Masada - E.S.P. Expansion (CDr, Album)

Two people sit next to us after asking us if we can move to squeeze them in to our row. Of course there were plenty of other seats available that they could have sat in.

Whatever, we're nice. Movie starts. Next door neighbors the ones who asked us to move start talking. Movie soundtrack gets louder. Next door neighbors talk louder. Phone rings. Next door neighbor picks up the phone and starts talking. I reach over, smack the guy on the knee and ask him to kindly shut the hell up. He doesn't. Despite the ass-clown who sat next to us, the movie was great. I just wish I could have heard the movie instead of the jerk-off next to us. Her opening instantly frozen spoken line " ….

This is true reggaematic production style as Kevin sent the beats, the Queen rapped the instant reply and the tune is on the street. Since the last album Anderson has carried on the studio experimentation in the certain knowledge that hard work will take him wherever he wants to go.

Bailey went a long way to bury his old vinyl jodhpurs and horrifying red ponytail in the mountains, he should face up to the fact that he will always be a recovering Thompson Twin.

No shame in producing a well-crafted album that outperforms many top drawer UK roots acts and also possesses that rare commodity - tunes! Like many other talented Jamaican singers though he took paying gigs where he could. The first outing came from the mysterious Burial with the genre-busting South London Boroughs EP describing urban soundscapes in fresher sonic languages.

Deciphering the chat will need further research. Not forgetting that Daddy Hugh Roy was also there to partner Tubby as his lead MC on the Hometown Hi Fi sound, as Tubbs dubbed down the zinc fences that bound the dance with waves of echo and reverb whilst the DJ toasted fresh dubplates with freestyle jives. Nice to have as they say. Admittedly cheap, nastily packaged, usually containing lots of filler and not much in the way of killer.

This one might look cheap and nasty at a tenner a shot the killer more than makes up for the filler. Stiffs -Volume control -Captain Oi! A few more notes. The Redstone Meadery mead we liked was the Boysenberry, not blackberry.

The Wynkoop barelywine was the "7 Year Itch". Just got home from Denver, its been a totally uneventful day today. Yesterday was much more fun! After breakfast with some family I met up with Todd and we headed to the convention center right at when it opened for the connoisseur tasting session. We went around and hit a few things a second time, including Redstone Meadery, Dogfish Head and Iron Hill on a much fresher palate.

Redstone Meadery had three meads — mead is best described as a honey wine, sometimes flavored with fruit a. Of the three varieties we tried — Sunshine, Blackberry and Boysenberry — we both liked the Blackberry the best, since it was sweet with fresh blackberry flavors rounding out the taste.

This could easily replace a sweet dessert wine on my table. We also ran back to the Wynkoop Brewery to taste their barleywine, with all of the colorful beer names its hard to remember them all, which was a blend of seven years of barleywines that were then blended and aged in a Woodford Reserve oak cask.

This was a great drink! Later in the night, after a very short trip to the evening tasting my palate was worn out and I really didn't feel like drinking any more beers! The brewery is located no more than a mile from our hotel. It was time for a late dinner and one final drink. I really enjoy the food and atmophere at the brewery, Steph and I had beed there a few years earlier.

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Screen Violence. On 4 Music Lists. Add a Comment. Damrod Moderator August 1st Comments. Desensitized August 1st Comments. RushHourSoul August 4th 26 Comments. Final Origin September 29th Comments. SaintJimmySavage September 30th 8 Comments.

Album) Origin October 9th Comments. Spamue1G July 23rd Comments. KAL was blown up over the Kurile trench by the U. Intelligence agencies simultaneous with hearing the Soviet pilot say, "The target is destroyed. Now, we've suddenly changed all that to a situation where there's "nothing else the pilot could do. After all, it was 9 miles away. And so, "we had to knock it out of the sky. I used to wear a button that said, "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we really need him?

He was innocent of the crime. He didn't fire a gun that day. But whenever I'd wear it, people thought I wanted to kill the President. If I'd wanted to say that, I would have had to wear a button that said, "Where's Jack Ruby when we really need him?

But if I wore that button, they'd think I wanted to kill Sirhan Sirhan. So you see, once you distort it, there's almost no way back unless you get to the core of the information and revise it toward truth. One of the most interesting articles in the last year was in the Boston Globe, outlining five stories supposedly planted in the international press for distribution by KGB disinformation agents.

