Boogie Joys - Ralph Sutton (2) - Bix Beiderbecke Suite And Piano Portraits (Vinyl, LP, Album)

A, FOT 1 side. Blank box. Gem Productions, Inc. Jacket inscribed by the pianist. Jacket inscribed by cellist Gayle Smith. Sackson, Stone, Coletta,Catell. Grenadilla GS S L. Harmonia Mundi 10" HMO HM "Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. HM S "Tarantule-Tarantelle. HM S "Liturgies of the East. Matacic: Tri Etude; Utripi. Identical jackets both for Vol. Small dog label.

DU PRE. Conductor's record debut. First stereo edition. Johnson arr. From Pathe LPs. A D Faure: Piano Quartets. Tomasi: Trombone Concerto. Intercord INT IPL Chopin: Concerto 2. Includes brief telephone interview, IPL Chopin: Concerto 1. First edition, lacking additional material later added to reprint. Mendelssohn: Variations serieuses. Chopin: Scherzo 3. Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. Mozart: Sonata in c, K. Live performances, "Piano Festival". TOP J. Peery no S Chopin: Polonaise, Op. Jacket inscribed by the pianist to Mrs.

Kobashi: Requiem. Kanno: Stratosphere. Viola Concerto. Serly: Concerto for 2 Pianos. Composer's widow playing his last composition, written for her. From Welte piano rolls. A S Granados: Goyescas exc. Brazilian performers. Bloch: From Jewish Life. Barber: Adagio. CS S Beethoven: Concerto 5. Large label. Large FFRR label. CS S K. CS S St. Minor label damage. LL Schumann: Fantasia; Kinderszenen. LL Beethoven: Concerto 4. LL Mahler: Symphony 1. LL Beethoven: Violin Concerto. LL "Music from Vienna.

LL Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata. A; minor PB. LL Bartok: Violin Concerto 2. LL Rangstrom: Symphony 1. LL Sibelius: Violin Concerto. LL Schumann: Dichterliebe; 4 Lieder. LLA 6 3 Bizet: Carmen. Blue back jacket. OS S Schubert: Schwanengesang. FFSS label. OSA S A. Includes Dali "interview. Gatefold album, libretto. Cecilia Academy, Rome. Blue box. CeciliaAcadmy, Rome. FFRR label. White box. Helmet cover. Ballet by great jazz saxophonist. Original box. GCL 50 Brahms: Concerto 1. BJ, program notes.

Reissue pressing. Blue jacket. Tales from the Flamenco Kingdom. Ritmo Jondo--Flamenco. E R. Casadesus: Piano Quintet. Violin Sonata 2. Blue jacket reprint. Concert O. Sachsen-Weimar: 3 Concertos. Opera Dec. Box back damaged. Mark S M. Gould: Symphony for Band; J. Pro Musica. Bush: Birthday Overture; Symphony 2, "Nottingham.

Box damaged. English summary. M10 Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer. Live performance, M10 Handel: Concerto Grosso LP d, Op. No booklet. S10 S 2 Bruckner: Symphony 5. MEL 2 Verdi: Requiem. Minor jacket damage. MEL 3 Beethoven: Fidelio. Radio SO. From Czech 78s. MG Shostakovich: Trio. Prokofiev: Quartet 2. MG Ives: Violin Sonatas MG Bloch: Quartet 1. Roth, Antal, Harsanyi, Starker. MG Prokofiev: Violin Sonatas.

Promo label. RFR matrix. White promo label. Opera Jan 21, First publications. Piano Concerto 2. Mary the Virgin, N. Movimento Musica Schumann: Symphony 1. Bach: Sonata for solo flute.

S 51 S Boccherini: Quartets, Op. Analysis by Bernstein. Premiere recordings. Cannabich-Mozart: Orpheus--Airs du Ballet. Michael's Church Cho. Hispavox recording. German PO. String Quartet, Op. Piano Quintet in c. Kavafian, K. Cooper, Sherry, Trampler, et al. ELLIS harpet al. Unique collaboration of blind performers.

Complete French libretto. Program booklet. Extraordinarily scarce LP original recording of Ina Souez. NW Barber: Dover Beach. Melodies passageres. Rorem: 11 Songs. Joseph's Old Cathedral organ, Buffalo. Nimbus Q Chopin: 4 Ballades. Mono original, also issued in fake stereo. H S Sammartini: 5 Symphonies. H S Ives: Sonata 1. Couperin, Marais, d'Hervelois. Serenades, K. Box damaged, jacket OK. Oboe Sonatina. Maria GAY. BOLET all live, ORF S A. Jelinek: Trio. Late Mexican LP recording.

