Girls Under Glass - The Question, The Answer - Pop (Cassette)Girls Under Glass - The Question, The Answer - Pop (Cassette)

Rowling was the earliest? Tolkien's book The Hobbit? Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Georges St. Real Madrid C. Pacmanwhich of these fruits is worth the most points? Truman, John. Dick have been adapted into films? Arthur C. Clarke, Daniel Keyes, George R. Forrest GumpL. Dasani, Dr. Mount St. David Livingstone. The Office: U. Wile E.

Box Office. President in the film Independence Day. And with titles like "Lankin' Leaning Colleen" you can rest assured this five or possibly six piece weren't likely to keep a straight face for long. One tune vaguely out of character even for them would be the hopped-up rockabilly sensibilities of the concluding "I Faced the Insomnia Squad.

I Live By the Freeway Lankin' Leaning Colleen Exotic Locale Out on the Streets For Love Again Kamikaze Cabaret You Put Me in the Hospital Again Here Comes the Glamour Over-stimulation I Faced the Insomnia Squad. Hope For the Haunted She Has It Quiet Slow Fade Julene Video You Ember Make or Break Perfect Faith Ornaments Wait and See Holiday Heart.

You'll Get Yours With a Ven Boy in a Uniform Garden of Neglect The Problem The Verdict Days to Remember This is What I'd Say to You Mess and Panic. Forever Stand Up Throw it Away Are Here Use It or Lose It. Though it may not have been a deliberate gesture on their part, rarely has a moniker so aptly summed up a band's m. Regular Guys were a turn-of-the-decade Lawrence, KS contingent who played power-pop inclined rock 'n roll, pretty much straight down the middle, with no oblique angles or artsy proclivities.

Perhaps a tad too non-descript on some levels, they played a linear but potent game not unlike their midwest contemporaries Off Broadway USASecrets and Hawks. And it's not all straight-up power pop either, as the Regular Guys explored related tangents such as proto-punk, roots rock, and less obviously Americana. The booklet, which I've scanned in, provides a more thorough backgrounder on the band than I ever could, and there are generous track-by-track liner notes to boot from bassist John Odell.

So dig in. The full track list is to your left. There probably isn't much I can tell you about these avant, UK post-punkers, or more specifically frontman Colin Lloyd-Tuckerthan what's been conveniently disclosed on Nothin' Sez Somethin'wherein you can explore the arch of the man's entire career.

Plain Characterswho were responsible for this LP and some surrounding singles, were not the least bit plain as their ironic namesake suggests. As soon as she was finished, she got up and began clearing the dishes from the table. My friend kept talking while he watched his mother fill the sink with soapy water, his eyes catching every move she made. Tim, a more competitive sort than I, sensed an advantage, and decided to stay in the kitchen to pressure his mother, reminding her of their previous intimacy and shared indiscretion.

He could tell that his discussion and visual attention was flustering his mother. He wondered, he told me, whether she was just afraid that he might let something slip about what had happened, or if the memories re-ignited the sexual excitement of that night.

He got up from the table, bringing more dishes from the counter. You go watch TV with your father. Undeterred, Tim snagged the dish towel that was hanging from the oven door handle and stood behind his mother, admiring how she filled the back of her skirt.

I formed a visual too and felt a stirring in my loins as Tim continued with his story. On the third glass, Mom started rinsing the dishes but she still washed them faster than usual. Tim said he kept describing the movies, now on the second feature, and his mother eventually calmed down, slowing her pace until she was washing at her normal speed.

Tim had fallen behind and the rack had filled so his mom had trouble finding a spot for a bowl. His audacity staggered me and from the grin on his face as he related this to me, it was still amazing to him. She just started washing them again, really slow. His mom, he said, acted as if nothing had happened. Tim explained that this continued for the rest of the week. Every night, after his father left the kitchen, Tim and his mother would set about doing the dishes. There was no need to return any dishes to the sink.

Millie washed everything thoroughly, taking extreme care to be sure each item virtually sparkled before it was placed in the rack. By Friday, despite progressing to intense stand-up body rubs accompanied by serious ear and neck nibbling, Tim was unable to convince his mother to go to the drive-in with him again, but he did extract a promise, he said, beaming with pride. I struggled to breathe as that bomb sunk in.

It was up to me, then? My excitement, built up so high listening to Tim talk about his week with his mother, crashed to the ground. I said as much to Tim. Except for getting dates with the good looking girls at school, things almost always worked out for Tim.

That was Saturday. After that, I ran every time the phone rang but hung back, waiting for someone else to answer. Whenever it was for mom, I lurked nearby out of sight, listening. By Wednesday, Tim was tired of me bugging him about it. That was fine for him. And though I brought up the subject of the drive-in, Mom neither responded nor seemed bothered by the topic. So the week went on. Wednesday night turned in to Thursday and then Friday.

Saturday was hell. I hung up, got some lemonade from the fridge and wandered out to sit on the patio. It rang and rang. Ok, Millie, I said yes We have to go. I stayed rigidly still in the lounge, trying not to make a sound. Thankfully, the sound of her feet faded as she walked away. I was ecstatic and disappointed at the same time.

If I could just get Mom to sit close to me as if we were on a date — and Millie had clearly pitched that as an excuse — then one thing might lead to another. A lump suddenly appeared in my pants. Down boy, I thought, my excitement rising. We have to get through the next week without ruining things.

The sound of the door jolted me upright in bed. What about the right conversation to enhance your image? You will, of course, fol- low your instincts in conversation. Technique 23 The Latest News. Anything that happened today is good material. Sidney told me she had a house rule when she was in business. Reports came back from her clients complimenting her on the fascinating women she had working for her.

The consummate businesswoman, Ms. Ready for the big leagues of conversation? When two tigers prowling through the jungle chance upon one another in a clearing, they look at each other. They freeze. Which of us has the stronger survival skills?

Humans start the process by looking at each other and talking. Thus, by observing each other carefully during casual conversing, it becomes almost immediately evident to both which is the bigger cat in the human jungle. You can lose a potentially important friendship or business contact. One stupid move and you can tumble off the corporate or social ladder. The following com- munications skills give you a leg up to start your ascent to the top of any ladder you choose. By not asking the question, the big boys and big girls come across as more princi- pled, even spiritual.

With so much downsizing, rightsizing, and capsizing of corpora- tions these days, the blunt interrogation evokes uneasiness. Additionally, millions of talented and accomplished women have chosen to devote themselves to motherhood. When the cruel corporate question is thrust at them, they feel guilty. The rude interrogation belittles their commitment to their families.

No mat- 95 Copyright by Leil Lowndes. Recently I attended a posh party on Easy Street. I suspect they invited me as their token working-class person.

Oh, some might have a ticker tape on the bed table Girls Under Glass - The Question their mansion to track investments. But they def- initely did not work for a living. It convinces them you are enjoying their com- pany for who they are, not for any crass networking reason.

You simply practice the following eight words. They type it up and then trudge off to the printer to The Answer - Pop (Cassette) a nice neat stack to send to all prospective employers.

Take it or leave it. Boys and girls in the big leagues, however, have bits and bytes of their entire work experience tucked away in their computers. When applying for a job, they punch up only the appropriate data and print it out so it looks like it just came from the printer.

My friend Roberto was out of work last year. He applied for two positions:a sales manager of an ice cream company and head of strategic planning for a fast-food chain. Absolutely not. How- ever, for the ice cream company, he highlighted his experience turning a small company around by doubling its sales in three years.

For the food chain, he underscored his experience working in Europe and his knowledge of foreign markets. Now he could play them off against each other.

Before you submit your answer, consider what possible interest the asker could have in you and your work. Would you be interested in a proven method that can increase your sales from 20 to 30 per- cent over the next twelve months? She casu- ally mentioned she has many clients who choose a conservative hairstyle for work that they can instantly convert to a feminine style for social situations.

I asked for her card and Gloria became my hairdresser. Then, several months later, I happened to see Gloria at another event. I overheard her chatting with a stylish grey-haired woman at the buffet table. Not the unimaginative people who gave the tax-return description of their jobs, but the big winners who painted a picture of helping people with needs.

When meeting a potential friend or loved one, make your life sound like you will be a fun person to know. As a young girl, I wrote novels in my mind about my life. Could he refer business to me? Buy from me? Hire me? Marry my sister? Become my buddy? To make matters worse, he probably used the word incorrectly, inappropriately, and maybe even mispronounced it. The world perceives people with rich vocabularies to be more creative, more intelligent. People with larger vocabularies get hired quicker, promoted faster, and listened to a whole lot more.

So big winners use rich, full words, but they never sound inappropriate. The phrases slide gracefully off their tongues to enrich their con- versation. With the care that they choose their tie or their blouse, big players in life choose words to match their per- sonalities and their points. A mere few dozen wonderful words will give everyone the impression that you have an original and creative mind. Acquiring this super vocabulary is easy. All you need to do is think of a few tired, overworked words you use every day—words like smart, nice, pretty, or good.

Then grab a thesaurus or book of synonyms off the shelf. Look up that common word even you are bored hearing yourself utter every day. Examine your long list of alternatives. Some words are colorful and rich like ingenious, resourceful, adroit, shrewd, and many more. Run down the list and say each out loud. Which ones seem right for you? Try each on like a suit of clothes to see which feel comfortable. Choose a few favorites and practice saying them aloud until they become a natural staple of your vocabulary.

Gentlemen, when your wife comes down the staircase all dolled up for a night out, or you pick a lady up for dinner, what do you say? I saw Gary a month or so later. Then I bring up one woman and several men. I ask each to pretend he is her husband. She has just come down the stairs ready to go out to din- ner.

I ask each to take her hand and deliver his compliment. Pay attention men! Words work on us women. Everybody says that. Tell them it was a splendid party, a superb party, an extraordinary party.

Yet you have no trouble with the word wonderful. Vocabulary is all a matter of familiarity. Technique 26 Your Personal Thesaurus Look up some common words you use every day in the thesaurus. If you like them, start making permanent replacements. Similarity breeds attraction. But in the human jungle, big cats know a secret. When you delay revealing your similarity, or let them discover it, it has much more punch. Let him go on analyzing the golf swing of Arnold Palmer before you start casually com- paring the swings of golf greats Greg, Jack, Tiger, and Arnie.

Several years ago, I was telling a new acquaintance how much I love to ski. I raved about the various resorts. I analyzed the various conditions.