Those stories included the exact research conclusions of Dave Emory, Mae Brussell and myself, and other key researchers in this country. But I doubt it. Saturday, September 29, State Dept. You have no whistleblower protections. Howard could retaliate and you would have no recourse. Sep 17, www. Both of these observations are superficial. They do not explain the increasing violence in the world that soon may reach the level of a Fourth World War.

As a lifelong student of extremism over the centuries, I have been convinced that the primary motivating cause of militant extremism is not the simple drive for power, but rather its opposite in the form of compulsive fear.

The defense mechanism is first to demonize what one fears and only then to destroy it. Fear is what motivated American NeoCons to wage terroristic counter-terrorism by bombing Baghdad four years ago in a frenzy of shock and awe that killed 3, Iraqi civilians.

The American TV commentator assured us that the impressive fireworks were caused by surgical strikes that harmed no-one. The rest of the world knew better. Much has been written about the origin, nature, and goals of the Neo-Cons, but none of these commentaries identified the real dynamic of this intellectual movement, which was based on compulsive fear of imminent global chaos.

It is existential. The real motivations for the origin of what appears to be simple NeoCon imperialism go back to the real origin of the Neo-Conservative phenomenon exactly half a century ago in the writings of the original Neo-Conservative godfather, Robert Strausz-Hupe, who once told me that he wanted me to succeed him as Director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

We were fighting the totalitarianism of world Communism, which threatened to destroy the Free World. His conclusion was that Communism would disappear within two or three decades but that the aftermath would create a far greater threat to global civilization in the form of inchoate chaos. This mortal threat of chaos, he concluded, could be contained and defeated only if America was willing to grasp its historic opportunity and obligation to impose a world federal government through its overwhelming superiority in both moral force and military conquest.

During the next few decades, the moral force argument somehow got lost in the shuffle, so all that remained was military conquest with public deference to what Muwahid Shah calls the hijab or cover of freedom and democracy. The clearly stated motivating force was not expansionist imperialism, as most would contend, but rather abject mortal fear of population explosion worldwide by peoples who did not share American values and would eventually gain access to nuclear weapons.

The Politics of Fear In politics the two most powerful motivators are fear and religion. This is especially true in places like America and the Muslim world where religion is a powerful force and therefore can be harnessed in the pursuit of power for whatever purpose.

We are now in the middle of an almost unique example of this truism. Muslims are not the only ones who exploit religion for political ends. American extremists, both political and religious, are exploiting religion by demonizing Islam as a necessary first and decisive step in a perceived war of self-defense against universal evil.

A week ago, on September 1,presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, sent out a letter to his supporters pegging his new campaign on a single theme that he hopes will be a sure-fire road to electoral victory in a time of great national peril. This theme is simple. Shortly thereafter he laid the groundwork for a new war against evil by calling for a war against Islamic totalitarianism.

In the American lexicon developed in the war against Communist global conquest, the world is full of harmless tyrants who seek only their own power at home and therefore can be co-opted to serve American purposes. Such tyranny is different from totalitarianism, which by definition seeks total control of the human mind not only as a means to consolidate its own power but primarily as the ultimate end of its own destiny.

Fortunately, Gingrich, who is a past master at mind control, overplayed his hand and flamed out. Senator McCain has concluded that exploiting existential fears now promises to gain decisive political traction. The fear of Islam as it has been presented by this alliance is more than mere political make-believe, which is Masada - E.S.P. Expansion (CDr it is so powerful. McCain is taking a page right out of the playbook of the other of the two godfathers of Neo-Conservatism, Leo Strausz, who escaped from Nazi Germany in order to fight the new totalitarian menace.

He was an atheist but he advocated appealing to religion as a useful tool in the search for power to counter Nazism, Communism, or any other form of totalitarianism.

In other words, his life experience taught him that the most effective weapon against a totalitarian attack is a counter-attack that is more effective in using the same techniques. The shift to a global war on Islam as the root of all evil, rather than merely on terrorism as a modern means of warfare, is bad news because it seems to suggest a retrogression from previous governmental policy.

Note that both of these paradigms or frameworks for policy were generic and avoided demonizing a religion. In FrontpageMag. I will hold demonstrations and protests, teach-ins, and sit-ins on more than college campuses. Our theme will be the oppression of women in Islam and the threat posed by the Islamic crusade against the West. This is the organization founded by the doyon of the new Christian megachurch phenomenon, John Hagee. Max Blumenthal of the Washington Post interviewed a dozen of the thousands of participants in this rally.

