Girls Under Glass - The Question, The Answer - Pop (Cassette)

Who the earliest? Army ranks is the highest? Presidential campaign slogans was used most recently? Snow White meets the huntsman.

Rowling was the earliest? Tolkien's book The Hobbit? Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Georges St. Real Madrid C. Pacmanwhich of these fruits is worth the most points? Truman, John. Dick have been adapted into films? Arthur C. Clarke, Daniel Keyes, George R. Forrest GumpL. Dasani, Dr. Mount St. David Livingstone. From the get go, Love Too Late was never going to be a desert island disc, and neither iteration of the record surpasses the energy and grit of the band's debut, Teenage Heartbreak.

Instead, the point of The Real Album was to finally scratch a forty-year itch, and right what was seen as an egregious wrong from the vantage of the record's four architects - and that's precisely what the Sorrows have accomplished here. Perhaps the only thing surpassing the popularity of Big Stir's copious deluge of digital singles is their quickly accumulating CD compilations of them.

Before I give you a quick rundown of the Ninth and Tenth volumes, I should mention I'm already behind the eight-ball, as Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth installments exist as I type this! Anyway, onto the Ninth Wave depicted to your left. The Persian Leaps don't appear until four songs in "PRN" but I'd be more than content to move these folks to the head of the class given their crunchy and assertive aplomb.

Rossie Abbott arouses some well-placed yacht rock maneuvers via "Hold On," David Brooking's "Livin' Through the Plague" is as clever and spot on as current events get, and The Brothers Steve shake my proverbial bottle of ketchup as well.

All of the aforementioned titles are available now through Big Stir's homepageBandcamp and Amazon. Be on the look out for an exceedingly limited red-vinyl pressing of the Sorrows Love Too Late The Real Album! Steam Roller The New One Pop Instrument Till the Day is Done Winner The Call Christmas Goes Down The Melody Milky Ways Polizei Isolated bonus Sucker bonus.

The Pacific Northwest rock scene of the s was a hotbed of creativity, with a multitude of bands developing uncommon sounds in relative geographic isolation. Variant Cause was one of those bands.

They changed their name to Variant Cause in and performed live and recorded till And with all the aforementioned details in mind, VC were first and foremost composed of stunningly adept musicians, but their disposition as a band was equally confusing. Shades of goth, funk, snyth pop, and a little kitchen sink experimentalism were all fair game in coloring their oft unpredictable canvas.

While there are few individual tunes I'm over the moon for here, I at the very least appreciate components or portions of wherever the needle drops on Variant Causeeven if it's merely a saucy guitar solo. Despite busy and robustly textured arrangements, it's way to challenging to stereotype Variant Cause.

And with titles like "Lankin' Leaning Colleen" you can rest assured this five or possibly six piece weren't likely to keep a straight face for long. One tune vaguely out of character even for them would be the hopped-up rockabilly sensibilities of the concluding "I Faced the Insomnia Squad.

I Live By the Freeway Lankin' Leaning Colleen Exotic Locale Out on the Streets For Love Again Kamikaze Cabaret You Put Me in the Hospital Again Here Comes the Glamour Over-stimulation I Faced the Insomnia Squad. Hope For the Haunted She Has It Quiet Slow Fade Both of us had gone further with our mothers than we had with any other girl.

Tim, who had started the ball rolling, had necked longer and more intensely than ever before and then rubbed himself and his mom to orgasm. All this was forgotten in the ensuing weeks and I now wondered if, in our whirlwind triumph at school, we had neglected and possibly lost the true treasure that had always surrounded us. My belated attempts to get Mom alone were mostly rebuffed and when I finally managed to corner her she made it plain there was nothing to talk about.

Tim reported a similar reaction from his mother. We were both bummed out talking about at the drive-in where our lonely appearance was duly noted by our peers and confirmed the rumor about being dumped. The following week, we kept more or less to ourselves but I noticed that Tim seemed less bummed out Girls Under Glass - The Question I.

He may have experienced a setback but at least he was still on the game board. She actually blushed and looked down at the table when he first started talking about the movies. Only he noticed since his father was listening to the TV which was still on in the living room and soon got up to leave, cued by the start of some program. As soon as she was finished, she got up and began clearing the dishes from the table.

