Its God Given - Disbelief - Spreading The Rage (CD, Album)

Power Population. Salmagundi Syncopation. Frank's What's-it. Even Hitler The small takeover. Album) psychedelic baby, that's Its God Given - Disbelief - Spreading The Rage (CD it's all about. New website in March! One Base Overthrow.

Hang Over Heart Attack. The Tuna Melt. Growing Bored For a Living. Eighties Covers Redux! Bleedin' Out. Isle full of noises. Hardcore Braindeath. Girls From Tahiti. Grown Up Backwards. Good bad Music for bad, bad Times! All links taken down very soon! Chairshot To The Skull. Ken Hamann is one fine engineer. And the group I found the time spent, the music, and the people to be a very special blessing. And, as Pam says, Praise God. Ed Durkos: rhythm guitar, vocals. Morgan King: bass. Mike Berkey: acoustic guitar, vocals.

Rob Galbraith: acoustic guitar, keyboards, orchestra bells. Kim Massmann - acoustic guitar, keyboards, violin, cello, vocals. Pam Massmann: acoustic guitar, keyboards, violin, cello, vocals. Larry Hill: keyboards, vocals. Carole King: keyboards, vocals on "Old Man Daniel. Tim Hill: drums and percussion. With: Dr. Richard Massmann and his wife Jane: violin and viola.

Cindy Ratzloff: harp. Side 1: Stephen M. Berkey Our Feast of Love P. By the Fire P. The th Psalm K. You Haunt My Mind K. Water Street L. Hill Side 2: Theme for Fellowship of the Ring L. Elfin Chimes K. The Big Race E. Durkos Great Victory G. Schwartz Old Man Daniel C.

Valley of Decision M. Larry's Song label says P. Massmann; insert states Laura Anne Markko Rob Galbraith and Larry Hill - production and arrangement. Pam Massmann - special string arrangement. Recorded at Cleveland Recordings.

Engineered by Ken Hamann. Brainwashed Glenn Schwartz: lead and rhythm guitars; acoustic guitar; harmonica; bass guitar on "Ode to Glenn Schwartz. Rob Galbraith: acoustic guitar, keyboards. Kim Massman: acoustic guitar, violin, cello.

Larry Hill: keyboards. Pam Massmann: keyboards, violin, cello. Carole King: keyboards. Tom Eritano and Tim Hill: drums, percussion. Vocals: Mike. Ode to Glenn Schwartz J. Markko Vocals: Joe. Seek Him Schwartz Vocals: Glenn. Don't Look Back L. Vocals: Joe and Larry. Lonely author unknown; vocals: Carole King and J. Sleeve credits King only. Side 2: Frog Alley L. Vocals: Larry and Joe. Messed Up Schwartz See the Flesh Fly K.

Vocals: Kim. Smilin' Dog L. Our Answer K. Vocals: K. Inner sleeve has Having a Ball at the Smiling Dog. String arrangements by Rob and Pam. All music and vocal backgrounds by the All Saved Freak Band.

Engineered by Ken Haman sic. Brainwashed - Liner Notes The 60's were an epoch, an era. It was the time of the surfacing of the counter culture.

It had its basic philosophy, its demonstrators, and its music. As everything that stirs and involves the masses, this bag brought forth both good and bad.

It left some with broken minds, others it left lonely and lost. Some it left only a surplus of long hair, to them it was only a fad. Others it left with faith and still wanting to help others. Others it left never to be the same. They are the writers, the poets, the scholars, the artists, the seers and musicians that are bringing in a new renaissance.

These are the ones which saw what was really happening, and refused to go into bondage, "Give me liberty or give me death. The crowds screamed, "God damn you!

One of these whirling out of creation into form is Glenn Schwartz, former lead guitarist for the James Gang, and Pacific, Gas and Electric.

Glenn was both a student, and a father of the rock-blues guitarists cult of the 60's. Being a student of the blues music he played, caused him to seek out such men as B. He learned his lessons well and was well rewarded. Some that have studied under him are now playing with superstar groups. Glenn was chosen star performer after playing before 85, people at The Palm Beach Rock Festival, and one year later was rated as one of the top five rock guitarists in the world.