This most extreme of all extremist groups in the world is calling for a unilateral military attack on Iran and the expansion of Israel as the final steps in the Battle of Armageddon to destroy the world in order to cleanse the earth of evil and bring about the return of Jesus to Jerusalem.

It is hard to top this one, but another presidential candidate, Tom Tancredo, made a good try. Last month, he demanded that America bomb Iran back to the stone-age and suggested that the U. This manipulation of the politics of fear may be the most Album) and dangerous in the world today, because it revels in its own fears.

It reminds one of the person with acrophobia or fear of heights who is terrified by standing at the brink of a cliff and cannot resist the temptation to Masada - E.S.P. Expansion (CDr off. And the reverse is also true. To counter the lies spread by the Wahhabi religion serves equally to counter those spread by professional Islam bashers in America. The second is to explain reactively what they are not. These dirty dozen, as well as many more, are found in all the major attacks on Islam and on the Prophet Muhammad, but Spencer alleges that his latest book is the most scholarly because he bases all his claims on statements over the centuries by Muslims themselves.

Bias in Selecting Sources The underlying problem in most of what Robert Spencer writes to demonize Islam and the Prophet Muhammad is his bias in the selection of sources. He claims that his scholarship is impeccable because he relies entirely on Muslim sources. Unfortunately, he relies heavily on sources that are either bogus or biased and reflect the strain of extremism that is found in every religion.

From the very beginning, there has never been a shortage of extremist Muslims to provide ammunition for those with a biased agenda. They declared that all who disagreed with themselves are infidels who should be executed, and eventually in the year they succeeded in murdering Ali whom they had once supported.

One could quote Kharijites Mukharijunwho survived in one form or another for centuries, but no scholar, not even Spencer, has ever quoted them to prove anything about Islam. They were one of the three Jewish tribes that together with the resident Arab tribes had originally invited the Prophet Muhammad to Medina in order to bring peace among the warring parties in the city.

All of these tribes signed the Medina Covenant, which was the first known constitution of any city or country. In it, each tribe promised to support the others in the common defense and to work together for their common good. When an alliance of the Quraish and surrounding warlike tribes was threatening to annihilate the Muslims in Medina, the Banu Qurayza Album) treason by allying with these tribes.

This much is a known fact, but the story of the Prophet massacring all male members of the tribe, some men, is pure fabrication. Spencer gets this story from the supposedly reliable account by the first historian of Islamdom, Abu Ishaq Unfortunately, the original history by Abu Ishaq disappeared without a trace sometime after it was written years after the death of the Prophet.

The only extant version of this first biography of the Prophet Muhammad was written half a century later by Ibn Hisham, who admitted that he had condensed and revised the original to fit his own agenda. Many good scholars even today rely on Ibn Ishaq or what remains of his rewritten writings, but not as the sole source of stories that almost certainly were forgeries. When they surrendered, The Prophet announced that Allah had ordered all the male members of the Qurayzah tribe to be executed for disloyalty.

Then he sent for the men of the Qurayzah and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought to him in batches. The only problem is that subsequent scholarship shows that it was almost certainly a total fabrication from the very beginning. Scholars have always been skeptical of the popular Sirah or histories of early Islam because in this genre of writing the evidentiary rules of the muhadithin or collectors of ahadith, and Masada - E.S.P.

Expansion (CDr of sources deemed valid as sources for jurisprudence, did not have to be followed. It was not necessary to give any chain of authorities or even to give any authorities at all. As a result, the first mention of this massacre occurred a hundred and fifty years after the event. Ibn Ishaq himself admitted that his account of the so-called massacre of the Banu Qurayzah was pieced together from fragmentary accounts, including the tribal memories of the Banu Qurayzah themselves, who like all tribes in the world are known to embellish their ancestral histories to mythical proportions.

These traitors were killed during battle. Modern scholars point out the great resemblance of the above Jewish tale to the early history of the Jews that has survived throughout the ages, according to which the predecessor of Herod the Great hung upon crosses Jewish captives and slaughtered their wives and children before their eyes.

