Tastes Like Glass - Medals - Disguised (File, MP3)

The Andromeda are more relaxed in the middle and lower highs whereas the IM03 are closer to my UERM and the Atlantis in terms of tuning here, although ultimately a bit more relaxed in the middle highs whereas the Audio Technica are more reserved, less sharp in the upper treble, while still somewhat elevated so they have got the more realistic v-shaped signature in comparison — still fun and exciting, but not as gimmicky.

ProPhile 8-Compensation Resolution: The resolution is generally very good, though. In terms of details, the Andromeda are definitely among the more capable in-ears on the market. They are about in the performance range of my InEar ProPhile 8, although undeniably with a much different approach to tonality. All of those other in-ears are of course tuned more or less clearly differently, and all resolve very well, with some having slight advantages in some areas over the others and vice versa.

Note separation is excellent. With clean transients. The Balanced Armature bass takes on a more dynamic driver-like approach with more body, rumble and softness and longer decay lingering compared to many other BA woofer implementations, however with still very good control.

Soundstage: Largely due to their tuning with the recessed upper mids and peaking upper highs, but not solely because of that, the Andromeda present a very large, open and three-dimensional, out-of-the-head experience soundstage that is definitely spectacular and effortlessly pleasing. Conclusion: The Andromeda feature a rumbling bass presentation that, while not the most technical, is still clean enough most of the time and can be quite addictively fun as such, combined with their very large, open, three-dimensional sounding soundstage and generally high resolution.

However, their shortfall is the tuning, or, better phrased, their lack of timbral realism in trade for a clearly more gimmicky, clarity-brightness-sharpness oriented approach to a v-shaped sound signature that can be borderline sharp at times; solely as for the tuning, there are other v-shaped in-ears that execute this tuning in a more realistic, gentler, less plasticky way.

Last edited: Mar 24, Reactions: F Cons : Vulnerable to white noise -Not meant for those who prefer dark sound. I am not affiliated with CA and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.

Reactions: Colors and nephilim Cons : Sound is, to my ears, very tip-dependent, i. I am not into an analytical or clinical sound. Keep this in mind when reading this review. The bass is punchy and deep. The highs sparkle and the mids are present and unfiltered. This earphone is musical with ease all while delivering superior top-to-bottom coherence. Last edited: Mar 20, Reactions: ColorsiBo0m and Rusty View previous replies….

NewEve Thank you, much appreciated — Yes, I tried them with the best tips I ever had which are the blue, balanced tips, which came with the Dunu Titan 6. They also came with red, vocal, tips. I found the sound to be in-between the silicone and Final Audio tips. NewEve I'll look into them, thanks!

Cons : Lack of Bass Nothing else. Good selection of tips this is important for the Andro's sound It would've been good if in the V2, a mesh pouch was included as the paint on the andro chips easily Sony's easily beat here, but at 1. Interestingly, the lower the impedence of the output device, the better the sub bass response. However, it isn't the star of the show for the Andros. Far from it. The Z1R comes in next - with the best sub bass. But the Legend X beats both out.

Mids: Incredible. I really liked the mids on the Andros. Substantially better than the LX and Z1R. There is a good fullness to the texture and vocals sound great. Treble: Very clear and detailed. I found at times very rarely it could sound harsh but i think, in retrospect, this was down the genre choice. Not silibant. On par with the LX and both beat the Z1R. Stage: Very very very very good. Once you get the right tips on these sound very airy and detailed.

As if each instrument has a corner of your head. Well done. Beats out both the Z1R and LX inthis aspect. Instrument seperation: Very close between the Z1R and Andros here. The seperation on both is excellent, and the best i've heard so far.

Both easily beat out the LX. Reproduction accuracy: Good. But, the Z1R easily wins here. Summary This is my first set of IEM's which didn't have a focus on bass and sub bass. And to be honest, i really enjoyed them. Sure, the visceral, palpatation inducing bass was missing, but i cannot complain about that as i don't think that's the intended purpose of these. THe sound signature is a fun take on a reference FR.

I think these are suited to someone who enjoys music which is mid and treble centric, as to date, i am yet to listen to a pair of IEMs which beat them in terms of their mids. Another highlight is the clarity and sounstage. Overall, a great set of IEM's. The only pitfall being the Highs aren't as airy. Last edited: Jan 8, Reactions: Colors. R ronny boi Are you going to be trying the r6? Medikill ronny boi I see the r6 as a downgrade from the r5, so no. R ronny boi Did you use balanced or se?