My friend kept talking while he watched his mother fill the sink with soapy water, his eyes catching every move she made. Tim, a more competitive sort than I, sensed an advantage, and decided to stay in the kitchen to pressure his mother, reminding her of their previous intimacy and shared indiscretion.

He could tell that his discussion and visual attention was flustering his mother. He wondered, he told me, whether she was just afraid that he might let something slip about what had happened, or if the memories re-ignited the sexual excitement of that night.

He got up from the table, bringing more dishes from the counter. You go watch TV with your father. Undeterred, Tim snagged the dish towel that was hanging from the oven door handle and stood behind his mother, admiring how she filled the back of her skirt.

I formed a visual too and felt a stirring in my loins as Tim continued with his story. On the third glass, Mom started rinsing the dishes but she still washed them faster than usual. Tim said he kept describing the movies, now on the second feature, and his mother eventually calmed down, slowing her pace until she was washing at her normal speed. Tim had fallen behind and the rack had filled so his mom had trouble finding a spot for a bowl. His audacity staggered me and from the grin on his face as he related this to me, it was still amazing to him.

She just started washing them again, really slow. His mom, he said, acted as if nothing had happened. Tim explained that this continued for the rest of the week.

Every night, after his father left the kitchen, Tim and his mother would set about doing the dishes. There was no need to return any dishes to the sink. Millie washed everything thoroughly, taking extreme care to be sure each item virtually sparkled before it was placed in the rack. By Friday, despite progressing to intense stand-up body rubs accompanied by serious ear and neck nibbling, Tim was unable to convince his mother to go to the drive-in with him again, but he did extract a promise, he said, beaming with pride.

I struggled to breathe as that bomb sunk in. It was up to me, then? My excitement, built up so high listening to Tim talk about his week with his mother, crashed to the ground. I said as much to Tim. Except for getting dates with the good looking girls at school, things almost always worked out for Tim.

That was Saturday. After that, I ran every time the phone rang but hung back, waiting for someone else to answer.

Whenever it was for mom, I lurked nearby out of sight, listening. By Wednesday, Tim was tired of me bugging him about it. That was fine for him. And though I brought up the subject of the drive-in, Mom neither responded nor seemed bothered by the topic. So the week went on. Wednesday night turned in to Thursday and then Friday.

Saturday was hell. I hung up, got some lemonade from the fridge and wandered out to sit on the patio. It rang and rang. Once while at a party, I spotted a fellow surrounded by a fan club of avid listeners. The chap was smiling, gesticulating, and obvi- ously enthralling his audience. I went over to hearken to this fas- cinating speaker. I joined his throng of admirers and eavesdropped for a minute or two. Suddenly, it dawned on me: the fellow was saying the most banal things! His script was dull, dull, dull.

Ah, but he was delivering his prosaic observations with such passion, and therefore, he held the group spellbound. Dottie often stayed at her desk to work through lunch. Bologna on whole wheat, hold the mayo? How do you put people at ease? By convincing them they are OK and that the two of you are similar. When you do that, you break down walls of fear, suspicion, and mistrust.

Hayakawa was a college president, U. He noticed others waiting in the station were staring at him suspiciously. Because of the war, they were apprehensive about his presence. He made unoriginal remarks to set them at ease. He said to the husband that it was too bad the train should be late on so cold a night. The man agreed. Again the husband agreed. Again agreement, this time with a slight smile. The tension was relaxing. Do you think the Japs have any chance of winning this war?

Hundreds of radio commentators. But just because they were, the remark sounded familiar and was on the right side so that it was easy to agree with. Both the man and his wife looked troubled and sympathetic. Hayakawa delivered his sentiments with sin- cerity and passion.

Ascent from Banality It is not necessary, of course, to stay with mundane remarks. The conversation then escalates naturally, compatibly. Because, remember, people tune in to your tone more than your text. No matter how prosaic the text, an empathetic mood, a positive demeanor, and passionate delivery make you sound exciting. You could be the happiest Pollyanna ever, but how will they know? Open and shut.