However, waiting until the end of our conver- sation—and then revealing he was such an avid skier that he kept an Aspen ski pad—made it unforgettable.

Then, when the time is right, casu- ally mention you share their interest. Finally the moment presented itself at a convention. A new contact began telling me about her recent trip to Washington, D.

She had no idea that Washington was where I grew up. Momentarily I forgot I was keeping my mouth shut to practice my new technique. I asked her where she stayed, where she dined, and if Girls Under Glass - The Question had a chance to get into any of the beautiful Maryland or Virginia sub- urbs.

I must have been boring you. When someone starts telling you about an activity he has done, a trip she has made, a club he belongs to, an interest she has—anything that you share—bite your tongue. Let the teller relish his or her own monologue. Relax and enjoy it, too, secretly knowing how much pleasure your conversation partner will have when you reveal you share the same experience. Then, when the moment is ripe, casually disclose your similarity.

And be sure to mention how much you enjoyed hearing about his or her shared interest. Now that I have your attention. That word is YOU. Why is you such a powerful word? Because when we were infants, we thought we were the center of the universe. The rest of the shadowy forms stirring about us which we later learned were other people existed solely for what they could do for us. Will you join me there for dinner tonight? However, will I like it? You probably take her hesitation personally, and the joy of the exchange diminishes.

Will you join me there this evening for dinner? Psy- chologists tell us everyone automatically gravitates toward that which is pleasurable and pulls away from that which is painful. For many people, thinking is painful. So big winners when they wish to control, inspire, be loved by, sell to people, or get them to go to dinner do the thinking for them. Suppose you want to take a long weekend.

You decide to ask your boss if you can take Friday off. Which request do you think he or she is going to react to more positively? And you know how some bosses hate to think! Your new wording made managing without you a matter of pride for Boss. Gen- tlemen, say a lady likes your suit. Which woman gives you warmer feelings? Once, driving around San Francisco hope- lessly lost, I asked people walking along the sidewalk how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge.

I stopped a couple trudging up a hill. Still lost, I called out to the next couple I encountered. You see, by phrasing the question that way, it was a subtle challenge. They walked over to my car and gave me explicit instructions. I kept asking passersby my three forms of the question. Eve did not ask Adam to eat the apple.

She did not command him to eat the apple. Comm-YOU-nication Is a Sign of Sanity Therapists calculate inmates of mental institutions say I and me twelve times more often than residents of the outside world. Continuing up the sanity scale, the fewer times you use I, the more sane you seem to your listeners. The next technique concerns a way big winners are silently you-oriented.

Whether she is engulfed in a wedding gown or partially clad in a bikini, her face sports the same plastic smile. One passenger with a radiant smile started shaking hands down our line. It was as though a brilliant light had illuminated the dim ballroom.

Out of the cor- ner of my eye, I saw his identical glistening grin. A third person, the same grin. My interest began to dwindle. When he gave his fourth indistinguishable smile to the next person, he started to resemble a Cheshire cat.

I had no fur- ther interest in talking with him. Obviously, he gave the same smile to everybody and, by that, it lost all its specialness. If Strobe Man had given each of us a slightly different smile, he would have appeared sensitive and insightful. And before taking aim, Girls Under Glass - The Question would carefully consider whether it would murder, maim, or merely wound your target.

Since your smile is one of your biggest communications weapons, learn all about the moving parts and the effect on your target. Discover the subtle differences in your repertoire. When meeting groups of people, grace each with a distinct smile. In Defense of the Quickie There are times, I discovered, when the quick put-on smile works.

For example, when you want to engineer the acquaintance of someone to whom you have not had the opportunity to be intro- duced. To prove their hypothesis, female researchers made eye contact with unsuspecting male subjects enjoying a little libation in a local drinking establishment.

Sometimes, the female researchers fol- lowed their glance with a smile. In other cases, no smile. Big winners silently moan when they hear someone mouth a trite overworn phrase. Like the rest of humanity, they consider some of their acquaintances crazy as a loon, nutty as a fruitcake, or blind as a bat.

Because many of them work hard, many of them are as busy as a bee and get rich as Croesus. Yet would any of them describe themselves in those words? Not even when hell freezes over? Not unless you want to sound dumb as a doorknob. It is, but the tongue is even mightier than the pen. Our tongues can bring crowds to laughter, to tears, and often to their feet in shouting appreciation.

Orators have moved nations to war or brought lost souls to God. And what is their equipment? The same eyes, ears, hands, legs, arms, and vocal chords you and I have. Perhaps a professional athlete has a stronger body or a profes- sional singer is blessed with a more beautiful singing voice than the one we were doled out. But the professional speaker starts out with the same equipment we all have.

The difference is, these jaw- smiths use it all. They employ many different tones of voice, they invoke various expressions, they vary the speed with which they speak. Get a book or two on public speaking and learn some of the tricks of the trade. Then put some of that drama into your everyday conversation. A Gem for Every Occasion If stirring words help make your point, ponder the impact of pow- erful phrases. If George H. As every politician and trial lawyer knows, neat phrases make powerful weapons.

One of my favorite speakers is a radio broadcaster named Barry Farber who brightens up late-night radio with sparkling sim- iles. Farber, how do you come up with these phrases? He then candidly admitted, although some of his phrases are original, many are borrowed. Call me Elvis. All professional speakers do. They collect bon mots they can use in a variety of situations— most especially to scrape egg off their faces when something unex- pected happens.

I brushed my teeth this morning. You can do the same. Look through books of similes to enrich your day-to-day con- versations. Try to make your similes relate to the situation. Later I saw a similar quote in a humor book attributed to Jackie Mason, the comedian. So what? The exec still came across as a cool communicator with his clever comment. Big players who want to be quoted in the media lie awake at night gnawing the pillow trying to come up with phrases the press will pick up.

He told me his original title was Pretty Stories. How far would that have gone? I learned this the hard way during my cruise ship days. Let me count the ways.

The passengers loved it and raved for days. Find a few bon mots to let casually slide off your tongue on chosen occasions. If you want to be notable, dream up a crazy quotable. Passengers avoided me on the deck for the rest of the cruise.

One of the most blatant is euphemisms. They call a spade a spade. Little cats hide behind bathroom tissue. When they Copyright by Leil Lowndes. If a big cat is ever in doubt about a word, he or she simply resorts to French.

If they feel the word buttocks is debatable, der- riere will do quite nicely, thank you. Call a spade a spade. The evening started with cocktails, followed by a gourmet meal accompanied by a selection of excellent wines. And very plen- tiful. At the end of the evening, Louis raised his glass to make a toast.

A few wine droplets sloshed out of his glass onto the tablecloth. Everyone froze. The host was indeed a bit inebriated. However, alluding to Louis being a little looped, even in jest, was as though the woman had suddenly smashed the crystal chandelier above the table with her dinner plate. No one in the company of Louis and Lillian could ever feel any pain.

Except Bob. He Copyright by Leil Lowndes. The next sure sign of a little cathood is teasing. You are inferior! Hardy har har. Nevertheless, the big cats will have the last one. However, if the exhausted runner had the misfortune to bring the pharaoh unhappy news, his head was chopped off. Once a friend and I packed up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for an outing. Not for his gloomy weather report, for his smile. Several months ago I was racing to catch a bus.

Everyone must give bad Copyright by Leil Lowndes. A doctor advising a patient she needs an opera- tion does it with compassion. Grief coun- selors at airports after fatal crashes share the grief-stricken senti- ment of relatives.

Big winners know, when delivering any bad news, they should share the sentiment of the receiver. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this sensitivity. When you had your heart set on the roast beef, has your waiter merrily warbled that he just served the last piece?

When you needed cash for the weekend, has your bank teller gleefully told you your account is overdrawn? A pro throws the ball with the receiver always in mind. Before throwing out any news, keep your receiver in mind.

Then deliver it with a smile, a sigh, or a sob. Not according to how you feel about the news, but how the receiver will take it. Had my neighbor told me of the impending rainstorm with sympathy, I would have appreciated his warning. Big winners know how to give bad news to people. They also know how not to give any news to anyone, even when people are pressuring them.

They suffered a long and messy divorce that resulted in them keeping the business jointly but not having to deal with each other. Soon after the divorce, I was at an industry convention with Barbara. Since she and Frank were both beloved in the industry, people were curious about what had happened and how it affected their company.

But, of course, no one dared ask outright. And Bar- bara was offering no The Answer - Pop (Cassette). I was seated next to Barbara at the gala farewell dinner. Technique 35 The Broken Record Whenever someone persists in questioning you on an unwelcome subject, simply repeat your original response. Use precisely the same words in precisely the same tone of voice.

Hearing it again usually quiets them down. The Answer - Pop (Cassette) look over at the next table, and who do you see? Is it really he? Could it possibly be? It really is. Woody Allen. Substitute any celebrity here: your favorite movie star, politician, broadcaster, boss who owns the company that owns the company you work for.

What should you do? Let the luminary enjoy a brief moment of anonymity.

Train For Tomorrow - The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Vinyl, LP, Album), Song To The Spirit - Various - The Sounds Of History Record 9: 1901 - 1917 (Vinyl), Decapitated - Jungle Rot - Skin The Living (Vinyl, Album, LP), Come Back - The Misfits* - Static Age (CD, Album), Irish Reel - Paddy Noonan And His Grand Band - Live Irish Party at the Barleycorn (Vinyl, LP, Album), Kryptogramma, Nightwalker / Wrisk & Mackie - Colobus (Wrisk & Mackie Remix) / Left Turn (Vinyl), Crawling Home, Oliver Huntemann - Licht & Schatten (File, MP3), This Dangerous Age - Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy (The Book Of Splendours) (Box Set, Album, Album, What Can You Do - The Tex Beneke Orchestra* - With No Strings (Vinyl, LP), Cruise (Remix), In My Heart To Stay - Robin Beck - The Platinum DVD Collection (DVDr), Информер - Znaki - Наизнанку (CD, Album), Tomorrow Can Wait - Various - Topradio Dance Year Mix (CD){...}


Made Of Stone - Envy On The Coast - LOWCOUNTRY (Vinyl, LP)Made Of Stone - Envy On The Coast - LOWCOUNTRY (Vinyl, LP)

He rose through the ranks of the Philadelphia Police Department starting in the s to Police Commissioner in ' On August 31,Rizzo's police officers raided the Black Panther Party's headquarters, days after the Panthers declared a war on Police Officers, and stripped members publicly in front of cameras.

