My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD)

This collection offers up distinguished reworkings from performers whose names might not be instantly recognizable, although the melodies should be. In many ways, Oldham was the English equivalent to Spector, as both were multi-talented moguls who were best known for their work behind the scenes with others.

Decca Originals - Psychedelic Scene. The 25 tracks on this single-CD title have been derived from the mid-'60s archives of U. The Psychedelic Scene is a key entry in the label's critically respected and listener-lauded "scene"-related releases. This installment thematically links harder-to-find cuts from a variety of groups, many of whom issued only a handful if that many of 45s. In some cases, the artists left more in the vaults than ever made it to store racks.

In fact, all but the most scholarly enthusiast probably won't be familiar with the vast majority of the featured names. However, what is lacking in instant recognition is more than compensated for by the consistently clever and sonically stimulating sides.

Producers likewise chose to highlight exceedingly obscure songs from the "name" acts as well. Although some may find the page liner booklet a bit sparse on discographical and biographical information, there are plenty of photos and vintage graphics amid the text. The Psychedelic Scene is recommended for inclined parties and is likewise a copious and worthwhile primer. Many of them though not the Stones are represented on this track compilation, which serves as a pretty broad snapshot of this aspect of the British Invasion as a whole.

VA: Way With the Girls. Thirty Northern Soul Girl Guitar and the Wind. Soft And Wild. Sum Shit I Found. Soul Strutter. Funk my Soul. Modern Soul. Update March Milk Crate Breaks. Bell had a world-class voice and sang supper-club soul in the manner of Dionne Warwick and Dusty Springfield the latter of whom was a friend of Bell's and often used her as a backing vocalist. Those looking for Southern soul grit will be disappointed, but Bell's a Poppin' is a marvelous example of the British equivalent of Brill Building pop.

The arrangements are clever and sophisticated, the musicians are spot-on throughout, producer John Franz adds just the right amount of polish without rubbing away the personality of the music, and Bell's vocals tell a story just beautifully, boasting smarts and understated passion while maintaining a firm sense of control and balance throughout.

My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD) of the slicker side of Northern soul and great mid-'60s pop-soul will delight in Bell's a Poppin'. Relatively unknown outside the circle of soul fanatics, Mable John had one of the sultriest voices in her genre, and co-wrote some of the era's best, yet unheard, soul classics.

Most notable of her material was her theme song 'Able Mable,' a finger-snapping piece reminiscent of 'Fever,' a single once recorded by her little brother Little Willie John. It's remarkable that the song 'Able Mable' or her other singles, like the fantastic 'Running Out' or 'I'm a Big Girl Now'never pushed her to greater stardom. Coupling the suave of soul with the smokey physicality of blues, Mable John's vocal approach is virtually unmistakeable.

What makes the tracks even more remarkable is the impeccable playing by Stax regulars: Booker T. Hayes also produced and co-wrote several of the songs alongside David Porter, Mable John has several of her own songs and other notable writers include Steve Cropper, who produced several of the tracks and of course contributes some very tasteful guitar figures throughoutEddie Floyd and Homer Banks. The final song on the disc is her moving tribute to her brother Little Willie John who had just died, his signature song 'Need Your Love So Bad', written by another brother, Mertis John.

We had to wait nearly thirty years to get a chance to hear them, but their power is undimmed by time. Stay Out of the Kitchen is a portrait of a timeless soul singer at her best. Esther Mae Jones began singing in church as a young child. When her parents divorced, she split time between her father in Houston and her mother in the Watts area of Los Angeles.

It was while she was living in Los Angeles in that her sister entered her in a talent show at a nightclub belonging to bluesman Johnny Otis. So impressed was Otis with the year-old that he brought her into the studio for a recording session with Modern Records and added her to his live revue. InLittle Esther moved from Savoy to Federal after a dispute over royalties, but despite being the brightest female star in Otis' revue, she was unable to duplicate her impressive string of hits.

Furthermore, she and Otis had a falling out, reportedly over money, which led to her departure from his show. The 32 tracks on this set include many of the tracks she recorded with Otis from this period as well as recordings up until with other combos.

After battles with heroin she re-emerged in as Esther Phillips and was later to have huge international hits for Atlantic, Kudu, Columbia and Mercury. But that is another story - maybe a good one for future posts! Listen Here It contains a mixture of tracks from different recording sessions. Some were recorded with Jeff Barry, Arif Mardin, and Jerry Wexler for a planned third album for Atlantic Records, which never materialised, and the others were recorded for Philips in the UK, between and As a result, the album has no cohesive sound, but offers many different styles of music.