Other than these downers, anything goes. The trick is to ask your prosaic question with passion to get the other person talking. Still feel a bit shaky on making the approach to strangers? A Whatzit is anything you wear or carry that is unusual—a unique pin, an interesting purse, a strange tie, or an amusing hat.

I wear around my neck an outmoded pair of glasses that resem- bles a double monocle. Perhaps, unknowingly, you have fallen prey to this soon-to- be-legendary technique. At a gathering, have you ever noticed 56 Copyright by Leil Lowndes. What a bounty it was to discover that he or she was wearing some weird, wild, or won- derful something you could comment on. The Whatzit Way to Love Your Whatzit is a social aid whether you seek business rewards or new romance.

My friend Alexander carries Greek worry beads with him wherever he goes. An attractive woman spots you across the room. But, golly, what can I say to you? The big spender who, you suspect, might buy a hundred of your widgets has a tiny golf-club lapel pin? Are you a golfer? Me, too. What courses have you played? Whether you are riding in the elevator, climbing the doorstep, or traversing the path to the party, make sure your Whatzit is hanging out for all to see.

If, however, you are loath to pull the party giver away from his or her other guests, you still can perform Whoozat. Simply pump the party giver for just enough information to launch you. Now you make a beeline for Joe Smith. Susan was just telling me what a great skier you are. Where do you ski? Simply ask the party giver to make the introduction, or pump for a few facts that you can immediately turn into icebreakers.

Now the third in our little trio of meeting-who-you-want tricks. Eavesdropping, of course, conjures images of clandestine activities—wiretapping, Watergate break- ins, or spies skulking around in the murky shadows.

Eavesdrop- ping has historical precedent with politicians so, in a pinch, it naturally comes to mind. Then wait for a word or two you can use as a wedge to break into the group. Any suggestions? No host for Whoozat? No problem! Will they get over it? Will you be in the conversation? Then they slap on the muzzle. Give the hun- gry communicator something to conversationally nibble on.

All it takes is an extra sentence or two about your city—some interesting fact, some witty observation—to hook the asker into the conversation. Several months ago, a trade association invited me to be its keynote speaker on networking and teaching people to be better conversationalists. Just before my speech, I was introduced to Mrs. Devlin, who was the head of the association. Then Mrs. Devlin smiled, anxiously awaiting Girls Under Glass - The Question sample of my stimulating conversational expertise.

I asked her where she was from. I had to quickly thaw her answer into digestible conversation. My mind thrashed into action. Crim- iny, what do I know about Columbus? I know a fellow named Jeff, a successful speaker who lives there. But Columbus is too big to ask if she knows him. I realized by now that seconds had passed, and Mrs. Devlin was still standing there with a slowly dissipating smile on her face. But, just then, under the knife, I created the following technique for posterity.

Learn some engaging facts about your hometown that conversational partners can comment on. And you will obviously throw out different conversational bait to snag sim- ple shrimp or sophisticated sharks.

The reason I left is there were seven women to every man when I was growing up. No need to speculate on the multitude of conversational possibilities that unlocks.

Where do you get your conversational bait? Start by phoning the chamber of commerce or historical society of your town. Search the World Wide Web and click on your town, or open an old-fashioned encyclopedia—all rich sources for future stimulat- ing conversations. The Devlin debacle inspired further research.

The minute I got home, I called the Columbus chamber of commerce and the historical society. Talking with an American history buff? Tell him that Colum- bus was, indeed, named after Christopher Columbus and that a replica of the Santa Maria is anchored in the Scioto River. Talk- ing with a student? The possibilities continue. You suspect your conversation part- ner has an artistic bent?

Months later, I mentioned the trauma to my speaker friend from Columbus, Jeff. Jeff explained his house was really in a smaller town just minutes outside Columbus. For the moment, these few defensive moves help you keep your crackerjack communicator credentials when asked the inevitable question.

Flesh it out. Tell a little story your conversa- tion partner can get a handle on. Throw out some delicious facts about your job for new acquaintances to munch on. Talking with a business owner? My current case concerns an employer who is being sued by one of her staff for asking personal questions during the initial job interview. We three sat in silence the rest of the meal. Whenever people ask you what you do, give them some mouth-to-ear resuscitation so they can catch their breath and say something.

