Saying It With Music - Various - Sweetest Tabu - Ballads & Slow Jams Collection (CD)

We heard something strange behind us and flipped our heads to catch two of the dolls we passed — again, totally serious — the chairs were rocking. We fucking ran all the way back to the motel. He was stuck, like all these other displaced people, in the middle of St. Louis Greyhound depot, rerouted or otherwise immobile due to the giant 24 inch blizzard that had engulfed the center of America.

Our normal route was to be through Denver, but the poor saps in Colorado are now stuck there up to a week. Elemental bastards, stay out of my damned Valhalla…. So I commit these thoughts to mental calligraphy, awaiting the opportunity to purge.

I have no energy, I have no publisher. I have no game plan, I have no structure. All I possess is a backpack, a duffel-bag, and an old school cassette recorder. The money itself does not cover any kind of motel or rent arrangement.

It barely covers the fares of Greyhounds to destinations still vaporous and unbooked. I rely totally on the willingness of those strangers. I have been bored to the point of hammering nails through my face by the shoddy journalism of heavy metal.

I am not interested in what guitar strings they use. I am not interested in their perceptions of rumbling Drop D noise. To even call it a book about music is misleading. What I seek is the soul. Character studies, their environments, their dreams, hopes and aspirations — a total sociological unearthing.

The very substance and inertia of their war and poetry. What are they fighting for and against? And most importantly, how alone in my views am I? What is the common thread?

Does the magical world I once looked upon in magazines and onstage when I was 17 even exist? So I fall into this cocoon, my physical body screaming in constant pain from a jigsaw skeleton of pinched nerves. No chiropractor, no therapy, no respite. One full year of road with no stopping, my last sacrifice to journalism before I can walk away, form a new band somewhere, discover my queen and live a real life. This book will be just as much about the artists and freaks I encounter as it is the hard reality of trying to write this book.

It is just as much about me as it is all of them, because our struggle is unanimous. Surely, I will be sued.

I will be misconstrued. I will be laughed at by dunderheads who think so small that the intensity and mission of such a project will fly miles above their heads. In this I am undeterred. Some will ignore, some will offer sanctuary. No matter the immediate situation I will play by the rules in which I am confined, weaving through these complex undergrounds by stealth. And if all else fails, keep them amused by whacky anecdotes until I can jump back into the safety of the Greyhound purgatory.

The plan is to avoid big bands unless they seek me out or are right there waiting to go. It is not my job to promote those already promoted.

Instead I seek the unknown, the struggling, the fringe and depraved. I am out to prove the point that no answer is ever the answer, and that reality is only in the eye of the beholder.

I will hunt down the most extreme of personalities from the right to the left. I will let the recorder roll in front of views as confrontational as possible. Every monster possibility in America, every inch of its seedy underbelly thrust into the spotlight…. I pass back out only to have her wake me again with this identical question. To shut her up, I wander to the back of the Greyhound, pretending to use the toilet. He looks like the gruff caricature of a Sergio Leone villain and smells like rancid feces.

The foof lady asks again, and I duly confirm. The passengers are now wide awake, unwilling to confront the strange man wildly jacking off behind them. We pull into Amarillo, and the whacker guns it for Miss Pacman. Little does he know, cackling and babbling to himself, that Greyhound has called the police.

When the heavily accented officers confront him, the Mexican becomes enraged. The cop whispers something in Spanish, and he starts laughing and unzipping his coveralls. Out it plops, dangling from his bellybutton as a limp pendulum. We must put an end, immediately, to these endless preconceptions. We must shoot down all error from the human mechanics which pervade us… To the hip, to the knowledgeable, to the fanatic — none of this will come as a shock. But to the outside element, the ones accustomed only to the ritual of entertainment — those who look at the weirdo uprising with a dim mystification… If I am to be your tour guide then I must also be your educator.

It is a gutter philosopher you require, not a journalist bound to objectivity. We need to char up that grit, not flubber in the laws of the past. I will be honest to the sharpest apex, but do not chastise or aggrieve, for you now enter a free-fall of eternal descent which even Alighieri refused conjecture. Within every modern society the fringe lurks substrata. All of us, no matter our vocation, are the by-products of a deeply-ingrained refusal.

Every subculture has sprung from the sense that there is something horribly wrong, something deeply unhealthy going on, and that there is definitely a larger system of misery at play. Then there is the darkness or the light, depending on your view — that vast grey area in which the general population only slowly and in marked paces inches forward. Here, in the apex of convenience and security, our bellies are full, our hide is soft, our suburbs are tidy and well organized.