Rizzo means a lot of things to a lot of Philly lifers, good and bad - he was just a big white face on the side of a wall to me until I started looking at the work of the Mural Arts Project MAP. MAP is the driving force behind over 2, murals that cover buildings, roofs, houses and parking lots across the City of Brotherly Love.

The Rizzo memorial is mentionable because of the fact that the thousands of murals that decorate the city have a story behind them. There has been months and months of preparation, design and sometimes community-involvement, thousands of dollars, pounds of materials and hours of labor poured into every massive piece of public art.

Philadelphians can even live and work in a neighborhood for months and years before they take the time to look degrees around them and take in all the murals that blanket the exposed facades of buildings. Arnetta is a legendary fixture at the front desk of Philadelphia Weekly. She's a wonderful black woman who loves her grandchildren and knows her Philly.

I told her I was writing about murals and her face lit up. When I rode my bike down Spring Garden toward Broad Street I was facing the west when I saw the huge pairs of eyes that cover its main entrance and along its side. I dismounted, took some pictures and then I turned around. There it was, eight stories tall facing Broad Street from the east in front of a vacant barb-wire-topped parking lot - "Common Threads. It was one of the first murals, perhaps in part due to its size, location and level of sophistication, that turned murals into a respectful and welcome presence in Philly.

There are the standard tours in antique trolleys with an experienced mural expert exposing riders to the history and significance of murals by neighborhood. And, as Ryan explains, by touring murals you tour Philly's neighborhoods. You go to North Philly and see Mexican nationals, the rainforest in Puerto Rico, they're really colorful. So a tour is really like getting to know each neighborhood" These murals are defined by and define neighborhoods. They were real proud of these people and they want to see them on a wall," he adds.

Murals are about bringing art to the people, something muralists find particularly appealing, sometimes enough to leave the gallery completely behind. Working with six different behavioral health organizations in Philly, Okdeh got nearly people involved in the process: placing stained glass to form a sunflower, painting by number, and posing for photographs.

Powers was a graffiti artist at the age of 15, growing up in Philly and tagging his ESPO signature all over the city. MAP and Powers have begun speaking with residents about a project that will paint over rooftops and higher floors of buildings to create a love story between a young boy and girl riding the train. The story will unfold for train riders as they head west from 46th to 63rd Street and back east again. Philadelphia is one-of-a-kind, being covered in murals.

Jessica Kroboth, a dancer for a Philly company called Archdream for Humankind, just returned to Philly after a national tour and realized what an asset our murals are: "Chicago and L. Philly is just unbelievable like that. It's something that unravels for Philadelphians over time. Not so nice review of Coheed Made Of Stone - Envy On The Coast - LOWCOUNTRY (Vinyl Cambria on MxDwn.

Only Coheed and Cambria fans can appreciate this dramatically epic rock opus. These boys dwell in dangerous territory, mixing some tough genres to get into, namely prog rock, metal, emo, pop and punk. These Nyack, NY boys give it their all. Unfortunately, he also ends up sounding like an amped-up Rob Thomas. The dueling lead guitars, thundering synths, shrill singing and head banging pace are all just a little too much. The Who did it best with Tommy forty years ago.

Good Apollo is not completely devoid of clarity, but like the dark and stormy skies Coheed and Cambria seem to anticipate, it kind of ruins the day. A Week's Worst! Because, really, who needs perfectly played pop? Or head-bobbing hip-hop.

What we need now is louder-than-necessary noise derived from too-cool kids tweaking knobs and turning dials in a box full of pedals. Fuck Buttons fit the bill. Their post-postness and scratchy, screechy assault of synths and percussion hypnotize. Posted by Jim Smith at PM 2 comments:. Our favorite squeeze.

Tuesday, July 27, The girl could bring it. Posted by Jim Smith at AM 2 comments:. Monday, July 26, He's still a gas, gas, gas. Friday, July 23, Music to our ears. Thursday, July 22, My friend went to the piano Wednesday, July 21, Heaven couldn't hold his songs.

Tuesday, July 20, Summertime, and the touring's abysmal. Monday, July 19, Free as a bird now. Posted by Jim Smith at AM 4 comments:. Sunday, July 18, Wham, twang and thank you ma'am. I really love the tree riding a bicycle, so much so that I got it tattooed on my leg!

Up until then I was all about CDs, but as cars started to connect to phones and other digital devices, I started transitioning to vinyl and digital only. Favorite colored variant: My favorite color variant is Glassjaw's Coloring Book because it's actually three different vinyl rings that fit together to make a 12". They only made copies, and each album is it's own unique color combo I got I remember when this went on sale and it crashed their site; I was trying to get through on three different computers plus my phone, and got lucky enough to score it!

What is one of the best shows you've seen while working at HoB? The best show I've seen at HoB would definitely be the latest tour from Portugal. The Man. They were so solid! They played for an hour and a half straight, while weaving in and out of songs from their entire discography, as well as mixing in covers from Metallica and Pink LP).

Luckily, they did a similar set at Bonnaroo and I can relive the magic anytime. What are your favorite record shops in the Boston area? I love flipping through records at all the Boston area Newbury Comics locations with an iced coffee in hand!

But there's a ton of other great shops around. The only artists missing are Brand New and a Daryl Palumbo project. Any soundtracks you wish you had on vinyl? Two soundtracks I would love to have on vinyl are the soundtrack to Office Space because it's my favorite movie and the score to Bridge and Tunnel because Ryan Hunter can do no wrong!

If I were stuck on a desert island, I would want to take albums that could transport me to other places! Leading and Envy on the Coast's Lowcountry. I think I would choose TDH because that album pushes close to 80 minutes and tells a really great story, so it could definitely kill time and distract me while I wait for rescue with Wilson.

Written By Ross Shotland - June 22 I'm 47 years young and work with numbers in the financial accounting field. I enjoy biking outdoors and am a huge movie and music buff.

I also enjoy going to live concerts. Listening to metal and soundtracks on vinyl at home is what I enjoy most. Favorite album: My favorite album is a sentimental one and the only original record that I have from my collection as a youth. My father took me to the show and I remember having a great time. After the show, my sister and I were playing around on the stage when one of the band members saw us and asked if we wanted to meet the band backstage. The band gave us the record and they signed a sheet of paper for me.

First album: My first record was a shared album with my sister. My father, whom I owe all of my music appreciation to, used to go to record shops all the time and bring my sister and I. Money being tight we had to agree on one and since my sister was older she got to choose. Rick Springfield it was. The original had always alluded me for some reason and was happy to add this to the collection. It sounds fantastic on crystal clear vinyl.

Looking forward to seeing the deluxe version coming later this year. My son grew up watching SpongeBob so the songs have a special connection with me. I just have to smile looking at the Spongebob variant Favorite album artwork: There are so many to choose from but my all time favorite is the cover from the Creepshow soundtrack from Waxwork Records. The artwork by Gary Pullin is just phenomenal. The vibrant colors makes you stare at it for a long time and the inner book in the gatefold is more of the same.

I don't think anything can top this one for me What are your favorite record shops in the Fort Mill area, in case any readers are traveling through your town? Fort Mill doesn't have any record stores that I'm aware of so I do most of my shopping online. When I do travel into Charlotte, NC, just over the border, I do check out Manifest Discs as they have a large selection of used records. Friday the 13th Soundtrack Blood Filled - this is a record in my collection that I've spent the most money on by far.

I'm a huge F13 fan and so I had to have this. I bought this on the aftermarket right after its release since I wasn't quick enough to get one when it when on sale for about 2 seconds. As there were only produced, this commands a much, much higher price now than what I paid.

And yes, I do play it every now and again Bates Motel - This is an outstanding release from Iam8bit. Everything about this is so cool from the blood drain picture discs to the pop out hotel in the gatefold.

Even the record sleeves are detailed with appropriate artwork. Also comes with an awesome poster and replica Bates Motel paper sheet with the credit information. I listen to both on CD hoping someday they'll make it to vinyl. Just think of the zombie artwork possibilities! Fright Night - the score from Brad Fiedel is great.

We have the soundtrack but not the score on vinyl. I wanted it when I was 10 and I'd want it on a deserted island. The ultimate rock party album. Kreator - Gods of Violence. Hard to choose which Kreator album I'd want, as all of their records are fantastic. They find a way to always be creative and top their previous records with great success.

Gods of Violence is their latest and my head bobs to every song on it. Will be perfect on a deserted island to keep me active. To me this is the most perfect album ever made. I've listened to it so many times and never get tired of it.

View account. Record Collector Of The Month. Date January 30 Written By Michele. Comments 0 Comments. Date February 07 Written By Michele Falcone.

Date January 19 Written By Ross Shotland. Date December 20 I've got the Mikey Version Favorite album artwork: The band Anathallo had a CD with die-cut sleeve that made up flower cut outs, that blew my mind in or so. Relient K's Let is Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer not only has a punny title, but the vinyl is half red and half green, very seasonal Favorite holiday themed wax variant?

Spreading cheer, playing rock and roll What albums are on your holiday wish list? James Brown's A Soulful Christmas soooooo great, you need this record and Bright Eye's Christmas album the saddest of Holiday records Most unique holiday album in your collection? Anything by Brian Setzer What have you been listening to more frequently lately?

Date November 21 Hum Of The Druid: An lp only release of massive churning lowend speaker damaging dronemusik. Jasper TX: Brand new full length of dark droning beauty. July: Deluxe reissue of this wonderful UK sixties psych-pop gem!

Ariel Kalma: Minimalist '70s sax-psych explorations reissued! King Khan: Blazing garage rock with Stax soul mojo. Koss: Japanese elemental pop ambient techno drone bliss n' glitch, so good. Byard Lancaster: Lost jazz classic reissued. Wild and free and melodic and so great. Leviathan: Long out of print lp, now available on cd! Wrest's ambient record! Heavy and catchy and creepy as ever, classic rock for weirdos.

Mudhoney: 20 years on and these guys can still peel paint and kick your teeth LP). Nekrasov: Noise drenched black metal from the other side of the globe. SUper limited version while they last. Ondo: Crushing black ambience and deep dark dronemusic on Paradigms. Orient Express: An awesome Middle Eastern psych-pop gem! Pelt: Another disc of deep sonorous minimalism and heart of the sun ur-drone. Liz Phair: Legendary nineties indie rock classic reissued with extra tracks and a dvd documentary.