At Masada, the number of those who died at the end was The inside story was that the leader of the Banu Qurayzah suggested that all the Banu Qurayzah kill their women and children and then commit suicide, which is the same story told about the last holdout at Masada. A giveaway is that even the same names were given in accounts of these two heroic last stands. It is interesting that modern historians now question the authenticity of the Masada account that Jews committed suicide, which would mean that the Banu Qurayza account of their own refusal to commit suicide might unknowingly have been a more accurate rendition of the original prototype.

The scholars argue that this story has to be apocryphal because the strict rule in Islamic law is to punish only those who are responsible for the sedition.

Equally important is the strict rule, never violated at the time of the Prophet, that prisoners of war must be either freed or allowed to be ransomed by their families. This was the rule applied to the other Jewish tribes.

The classical Islamic scholars have another clinching argument. If such a slaughter had actually occurred, it would have been used as a precedent for legal rulings, whereas, in fact, there have never been any such rulings. Throughout his book Spencer relies on extremist Muslim sources to prove that human rights have never existed in Islam, and then he cites this biased conclusion to justify his acceptance of events that never occurred.

He accepts the Banu Qurayzah massacre, because doing so serves to prove the points he is trying to make throughout his book, but he is skeptical about the very existence of the Medina Covenant which granted equal rights to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Part Three: Facing a Common Enemy Muslims and most of the people of the world are dumbfounded by such hateful and primitive sentiments of collective guilt, especially because they are coming from America, which used to be the most respected and beloved country in the world.

How did all this demonic hatred of an entire religion come about? Equally important, what can anyone do about it without copying the grave crime of collective guilt by blaming America, Christians, and Jews. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of the Muslims in the world and the overwhelming majority of Christians and now also of Jews recognize that the demonization of an entire religion is a threat to everyone. They all recognize that there is a growing movement of Muslim extremism, which can result in Muslim terrorism.

But they fear that demonizing Islam as the source of Muslim extremism is helping to provoke it. Furthermore, citing the same bogus sources that Muslim extremists use to justify their crimes serves to reinforce the legitimacy of Muslim extremists. There is no such thing as Islamic extremism, any more than there is Christian or Jewish extremism, unless one wants to reduce all religion to the level of tribalism.

These are oxymorons or contradictions in terms. Unfortunately, extremists in every religion have always been with us and always will be, so what do we do about it? The first requirement is to recognize that the traditionalist peoples in all religions face a common enemy.

One half of the threat to global civilization is the post-modern phenomenon of the totalitarian mind in the West fixated on fighting fire with fire at the risk of a global conflagration. There clearly is such a thing as Muslim fascism, but this is a threat primarily to Muslims, both directly as in Iraq and indirectly to Muslims throughout America. All my life I have been a professional global strategist and long-range global forecaster in advising government and industry on the art of what I call paradigm management.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the DAM CDr release of E.S.P. Expansion on Discogs.5/5(1).

  2. A production of the History Channel's prestigious Time Machine series. Masada- a mountain fortress and symbol of Jewish independence. Set deep in the Judean Desert, it was here at Masada 2, years ago, that the survivors of the Jewish Revolt gathered after the destruction of Jerusalem's Temple for a desperate last stand against the Roman Empire.

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  4. Masada Cycle kit vol.4 (1) xpn is the kit use, just take the xpn file and drag into the Mpc software. (1) Folder: Containing (8) programs:(1) Individual folder containing program works well when the xpn drag and drop method doesn’t work or simply for those that don’t want to install the xpn Expansion onlineprofit.bizted Reading Time: 1 min.

  5. Oct 11,  · Masada Cycle Kit vol. 1 Popularized the Cycle triggering users an organic “real ” Drummer feel to their you hit a pad you get a different variation in volume and Live drummer articulation to your production! Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

  6. Masada's premise is based on a jewish uprising at the fort of Masada against the oppression of the Roman armies which led to a massive suicide as a form of retaliation. This dramatic six hour mini-series starred Peter Strauss and Peter O Toole in a epic David versus Goliath like dramatic confrontation/5(12).

  7. Aug 31,  · Masada Cycle kit The Repository. Expansion Exchange Team August 31, October 15, The Repository is a collection of my personal custom Sound layers and shapes I personally use in my production.i’ve shaped them using my modules & other tools i’ve collected over the years. I sampled thru an Actual Neve console using its pre amps as.

  8. Free MPC Expansion Packs Free Masada Cycle this video I go over a few of the free mpc expansion packs, provided by Masada from lin.

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