Our terrain is landscaped, our structures Goliath. Our culture is that of Walmart Tribalism; our social court the shopping mall.

The police are your friends, the priest your neurosis killer, the psychiatrist your handy-man. Work is good, god is great, and everything is plum shit happy. Anarchy and Anarchism are not the same thing. To be an Anarchist is to be apolitical, and anarchy itself is like a virus in the larger body — malleable and formless, within every government, society, class and culture.

Anarchy is the acting through of any activity with the conscience realization that it is not an action intended for the strengthening or assistance of the state.

The act of shopping, of painting the nails, of leisure is by very definition soft- belly Anarchy…. Therefore, it should be of no dispute that the spirit of punk rock is wholly submerged in Anarchist thought. Creating underground house venues and refusing to pay taxes — squatting, hustling, running amuck as gypsy land pyrates. None of this is rooted in a compulsion for violence, but rather as an outcry of individual passion. In this wing of the counterculture you have a huge mass of differing opinions.

In this, people are either extremely cool about everything — like Rick James cool — or they are pretentiously fickle about every minuet detail. Here you find the most panoramic view of politics in music.

It is a fanatic escape attempt from the rule of the machine, forever at odds with a materialistic, clean cut existence.

Far and wide, from sea to shining sea, that mentality is the laughable dunce crown. Punks admonish their standing as the refuse of the world. They are essentially street kids that discovered freedom in disowning everything; literal hobos all on a mission to overthrow culture from their livelihoods. When the tide suits them they are ultra-communal. They are united in their perpetual self-destruction, and have an over-whelming hatred of squares and clean-cuts.

Some have been on the road for up to ten years, but many are fresh crops who seek themselves for a few years before finding something solid, whether it due to burn-out or physical collapse. They live fast and burn like a tide of seasonal locusts. Those who die young are eulogized into crust folklore.

Legends are spread like fables across the world. In a sense, these twin strains exist as a sort of ying-yang, all which preside in a land of the lost — the fall through the cracks of society so violently that any reverse becomes impossible… I will probably find myself traversing with many of these shadowy characters, especially in larger cities where I may have difficulty in finding a place to crash. Expect your clothing to be sewn together with dental floss and your face covered with magic marker, David the Gnome style….

The Skinhead is the antithesis of the crustie. Skinheads are not Neo- Nazis, as this confusion is simply the outcome of media disinformation. They were the working class backbone of the UK, and established a unified underground in filthy Taverns on the outskirts of London… The centerpiece was always Oi dance hall music, a component of Reggae.

Oi eventually crossed all racial boundaries, developed into ska, and was imported to the United States and other areas in Europe. Skins are for the most part heavily patriotic, if not non-violently nationalistic, and pride themselves on their blue-collar position.

Strongly tied to the bonds of family and friends, they live a disciplined, clean-cut way of life. But they also drink like fish, and have a nasty belligerency in humongous gatherings. On their own they can be quite amusing though The destructive crusties pride themselves on their knuckle scar tissue as well, but they mainly just fight each other. The crusts are fanatical about their separation from society, and would rather bleed to death from a stab wound in a gutter then degrade themselves by snitching.

Society is not an option, except as sheep to con and tax. Crusties and Skins are highly secretive because they are targets for law enforcement. Skins, however, are friendlier to authority personal in general because they stand for the middle-class, structured lifestyle.

The straight-edger sXe is Saying It With Music - Various - Sweetest Tabu - Ballads & Slow Jams Collection (CD) antithesis of the destructive crustie. They maintain the unity and discipline skins have, but straight-edgers derive their name from a zealous refusal to use drugs in any form.

Since skins are notorious working class drunkards, this creates a condition that can be described in following terms: The sXe band brings their associates out to a show. Unbeknownst to ideology, amidst the performance a tanked bulldog tries to force a shot of whiskey down one of their throats. McKaye was notorious as the godfather of the sXe nucleus, sputtering off independent cells throughout the nation.

Still, for all the positive nature of the sXe ideal, there are some terrible mutant strains bridging from the virus… Straight-Edgers are of three general types. The first are those who chose their path after witnessing too many horror stories. The second class is in the moderate to extremist range of ultra-leftist politics.