Playing on the nationwide hit, "Are You Ready? But the rock worls knew they had more than a propaganda produced rock star when Honor of Honors came running down. Jimmy Hendrix himself requested Glenn to play at what turned out to be his last birthday party. Glenn relates some of his experience in the tune "Messed Up" and "Seek Him", which reveals some of his "Lost and Found" department.

Tired of phony trips that went nowhere, and empty words that did nothing but repeat themselves the prophets of the subway walls and tenement halls do nothing but gripe he was looking for the action.

So while our star was standing at the crossroads, wondering Pacifically if it was Gas, or Electric, Album) made his little light shine, someone screamed, "I'm a seeker," and he said, "So am I. And this is when it all hit the fan. Cuz many people close to him were hypochondriacs and kept insisting that he take his medicine, whether he needed it or not. Having never walked themselves, they could not understand why he wanted to jump and dance.

Somebody said, "He's crazy. Come and dance with me. Why I wouldn't be caught dead at a dog fight dancing with you. And speaking of dogs, they even persecute the innocent. Well, about that time, our star was wondering again what constellation he was in, when someone shouted, "Happy Birthday!

Says Boy Wonder, "Because they laughed at me. Ed Durkos: rhythm guitar. Kim Massmann: acoustic guitar. Norris McClure: bass. Pam and Kim Massmann: strings. Tom Eritano and Tim Hill: drums and percussion. Side 1: Read Sea Rising J. Inner Light L. Vocal: J. Peace Like a River J. Beautiful Morning J. Side 2: Sower J. Prince of the International Kaleidoscope L.

Hill - K. Vocal: K. All Across the Nation L. Children of the Day J. Old Rugged Cross G. Vocal Rob Galbraith Record label states that the timing for side two is Art concepts and original sketches: Larry Hill, Mary Barnhard. Finished art: Charles Hooper. From the back cover Jimmy Hendrix wanted the best. That's why he asked Glenn Schwartz to play for him at what turned out to be his last birthday party. It blew the rock world's mind when Glenn played a screaming solo on his Gibson Firebird; he walked to the microphone and broke the news in front of 80, people that he had accepted Christ as his Saviour, quit drugs and encouraged them to do the same.

The place came apart! He was voted "Top Performer" of the rock festival and the next day the newspaper carried headlines carried the caption, "The Gospel Still Lives. Disc-jockeys; faces still light up when you say the name. They remember a band called "Pacific Gas and Electric" and a national hit called, "Are You Ready" on which he played lead, or they remember a super-star group called "The James Gang" and that when Glenn left the group. Joe walsh followed in his footsteps.

A national music magazine wrote. Sticks in hand, he pondered, "Things are changing so fast it's confusing. Let me see When a man of gentle countenance with strong, thick hands picks up a piece of steel, wood and wire, and turns it into a powerful but charming testimony of faith, then we know that Jesus Christ has once more stretched out his hand on a man and his talent and made them more than they would have been without Him.

We believe that the first tune on side one will satisfy you of that. End of this part of back cover Three days after The All Saved Freak Band recorded their first album, "My Poor Generation," the band's rhythm guitar player, Joe Markko, was electrocuted with 27,00 volts of electricity. When Joe's wife Sandy, his sister Laura and Larry got to the hospital, they found a large hole burned through Joe's breast bone and you could see his heart beating.

It was not believed that he would live, as there was not a case in medical history where anyone had taken a shock of 27, volts and live through it. Immediately the group formed a hour prayer chain and set aside certain days for prayer and fasting. For several weeks Larry and Laura went to the hospital at night and sat in Joe's room praying for him. During this time Its God Given - Disbelief - Spreading The Rage (CD crisis, two outstanding things remained in our minds. One was the outstanding efforts and dedication on the part of Dr.

Fratianne, who is not only a dedicated Christian Catholic, but a man of God, and Kathy LaBianca, a nurse who prayed for Joe day and night. Kathy sometimes put in as many as 14 hours a day, staying after her own shift to make sure that everything was done correctly. The other outstanding point was the night of crisis when Larry was at the hospital praying and it did not look like Joe was going to make it.