Pinch: Incredible double disc of groovy stuttery bass heavy dubstep. Rosetta: Possibly the heaviest and most complex and forward thinking of the metallic post rock crowd. Rudimentary Peni: Legendary UK crust punks return with their first disc in 4 years! Sebadoh: Bubble And Scrape, another Sebadoh classic gets the deluxe reissue treatment. Simulacra: Deep dark blackened drones, super limited, gorgeous packaging. Steinski: Massive collection of singles and rare tracks from this proto hip-hop legend.

Twink: More toy piano mania, playful and cute, fun and sunshiney, perfect for summer Urthona: Glorious shoegazing freeform rural-psych-noise-guitar-drone on Julian Cope's Head Heritage label! Rare 12" tracks finally on cd!

Venetian Snares: Another disc of twisted rhythms and head spinning drill and bass madness. Wold: Moosejaw duo unveil they're latest and noisiest black metal masterpiece yet.

Woods Family Creeps: Fractured lo-fi pop genius! Finally before we get to the list, there's a few special events n' things that we should mention, that locals ought to know about:. Tune into KUSF Also available at itunes The girls learn their instruments in the mornings and then spend the afternoons in workshops and mostly practicing with their bands they form the first day of camp to write one original song that each band will perform on Saturday, July 12th, 3pm doors at 2 at Bottom of the Hill!

All ages of course. And then next week, the Mission Creek Music Festival gets under way. Among the many cool shows, our own Jim Haynes will be performing at something called Collision, on Thursday, July 17th. Also appearing on the bill: Sokai Stilhed and darwinsbitch. Doors at pm, performances at 8pm. Monday July 28th, at 6pm. Don't miss it. Guaranteed to be our heaviest instore ever And finally, it's official, another Boredoms multiple drummer blow out.

This one on the very mystical date of 8. Andee and Michael will be doing it again, Made Of Stone - Envy On The Coast - LOWCOUNTRY (Vinyl will a whole bunch of Bay Area drummers. And West Coasters rejoice! This time it's happening in L. More info soon. But as any of you who made it to the 7. Ok, that's about it. On with the list, and enjoy your Friday!!!

Andee's off to the airport. And will be sure to report back on his weekend of grunge! It used to be that we ended each New Arrivals list with a quote, something we found in a magazine usually The Wire or online or something.

But also sometimes it was just something funny somebody around here happened to say. Well Andee just made an observation that struck us as good list-quote material, to wit: "The list would be a whole lot easier without pants. Anyway, here we are again with a new New Arrivals list! They along with Andee's lady friend Heather made their first visit to the annual video arcade and pinball game expo in San Jose last Saturday, it was awesome!!

We recommend checking it out next year. There were, like, vintage games there, stuff we'd totally forgotten about or never ever before seen including some one of a kind prototypes. Ok, ok, on with the list Quest For Blood: freaked out free jazz flute meets Japanese folk ritual and blasting black metal Pumice: the damaged distorted drone pop of NZ's Stefan Neville keeps getting better and better, this one blew us away.

Paavoharju: the fantastical fairytale forest-folk-pop of Finland's finest is simply delicious. Absolut Null Punkt: Live electro-industrial improv on the edge of noise from two Japanese heavyweights.

Oren Ambarchi: The guitar drone experimentalist's entry in the Table of the Elements ltd. Jorge Ben: A swell psychedelic samba album reissued.

The Bug: Kevin Martin's dancehall dubsteb juggernaut returns! Daturah: More moody post-rock instrumentals from these Mogwai-ish, Godspeed-y Germans. Kevin Drumm: Hypnotic hellishness on 2 discs, wherein feedback disease dissolves into ambient prettiness. Emeralds: Dense drone space synth bliss out from this Midwestern trio! Ben Frost: A mind blowing record of dark metallic electronic brooding weirdness.

Not new, but definitely a new favorite. Futurians: Super limited lathe cut, of hiss soaked sludgey in-the-red garage stomp from New Zealand. Gilberto Gil: Another amazing reissue from this Brazilian Tropicalia psych legend. Devastating metallic art grind nearly as good as the late great DA. John Hill: Legendary lost spoken word spiritual free jazz space rock buried treasure. Blissed out fuzzy gauzy blackened doom bliss.

Grim but so pretty. Khan: Spaced out prog reish, featuring future Gong-er Steve Hillage on guitar. The Arctopus, and Bloody Panda get very black metal indeed. Masonna: Second volume of super rare Japanese noise from the master! Monolake: Remastered reissue of this ol' opiated Chain Reaction classic!

Nadja x 2: A brand new release, and a past favorite now on vinyl. Massive metallic shoegaze bliss. Njiqahdda: First actual cd release from these unblack masters. More fractured blackened doomdrone metal mesmer. Orchestra Ethiopia - Ethiopiques Latest in this kick ass series! Channeling nineties, Ragga Twins: Essential collection of tracks from these legendary ragga jungle pioneers. Ravjunk: Double disc reissue of heavy Swedish underground progg-punk circa '77! Seconds In Formaldehyde: Gorgeous glimmering and shimmering guitar drones, recorded live, limited to copies.

Sic Alps: Local noisepoppers cover Throbing Gristle on this one sided limited colored vinyl 7". Skull Defekts: The Defekts go drone. And we mean dense black hole soul crushing buzzing drone. So great! Slough Feg: Finally on limited ed. Smorzando: Easily the best chunk of blown out depressive black metal weirdness so far this year!

Sparks: Brand new record from these art pop faves. Studio: Better late that never for this release of cosmic disco instrumentals from the Swedish duo.

Svarte Greiner: More doom folk. A crazy limited cassette on Digitalis. Deluxe diecut packaging, picture disc. Total mind blowing sludge pop genius!

Piero Umiliani: Killer collection of essential Italian soundtracks from this legendary composer. Mika Vainio: Gorgeous single of super minimal glitched and crackled dronescapes.

Dennis Wilson: Finally reissued, this lost lush pop classic from the Beach Boy least likely to Tons of extras. Among other goodies. Oh and also, among the reviews below, you'll find Allan delving deeply into Dynasty by Kiss You know how we did our list on a Thursday the other week when Andee had to go up to see the Sub Pop festival? Well we're gonna being doing the next list a few days early as well, fyi.

Probably Wednesday, August 6th, instead of that Friday. We mentioned it last time, right? So the AQ mailorder staff will be taking a little Boredoms vacation for a day or two, but we'll do our best to not have that slow anything up much. And if you're in L. It's at the La Brea Tar Pits! The Boredoms! Tar Pits! Woo Hoo!!!! Speaking of Michael in mailorder, sadly we'll soon be saying adieu to him Andee will be returning to the mailorder desk for a while to help out, and Scott will be pitching in too, until we find a permanent replacement.

It's been a blast working with Michael and we wish him luck out in Chicago, where he'll be working in public radio! You local types, there's some stuff going on the next few days you might want to know about. It's at the Castro Theatre, 10pm. We might have mentioned it on this list a few months ago when Andee, Allan and Cup got a chance to see it at a private showing.

It's all about the seminal Canadian speed metal band Anvil, still trying to make it big today years and years after their 15 minutes back in the '80s It's brutally funny in a Spinal Tap sort of way and also brutally depressing likewise Anyone in a band, successful or otherwise, will be able to relate to stuff in this movie.

But ultimately it's really a touching story of two friends, the two main dudes in Anvil, who fight all the time but really love each other like brothers. We give it hella thumbs up and recommend you see it!!

And yes, Anvil are Jewish, that's why it's in the festival. AND, we have three pairs of tickets to give away. Email your 'entry' to [email protected]. They're actual tickets too, LP) you'll have to come by the shop and pick them up. Be sure to include your name and email and phone number. Oh and we almost forgot. Plus if you miss the SF screening, or just need to see it again, it'll be playing in the East Bay too. See the end of the list for more details.

It's gonna be so amazing. You will regret it forever! Sunday night, at the Great American Music Hall!! With openers Wildildlife, newly relocated to Seattle but coming all the way down here to play this show! Since the show is this weekend, this will not be a random drawing.

Sooooo, send your email to [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name, your email and a telephone number just in case. First five win. They'll be vying to steal the crown for loudest instore ever, held for nearly the last decade by Alec Empire. We have a feeling it will be no contest. So don't miss that either. Bring your earplugs, and apologies to our neighbors And more weekend stuff to do: former AQ staffer and forever awesome chick Sadie Shaw is having a photo show this weekend, exhibiting her glamor pics at The Knockout bar on Mission Street not far from aQ That's at The Knockout, Mission St.

We're sure it will be fun! Finally, as many of you know, and as was mentioned above, I Andee was in Seattle a couple weekends back for the big Sub Pop 20th Anniversary celebration. It was a total blast. Saw Green River who are one of my all time favorite bands and completely destroyed. As did Mudhoney. There was barely a disappointment the whole weekend. It was WAY too hot, but thankfully there was shade, and that shade was often right over the pit!

Also had a huge two story arcade right across the street from my hotel, got to meet Sub Pop head honcho Jon Poneman, wandered around Seattle, saw a comedy show with Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Eugene Mirman and Todd Phillips, got to meet up with our much missed former employee Matt, even managed to buy some records!

Will write up a much more detailed review of the trip and the shows once our blog is up and running. Jeez that was a long intro. Anyway, the intro is finally finished. And I know we say this everytime, but holy cow, there's just so much amazing music this week, guess it's best to just get to it Wow, weird.

It's a Wednesday! We warned everybody last time, right? He's playing in it drummer number 67 like he did last year in Brooklyn. Since Allan doesn't like to do the list without Andee in fact, probably couldn't do the list without Andeewe moved it up. But managed to review quite a few of the many rad cds, lps, etc. And very recent AQ alum Michael is also gonna be there drummer They're definitely gonna have fun.

Everybody else here wishes they coulda gone too. Since Andee and Cup will be away, Scott will be attending to your mailorder needs for the next few days. In the week-and-a-half since the last list, things have been hopping.

He played solo, acoustically, doing a bunch of Harvey Milk numbers, a Leonard Cohen song or two, and finishing up with a charming version of "Three Is A Magic Number", a song we all know and love from Schoolhouse Rocks!! Believe it or not. We miss that guy. However, Allan was flummoxed afterwards, when on the way out the door, some fellow audience-member happened to ask him about the Anvil t-shirt "Too Heavy For Whimps!

