idea Library. Create a new item (like a color bomb) that allows the user to shuffle the candy. Sometimes there are moves available but none of them good. We should be allowed to shuffle the board. September 21 edited September

  8. Shuffle King is a professional electronic card shuffler for your casino or poker club. By purchasing this card shuffler, your dealing process can become up t.

  9. Brand new continuous multi-deck shuffler. Certified for information at

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