As prayer and supplication went up before God that this young man would not die before some of his music could get out to the public and that God would have mercy and let him live for the sake of his family, a quiet clear voice spoke, "I will give him his life.

Fratianne said afterward, "he will never sing again. He later ssid, "it's scientifically impossible for him to sing, yet he's doing it! The blood of Jesus Christ has brought us great mercies. To Him be all glory! The beauty and the power of Sower is entirely because of the grace and mercies of Jesus Christ.

Beloved, we will meet great tests and trials in the near future! Thousands in the West will be faced with circumstances beyond their control. But in the midst of every trial, there is One to whom we all may turn - Jesus Christ. He is the great hope of this world! This fact has got to be proclaimed across the world at this time in history.

His Gospel must be preached to the masses. Think of it! About fifty-five percent of these people are under 21 years old. These impoverished nations are literally nations of children that can produce nothing. Surely these enveloped with poverty and sorrow need to hear of Jesus, "a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.

By those that are now children will be literate. Someone will give them something to read! The question is - - who? Hundreds of millions of these youngsters are, and will be, starving. Every time we breathe, someone dies that has never heard the name of Jesus Christ! Surely in their loneliness, trouble and sorrow they need the comfort, faith and hope that Christ gives. They need the anointing that will give them the inner spiritual equipment to cope with their problems.

It is obvious that we are in a urgent race against time! The question rises, how are these multitudes to be evangelized? Something must be done now!

It is the belief of the present members of All Saved Freak Band that God has raised up believers of a certain calling to play Jesus music for the evangelism of this generation. Rock and Roll has become the international language of the youth of all nations. This media must be used to reach the youth of the whole world. People are still quibbling about whether Jesus Rock is a legitimate means of evangelism while literally hundreds have come into the kingdom of God through its use.

We have actually heard the testimonies of youth that have said they would have never gone to hear anyone preach, but they did get saved listening to the words of music. We do not have time anymore for petty prejudices. They must be put aside! Jesus said, "I will make you fishers of men.

We must look at Jesus Music this way - I don't like worms, but fish do! Get it? Paul reached all of Asia in two years Acts We believe we're learning how he did it. There are some basic laws in evangelism that must be adhered to.

This could be called" Scientific Evangelism. In response to many inquiries, there will be information about All Saved Freak Band and pictures. Significant comments will be made in answer to questions arising in the Christian community due to offense, music, appearance and absurd money demands made by certain Jesus music groups.

I am very concerned about the questions above and will make comment on these in depth in the commentary on Sower. It is evident that Jesus Music has come to a fork in the road. One road, the broad way ,is paved with compromise and a watered-down message with the hope that it will lead to fame and fortune. The other is the way that has always been the indicated way by God for His ministers. That is the way of the "Old Rugged Cross.

This fellowship will form a platform of ministry for Christians on every level. The "Commentary of Sower" shall provide a broader view of the fellowship's concepts.

The Great Commission: "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Motivation: "Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

The Gospel: "For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures. And that he was buried and he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. Method: "Go ye out quickly into the highway and hedges and compel them to come in. Facility: "That if thou will confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Preparation: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Principle of Expansion and Continuance: "And these things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also.

From the inner sleeve Side One As a skilled surgeon tenderly removes the infected organ or amputates a diseased member of the body before healing can begin, so will Christ heal His body, the Church, through chastisement before his return. Jesus has a work to accomplish in these last days of time referred to in the Bible as the age of "the Church of the Laodiceans.

Now notice in the seventeenth verse the words, "i am rich and increased with goods," which is almost an exact description of the standard of success of the churches and evangelistic associations of today. For which things sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.

Covetousness is in the same class of sin as fornication! Covetousness is the subtle unnoticed sin of the twentieth century. The rebuking message has gone out to the church and the world for almost one hundred years; even after two world wars the masses and world leaders refuse God's call to repentance.

The Gospel has been shunned. Sower is a divine announcement! America has crossed the line and must pass through the refining fires of chastisement! That is not a prediction, it is a prophecy! It is likely that a devastating war on America will shatter the security of the masses so strongly that the Antichrist will be able to rise to world prominence and find world-wide acceptance of his "policy," 10 even as Hitler did in Germany after the first World War.