When Allan explained that he'd picked up the shirt at show Anvil had played in San Francisco about ten years ago, the guy looked confused and said, "But they're not a real band, are they? Part of his confusion may have been that Anvil's drummer is coincidentally enough named Robb Reiner, and the band visits the actual Stonehenge while on tour But Allan eventually convinced the guy that Anvil is actually a real band.

Anyway, such a good movie, look out for it to go on a national "tour" with Anvil playing live after the screenings, that's the plan!! What else? Well pretty much everyone here saw the Dark Knight of course. And then there's music, right? We were listening to a lot of music As follows: Darkspace: Latest disc of blackened celestial genius, from this Swiss black metal trio, heavy and noisy, dense and weirdly psychedelic and completely overwhelming.

Metal transformed into blown out frosty dronemusic, totally transcendent! Terry Riley! Free rock meets modern minimalism, experimental jazz meets baroque pop, and somehow it all sounds incredible Corrupted: They're Japanese, they sing in Spanish, this is their debut, available again, and it still destroys all other slow and low ultra doooooooooooooooooom!

Acre: A single massive, epic, layered drone spread out over two sides of an lp. Ajilvsga: Latest tape from these dirgey droners, featuring Brad from Digitalis. Super limited! Alva Noto: Brand new disc of high concept robotic future funk, incredible collection of clipped skitter and thump. If only we were robots Creepy and intense! Aidan Baker x 2: TWO cd reissues of long out of print cd-r's. You do probably need to buy them. Carry on as normal. Your products will appear on your Pointy Page automatically.

Google's "See What's In Store" gives shoppers an additional way to discover what your store sells, directly on the Google search page. Pointy ProductAds is an optional feature that runs high-performing ads on Google for all your products automatically. You have total control over the daily budget and geographic targeting range. Announcement: Pointy is joining Google! Get your products online instantly.

More customers through your door. No data entry needed.

Alfredo? Voi! - Verdi* - Joan Sutherland, Carlo Bergonzi, Robert Merrill, Chorus* And Orchestra Of T, Raise Your Hands (Sy & Unknown Remix) - Various - The No. 1 Hardcore Classics Album (CD), Waiting (Instrumental), She Comes In The Fall - Inspiral Carpets - She Comes In The Fall (Vinyl), Perchè Non Piangi Per Me - Vasco Rossi - Stupido Hotel (CD, Album), Open Wound - Warsore - Violent Swing Discography (Cassette), Idiot Box I - Various - Idiot Box (CD, Album), Selection From The Student Prince - The Regimental Band Of The Scots Guards - Behind The Footlights, Up, Up And Away - Engelbert Humperdinck - A Man Without Love (Cassette, Album), Instrumental - Sunburst (6) - Ave Africa (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album), Liquid Loop - Aqualite vs. Xylon - Night Before Launch (CD, Album), Les Cafés - Régine - Régine (Vinyl, LP, Album), Come Back Sweet Papa - The Wolverines Jazz Band* With Bud Freeman - Live! (Vinyl, LP){...}


Into The Night - Enforcer (6) - Into The Night (CD, Album)Into The Night - Enforcer (6) - Into The Night (CD, Album)

His song "Be intro " is featured in a commercial for BlackBerry as of January [update]. In DecemberCommon launched a new clothing line in partnership with Microsoft titled "Softwear", based on s computing. This caused furor with the New Jersey State Police and their union, [59] who disagreed with his lyrical content.

At another poetry reading, Common said, "flyers say 'free Mumia' on my freezer", a reference to Mumia Abu-Jamalwho was controversially convicted of killing Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in Common stated, "The one thing that shouldn't be questioned is my support for the police officers and troops that protect us every day. Jay Carneythe White House Press Secretary at the time, spoke for President Obama on the matter by saying the president does not support, but actually opposes, some of the kind of words and lyrics that have been written by Common and others.

Lynn stands for more broadly. Common gave a single line response to the entire controversy: "I guess Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn't like me.

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show questioned Fox News' coverage of the controversy, saying that they "took the time to ignore Common's entire body of work, save for one poem he wrote in that they appear to misunderstand. Bush honored Johnny Cashwhose songs contain violent lyrics. Stewart further pointed out that Fox News itself offered positive coverage of Common's career inand that Sean Hannitywho criticized Common's White House invitation, Album) a friend of musician Ted Nugentwho in clips played on The Daily Showused violent rhetoric in comments he made about President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As the book details how his close relationship with his mother influenced his life, it is partially narrated by her. The book highlights his relationship with his daughter Omoye, romantic relationships, his parents, and his struggle to cement his perspective in the concept of love. Common used to be vegan, but is now a pescetarian. In addition, he is a supporter of animal rights and PETA.

Common has pledged to stop using anti-gay lyrics in his music. Common is the founder of the Common Ground Foundation, [70] [71] a non-profit that seeks to empower underprivileged youth to be contributing citizens and strong leaders in the world.

Fest music festival in Chicago's Union Park. Fest returned in[73] but was canceled one week before showtime in InCommon performed concerts in several California prisons, as well as on the grounds of the California State Capitol. In Mayin response to the COVID pandemic, Common launched a social media campaign through Imagine Justice, dubbed WeMatterToo, with dozens of advocacy and activist groups calling attention to the threat that the pandemic poses for incarcerated men and women and intended to create greater public awareness about conditions facing incarcerated populations.

Along with other rappers and activists, Common appeared in the award-winning documentary short film Bars4Justicewhich was shot in Ferguson, Missouri and produced by Nation19 Magazine. Common is a pescatarian. As of [update]Common is in a relationship with comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American rapper, actor, and writer from Illinois. ChicagoIllinoisU. Common Sense L. Album) Willie Stargell [1].

Hip hop neo soul [4] progressive rap [5]. Musical artist. Main articles: Common discography and List of Common songs. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Common.

Retrieved 31 August Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved December 20, The Source. Retrieved May 11, Retrieved November 1, MTV News. Retrieved July 15, Retrieved — via YouTube. Entertainment Tonight.

The Guardian. Retrieved January 7, October 11, Retrieved October 12, Retrieved October 30, Universal Music Publishing Group. Archived from the original PDF on May 28, Retrieved October 5, Chicago magazine October UMSL Daily. Daily News. ABC 7 Chicago. April 13, Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved July 25, — via FindArticles. Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved June 13, The English Journal.

JSTOR Retrieved September 9, August 31, Bonafide Magazine Interview. Interviewed by Alex Nagshineh. Retrieved August 5, Retrieved July 20, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved December 6, Archived from the original on April 12, Retrieved May 13, Nah Right. October 9, If your perspective is that it's not a baby, simply an appendage of the person in whom it resides, it makes perfect sense.

These questions contain a line from a show's theme song. The album titled My Music is My Boyfriend will be dropping in One wonders where modern rap and hip-hop would be had the song never been released. Thankfully, their wonderful work lives on. I miss the Graingers, and particularly miss Elizabeth Sara Laneand disappointingly no woman takes her place.

The Third Theme This third season theme song uses clips from great first season black and white episodes, along with scenes shot in color for the second season.

Music Video. Share to Reddit. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Login or Register. Share to Facebook. According to the official website, the Steam Deck has a chip that allows for it to play AAA games in the handheld format. Or gamble with her happiness. Check out the latest additions. Share to Tumblr. This is not a Nintendo Switch. It also runs Valve's in house operating system, SteamOS. Born in New York to native Puerto Rican parents, he spent much of his childhood in Puerto Rico and became fluent in a variety of languages and dialects.

The Virginian. Click here to be taken to our new and improved site. The Virginian became television's first minute western series. He was a paratrooper in the U. See more ideas about the virginian, james drury, doug mcclure.

Well she wants to be the queen and. The great thing about Great Scores is that you can preview all the available arrangements of a song before purchasing. People let me tell you 'bout him he's so much fun. Total Views 2, The Flip Wilson Show. Merry Christmas. The Virginian Hotel is a historic hotel with photos, antiques, maps, and many interesting objects everywhere you look.

Album songs 1. I'm sorry, these Virginians are birds of a feather Young man, I'm from Virginia, so watch your mouth So we let Congress get held hostage by. The Virginian The Virginian adopted 'Golden West' primarily as piano music in saloon scenes and 'Tomorrow' as background dance music. The actor's assistant, Karen Lindsey, confirmed his death in a Facebook post, stating that he died of 4. Watch full episodes of current and classic NBC shows online.

Mysterious cities of gold theme song. So if you have us saved to your favorites, link to us, or just want to spread the word, our new addy is : www.

Quiz Rating Details. In he was chosen to create the anthem for Qlimax, "Temple Of Light". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Musical artist. Retrieved Lose Control Music. Hard News in Dutch. Apple Music. Authority control. MusicBrainz artist. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. We can imagine what it must achieve, but we don't know what it is yet". The company also cited a desire to Album) its attention onto new games for next-generation consoles, such as Brothers in Arms: Furious FourHomeworld: Shipbreakers a new game in the Homeworld franchise, which Gearbox had recently acquired in THQ 's bankruptcy auctionand new properties such as Battleborn.

A few months after the release of Borderlands 2 and shortly after it had concluded its contributions to BioShock InfiniteGearbox began working with 2K Australia to develop a prequel to the game which would take place directly after the events of the original. The decision to make the game a prequel to Borderlands 2 was centered around a desire to use the Hyperion moonbase a location alluded to, and visible in Borderlands 2 as a playable location; the development team felt that going to the moonbase in a sequel to Borderlands 2 would be too "boring" for players since the relevant conflict was already resolved, and because "if we're going to go to the moonbase anyway, what if we try something completely different that people aren't expecting[?

Pitchford noted that this setting would allow the game to address plot Album) and events alluded to in the first two games that were not yet completely addressed—on the possibility that the game could introduce holes in the continuity of the franchise, he joked that the franchise already contained many plot holes to begin with.

The studio also provided its writing staff—including Anthony Burchlead writer of Borderlands 2 —as a complement to 2K Australia's own writers. The engine of Borderlands 2 was used as a starting point, allowing the 2K Australia team to quickly prototype and implement features on top of the existing functionality already provided by Borderlands 2.