It has been suggested that See All Her Faces is best appreciated track by track, rather than as a whole stylistic statement, as her album Dusty in Memphis is often praised to be. The choice of material may have seemed oddly conservative forbut Dusty was simply doing what she did best. As a pop stylist and interpreter, she was peerless.

Hard to believe, but true. SAHF has often been unfairly dismissed by music critics and fans alike for its lack of coherence. Blame it on Philips if you must, but don't make the mistake of ignoring its content, because there are loads of wonderful stuff in there to enjoy.

Publicado por Noelia Almenara en 7 comentarios:. Honey Cone, the girl group with the sweet name and the bumblebee persona, didn't masquerade as biker babe wannabes like the Angels, come off as fly foxes like the Ikettes, or fight their battles with tears either.

Instead of wailing at an imminent breakup, Honey Cone gets philosophical i. Just a taster for tomorrow Wanted: young man single and free Experience in love preferred But will accept a young trainee!!!

Publicado por Noelia Almenara en No hay comentarios:. Born Jamesetta Hawkins in L. On these dates she began to show a penchant for mixing in jazz, country and pop with her driving blues-based style—something that has remained a feature of her work. In Etta went to record in Alabama at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio.

The result was her most accomplished album, on which her voice had been mixed to perfection, allowing her to sound strong on the previously distorted high notes.

Westside Records' Vol. Each also enjoyed a handful of smaller regional and local hits. Lee got the granny vote, the crooners usually go far in AI, but rarely are remembered. Lee deserved the win last year fair and square. GO LEE! Naima was no surprise. She's beautiful but played the black vote too much. The majority of the voters I think are the granny voters: white, middle class, stay-at-homes. Scotty is good but no range, Lauren has more range but needs more stage presence.

Jacob, incredible talent and a bright future but needs to come out of the gospel singer box and cross over into the main stream.

Casey, definitely out of the box but won't sell records. I love him but another Hicks who I also loved. Stefano, couple weeks at best. James the rocker is another Jacob, stuck in the box. Won't win AI but will sell records Pia is the odds on favorite right now with all the right tools with a stunning stage presence.

Haley will become the Most Improved. What is missing? Who is selling the most downloads on iTunes? So far I've bought the whole album the last 2 weeks because the talent is that good this year. Last year I bought mostly Crystal Bowersox and she didn't win. I forget who did. There should be a concession for most downloads each week.

Actually Niami didn't play the black vote. She played the "Island vote" which is so niche that most people watching just couldn't get into. I don't hear it at all. That girl is boring and better show she can move and do something else. It's mostly pre-teen and teen white girls voting on Idol. The middle-aged white women vote on Dancing With the Stars.

That is why young white guys like Stefano last longer than they should, even if they are horrible. And also why we end up with that boring guy who won over Adam Lambert. Who won last year? Most african-american's that I've talked to say that AI and the music style sucks, so I don't think she was playing the race card I want every one that posts on here to ask yourself one question,and try to come up with the answer without checking the internet!

Who is the British Prime Minister? If you do not know, then I beg you,Please do not vote in any upcoming elections. Ive, not that it makes any difference for this board, but the British Prime Minister is David Cameron.

I know this and I am an American. Comment on AI, I don't like to really watch it but end up watching most of it with my husband. I hope James wins. He is a positive role model for anyone with disibilities that doesn't think they can do or are worth anything. Since were on the topic does anyone know who the king of Canada is? How about the queen of Pakistan? MOST of you. Most of your opinions are clouded by your personal prejudices, ignorance and stupidities.

Even some of the stuff the judges come My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD) with are totally ridiculous they must be tone deaf or something is going on in that milieu that we can not hear Here's whats really telling I believe without exception The "unique" Who are you?

What makes you such an expert that you can call other posters on here idiots? Get down off your self-imposed egotistic high horse, jerk. You represent yourself as a know-nothing nobody, wannabe expert, who feeds off of his own stupidity.

Minus the idiots part — He's exactly right! It's all about the money! If it won't sell they will fail; regardless of how good they are!

Saw this show for the first time last night Naima was exciting and original—not qualities appreciated in shows like this. Paul has to go. Poor thing, he is good looking, but simply cannot sing. Pia sings great but who needs or wants another Celine Dion.

I vote for Haley or Casey. But they are probably too original for the average AI viewer, many in the deep south. I was glad to see Naima go tonight. She's sweet n'stuff but gah. I don't think the guy can really carry a tune, and I think if you put him on the spot and asked him to sing the notes of an octave, he couldn't do it and hold the notes. I think he's there on a smile and looks, but usually that gets salted out in the end. The remaining 8 have some true talent, so it'll be interesting to see who America votes for in the end.