That's only a supposition. Regardless of the fact that the masses are to be brought into judgment, Jesus still holds out hope to the individual, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him. That stands true for saint or sinner. He wants a hot church! There's no experience in life that can replace the glory of God entering the human heart. When the Holy Spirit reveals the glory of God, and when Jesus Himself walks into your life, there is cleansing, joy and power.

It is an experience that puts the fire of God in you! It's a Beautiful Morning! When it happens, it will put the Gospel in your mouth and holiness in your life. Jesus wants us on fire! He wants our all. He wants our spirit, soul and body under His sway.

He cares about what you think, how you feel and what you look like! Jesus wants us to love God and have a burden for lost souls.

He wants us out with the Bible, winning souls. He wants us out among all classes sowing the Word of God in the hearts of men. In this century, three important events have taken place that have brought the church and the Western World to the doors of judgment.

This revival spread across the world in phenomenal dimensions; the result of which was the Pentecost Movement. The movement for the most part was a trustworthy Gospel preaching church for many years, and maintained sound teaching at a time in history when the other churches had either gone dry, or were apostatizing.

It has since recanted of its holiness position to compromise a marriage between itself and the pagan left-wing of the church that worships virgins, saints, intercessors and idols.

Of course, the practice of these things is the worst kind of heresy. The Bible states, "Ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost. We should show them their errors in love. If ambitious men began to lead the church astray in the presence of the Apostles and don't forget that Judas walked with Jesusthen we may expect the same today.

Spiritual blindness has so possessed the leaders of this movement through their lust for money and self ambition, that this past summer on national television, three of the world's leading charismatic and Pentecostal leaders advocated the marriage of Israel with the United Arab Republic.

What darkness! Not since God told Abraham to cast Ismael out Genesis 21including Paul's exposition on the same in Galatians, chapter four, has God suggested a covenant between the seed of Isaac and the Arabs. This is the very activity that the prophet Daniel said would be performed by the Antichrist! The eleventh chapter of Daniel tells us that the false prophet and Antichrist shall accomplish a false peace covenant for and with Israel and her enemies. In our pianist Larry Hill had a vision of the great Russian bear in the Middle East devouring land, and a serpent crawling out of Rome headed for the Middle East.

Thousands of copies of the vision were distributed. Though history shows only one Pope traveling to the Middle East, we shall soon see it again. These blind leaders of the blind are preparing the minds of foolish Protestants to accept these Antichrist activities as good, and as of the Lord.

The work of Antichrist is: "unification of the world! Read Ezekiel, chapter thirty-six through thirty-eight. God says He will fight. The third great historical event to take place in this century is the invasion of Russia into the Middle East.

Pin It. Labels: ADCdifferencesgriefguiltmother lossmourning patternspouse loss. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. HONcode standard for trustworthy health information.

Listen to the Interview! In this interview, Dr. Connect with Grief Healing:. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Search This Blog. Lewis 1 CADI 6 CAKE 1 calendar 2 calling 1 camp 14 Camp Widow 4 campaign 1 campus 2 Canada 1 cancer cancer children and pet loss 1 cancer screening 1 cane 1 canine 2 card messages 1 cardiac 1 cards 2 care 1 care manager 2 Caregiver 2 caregiving cargiving 1 caring 1 caring for the dead 1 CaringBridge 4 carnations 1 Carol Burnett 1 Caroline Macari 1 cartography 1 casket 1 Castleman disease 1 cat 31 Catholic 1 Catholic church 3 catholic mandela 1 cats 8 caution 2 CBT 1 CD 1 CDC 1 CE Conferences 11 CE Online 11 celebrities 13 cemetery 5 ceremony 2 certification 9 challenges 3 change 15 changes 2 chaplain 15 Charles Krauthammer 2 Charlie Gard 2 chat 7 cheating 2 checklist 3 Chelsea Hanson 1 chemo 2 chemotherapy 5 Cheryl Strayed 1 chief spiritual officer 1 Chihuahua 1 Child 1 child loss child loss.