Most of the new mechanics in the game, such as ice weaponry, were conceived by the 2K Australia team; [5] [19] Gearbox's developers had shown concerns that freezing weapons were illogical in comparison to the other elemental weapon types, such as incendiary and acid, but Pitchford excused their inclusion in The Pre-Sequel because cryogenic technology was more "natural" in the space-oriented setting of the game.

The four playable characters have an increased amount of dialogue in comparison to their equivalents in previous instalments; NPC dialogue can change depending on the characters present. The Pre-Sequel would be the final video game developed by 2K Australia, as the studio was shut down on 16 April As porting The Pre-Sequel to next-generation consoles would require rebuilding the engine and thus defeating the purpose of retaining the engine used by Borderlands 2developers instead targeted the game to the same console platforms that previous installments in the Borderlands franchise were released for.

As part of pre-release promotional efforts for the game, Gearbox began releasing Pre-Sequel -inspired character skins for Borderlands 2 in July[27] and at San Diego Comic-ConGearbox partnered with The Nerdist to set up a Borderlands -themed laser tag field at Petco Park during the convention. On 18 Septemberan extended minute trailer featuring Sir Hammerlock and Mr. Torgue was released. It includes both games and all of their respective DLC.

As with Borderlands 2downloadable content DLCincluding new characters and story campaigns, were made for The Pre-Sequelwhich can be purchased separately or together as a "Season Pass".

The Shock Drop Slaughter Pit was released at launch as a pre-order exclusive. The first DLC character, released on 11 Novemberis a body double of Handsome Jack, "the Doppelganger"; he can summon clones of himself known as "digi-Jacks" to fight alongside him.

Jack's skill trees mainly focus on granting bonuses to himself, as well as his Digi-Jacks. The first DLC campaign, The Holodome Onslaughtwas released on 14 December ; it includes missions in the titular challenge arena, which features Athena re-telling a shortened version of the game's story to Borderlands 2 ' s Axton and Gaige. The third playthrough, "Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode", raises the character level cap to 60, [8] [36] and includes an additional mission that ties into Handsome Jack's presence in Tales from the Borderlands.

Her action skill is a homing ice shard which can cycle between enemies as they are killed by it: her skill trees provide enhancements to the shard, can increase cryo damage, and the ability to assign a teammate as her "servant"—allowing both players to benefit from bonuses granted by each other's kills. The DLC's title is a reference to the film Fantastic Voyagewhich has a similar plotline involving miniaturisation and travel through a body. To get those perspectives, recover those memories, and dig through his dirty laundry.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel received positive reviews from critics. Daniel Bloodworth from GameTrailers gave the game an 8. He praised the characters and the new gameplay mechanics introduced in The Pre-Sequel. He ended the review by saying that "new playable characters are worth exploring and the tweaks to the formula have an impact across the entire breadth of the game.

However, he criticised the weak story, as well as non-drastic changes when compared with Borderlands 2. He described the general experience as "a hilarious, fan-focused continuation of the series' core values, but lacking any true evolution, which made it a fun diversion rather than a meaningful new chapter.

He praised the gearing options and the low-gravity mechanics, which made the game "a fresh experience". He also praised the entertaining Jack-focused story, but criticised its poor pacing. While the new setting, classes, and weapon types reinvigorate the experience, The Pre-Sequel doesn't deviate much from the feel and format of Borderlands 2.

He praised the combination of weapons with the use of the Grinder, a new machine introduced in The Pre-Sequelas well as the new vehicles available, but criticised the map design, frustrating encounters with enemies, as well as being too similar to the previous installments. He summarised the game as "an unpolished, uninspired adventure where fun can be had with friends, but that time could be better spent elsewhere.

IGN gave the Claptastic Voyage campaign an 8. It's lean and focused in a way the main game it belongs to sometimes wasn't, and yet it still feels substantial and complete. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WW : 29 May Game Music Online. Archived from the original on 7 September Retrieved 4 September IGN Entertainment. Retrieved 2 September Archived from the original on 5 January Retrieved 22 July Archived from the original on 11 April Retrieved 9 April Album) Archived from the original on 15 July Retrieved 7 July The Escapist.

Archived from the original on 13 October Retrieved 13 October Archived from the original on 28 January

Down For The Count - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Sing A Song Of Basie (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ms. Beautiful - XLR8 (4) - XLR8 (File, MP3, Album), When God Goes Home - Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Mono (CD, Album), Boston Symphony Orchestra Under The Direction Of Serge Koussevitzky - Brahms Symphony No. 4 In E Min, 23 Lecciones De Amor - Tess (5) - A Nuestra Edad (CD, Album), Cry - James Blunt - Back To Bedlam (CD, Album), Dark Valentine - Inertia (4) - Existential (CD, Album), Rosanne Cash - Right Or Wrong (CD), Sega Genesis - RAP/RAP/RAP - Killing (File, MP3, Album), Therion - Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas (Vinyl, LP, Album){...}


Relax - Simon Jones (20) - Melanie And Me (CD, Album)Relax - Simon Jones (20) - Melanie And Me (CD, Album)

Cover versions of "Wannabe" have been included in the albums of various musical artists. In American retro-satirist duo the Album) did a kitschylounge -inspired rendition of "Wannabe" for their debut album, Experiment in Terror. The cover versions of the song were included in the official soundtracks of Disney's animated film Chicken Little[] DreamWorks Animation 's animated film Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted [] and the American teen film Sleepover.

It was also used in the trailer for the film Excess Baggage Her solo version was an acoustic ballad with several lyrics changed, such as "you've gotta get with my friends" being changed to "you've gotta be my best friend". InAmerican actress Eva Longoria performed a comedic dramatic reading of "Wannabe" in honour of the 20th anniversary of the album Spice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Wannabe song.

For other uses, see Wannabe disambiguation. A second sample from "Wannabe", featuring Brown and Halliwell singing the refrain in a call and response interaction, the use of the word "zigazig-ah", and the group singing the song's first chorus. Retrieved 21 March Girl Power! Spice Girls. Retrieved 5 January Phil Brodie Band. Retrieved 24 May Official Charts Company. Retrieved 1 October Archived from the original on 3 May Retrieved 2 May Click Music.

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The roles involved in making a LibriVox Relax - Simon Jones (20) - Melanie And Me (CD. Archived from the original on Relax - Simon Jones (20) - Melanie And Me (CD December World Red Eye. Retrieved 26 January Archived from the original on 7 March Retrieved 28 May BBC News.

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Andrew Album) Billboard Year-End number one singles — Complete list — — — — Best-selling singles by year in the United Kingdom. Authority control. MusicBrainz artist. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to Album) Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Ronson in United Kingdom United States.

Collegiate School. New York University BS. Full list. New York CityU. Home Field Advantage. Everybody Got Their Something. The Bathroom Wall. The Trouble with Being Myself. Pharoahe Monch. Here Comes the Fuzz.

Nappy Roots and Anthony Hamilton. Sean Paul and Tweet. Mos Def and M. Jack WhiteFreeway and Nikka Costa. Rhymefest and Anthony Hamilton. Daniel Merriweather. Q-Tip and Debi Nova.

Het Winterkoninkje - Het Nieuw Rotterdams Toneel Als Gast: Ko Van Dijk - 8 Sprookjes (Vinyl, LP), Restless - Various - Electronic Sound Box Compilation Album Vol. 1 (File, MP3), Babarabatiri - Various - Damn! 2 - 100% Dancehits (CD), Speak Low - Charlie Byrd - The Guitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled - Idiot Stroszek - Idiot Stroszek (Cassette), Wild Winds Are Blowin - Slade - Sladest (Vinyl, LP), The Little Girl Who Loved Down the Lane - Paul The Girl - Little Miss Weird (CD, Album), Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Ambrosia - Pyeng Threadgill - Of The Air (CD, Album), Por Alli Paso Un Cavallero - Nicos* - Mediterraneo (CD, Album), Rehearsal Room, Aint She Sweet - Jimmy Smith - Plays Fats Waller (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Know You By Heart - Bette Midler - Beaches (Original Soundtrack Recording) (CD, Album){...}


You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD)You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD)

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The Police. The Clash. The Pretenders. All-American Rejects. The Sounds. The Black Crowes. The Hives. The Monkees. The B's. Grateful Dead. The Haunted. Screaming for Vengeance. The Mother Hips. Toten Hosen Die Toten Hosen. Wampas Les Wampas. The Cars. The Material. The Myriad. The Offspring. Scars on Broadway. The Janitors. The PAX Collection.

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Stephen and the Colberts. Dashboard Confessional. Peace Sells Moving Pictures. The Cult. The Stone Roses. Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Feelgood ". Siouxsie and The Banshees. The Psychedelic Furs. The Presidents of the United States of America.

The Presidents of the United States of America The Chevelles. Cocktail Slippers. Between the Buried and Me. The Colour and the Shape. Century Media Girls of Metal The Killers. The Naked Brothers Band. The Singles [g]. The Singles The group ended up being caught in the midst of an attack outside of the hotel and were subsequently flown out of the country.

The channel also began showing presidential campaign commercials for the first time during the US presidential election. MTV is aligned with Rock the Votea campaign to motivate young adults to register and vote. InMTV continued its pro-democracy campaign with Elect Thisan issue-oriented look at the election targeting Millennials.

Original content under the "Elect This" umbrella includes "Infographica," short animations summarizing MTV News polls; "Robo-Roundtable," a digital series hosted by animatronic robots; "The Racket," a multi-weekly digital series; and "The Stakes," a weekly political podcast.

Since its launch inthe brand "MTV" has expanded to include many additional properties beyond the original MTV channel, including a variety of sister channels in the US, dozens of affiliated channels around the world, and an Internet presence through MTV. You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD)MTV saw the introduction of its first regular sister channel, VH1which was originally an acronym for "Video Hits One" and was designed to play adult contemporary music videos.

From now on, VH1 is aimed at celebrity and popular culture programming which include many reality shows.

Another sister channel, CMTtargets the country music and southern culture market. Until Viacom's main master control was upgraded inonly the network's original series after You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD) some pre content are broadcast in high definition, while music videos, despite being among the first television works to convert to high definition presentation in the early s, were presented in standard definitionforcing them into a windowboxing type of presentation; since that time all music videos are presented in HD, and are You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD) to their director's preference.