John, this is Susan Jones. The fault lies with the person who introduced the two the way most people introduce their friends to each other—with naked names. They cast out a line with no bait for people to sink their teeth into.

Big winners may not talk a Girls Under Glass - The Question, but conversation never dies unwillingly in their midst. John has a won- derful boat we took a trip on last summer. John, this is Susan Smith.

Susan is editor in chief of Shoestring Gourmet magazine. It gives John an opening to discuss his love of writing. Or of cooking. Or of 71 Copyright by Leil Lowndes.

Bait the conversational hook to get them in the swim of things. The other day at a gathering, the hostess introduced a man named Gilbert. He makes beautiful wax carvings. Let us now rise from small talk and seek the path to more meaningful dialogue.

The next technique is guaranteed to make the exchange engrossing for your conversa- tion partner. With the following technique, set your mind at rest. They become word detectives. I have a young friend, Nancy, who works in a nursing home. Nancy cares deeply about the elderly but often grumbles about how crotchety and laconic some of Girls Under Glass - The Question patients are.

Nancy told me about one especially cantankerous old woman named Mrs. Otis, whom she could never get to open up to her. Otis practically Girls Under Glass - The Question down my throat. Otis if she liked plants? Otis brought the subject up. Nancy re- sisted, but I persisted. Not only did Mrs. Today I had a dif- ferent problem with Mrs. She went on and on about her garden, her husband. If Mrs. Otis thought to bring up plants, then she must have some relationship with them.

Furthermore, by mentioning the word, it meant subconsciously she wanted to talk about plants. Otis wants to talk about now? When talking with anyone, keep your ears open and, like a good detective, listen for clues. If two people have something in common, when the shared interest comes up, they jump on it naturally. The evidence is bound to slip out. Then spring on that subject like a sleuth on to a slip of the tongue. Several years ago, a girlfriend and I attended a party saturated with a hodgepodge of swellegant folks.

Everyone we talked to seemed to lead a nifty life. Diane has just rubbed noses with a winner. As it turns out, I had the pleasure of meeting Big-Winner Dan several months later.

As it turns out, Dan lives in Paris, has a beach home in the south of France, and a mountain home in the Alps. He travels around the world producing sound and light shows for pyramids and ancient ruins—and he is an avid hang 76 Copyright by Leil Lowndes.

Does this man have an interesting life or what? Yet Dan, when meeting Diane, said nothing about himself. I told Dan about how pleased Diane was to meet him yet how little she learned about his life. I always try to turn the spotlight on the other person. They know they grow more by listen- ing than talking. Obviously, they also captivate the talker.

Brian does a brilliant job of training top salespeople. He tells his students of a giant spotlight that, when shining on their product, is not as interesting to the prospect. When they shine the spotlight on the prospect, they make the sale. Salespeople, this technique is especially crucial for you.

Technique 19 The Swiveling Spotlight When you meet someone, imagine a giant revolving spotlight between you. If you shine it brightly enough, the stranger will be blinded to the fact that you have hardly said a word about yourself. Have you ever, puttering around the house, had the TV in the background tuned to a tennis game? You hear the ball going back and forth over the net—klink-klunk, klink-klunk, klink.

What happened? You immediately look up at the set. Likewise in conversation, the conversational ball goes back and forth. First you speak, then your partner speaks, you speak. Such is the rhythm of conversation. My friend Phil sometimes picks me up at the airport. Usually I am so exhausted that I rudely fall asleep in the passenger seat, relegating Phil to nothing more than a chauffeur.

Usually I would have just grunted and wafted into unconscious- ness. However, on this particular trip, I had learned the Par- roting technique and was eager to try it.

So I simply backed up and par- roted one of his previous phrases to get him on another track. And all I did was parrot a few of his phrases. Technique 20 Parroting Never be left speechless again. Like a parrot, simply repeat the last few words your conversation partner says.

That puts the ball right back in his or her court, and then all you need to do is listen. A friend of mine, Paul, a used-car salesman, told me he credits a recent sale of a Lamborghini to Parroting. As they were look- ing at one very sensible family car, Paul asked the husband what he thought of it. An hour later, Paul had pocketed a fat commission. Want to take a rest from talking to save your throat?