ORS S T. Paul Lutheran Church organ, Orlando. Oryx S "Medieval Instrumental Music. Bach: Quartet in G; C. Monseigneur le Prince de Conti: Sinfonies, Op. Mozart: Suite; Haydn: Sonata in G. Mozart: Clarinet Trio. Texts, Facade 2 facsimile score. Lang: Sinfonia in D; J. Barta: Sinfonia in D. Manuscripts from Waldstein Castle archive. Parnassus 5 Beethoven: Symphony 7; Schubert: Symphony 8. From acoustic 78s. Cello Sonata. Original edition, later copied by Discocorp.

BOYK live perf. Galimir, Siegl, Tuttle, Barab. Styrene pressing. Work later attributed to Biber, authorship now considered uncertain. Photos missing. French gatefold album. Violin Sonata; LP. Scarlatti: Concerti Grossi.

Original edition. Mark Passion. KRAUS, pf. Brustad: Capricci. Philips Eng. GL Mahler: Symphony 4. Strauss arr. Pierre Verany PV.

Jacket water damaged. Polydor "Unsterbliche Operetten-Melodien. Hurney, s. Alain: Suite. Hungarian texts. Reader's Digest recordings.

Promo stamp. Superb pianist! Braun: Horn Sonata. Jacket inscribed by Meir Rimon. BJ, probably as issued. LBC Beethoven: Sonata Chopin: Piano music. Francis of Assisi. Bass encore recital. Bach: Concerto in C. First publication. Postwar recordings. Box intact. Booklet, print. LM Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole complete.

LM Tchaikovsky: Concerto 1. Jacket damaged. LM Chopin: Sonata 3; Mazurkas. A; LSM side 2. LM Dvorak: Symphony 9. LM "Arias Sung and Acted. LM Bach: Violin Concertos. LM Sibelius: Symphony 2. Picture cover. LM Berlioz: Harold in Italy. LM Brahms: Symphony 2. AS, later edition. LM St.

LM "Rollin' Down to Rio. LM Mendelssohn-Binge: Mendelssohnia. Mono version of legendary audiophile item. LM Elgar: Violin Concerto. LM Schubert: Symphony 2. Symphony 8. WD label. LSC S St. No dog label. SD label. Maderna: Oboe Concerto. Remington R 2 Rossini: Stabat Mater. R Beethoven: Violin Concerto. Black label. Top of spine damaged. X Mozart: Piano Concerto 5. Oboe Concerto. SMITH organ. Milosevic: Simfonijeta. TOP S.

Mahle: Wind Quartet world premiere. Brazilian issue. Typed spine added. Scala "Spanish Vocal Art. TAS recommendation. VMS S K. Spine repaired. Night Voices. The Turn of the Screw. SR S St. Carnegie Hall recital, Stout: 2 Mexican Dances; 7 Etudes; R. Roberts pf. Matej: Quartet 2. Rybar: 7 Elementi Continuali.

Riedlbauch: Allegri e Pastorali. Smight; N. Hentoff, W. Balliett; N. Pierce 1. Desmond as D. Brubeck p etc. Herman Orch. Hampton vib - Ole Buttermilk Sky -H. Jackie Cooper d replaces Johnson on item. Alec Templeton p -1 replaces Hanna. The live-tv portions are inte-rpersed with occasional film clips and commentary by Garry Moore, frequently backed up by an off screen orchestra, recorded for the show.

Billie Holiday v ; 3. Also note that some of the performances are re-used in other Micheaux films, such as "God's Stepchildren. Leon Gross Orch. Stafford "Pazuza" Simon unident. James Dawson 1st t-solo Bernard Flood, 2nd t-solo poss. Paul and St. Altschuler speech Sorry- Too late I noticed the faults with a net over the colored picture part - It happened when I had copied the original commercial video-tape with my first tries Pinnacle normal x and afterwards I transcoded that download to LP- x instead to download it against from video to x which would be good enough but without that transcoded fault.

Unfortunately I had gifted that orinal video-tape to anybody and was unable to download this film again. Sorry please make your better copy!! Concert J. Songs: "Smiles"; "Swanee"; " S wonderful", "Oh, lady, begood! Jenkins, Chic. Jackson obituary w.

Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Songs: ; "If I had a ribbon bow"; "Darn that dream" ; "Skylark" ; "Under the greenwood tree"; "Some of Boogie Joys - Ralph Sutton (2) - Bix Beiderbecke Suite And Piano Portraits (Vinyl days" ; "I m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter" ; "Rockin in rhythm" ; "What a diff rence a day made" ; life-clips : 68 unknown black dixie band: unident.