Each of these channels featured music videos and shows from MTV's international affiliates as well as original US programming, promos, and packaging. All three of these channels ceased broadcasting on April 30, The channel's programming focused on classic music videos and programming including notable episodes of MTV Unplugged and VH1 Storytellersbut skews more towards the s, s and s. The network's relaunch included a broadcast of MTV's first hour on the air, which was also simulcast on MTV and online via Facebook live streaming.

However, the rebranded MTV Classic had few viewers, and declined quickly to become the least-watched English-language subscription network rated by Nielsen at the end of At the start ofit was reorganized into an all-video network. He registered the then-unclaimed domain name "MTV. Although this move was sanctioned by his supervisors at MTV Networks at the time, when Curry left to start his own web-portal design and hosting company, MTV subsequently sued him for the domain name, which led to an out-of-court settlement.

The service hosted at the domain name was originally branded "MTV Online" during MTV's first few years of control over it in the mids. After this time, the website became known as simply "MTV.

The experiment ended in February as MTV. The purpose of the online channel was to air commercial-free music videos once the television channels started concentrating on shows unrelated to music videos or music-related programming. The channel responded to the rise of the Internet as the new central place to watch music videos in October by launching MTV Music later called MTV Hivea website that featured thousands of music videos from MTV and VH1 's video libraries, dating back to the earliest videos from A newly created division of the company, MTV New Media, announced in that it would produce its own original web series, in an attempt to create a bridge between old and new media.

MTV explained, "While technology has made it way easier for artists to produce and distribute their own music on their own terms, it hasn't made it any simpler to find a way to cut through all the Internet noise and speak directly to all of their potential fans. The summer launch of the platform is an attempt to help music junkies and musicians close the gap by providing a one-stop place where fans can listen to and buy music and purchase concert tickets and merchandise.

The site features an online version of MTV News, podcasts, a commercial streaming service, movie features, profiles and interviews with recording artists and from MTV's television programs. MTV Networks has launched numerous native-language regional variants of MTV-branded channels in countries around the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American cable television channel. This article is about the main MTV channel. For other uses, see MTV disambiguation. For the genre, see Music television.

MTV: Music Television — [1]. This You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD) needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Further information: List of first music videos aired on MTV. Further information: List of MTV special events. Further information: List of MTV music programs. Main article: Total Request Live. Further information: MTV Animation. Further information: List of programs broadcast by MTV. Main article: Censorship on MTV. Main article: Controversies of Jersey Shore.

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The following songs have been released for the Rock Band games. All songs available in packs are also available as individual song downloads on the same date, unless otherwise noted. As of May 4,new songs are released on Tuesdays across all participating consoles.

Dates listed are the initial release of songs on Xbox Live. Starting May 20,all downloadable songs are available in both the North American and European markets, unless noted. Certain songs have been marked "family friendly" by Harmonix; such songs released before Rock Band 3 ' s launch on October 26, can be played in Lego Rock Band. All songs released via downloadable content prior to October 6, are playable in Rock Band 3and support its new Pro Drum mode.

Most songs released for Rock Band 3 include core features for keyboards, Pro Keyboards, and backing You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD) in the core song, where they are appropriate. Additionally, some of these songs features charts for Pro Guitar and Bass that can also be purchased.

Songs released on and after October 6, are playable only in Rock Band 4. In addition, all applicable songs released via downloadable content feature backing vocals when played in Rock Band 4but no longer include keyboard or Pro Keyboard support, due to those features being removed in Rock Band 4. As with most music licensing agreements, Rock Band's licenses for DLC have fixed terms on how long content can be sold on the platform.

Harmonix announced that they will attempt to renew their license agreements, promising to give players advance notice if certain songs cannot be relicensed and must be delisted. Songs removed from the Rock Band Music Store are no longer available for new purchases; however, users who purchased songs prior to their removal from the storefront are not affected in their ability to use the content, including re-downloading songs if necessary.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Complete list of downloadable songs You Better Run - Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (DVD) the Rock Band series.

Wikimedia list article. Full list Creedence Clearwater Revival. The Knack. The Runaways. And Justice for All " [b]. Queens of the Stone Age. The Police. The Clash. The Pretenders. All-American Rejects. The Sounds. The Black Crowes. The Hives. The Monkees. The B's. Grateful Dead. The Haunted. Screaming for Vengeance. The Mother Hips. Toten Hosen Die Toten Hosen. Wampas Les Wampas. The Cars. The Material. The Myriad. The Offspring.

Scars on Broadway. The Janitors.

R.S., Im Satisfied - Bee Gees - Spirits Having Flown (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pressure - The Kinks - One For The Road (CD, Album), Warfare - Carolin Petit - Danger & Drama (CD, Album), April In Paris - Sammy Davis Jr. & Count Basie - Our Shining Hour (Vinyl, LP), Prevent Us, O Lord - William Byrd - The Choir Of New College, Oxford* Directed By David Lumsden - Th, The Masses - Dennis Gonzalez New Dallasorleanssippi - Debenge-Debenge (CD, Album), Dont Care - Antidote N.Y.C.* - Viva Los Pendejos (CD, Album), Twisting Reality - DNA The Dark Project - Under The Surface (CD, Album), Its All Over Now, Baby Blue{...}


Outtakes I - The Beatles - Live From Liverpool - Beatlemania 1963 (CD)Outtakes I - The Beatles - Live From Liverpool - Beatlemania 1963 (CD)

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A Hard Day's Night Help! Two of Us film. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Use British English from November Use dmy dates from August Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. URL consultato il 9 aprile URL consultato il 15 novembre URL consultato il 9 aprile archiviato dall' url originale il 10 aprile Nakedsu allmusic. URL consultato l'8 aprile URL consultato il 6 aprile Hertsgaardpp. Quando la i minuscola si fonde con la i maiuscola, allora stai davvero sorridendo! In Harryp. In Daviesp. Altri progetti Wikiquote Wikimedia Commons.

Portale Rock : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di rock. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Namespace Voce Discussione. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Wikimedia Commons. Rock and roll [1] Hard rock [1] Pop rock [1]. George Martin e Phil Spector. Outtakes I - The Beatles - Live From Liverpool - Beatlemania 1963 (CD) Scaruffi. CS1 maint: extra text: authors list link Lewisohn, Mark The Complete Beatles Chronicle.

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The Beatles Meet the Beatles! Naked Love. UK best-selling albums by year — UK Christmas number-one albums. Authority control MusicBrainz release group. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. EMILondon. George Martin. A Hard Day's Night Beatles for Sale Cover for the Australian Parlophone LP.

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Orchester Jo Ment* - Griechischer Wein (Vinyl, LP), Mississippi Delta - Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe (Vinyl, LP, Album), Get Fucked - Delirium Tremens (6) - Read My Fist (Vinyl), Modern Talking - Victory - The 11th Album (CD, Album), Your World Is Doomed - Sniper (36) - Your World Is Doomed (CD, Album), All We Are - Doro & Warlock (2) - Rare Diamonds (CD), Darling - Sarah Vaughan - The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Vol. 4 1963-1967 (CD), Guesch Patti - Melomane (CD), 2,000 Blacks Got To Be Free - Fela Anikulapo Kuti* & Roy Ayers - 2000 Blacks (Cassette, Album), Стъпки и думи от лятото - Тоника - Най-доброто (Cassette), Mike Oldfield - Exposed (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rhyme Well - Sigmund Snopek III - Trinity Seas Seize Sees (CD, Album), Arrayed In Glory - Clay Webb and Holy Generation - Hear The Beckoning (CD, Album){...}


LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque ! (CD, Album)LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque ! (CD, Album)

Le Gourmand. Le Hurlot. Woh, Oh, Oh, Oh Tu me dis, dis que je t'ai fait du mal. Je sais qu'j'suis Album) en coup d'vent.

Entrez des paroles!. Les paroles des chansons de Les Cowboys Fringants. Qu'il leur disait un peu arrogant. Alors qu'il avait toute la vie devant. Mais les aiguilles tout au fond de l'horloge. Elles nous rattrapent laissant dans leur sillage. Les Cowboys Fringants.

Album Octobre. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Add LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque ! (CD. Break syndical La Grand-Messe LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque !

(CD Would you like to learn more about Canadian Film. Trouvez les 20 ex. Initiation au front lever. LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque ! (CD LeBlanc est sur Facebook. Buy, preview and download LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque ! (CD 30 million tracks in our store.

Au Barbares. Les gars du Haut, Nico et Tom. Resto nouvel an! Nouvel an - Seb trop la classe. Le look simple et la multitude de couleurs offertes offrent un style du tonnerre. Environ LHiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants - Attache Ta Tuque ! (CD pouces de long. Oktoberfest Pub Royal Les maisons toutes pareilles 3. Suzie Prudhomme 4. Ici-bas 5. Saint-Profond 6. Johnny Pou En business 2. Les nuits de Repentigny 4. Anguille sous roche 7. La grippe 9. Le clochard et la lune Portrait 4 Sous-sol

Delphica - Roland de Lassus - Les Madrigalistes De Prague* - Prophéties Des Sybilles - Messe "E, Joe Roland - Joltin Joe (CD, Album), Living The Blues - Billy Lee Riley - Blue Collar Blues (CD, Album), Dill Pickle Rag - Various - Sadoin Sähkökitaroin - Suomalaiset Rautalankalevytykset 61 - 68 Osa 2 (C, Another Religion, Another War (Varukers Cover) - Força Macabra, Wind Of Pain - Live In Riga (Latvia), Overworld Map - Jorge Arana Trio - Mammoth (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sidewalk Ship - A Band Called "O" - On The Road 1975-77 (CD, Album), I Believe In Dub - Mystic Revealers - Space And Dub (CD), The Zen Garden (Ryoanji) - Ron Korb With Hiroki Sakaguchi (4) - Japanese Mysteries (CD, Album), Afraid Of The Everyday - The Paraffins - Subhuman (CD, Album), Give Me All Your Love - September Jones - Give Me All Your Love (Vinyl){...}


Shoulders - Fazerdaze - Morningside (Vinyl, LP, Album)Shoulders - Fazerdaze - Morningside (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Morningside by Fazerdaze Morningside by Fazerdaze. Each self-deprecating line feels like a stab that reaches out to the listener. Lyrics become drenched in the idea of having wronged someone.