This is where the hardercore-then-thou pathology begins to seep in, the veganism gets trumped to fanatical levels, the celibacy unfurls Lastly, there are the ultra right-wing Straight-Edgers — a new brethren of Blackshirt fighting for their self-styled totalitarian utopia. They literally attack drug users in the streets — cigarette smokers, potheads, drunks. They show up strong at a concert and jump poor saps guzzling beer, starting mini-riots.

As for other sub-types in punk rock you have the skaters, greasers, and a vast gray area that actually takes up the largest percentage. The skaters are typically free-wheeling, hard-partying, drunken vandals. They drink heavy, but rarely are seen into any other hard drugs. No one wants more to deal with moderates than the metal scene, who by and large tend to be a little more right wing on certain aspects.

It is more a simulated riot arched upon a modernized Wagnerian powerhouse — a bombastic spectacle which taps into a primal vein while simultaneously ushering a futurist mythology. That is, to say, building a world of legend atop the ruins of current. Stripped down further, avoiding Saying It With Music - Various - Sweetest Tabu - Ballads & Slow Jams Collection (CD) idealistic hub-bub, most just want to rock.

They want to fling themselves insanely through a whirlpool of bodies. They want to oogle at pyrotechnics, share communal fascinations, have the darkness they feel presented multilaterally as not to feel so damned alone in a material society stripped of magic or meaningful purpose. Thus you have heavy metal in all its forms — the fang-bared, blunt, unapologetic yet heroic and fascinating sibling of punk — manifesting itself through a complex web of styles like grindcore, funeral doom, death metal, power metal, powerviolence, necro, viking, thrash, black, sludge, endless variations and combinations of limitless sub-genres.

Each sub-genre has their own variation of mentalities, although rarely as opposed to one another as the punks tend to be. Metalheads generally want to get hammered, slam into each other, party with brethren, consume horror cinema, communicate a purist love of music, and leave the constant political diatribes to another occasion.

There are, of course, plenty of excerebrose morons in metal, but idiots constitute themselves in all walks of life. The meathead is entranced by the knuckle-dragging breakdown, the mosh pit, the hatred of anything sissy, anything singing, anything weird.

The people outside of this stereotype are above all intelligent, highly versed in all forms of music, actually listen to metal as opposed to just going with it. While the death metal dunder-skull bangs his head to noise, the real metalheads actually pinpoint and dissect the notes, the rhythms, the lyrics, the presentation.

The authentic underground metal scene is generally composed of musicians playing for crowds of other musicians, random freak collectors or fans. No one is interested in money. Excluding the Greasers of course, who have no shame in blaring Celtic Frost at top decibel. Although they enthusiastically agree on their mutual distaste for gangstas, preps, jocks, and authority personnel, the main rub between punk and metal comes down to Saying It With Music - Various - Sweetest Tabu - Ballads & Slow Jams Collection (CD) few basic factors.

First, metal is intolerant of that which is intolerant of it and wastes no time accommodating outsiders. Second, metalheads have deep grievances towards musical laziness, hence the appreciation of ultra-technical extreme metal.

Third, most punk is loose and happy go lucky, thereby considered boring — most songs are basic, light-weight, upbeat, and crafted from 3 or 4 riffs.

The punks see that as freedom, the-metalheads as uninspired generica. Above all you have a fascistically intolerant if not wholly fascist streak of anti-religious sentiment.

No one seriously into extreme metal is deeply religious in any orthodox sense. There are stragglers of course, but they are far from abundant. After all, it should be noted that Black Sabbath were the first and ultimate heavy metal band, and they were Jesus-raging. However, for the majority of the metal scene organized religion is a classic target, and the truly bible-thumping are a superfluous minority. There are very few who take all of it dead serious.

First, there is a deep-seated belief that religion is absolute. Many have declared that to be a true follower one would have to be either ordained clergy, or fanatically working towards that goal. Anything else is seen as hypocrisy, and no one can dispute that the life of the convent does not coalesce well with a packed, rowdy club. Third, religion renders all reality into a stark black and white in which no gray area exists, thoroughly promoting a clearly defined, authoritarian view of reality under the perimeters of scripture.

In this, a great wealth of scientific evidence is wholly dismissed. This is the end result which simply cannot be overlooked — and it is the most definitive reason why the underground has generally segregated itself from fundamentalism.