This next technique gets your conversation partner off and running so all you have to do is listen or even sneak off unnoticed as he or she chats congenially away. One night, sleeping in my cabin, I was awakened by the ship rocking violently from side to side. I listened and the engines were off. A bad sign. I grabbed my robe and raced up to the deck. Through the dense fog, I could barely discern another ship not half a mile from us.

I rushed over just in time to see a man in the moonlight with a bandage over one eye struggling up our violently rocking ladder. The engines started again and we were on our way. The next morning I got the full story.

A laborer on the other ship, a freighter, had been drilling a hole in an engine cylinder. While he was working, a sharp, needle-thin piece of metal shot like a missile into his right eye.

The freighter had no doctor on board so the ship broadcast an emergency signal. International sea laws dictate that any ship hearing a distress signal must respond. Our ship came to the rescue and the seaman, clutching his bleeding eye, was lowered into a lifeboat that brought him to our ship.

I hauled him over to the nearest group of grinning passengers and introduced him. Rossi saved the eyesight of a seaman on another ship after a dramatic midnight rescue. To my amazement, it was as though Dr. Rossi was blessed instantly with the tongues of angels. His pre- viously monosyllabic broken English became thickly accented elo- quence. He recounted the entire story for the growing group of passengers gathering around him. I left the throng that Dr. By now I knew I had a winner.

It worked even better the second time. He happily commenced his Encore! As he chatted away, I raced back to the captain to pull him away for a second telling with another throng. I felt like the circus juggler who keeps all the plates spinning on sticks. The only problem was I noticed the stories getting longer and more elaborate each time. I had to adjust my timing in getting them to do a repeat perfor- mance for the next audience.

Your conversation partner is secretly loving it. Technique 21 Encore! Choose an appropriate one from their repertoire that the crowd will enjoy. Then shine the spotlight by requesting a repeat performance. One word of warning: make sure the story you request is one in which the teller shines. No one Girls Under Glass - The Question to retell the time they lost the sale, cracked up the car, or broke up the bar and spent the night in jail.

Make sure your requested Encore! You simply tiptoe away and let the bore spin the story on and on with your friend. Of course, your friend may never speak to you again. The next technique deals with sharing some positive stories of your life. Airing your youthful battle with bed-wetting, teeth grinding, or thumb sucking—or your present struggle with gout or a goiter—supposedly endears you to the masses.

Well, sometimes it does. One study showed that if someone is above you in stature, their revealing a foible brings them closer to you. If he shares that with me so quickly, what else is he hiding? A closetful of ex- spouses, a criminal record, walls papered with rejection letters? You and your new good friend can invite the skeletons out, have a good laugh, and dance over their bones later in the relationship.

The next is both an assertive and defensive move to help spare you that pasty smile we tend to sport when we have no idea what people are talking about. And, of course, you must have just the right tie or correct color lipstick. Wait a minute. What about the right conversation to enhance your image? You will, of course, fol- low your instincts in conversation. Technique 23 The Latest News. Anything that happened today is good material. Sidney told me she had a house rule when she was in business.

Reports came back from her clients complimenting her on the fascinating women she had working for her. The consummate businesswoman, Ms. Ready for the big leagues of conversation? When two tigers prowling through the jungle chance upon one another in a clearing, they look at each other. They freeze. Which of us has the stronger survival skills? Humans start the process by looking at each other and talking. Thus, by observing each other carefully during casual conversing, it becomes almost immediately evident to both which is the bigger cat in the human jungle.

You can lose a potentially important friendship or business contact. One stupid move and you can tumble off the corporate or social ladder. The following com- munications skills give you a leg up to start your ascent to the top of any ladder you choose. By not asking the question, the big boys and big girls come across as more princi- pled, even spiritual.

With so much downsizing, rightsizing, and capsizing of corpora- tions these days, the blunt interrogation evokes uneasiness. Additionally, millions of talented and accomplished women have chosen to devote themselves to motherhood.

When the cruel corporate question is thrust at them, they feel guilty. The rude interrogation belittles their commitment to their families.

No mat- 95 Copyright by Leil Lowndes. Recently I attended a posh party on Easy Street. I suspect they invited me as their token working-class person.

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