Crawlspace - Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs. Full Version (CDr, Album)

Come sta e? Ho fato molte telefonate Oops gotcha clutch like Plazza Sneak between the sheets so hide like matzoh Holler back challah bread If You If You Wanna Know Wanna Know The real deal about the three Well let me tell you We're triple Crawlspace - Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs. Full Version (CDr ya'll We're gonna bring you up to speed Cause I'm a specializer, rhyme reviser Ain't selling out to advertisers What you get is what you see And you won't see me out there advertising See I like to party not drink Bacardi 'Cause I'm not looking to throw up on nobody Known for my spiel like wheelie one wheel 'Cause this is like having a delicious meal Moving the crowd, well that's a must I got some words that apply to us and that's Mesmerizing, tantalizing Captivating, we're devastating If You If You Wanna Know Wanna Know The real deal about the three Well let me tell you We're triple trouble ya'll We're gonna bring you up to speed Here's one for the bleachers and the upper tier Versatile like All-Temp-A-Cheer If you wanna drink call Mr.

Belvedere Run this rap game like a brigadier I got kicks on the one, seven and eleven Snares on the five and thirteen Rhymes on time and that's the given We're hot on the disco scene check it a check it Slow down with I-me, got to stop stingin' The source of the problem is at the origin You've got lyrics that have got me cringin' You're like a fish-wife, quit your damn whingin' If You If You Wanna Know Wanna Know The real deal about the three Well let me tell you We're triple trouble ya'll We're gonna bring you up to speed Hey yo, BAM super nature god damn Cerrone on the microphone I am Adrock a.

Did I hear you say my rhymes is wack? I'm beautiful you can't touch me If you pick a rose, well you might just bleed We're originators you can't feign Ignorance or pass the blame 'Nuff rhymes coming out the brain 'Nuff beats to drive you insane 'Nuff moves to make your neck crane 'Nuff skill to make the rhymes ingrain 'Nuff heat to leave you in flames 'Nuff style that you can't defame You see I walk like Jabba The Hutt With the style so new y'all be like what?

Turn the party out Crawlspace - Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs. Full Version (CDr a bon vivant With the skill at will that I know you want On a hot day sip on iced latte Devious like Wyllie Coyote Hot to trote or maybe not-e 'Cause little did they know there was a baby in her body Mesmerizing, tantalizing, captivating, devastating If You If You Wanna Know Wanna Know The real deal about the three Well let me tell you We're triple trouble ya'll We're gonna bring you up to speed Roses are beautiful to look at, but they're thorny Stems may cause them to be difficult to handle Thus making their beauty a bit awkward.

Which of you schnooks took my rhyme book? Look give it back you're wicky wack With your ticky tack calls didn't touch you at all I didn't touch your hand man you know its all ball You sold a few records but don't get slick 'Cause you used a corked bat to get those hits You've been in the game, your career is long But when you break it down you've only got 2 songs MC's are like clay pigeons and I'm shootn' skeet I just yell pull and MMM drops the beat You people call yourselves MC's but you're garbage men Takin' out the trash when you pull out the pen And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

I read about you up on page 6 They was trashin' your ass it's sad you're getting dissed Now talk about your face now don't get pissed But I suggest you see a dermatologist I keep that hot sauce hot not mild and weak It's gonna burn your mouth until you wet your beak I've got billions and billions of rhymes to flex 'Cause Crawlspace - Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs. Full Version (CDr got more rhymes than Carl Sagan's got turtlenecks Your rhymes are fake like a Canal Street watch You're hearing me and you're like "oh my god its Sasquatch!

So put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself Sucker MC's it's me they're resenting In the animal kingdom they call it presenting With the dipsy doodle the kit and caboodle The truth is brutal your grandma's kugel Kings County is my stomping ground The Albee Square Mall, Brooklyn, Downtown So don't ask me to wine and dine ya I'm from Brooklyn you're from Regina You're like Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam You're just Album) and wildin' wondering who I am With those lies you're telling you look like Toucan Sam But my style's impregnable like the Hoover Dam And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

Yo what the schnitzel we're back Shit's getting duller and duller and that's a fact I don't care what you heard or care what you seen I swear it wasn't me in Bear magazine Because I'm not that hairy oh contrary I go with the flow though the tempo varies So twist the cap and pop the cork My name's Adrock made in New York Oh word?

What the ponytail, I don't eat snail I'll steal your keys and then I'll check your mail 'Cause I'm the creepy crawler that be crawling your walls And I'm the shot caller when it comes to shot calls And I'll be rockin' parties from block to block And block party to party the neighborhoods on lock So hide your eyes, wait, I saw you looking The name's MCS made in downtown Brooklyn Oh word?