Punks generally think that all religion should be dismissed in one big hurdle, and to even piss around with the Occult is an all-out joke. The metal scene accepts the overkill of it fully, if only as the backdrop to a stage-show evoking Samhain rather than a Church Of Satan rally…. For the most part, its all Halloween, although some engaged in this occultism are violently anti-Christian. Although these bands were overtly satanic or heavily engrossed in Norwegian folklore, none were armed militants.

A handful of lunatics from Norway Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor decided to create their own antithalian reality. In historical light of their ancestral roots, and culturally repressed by a timid church state, the underground Norwegian scene violently exploded.

At first it was the attempt to make the darkest, grimmest musical destruction laudable. One thing led to another, and thus begat a campaign of terrorism which climaxed as a dozen burned churches, the murders of a handful, and a litany of prison sentences. Those kindred to that initial seed are the die-hard black metal fanatics, the ones who advocate everything from genocide against all religious faiths to pagan neo-Nazism.

They take the literal interpretation of the occult Hitler deadly serious, and theirs is an autotheistic war-cry to bring about heathen glory. Yet most involved in the European and American black metal scene decry genocide because they detest being persecuted themselves. Most European metal bands — even black metal ones — detest Nazism. The Europeans still have not forgotten the bloodshed of their past.

The ultra-fascistic BM bands in America are few and far between, but there are plenty still polishing their machetes, enthusiastic to unleash hell… Not all into black metal are right wing to this extent. Most are hardcore metal-fans that collect vinyl and bootleg everything they can get their hands on.

Wearing a Burzum t-shirt is less a statement of White Superiority then it is the same as sporting a Ted Bundy shirt, and collecting these violent episodes of music is akin to owning bootlegs of Cannibal Holocaust.

The super-misanthropic underground is a surge of isolated loners or small groups of tight-knit outsiders. The death-metallers tend to be horror-movie obsessives, very disciplined and with small circles of friends. They love sick humor or ugly porn, such as collecting tampons or down syndrome bukakki. Total brutal sickout measures, cartoonishly violent, anti-religious, or tongue-in-cheek misogynistic.

Same with the Thrashers. They worship at the altar of Testament, Exodus, Nuclear Assault. Slayer are the progenitors of thrash, and their style its very definition. They love screaming at the stage egging on guitar solos with a pitcher of PBR raised high. Thrashers of true grit usually detest keyboards.

Long hair, leather pants, sleeveless denim jacket covered in patches — old school high-top Reeboks if snazzy. This all started with the duel onslaught of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Power metal outside of Europe is truly a rare breed, but it does not stop a man from blaring Stratovarius in any parking lot gathering he feels needs some quasi- spiritual uplifting…. Grind was a reaction bridging ultra-hardcore politically charged crust punk with thrash metal. It can be easily identified by its particular blast- beat and its short-attention span variation on death metal — most songs range between 3 seconds to a minute.

Grind started in Flint, Michigan just north of Detroit by Repulsion in This is the closest thing you get to a crust punk in the world of metal, as most grinders are hand-in-hand with crusts. This is a prime area for communal squats, political dialogues, leftist opinions…. Doom metal is the subterranean depths at which the die-hard eventually finds himself one day.

Some doom bands have songs ranging up to 30 minutes encapsulating minimalist drumming and two or three riffs that drag on forever. Truly effective doom metal sucks the life out of you harder than watching Gummo fifty times in a row. Most into doom are surprisingly big grind heads or gravitate towards the darker, more experimental black metal for its coldness and distance.

Metalcore is basically hardcore with a diverse spectrum of influences thrown in thrash, death, and prog. But any musician — be it a blues artist to a symphony conductor — appreciates the jaw-dropping complexity of the often jazz-based fusion rhythms. Tech is the most disciplined metal outside of death, and is truly a 21st, post-modern variation of it. The Industrial scene is a different vibe altogether though. America has never truly embraced the tank-rousing, street war digital hardcore that Alec Empire has busted out in Germany with Atari Teenage Riot, or the truly bizarre, Warhol-esque drug freakout zone that Throbbing Gristle pulled off in the UK.

Instead, American industrial has mutated into this kind of hedonistic dance utopia, where metal heads, punks, and electronic music junkies coagulate at 3am wearing devilish suits and ties while half-naked freak-dolls are led by the chain of a dog collar whilst electrical tape covers up their nipples and thing-a-ma-boobers.

It is the future of post-modernity that Marquis de Sade cranked to in solitary confinement. When a live industrial band such as VNV Nation or Skinny Puppy comes through a territory, the traffic will change to another venue, but the great mass of freaks will always flock back to the seedy club that has been designated as the outpost.