Hard to choose at this point not counting Paul. I can't believe Sarah is playing the Race card. Ignorant fools always playing the race card Agreed — race comment was silly. Was going to respond to them, but decided to be positive and agree with you instead. Much of the minority talent is so good that they go straight to recording and bypass Idol altogether. Judges: half way to a rainbow. Speaking of Fantasia OMG what a train wreck she has turned out to be.

That performance last night was one of the grossest things I've ever seen When Jennifer was eliminated, it was said to spark racial questions, even by Elton John who called the show "racist". She wasn't a winner All in all, the top 3 that yr should've been 3 black females, but two of them were elimanated early and somehow maybe because of the sob rags to riches story Fantasia made it through and beat out 2nd best Jacob — too much mouth distortion while singing — will find his niche in cd, but not a winner Naima — expressive, but not powerful enough, sometimes off key, fake jamake?

Already Pro! I think you're on it. But, I think that My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD) Pia, lovely, talented and classy as she is, doesn't start moving a bit, she might not take the contest.

In that case it will be Lauren. Both of them are cuter'n hell, aren't they! I agree with almost everyone! I think your top 3 is about right — but for me it's gonna be Pia, Scotty, and James.

I love the difference in her voice more so than Paul. Other than that, I think we're looking for the same results. Just got done watching AI on dvr, yeaaaaaaa, Thia is gone! Naima, I got a kick outta her, never knew what to expect!

I will miss her! If you listen to the studio version of all the artists you can hear a difference in the live vs. If a contestant can't produce a good studio version I don't see how they can continue through the live shows without being voted off? That being said, I am thinking of Jacob. His studio versions are not great but he seems to be liked by the judges and getting through on what I think are mediocre vocals. I am by no means a good singer and definately couldn't do better. But I know a good voice when I hear one.

I think he is next to go. And I think Pia is in danger too — she is the best singer at th emomnet, but th others are improving week-on-week and showing versatility, she doesn't seem to be 'progressing' — like Melinda Dolitle name? I'd like to see Scotty win, even though he is very one deminsional as well — he wil go a long way with the right writers and producers, and I am sure the country world is lining up to work with him. Tammy — Obviously just a country hater!

Last time I checked Aerosmith isnt singing gospel, Snoop dogg isn't singing country, and George Straight isn't singing hip hop! Cause that's not who they are!! Scotty is country and sings it darn well!

He should be commended for staying true to himself — O wait the judges have been doing that all season! I was hoping that Stefano would be in the bottom three, and that he and Thia would leave. Tonight was kind of a bummer for me. As Randy would say Are you tone deaf? Yup, I have to agree. Even though none of those 3 had a chance to win I wished Niama would have continued on simply for the chance to see someone that will shake it up a bit.

She has the ability to do that. Still does, just not on the show. Thank God that dreadlocked, monster looking, fake ethnic Naima is gone! Good ridance I say! Now lets get on with the real singers. Guess you were jumping for joy when the other minorities Ashthon, Karen, Thia and Naima have been booted out too, huh??? You'll be thrilled when Jacob My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD) gospel singer My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD), won't you??

Followed by the 2 Italians Stefano and Pia Proud to be an Human Being — Actually your point has no merit! Sorry — but that guy simply stated his view point.

America still has to vote and they obviously didn't care for her singing either! Remember she was not even selected initially, but got the second chance from the judges. I am "white", and I am ashamed to see that racial bigotry is still slive and thriving in this country! Shame on you. Naima was just too "out there", white, black, pink, blue Right on. Paul's one of my favorites for his intangibles but he's just not as talented as the rest and I think he'll be out next and Stafano soon after.

Also, not that big of a fan of Haley. Did you hear how week she was in the trio last night? Pia and Thia blew her away. You have to get out more and experence life. You are so stuck in a grove with blinders on you don't see what the real world can offer. Open that mind, and get off the drugs! Naima was awful to watch. I'm also thrilled I don't have to see her silly outfits or dancing anymore. Watching James every week is a privilige. He's going to win.

Love Jacob's voice, but he's got to quit crying while he sings. Coming from a musician, I like Casey because he is original. Most all of us can sing, but there has to be a star quality. Pia has killer vocals. Scotty is normal country for whatever that's worth. Jacob has a good voice if you're interested in finding a girlish high tenor for a choir or backup singer, but that kid is no American Idol He's way too soft and girlish and God knows we don't need any more of that from men.

I think Jacob is a tremendously talented singer but he goes overboard almost every week. The screaming doesn't add anything desirable to his performances, and some of his mannerisms are kinda creepy.