Johnny Lee Jr. Bull Moose Jackson tstb-duo, trumpet: unident. Carney, R. Stewart, H. Cottontail feat. Ellington, Webster, Carney; SR36 11 as above. The band was not complete. The music we hear comes from another recording. Nevertheless interesting to see.

Ellington, J. Lamb, S. James Infirmary -orch. Orch unident. They croon to each other across the perilous gulf between their neighboring high-rise penthouses, teetering on their respective ledges without care. Armstrong Benefit, Philharmonic Hall ; 45 min. Lionel Hampton vib,p,d, dance : unident.

Herman from L. Williams as Sammy Benskin p Al Casey g? I guess I get the Papers? Joe Bailey g unid. Who owns the orinal complete reel now? Murrow, Fred W. Murrow host, narration and in interview with Louis Armstrong in Paris Nov. Paris interview with Edward R. William Boucaya bars poss. Ray Charles p ; B. Following data are from Dr. Klaus Stratemann s L. Holland d : Blue Yodel No.

But this clip is from Gabriele was pretty much a grown up by then, so for this performance they chose Hansi to sing it with him. Dean Martin. Dick Jacobs Orch. John Handy, Booker T. G with W. Struttin With some Barbecue? Bernstein, cond at Lewisohn Stadium N. Armstrong recorded in Paris in Nov. Armstrong ; 16 55 Nov. Vinding-NTSC-video is not of best quality and the sound is not syncron. I would like to get a better DVD-copy.

Another excerpt is wanted. According Dr. Klaus Stratemann the orchestral dance clip could be about 40 seconds longer on the original. Billy Taylor b ; middle row: Red Allen, poss. Henry Hicks, Juan Tizol, poss. Of America, Inc. James Infirmary -v Ch. Louis Blues -pw. Higginbotham, Elmer Crumbley tb Eddie Barefield.

Heard d : One o clock Jump 69, Chic. Hawkins, 6min. Solal p a. Solal p Arwell Shaw b J. Hubbard 85, Berlin, 23min. Makeba's granddaughter Ze Gillespie part ; Don Ellis; Maynard.

Ferguson; P. This was not part of B. Goodman s- Ben Pollack s early scenes. Item ; not yet available orch. Louis blues; Sleep, Little baby; Swing low, sweet chariot; Sometimes I feel like a motherless child; Going home; Greyday; I belong to that man ;Waiting at the end of the road -vdaniel Haynes.

Plantation Dance w. Bobby Sands was soon to become o fixture in Claude Hopkins Orchestra, where he would stay through most of the s. On trumpet between Sands and Blanchard is Cliff Bryant.

Nicholas dance ; John Hammond reported the presence of Henderson s orch. Al Washington cl prob. Hank Duncan p possibly nicknamed "Abe Lincoln" g poss. Millinder v, cond. This is great. The not your garden variety either. Redman later became Pearl Bailey's musical director. He was called the "Little Giant" of the Big Band. He could make a 9 piece band sound like Redman wrote his arrangements in Keys like Db 5 flats ,c 6 sharpsB 5 sharps because of the overtone series in those keys which made ensembles "sound" bigger.

This is an early Fleischer cartoon from starring Bimbo and featuring the character who would soon become Betty Boop; compare it with H. Armstrong footage complete footage in better quality original source D. Chertok as used in BBC-L. Armstrong documentation - 39, Maxine Sullivan clips w. Tune studio Orch. Erskine Hawkins Orch. Heard d ; possibly Illinois Jacquet ts replaced one of the reed-men.

Sidney Bechet cl scene w. Louis Blues Sup. Louis Blues collection R. Sidney Bechet scene w. Louis Blues medium tempo J. James Dawson 1st t- solo Bernard Flood, 2nd t-solo poss.

Erwin R. Ludig dir studio orch. Put the song Mandy up with Eddie Cantor in blackface, but the Nicholas Brothers litteraly steal the show from him, and then he concedes to let them dance. Lucille Ball at on the far right. John Lomax plays himself, and Leadbelly performs. Ullman, Trad. Art Services of Seattle Folklore Society : intro unident.

A quintet of field hands sing a popular spiritual. At one point, the banjo player loses his time and almost stops, but when the camera keeps rolling he keeps playing. Successful and flambo-yant, for his baptisms Michaux shipped barrels of water to the U.