Expect pure darkness, candle-lit atmosphere, The Cure, EBM, shouting alcoholics, rivers of booze, some fine hush-hush white powder guzzling up a nostril … The industrial scene is both a fuck-frenzy and the ground zero campaign of all dramatists to live out their Anne Rice flavored romanticism, complete with interpersonal goth legends that increase in magnitude with every passing solstice. Ravers are more like dance club people promoting a hedonistic celebration of life.

As with metal, you have those who actually listen to electronic music as opposed to going with it. When actually investigated, the electronic format is limitless. It is a very careful balancing act, and takes a great degree of talent. But the DJ is not a musician… Plus the ravers are not as deviantly sexual. So where do I fit in? My people are generally the moderates that devour film and literature, who collect vinyl and blab weird stories until 5am. I do not see the blue-collar lifestyle as something to fight for, just another bane and curse to overcome.

Though a sort of anarchist I am no molotov-chucking one either, nor have I ever pretended to be. I have no qualms about working for money, I support free-market economy within fair standards, and I believe that government should exist as a moderate form of Democratic Socialism, whereas its goal is to actually benefit its citizens — as opposed to cannibalistically exploiting them like a cannon fodder battery supply. Still, I think it be perfectly appropriate to mention that I am, of course, a pyrate and an outlaw.

How can one subdue themselves in light of the ghastly policies of the machine? I actually enjoy taking a shower at least every three days, unlike the crusties who enthusiastically sleep in dumpsters, priding themselves on the absolutist rejection of hygiene. For the nihilist crustie, I am too clean cut and organized if you can even really call it that. Still I find myself offending all with my political views, and challenge meathead quotas.

I enrage, I insult, I do spastic cartwheels, I take great pride. I am its champion flag-waiver, and old school in my tastes and preferences…. This is my third experience with the LA depot, and still there are screaming Mexican babies everywhere.

I head onto the road for 2 months, go bankrupt, hustle a bus ticket for San Diego, then land like a comet right back on the couch. I then, in theory, find a lame minimum wage job fit for a teenager. I make a grand, book further adventures, then rush back out into America until this book feels complete. Literally, I have no plan — I instead put my faith in fortune cookies and astrology columns… This is my first return to The Villa Winona since June — and my second experience with California.

It was that very trip 6 months ago set me off like a time bomb. Instead I was thrust into a bizarre tale of green card bride schemes, BDSM porn offers, psychobilly fight clubs, and a man named Harley at the Institute of Scientology who locked me inside an L.

Ron Hubbard brainwashing chamber — all of which somehow led me to a desert compound filled with armed satanic terrorists. A brilliant state of affairs, this land of palm trees and razor wire. I expected a gleaming hippie paradise — surfers, bikini blondes, sunny games galore. Instead, I found a virtual prison state, sublimely wrapped around the sky mall agenda. The Schwarzenegger backed anti-homeless Gestapo had implemented H. Black paddy wagons cruised the streets forcing hobo's into state- mandated concentration camps.

Motion detecting video cameras lined the streets taking license plate snapshots and sending off traffic violations through the mail… West Coast politicians for National I. The flip-flop paradise continues to swell, the undesirables are pushed further astray, deeper into the brutally policed hives of meth and prostitution.

It is bunched in the slop of humanity, grids upon grid of domestic homes with barred windows, where The Villa Winona stands. You feel the strain, the heat, the uncertainty. Those hooked to it are up for weeks at a time with no REM sleep — a line of coke that never ends, devouring muscle to sustain itself — brains eating themselves away, face and teeth rotting out. And historians still wonder why The Holocaust happened. This highly addictive Nazi super drug is the most potent street score outside heroin, and exploding rapid as Plague.

Meth is an epidemic so large the Cali establishment has no concrete grip on how to handle it. It is said that California is 10 years ahead of America. That San Diego is where it began, and L. In Michigan we are accustomed to a blanket of white, pine trees in the living room, perhaps a crackling fireplace and roasting chestnuts.

On this side of the earth it is 82 degrees, and we are cooking barbecue without t-shirts in our shorts. Three blocks away rests prostitute alley. Meth-heads stumble, g-thugs holler threats, tough guys confront each other yet never a punch thrown. They ram heads with the wink of an eye. This expatriate colony is an Alamo-like last stand refusing to give into any conventional sense of reality. Eight of us in a house the size of a living room, and roaches crawling over everything.