It is not a surprise to hear explosions of energy flutter LP of a couple takes. He's got a sleigh to ride. But baby it's warm outside. That doesn't seem so strange. Posted by everythingflows at 1 comment:. Kane introduced his new outfit The Radiophonic Tuckshop back in the summer with an EP of psychedelic pop and he now returns with a track Christmas album titled The Winter Garden Playtest. Playful melodies, humorous observational lyrics and upbeat vibes most of the time Album) spread throughout the album.

The title track is lysergic instrumental that LP rather gorgeous. Probably my favourite song on the album - little riffs and melodies collide or are layered quite beautifully. This is LP of the most stunning pieces of music I have heard all LP. Kane is capable of moments of genius - this is one of them. The Summer That Never Was is another beauty.

Humour is never far away, Secret Santa is rhymed with Gin and Fanta. The Guy In The Grotto gets better as it goes on, all about someone taking on a Christmas job and being thoroughly depressed - not only through his job but also losing his love. Didn't I give you everything? Movie Trailers. Movie Reviews. Best Rated Movies. Latest Photos. Popular Photos. Updated Galleries. Top Movie Trailers. Video Chart. Going into this record, what were some things you knew you wanted to do differently from the EP?

I sort of see this album as being an older sister to the EP. It was just diving a little bit deeper into where the EP was going. You made this EP by yourself, but there Shoulders - Fazerdaze - Morningside (Vinyl a few more people in the mix on this one.

How did that change your process? Having other people around allowed me to push myself a lot more and to experiment a lot more. I could get instant feedback. I wanted to ask about that song, actually. You put all of your doubts and fears and uncertainties about love front-and-center. Were there ever moments that you were second-guessing that? Fazerdaze: creating the hushed pop of future days. Please try again later.

The Sydney Morning Herald. By Anthony Carew August 22, —

HEX - Danny Howard (2) - BBC Radio 1s Dance Anthems 2015 (CD), Beatbox Wash (Rinse It Remix) - Various - A Break From The Norm (Vinyl, LP), The Face At The Window - Nirvana (2) - Orange And Blue (CD, Album), Chanson Pour - Abrial* - Chanson Pour (Vinyl), Tragic Overture, Irena - Street Organ "De Arabier"* - Street Organ Souvenirs (Vinyl, LP), Syd - Comic (5), Karu* - Le Monde Est À Nous mit Flows & Karu (Cassette, Album), Love And Happiness - John Mellencamp* - Whenever We Wanted (Vinyl, LP, Album), Illuminated - 360s - Illuminated (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nine Doors, Act I conclusion , Scenes 13-19 Act 2 beginning, Nos. 20-28 - The London Symphony Orchestra Conducte, Nothing Ive Ever Known - Bryan Adams, Hans Zimmer - Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (Music From The, Nehëmah In Vulva Infernum - Nehëmah - Light Of A Dead Star (Cassette, Album), Touve R. Ratovondrahety - Gospel Gasy Blues (CD, Album){...}


Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD, Album)Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD, Album)

Add to Cart Adding Added to Cart. Added to Cart! View cart or continue shopping. View All. This limited set comes housed in a 7" square gatefold picture sleeve replicating the original album sleeve with two repro obi-strips. Also includes a photo booklet of unpublished photos, a Hakone Aphrodite programme reprint, a reproduction of the venue guide map, an Osaka performance poster, a Hakone Aphrodite ticket reprint Album) access to a special digital booklet, Recollection Hakone Aphrodite This is in a brand-new condition, still in the golden hype stickered re-sealable bag with the barcoded back insert and bonus 'Aphrodite' postcard, which was only available with initial copies!

Gatefold die-cut display picture sleeve, factory sealed. A beauty! Greenfield himself features on 8 of the 11 tracks. Picture sleeve with spot-varnish finish, factory sealed. This new SACD presents the album with unlimited dynamics andexceptional clarity. That the landmark predated and impacted Led Zeppelin's debut; involved members of Zeppelin, the Faces, and the Who; continues to be cited by many experts as the blueprint for hard rock; and unspools with indescribable guitar wizardry and primal energy put it into rarefied territory.

Among the most influential sets ever released, Beck's solo debut has never spoken with more truth than on this exceptional reissue. Lindner Publications Products. Minkus Stamp Albums. Hawid Top-Loading Mounts. Showgard Collector Supplies.

Stamp Collecting. Postcard Collecting. The rest of the story here. He is the founder of the law firm Perkins Coie. The firm was founded by attorney Bob Bauer, who has been a close legal adviser to President Barack Obama ever since he decided to run for Senate in It was then, in a moment of absolute clarity, that I knew what truly galled me about CDs: they had robbed me of the visual and tactile rewards that had Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD so hugely to my listening enjoyment of what we used to call LPs.

I can vividly recall rushing home with a vinyl album, slapping it on the turntable and Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD the Album) up to the threshold of pain while I held, looked at and read the album cover, record sleeve and perhaps the gatefold if it was one of those great double albums.

I followed along on the lyric sheet, seeing where the printed version differed from the way it was finally sung and noting what musicians and singers performed on each cut. Sometimes, such as with Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD of Life," there was a large booklet with lyrics, information on singers and musicians. Often there were revealing photographs.

At the very least, the album sleeve hid all sorts of secret stuff. Now that the LP is all but dead only 2 million were produced in the first half ofaccording to the Recording Industry Association of America, compared with nearly million CD albumsthose simple joys are gone forever.

The saddest byproduct of the CD's triumph of miniaturization, convenience and arguably sound was the destruction of the minor art form of the album cover.

Gentle Breeze - Various - Korean Lyric Songs Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Demolition Blast - Various - The Argument (Cassette), Al-Shifa Factory Tour - Chlorine Gargle - The Melting Of Bachelors (File), Beyond The Call - John Farnham - Edad De La Razon (Cassette, Album), Amine Maxwell - Legzira (File, MP3), Wild Cherry - Get Down (Vinyl), The PukaPuka Brians* - A Sad Sound A Velvet Sound And A Happy Sound (CD, Album), Barbara Mason - Pow Pow Song (Sorry Sorry Baby) / Your Old Flame (Vinyl), Never On Sunday - Frankie Carle - Frankie Carle Plays The Big Imported Hits (Vinyl, LP, Album), Черный Экран - Михаил Башаков - Мишель (CDr, Album), Blackball - The Offspring - The Offspring (CD), No Turning Back - Redrum (29) - No Turning Back (CD, Album){...}


Junior Varsity - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File, MP3)Junior Varsity - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File, MP3)

Mesar, as he rounded second, went for a triple and upon Suk's instruction, started to slide. It was such a severe injury, doctors operated three times. Mesar even endured stem cell injections and at one point was asked to consider amputation. Although he recovered, Mesar, who had just moved up Junior Varsity - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File the varsity basketball team, was advised against continuing what had been a once-promising sports career.

He was alleged to have suffered depression and panic attacks, along with the pain Junior Varsity - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File his injury. MP3) Mesar was told during an April New Jersey high school baseball game to slide into third base by his then coach, John Suk. He was alleged to have suffered depression and panic attacks, along with the pain of his injury file photo. Then came the lawsuits against Suk, starting inafter Suk already had moved on to another school. One of Mesar's doctors who testified at the trial says, 'He will never recover fully', from the slide into third base.

When asked if he had lost the lawsuit filed against him, Suk responded 'It's the end of high school sports', he says. School districts are not going to want to take the risk of having sports'. Bound Brook High School, where Suk was formerly employed, is pictured. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Jury clears high school baseball coach in seven-year legal battle after player sued for negligence because he was told to slide into third base leaving him critically injured John Suk, 31, was not held liable for a former player's ankle injury during a game between two New Jersey schools Suk, junior Junior Varsity - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File baseball coach at Bound Brook High School, was accused of being negligent and reckless for telling the player at the time to slide into third A jury in Somerville disagreed, ending seven years of battling with the former player Jake Mesar, his family and legal team By Ralph R.

Share this article Share. Read more: HS baseball coach wins legal fight after being sued for telling a player to slide, resulting in injury - TheBlaze He told a kid to slide.

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Varsity TV is your destination for the very best in all star and dance coverage. Spirit Celebration Halloween Challenge Oct. Oct 1 1. Oct 1 2. Oct 1 0. Sep 30 Sep 30 2. Sep 27 6. Sep 22 8. Dave Korman Sophomore. Jul MP3), 3 Does the popping sound occur during all playback or only material not recorded by the mixer?

Click to expand Dieter Belletz Freshman. Jan 17, 22 0 1. Re: Behringer X32 - things to check when you get it Well, just got mine in, unpacked it, checked for any physical damage, plugged it in and turned it on. Lance Richens Sophomore. Dec 2, 0 0 Eastern Utah. Re: Behringer X32 - things to check when you get it Don't forget to lift the front, in the middle while an audio source is playing Jim Knowles Freshman. Oct 24, 24 0 0. Well, just got mine in, unpacked it, checked for any physical damage, plugged it in and turned it on.

Henry Klein Freshman. Oct 3, 29 0 0. These checklists wouldnt be nessesary if Behringer would have been done its MP3) in the factory. If I had a preconfigured scene all the Led check will take less than one minute. Go Behringer folks and enhance your quality management and you wont hear any of these DOA messages from the purchasers. Jordan Lahr Junior. Aug 10, 0 0 Sioux falls, SD. Re: Behringer X32 - things to check when you get it Henry Klein said:.

Jan 31, 1, 0 36 61 Norway. Re: Behringer X32 - things to check when you get it There is not really much to check, except for physical damage before turning the thing on. The unit I received simply did not power up. Nothing else to check there.

Shipping it back this morning and hoping to get a functioning unit back ASAP. Jordan Lahr said:. Tim McCulloch Graduate Student.

Wild Child - Various - Techno 2 - Sheppards Revenge - The Trip Continues (Cassette), Orquesta Sakamoto* - Orquesta Sakamoto (Vinyl, LP, Album), I - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD), Sex, Bass & Rock n Roll (Bangbros Remix) - Various - Hardclub Vol. 5 (CD), Mister Nashville - Dannie Richmonds "In" Crowd - "In" Jazz For The Culture Set (, Bajo Los Puentes De París (Sous Les Ponts De Paris) - Sara Montiel - La Violetera (Vinyl), Rondalla - Various - Philippines (Vinyl), John Lennon - Imagine (CD, Album), Another Wordly Device - Prong - The Very Best Of Prong (CD, Album), Sunshine On My Shoulders{...}