Google 1 Dr. Jeff Spiess 1 Dr. Shep Jeffreys 1 J. Marty Tousley on Twitter Counter. Tweets by GriefHealing. In Grief: Mother Loss vs. Open to Hope Articles by Marty Tousley. Grief Healing Album) Pinterest. She thought it was a crank call, deleted it and then thought maybe And eventually drove the 40 km to see us. The following morning, I couldn't sleep and was sitting in the living room with the deck doors open.

Two pigeons started trying to fly into the house. We are in an isolated area and I have never seen pigeons the hawks eat them. Coincidence, I don't know. However it has given me comfort in the fact that I believe that my wife was saying her goodbye and letting us know that wherever she was, it was O. In my work with the bereaved, I hear stories like these all the time, and I'm so grateful to each of you for sharing yours here.

Who is to say if these events are coincidences or not? Your comments are welcome! Thursday, June 24, After Death Communication. Image Source [Reviewed and updated June 7, ] Of all the various ways that grief can express itself, perhaps one of the most unsettling is to experience the presence of a lost loved one some time after the death has occurred.

When one so dear to us is gone, it can be very hard to accept that the individual is really dead. We may think about and dream about our beloved much of the time, and it may seem as if everything around us is a reminder of the one we have lost. Sometimes we may think we've seen, heard or been touched by the individual--or even that we've received a symbolic communication or message from the one who has died, in the form of a meaningful signal or a vivid dream that appears very real.

Some people find this to be very frightening and disorienting, while others find it to be quite helpful and even comforting. Known as an ADCor after-death communication, such a mystical experience is by no means abnormal, nor does it forecast a complicated grief reaction.

While some may find them distressing, it is generally believed that such mystical experiences have great power and personal significance for the mourner and may be an important, if not vital, part of healing. Nowadays grief counselors are encouraged to support, enable and empower grief-stricken individuals to maintain their loving connections with their deceased loved ones.

In the official newsletter of the Association for Death Education and Counselingfor example, licensed grief counselor Jane Bissler advocates for parents needing to maintain a bond with their child who has died, and calls upon bereavement professionals to include this in our practice.

It is imperative that they also be taught how to create a new relationship with their child rather than letting it go.

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  1. Jan 01,  · Album · · 13 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Spreading the Rage Disbelief Metal · Preview SONG TIME It's God Given. PREVIEW Drown. PREVIEW Democracy. PREVIEW Back to Life.

  2. Limited edition 2-CD set including bonus-CD/CD-ROM. Bonus CD-ROM including -. Videoclip "To The Sky", wallpapers, band-photoalbum and videoclip-outtakes. "To The Sky" is an AVI format video file. All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered "Democracy" originally performed by Killing Joke.

  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Disbelief - Spreading The Rage at Discogs. Complete your Disbelief collection/5.

  4. Apr 20,  · Spreading the Rage, an Album by Disbelief. Released 21 October on Massacre (catalog no. MAS CD ; CD). Genres: Death Metal/5(2).

  5. Disbelief: Spreading the Rage. 16/ Band Name Disbelief. Album Name Spreading the Rage. Type Album. Released date 21 October Labels Massacre Records. Music Style Death Metal. Members owning this album It's God Given: Drown: Democracy (Killing Joke Cover) Back to Life/20(1).

  6. Recording information: Recorded, mixed and mastered between - at Stage 1 Studio, Buhne. Identifiers: Matrix / Runout: UL

  7. Oct 21,  · Recording information: Recorded, mixed and mastered between - at Stage 1 Studio, Buhne. Identifiers: Barcode (Printed): 4

  8. Disbelief «Spreading the Rage Death will score 8: For those who dare 9: Addiction It_s god given Drown Democracy Back to life: The limited edition (cat.-no. MAS CL) comes with a bonus CD-ROM. Сообщений нет.

  9. Citare qualche brano dell'album in questo caso non avrebbe granché senso, infatti non ci sono dei punti deboli o delle cadute di tono tra le tredici tracce incluse in "Spreading the rage": come dicevo la qualità media è elevata e questo fa sì che il cd si possa ascoltare tutto di un fiato senza che ci si imbatta in momenti noiosi o comunque.

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