The Villa Winona is the hub of a communal family, a handful of Michigan survivors which constitute an elite assortment of the criminally insane. When the shuttle crashed they went right to the streets, cutting their way through months of alleys, parks, and out-reach shelters.

It is a volatile colony absorbing random freaks from Southern California, enamored with piracy and intent on serious malarkey. This particular cast, this rogue gallery — to be intimately acquainted, dear reader, is not a particularly ripe plunge at this moment.

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Washington, Dinah, Ellington, Duke, Domino, Fats, Loggins and Messina. Benson, George, Gershwin, George, Hooker, John Lee. Joy Division Musical group Garland, Judy, Little Anthony. Gilley, Mickey. O'Jays Musical group Liebert, Ottmar. D'Rivera, Paquito, Overstreet, Paul. Lee, Peggy, Allen, Peter, Radiohead Musical group Rodgers, Richard, Sade Musical group. Simon and Garfunkel Musical group.

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My Girlfriends Shower Sucks - Goldfinger (7) - Goldfinger (CD, Album), Police And Thieves, Funky Pretty - The Beach Boys - Holland (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Want To Be The President - Electrelane - The Black Sessions (CDr), Dreamscape - Daley / Lorien - Architects Of Time (CD, Album), Tommy Walker (4) - How We Roll (File, MP3), Aneurysm, Hero Zero - Zilch (3) - Platinum (CD, Album), Foals - What Went Down (Box Set, LP, Album, Album), I Think Its Time (Oi Shinkso) - Goober Patrol - Truck Off! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stone Face - Niacin - Time Crunch (CD, Album), Freedom Jam - Jimi Hendrix - Ultra Rare Trax (CD)

9 thoughts on “Saying It With Music - Various - Sweetest Tabu - Ballads & Slow Jams Collection (CD)”

  1. Apr 16,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Sweetest Tabu - Ballads & Slow Jams Collection" on Discogs.

  2. Who knows whose favorites these are. At any rate, Favorite Songs From the Slow Jams Collection acts as a sampler of EMI's extensive Slow Jams line, which threw together heaps of R&B ballads from the last few decades. This disc reflects the favoring of late-'70s and early-'80s material, with highlights like Teddy Pendergrass' "Turn Off the Lights," the Whispers' "Make It With You," the O'Jays 6/

  3. Favorite Songs From the Slow Jams Collection - Favorite Songs From Slow Jams Collection - Music Audio CD, Original recording reissued, Original recording remastered, April 1, "Please retry" $ $ $ Audio, Cassette, April 1, /5(2).

  4. SLOW JAMS Page 5 of 12 Name TimeAlbum Artist 98 Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got) Essential Collection: Four Tops Four Tops 99 Story of My Life Priceless Frankie J I Do Love You Oldies G.Q. I Don't Want To Be (SLOW) Purchased Music # Gavin DeGraw.

  5. Ballads have a long history in music, poetry, and literature. While the meaning of ballads and their form has continuously shifted over time, we ultimately associate all ballads with some form of storytelling. For example, a ballad can be a slow, mournful love song—but it can also be a silly, light poem.

  6. Top 25 slow songs of the 80s: the best 80's love ballads and slow dance tracks, from Spandau Ballet to Madonna and more. Turn back the clock and turn down the lights. The candles are lit on the balcony, or the soft mirror ball is turning slowly on the dance floor. Time for the best love ballads of the 80's.

  7. Nov 15,  · A list of slow guitar solos wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Eric 'Slowhand' Clapton himself. And while Layla garners most of the accolades on Derek and the Dominos’ only studio album, Bell Bottom Blues, which features only Clapton on guitar (Duane Allman didn’t sign on until after the song’s recording), is a tour de force.

  8. Oct 20,  · Anticipate Twice's next slow song (s)/ballad (s) in their FIRST FULL ALBUM out on October 30! Agree with all 4 even though Daring Woman is a cover, I still love watching the performance of JiChaengNaTzu and the HD audio is a blessing. e: Omo didn't realise OIAM isn't in OP, OIAM also!!!

  9. Jul 19,  · Dolly Parton – Jolene. One of the most popular examples of slowing a song down to reveal something new is Dolly Parton’s country classic, “Jolene”. The song appeared all over the internet when a YouTube user discovered that turning the record down to rpm turned the song into an even more painful, emotional plea.

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