Yo what the parsley, parsley to the teeth I'm a rhyme style writer you're a rhyme style thief I may be paranoid you tried to fade me Here's a song for you "Lady" Make you bug out like you don't know what to do Your momma says "shame on you" When you're dancing with your crew So get that poor chicken up off your fork My name's Mike D made in New York Oh word? Yo what the talafel you gotta get up awful Early to fool Mr. What the phone booth word to hair moose You're on the corner and you're selling a hog's tooth Don't mean to dis but I've got to point out The hogs tooth belong inside the hog's mouth Like Ernest Shackleton said to Ord Lees I'll have dog pemmican with my tea Now pass the wok 'cause I'm cookin' The names MCS made in Downtown Brooklyn Oh word?

Yo, what the doofus, say good night You're Snidely Whiplash I'm Dudley Do-you-right Times are off the hinges leave your 2 way at the Crawlspace - Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs. Full Version (CDr We're all up the creek a long way from shore Not walking around looking to get you cake The D is for Diamonds not for Drakes This not a fantasy and I'm not Mr.

Back on the scene for ya'll people's delight You want peace for the people then ya say alright 'Cause George W's got nothing on me We got to take the power from he When I'm on the mic I feel good to go Like a snow day for school with hot cocoa So don't speak what I heard, just say what I know And my zodiac sign is Scorpio Look what the cat dragged in The creme de la creme without the skin So take a rest and mind your own biz And that's it that's all that's all there is Fresh It is not mentally possibly for me to switch on apathy towards the group.

When all is said and done, I have spun To the 5 Boroughs at least 30 times while working on some of the most rewarding and enjoyable creative work of my life in the past couple weeks, while visiting a city I love, and seeing people I missed. The album has become intrinsically linked to these experiences-- from my movie premiere this week to the surreal tour of the Manhattan Mormon Temple last week. The little number at the top of this piece reflects little of personal relation to the record.

It's an arbitrary guide to how I would expect people to gauge the intent of this review. I will listen to this album for years to come.

You might. Or not. It depends on your own complex web of past interaction with the Beastie Boys, linked memories to the music, or preconceived notion of how hip or not it is to listen to them in Divorcing the lives and backstory from the recorded product of a musical artist equates to making movies without characters. The sixth Beastie Boys album holds much more intrigue than some young dudes with bedhead thinking they're going to evolve rock and roll. I've ended up listening to it more than any other release this year.

This process has become unexciting and routine, which is why I bid the world of music writing farewell. Explaining why I love a record in the confines of its production, lyrics and instrumental "tightness" without detailing the first time I heard the band's song drifting from bowling alley in Poland or whatever confounds me. More power to those who discover new music from this site.

I've figured out where I stand at this point, as have the readers. Like the Beastie Boys, I could continue to crank out divisive pieces of writing here until I go gray.

For the Beastiesthis means heavy doses of old school rap spiked with a bit of punk, which admittedly isn't all that different from the blueprints for Check Your HeadIll Communicationand Hello Nastybut the attack here is clean and focused, far removed from the sprawling, kaleidoscopic mosaics of their '90s records.

In contrast, To the 5 Boroughs is sleek and streamlined, with all the loose ends neatly clipped and tied; even the punk influences are transformed into hip-hop, as when the Dead Boys ' "Sonic Reducer" provides the fuel for "An Open Letter to NYC. Still, old-school rhyme schemes and grooves do power the album, yet they're filtered through the Beasties ' signature blend of absurdity, in-jokes, and pop culture, all served up in a dense, layered production so thick that it seems to boast more samples than it does.

Apart from an explicit anti-Dubya political bent on some lyrics, there's nothing surprising or new here, and the cohesive, concise nature of To the 5 Boroughs only emphasizes the familiarity of the music. Familiarity can be comforting, though, particularly in troubled times, and there's a certain pleasure simply hearing the trio again after six long years of silence, particularly since the Beasties are Album) good form here, crafting appealing productions and spitting out more rhymes than they have since Paul's Boutique.

If there are no classics here, there's no duds, either, and given that the Beasties ' pop culture aesthetic once seemed to be the territory of young men, it's rather impressive that they're maturing gracefully, turning into expert craftsmen that can deliver a satisfying listen like this. That's a subtle achievement, something that will likely not please those listeners looking for the shock of the new from a Beastie Boys record, but judged on its own musical merits, To the 5 Boroughs is a satisfying listen, and convincing evidence that the trio will be able to weather middle age well.

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  1. Jun 14,  · For three mostly diehard New Yorkers who played an ambassadorial role in the dissemination of the city’s hip-hop and punk culture during the ’80s and ’90s, the fall of the Twin Towers—which, incidentally, were only a few blocks from the band’s studio—didn’t just upend the Beastie Boys’ lives, it forced a reckoning about their legacy and purpose.

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