On his front porch, Fred accompanies his twin sons in the first of 2 tunes, but he's there more for show than music. His boys play 2 banjo duets typical of the type of string music people would play in the living room for their own enjoyment. Duke demonstrates his version of the world's largest banjo and leads the boys in a hot but brief rendition of "Ida".

Known more far his recorded banjo playing, in this charming back porch setting he plays fiddle in a band featuring twin banjos and guitar.

The main differences were that the number of musicians in estudiantinas was not fixed at 6 or 7, they favored kettle drums over bongos and they were usually from the eastern section of the island. This is the only known surviving film of a group from this great early period - of Cuban traditional music.

Rodgers was the first major star and the single most influential figure in the history of country music. In his only appearance on film, a short subject produced by Columbia late inbe sings 3 of his most popular songs. The film has been transferred from the best archival master, in all likelihood the only surviving 35mm print of this historic film.

Blue Yodel No. While this Snader Telescription was filmed much later than the other material in this compilation, the Texas fiddle breakdowns played here hark back to an earlier and more traditional period of Texas music than Wills' Western Swing. It demonstrates that Wills was still a phenomenal fiddler in the earlier style. Cab Calloway Orch. Williams ts Ch. Green and thegeneral. The Duke Ellington tracks rec.

Jive 09 45? Ray Abrams, Shirley Green ts. Kirk Orch. Lee De Forest Phonofilms Inc. Beryl Booker p : classic improvisation 29 80, unknown loc. Bailey, Cecil Scott, R. Bob Parrish v Chinky Grimes dance studio orch. The man wanted the Eureka band to do the job. I said but you know this is not my band. He said "No, I know it isn't but see, I want your band". I said OK but he say "I want that squealer", I'm telling you what the man told me.

I said that's alright, you can have as many of them as you want, you pay for them, anybody you select you say you want to play, that's added to my band. I say I don't cut none of my men out. He wanted John. Now here's where we had to leave from. He asked where to leave from, because he wanted a heavy second line, see, jumping, tele-vision outfit, leave from Picou's bar room. Now Picou hadn't paid any union dues in the last three or four years.

Alright Humphrey come on and take a drink. He had his clarinet on the table. I say now I'm in trouble with everybody now. I went to Alfred. Alfred say 'Well you drinking up his liquor, you'd better let him play. See, when the man say "Alright Percy let's start", f don't know where Pic got his cap from. He throwed his cap on his head and come walking in out the door. Right Alfred let's ga. So I went to the man in charge, told him, I said Pic done took him the job.

Unknown Second BandSilent film. Jim Robinson, Louis Dumaine, poss. My daddy used to play with the old Pickwick Band. All them funerals and parades. They tend to get lost in the shuffle and the postal service sometimes obscures the written data with reverse cancellations. You can also submit your bids via fax ator by e-mail at whicks recordsforcollectors.

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Includes CD. Peter Gammond. Texas, Many photos. Frontispiece inscribed to previous owner by the author. North Carolina Press, Karl Koenig. Press, Biography, leader discography, photos. Includes 8-page insert with addenda. The definitive Williams discography. Kevin McCaffrey. Loads of color photos. Frontispiece has gift inscription. Ole J. Separately-authored volume from the Erik Rabin series is a stand-alone Ellington discography for the period specified. Title page inscribed to previous owner by the author.

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  1. Ralph Sutton ‎– Bix Beiderbecke Suite And Piano Portraits. Piano – Ralph Sutton. Fellow jazz pianist Jess Stacy said this about Ralph Sutton: "He is a superb piano player and a great guy. I really admire the way he Rating: % positive.

  2. Joe Schurmar Trio Ralph Sutton Boogie Joys REET it Alameda Jazz Devils SF 78 Favourite Auctions (2) Bix Beiderbecke Suite And Piano Portraits: XFL Commodore: LP, Album, Reissue, Mono: US: Ralph Sutton (2) LP, Album,, Ralph Sutton (2) Bix Beiderbecke Suite / Piano Portraits: FL 30, Commodore: LP, Album.

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  4. ralph: sutton: bix beiderbecke suite (solo) & piano portraits - arthur trappier vg+/nm: commodore germany: £ ralph: sutton: changes- jazz piano solos in the great tradition nm/nm: 77 uk: £ 77s ralph: sutton: live! piano solo vg++/nm.

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  9. Listen to Boogie Joys on Spotify. Ralph Sutton · Song · Open App. Boogie Joys. Ralph Sutton. Song. 2 min 42 sec. More by Ralph Sutton. Little Light (Live) Columbia Sessions () I Let a Song Go out of My Heart (Live) Wondrous Piano, Private Fami. Live. The Joint Is Jumpin'.

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