If he could fix those things, it would make him the best. Are you joking? Jacob is awful! I have to change the channel when he comes on. I'm a teacher and one of my students commented that when Jacob sings, he looks like he's trying to swallow the microphone whole. I have to admit, he nailed that one on the head. Come on America, vote Jacob off! Namia would have been better off being tossed earlier because she needs electronic enhancement to her voice and all she did was provide evidence about her true voice.

Thia was the lesser diva and it people vote partly for genre. Pia will benefit from the loss of Thia. Where do Namia voters go? They move to Casey. The only one left with the guts to go out on a limb for a memorable performance. True Casey and Niama don't have the best voices but they are were worth watching.

Sorry to see Niama go she added some life and creativity to this years group of contestants. Haley is this years Idol for me She has a great range going in her voice and she never misses a note or a beat You can tell that she loves to perform I want her to win Good Luck Way past time for the lame Naima and Thia to be gone!

The fact they got this far says alot about how lame the show is. I hope X factor is a more actual talent based show, idol is so popularity based and not actual talent.

Plus the voting is rigged by being able to do it as many times as you can in 2 hours. I agree! Naima and Thia needed to go. Both are talented but not as talented as the others. Same with Paul. We've watched for years and love the show. This year I think there is a lot more talent than last year, especially the guys.

Scotty is your Idol winner — can't beat good old country music and especially with a voice like his! Yes, derek, he is good at what he does—country music. That's what he sings and all he wants to sing. When his career takes off, he will not have to sing Motown or Elton John, etc. That doesn't make him a one trick pony—it makes him a dedicated country music singer. Naimi, maybe had good stage presence but poor vocals probably could not sing a ballad to save her life.

Thia very young at 16yrs old. Has talent but not good range in the various categories of music. Very little if any stage prresence or "magic". I would not go pay to hear her sing invidually good Kareoke vocals.

I believe the winner will have both stage presence, personality and "mad vocals" that actually can "move" an audience. Remember, "it is what it is If what you say is true, then Chris Daughtery would have won, Fantasia would have lost, so far your theory is flawed, but we'll see by way of James this year. Ugh, I can't believe Thia is gone! She has a nice tone to her voice but I must admit, she just chose the wrong song!

She had so much potential As for everyone loving Pia, I don't get her at all. She always seems like she's struggling for air when hits those high notes. I have been "listening" to these contestants yes, I purposely close my eyes when they're singing and I must say, Pia is nowhere close to what everyone is saying. She's not that great. Close your eyes and listen to all of them. It makes a big difference.

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9 thoughts on “My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Various - Motown Dream Girls (CD)”

  1. My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) 6: Brenda Holloway – When I'm Gone: 7: The Elgins – Darling Baby: 8: The Lewis Sisters – You Need Me: 9: The Elgins – Heaven Must Have Sent You: Chris Clark (2) – Do Right Baby-Do Right: Kim Weston – Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) Chris Clark (2) – Love's.

  2. My smile is just a frown. Turned upside down. Just a frown. Turned upside down, yeah. [Verse 2] But each time when I'm alone. Teardrops start to fall. My tears erase the life that's on my face.

  3. The Motown sound was an obvious influence on Elkie Brooks' reading of "The Way You Do the Things You Do," "My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)" from Truly Smith and "Ask the Lonely" by the Fantastics. Interestingly, the latter combo originated in the United States as the Velours prior to touring Europe as the Drifters.

  4. An underrated singer, with a style not so different from early Kiki Dee, Truly Smith is now remembered for a number of fantastic Northern Soul anthems issued by Decca, such as Chris Clark 'I Wanna Go Back There Again' (see the clip below), Smokey Robinson's 'My Smile is Just a Frown Turned Upside Down' and Gerry Goffin/Carole King 'The Boy From Chelsea'.

  5. My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Carolyn Crawford; My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Truly Smith; My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - The Temptations; My Sophisticated Lady - Gino Parks; My Soul Ain't 4 Sale - DJ Jazzy Jeff; My Southern Belle - Bobby Mitchell (and The Toppers) My Spring Time - Terry Johnson.

  6. A smile happens in a flash, but the memory of it can last a lifetime! A smile is a curve that sets things straight. A smile is contagious, let’s see how far we can spread it. A smile is a frown turned upside down. A smile is a whisper of a laugh. (Anonymous) A smile is a language understood by all persons.

  7. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Truly Smith - Love Is Me, Love Is You / My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) at .

  8. If you should see me and I'm smiling Don't think my smile is for real No expression could explain How much my heart's in pain Since you left me here's how I feel My smile is just a frown Turned upside down Just a frown Turned upside down, yeah But each time when I'm alone Teardrops start to fall My tears erase the life that's on my face 'Cause it's really not a smile at all My smile is just a.

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