Pros : Reference tuning — Improved durability anodized coating — Comfortable cable. Cons : Angular shell isn't for all ears. Today we're checking out the Andromeda from Campfire Audio. Does this thing really need an introduction? For the sake of writing a complete review, sure, but I'll keep it brief. The Andromeda first appeared on the market in and took the portable audio community by storm thanks to a balanced tune that does pretty much everything right.

Over the years it has continued to receive near universal praise from customers and reviewers alike. What made the Andromeda such a hit in the first place, that being the sound signature, has remained untouched. We already know the Andromeda is awesome, but feel free to read on for yet another opinion of this modern classic. Disclaimer: Thanks to Caleb with Campfire Audio for arranging a sample of the Andromeda for the purposes of review.

The thoughts within this review are my own subjective opinions based on time spent listening to the Andromeda throughout the last two months. They do not represent Campfire Audio or any other entity.

At the time of writing the Andromeda retailed for USD. My preferences for earphone tuning are quite relaxed and as such their is no one signature I look for. I generally listen at very low volumes, so keep this in mind when perusing my thoughts on how an earphone sounds. Reactions: iBo0mezekiel77slowpickr and 5 others. Pros : Outstanding clarity and detail, natural sounding, and with an excellent soundstage. No obvious weaknesses in the lows, mids, or highs. Cons : Source sensitive, and the fit might not be ideal for all users.

Reactions: Redcarmoosejosesol07Asymptote and 1 other person. Pros : Detailed, excellent vocals and midrange, bass, comfortable, extremely well made, light weight, sparkly highs, excellent leather included case, no plastic shell to break. Cons : Over the ear wire is annoying but removable, expensive, treble is on edge peaky, nozzles are exposed to debris. See review for solutions. Preface In searching and trying many different IEM's for over a decade, I was given the impression that the best deals are the ones that are inexpensive, best bang for your buck.

Scaling the ladder, and over the years I have accumulated and heard many IEM's and headphones. There is so much dead wood in the navy alone that he could easily fire them all and end up with a handful of commodores running a better Navy than what we have now. I'm over the press and his fans who repeatedly refer to him as Mad Dog Mattis. He is no mad dog and yet you know the media and the left will portray him as such for as long as they can get away with it.

I can just see their antics when he eliminates the office of diversity at Defense. MP3) are thousands of jobs that contribute zilch to the military affairs or culture and he'll kill them all.

Mattis, if you need a retired navy guy in any capacity, let me know. I know some. Friday, December 2, From Maggies Farm I liked it.

It appears that people who genuflect when they say the Name Hillary have taken to wearing safety pins as a sign of solidarity and to show that they are a safe void. I'm not sure about this. The one thing this lost lot of vagabonds has shown is an intolerance for danger. How can they bear to actually grasp a sharp object and bring it within reach of their clothing? Labels: Blithe SpiritsStyle and Grace. I was reading somewhere today that the International Astronomical Union had taken the trouble to organize themselves a body of concerned people to sit down and rename the stars.

They did it for the best of reasons; they tell us. They claim that by simply renaming stars it would eliminate the confusion people have who cannot tell stars apart because the spelling is different and that throws off navigators, astronomers, birds and concerned people. Labels: Labelsnavigationshiny. I've been reading and agreeing with a number of commenters and pundits who have pointed out that the left views the right as not just wrong, but evil.

The left cannot, in good conscience, debate with evil people about their evil thoughts and potentially evil deeds so they don't remonstrate with the right or even let the right have a voice in their councils or their meetings or their spaces. You can see a sample of this with the PBS team.

They have what they refer to as a "Tame Conservative" in David Brooks and trot him out to run down and denigrate any and all aspects or characters that issue from the right. There is no overlapping of world views at all. There is no shared reality. That's readily apparent to those of us who watched in awe as the left imploded under Bush Derangement Syndrome, took a break during the Obama administration and quite failed to notice that the wars and killing went on, Gitmo never closed, the terrorists attacked more and more countries with greater lethality and increasing numbers of innocent casualties and have now gone collectively insane again even before Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office and is sworn in as our next President.

The article is not long. It looks that way because it includes all the comments. You might think about sharing it with some of your friends who don't look at the world in quite the same way that you do. I don't advocate this as any kind of attack on other views. It merely provides food for thought. Some of those people out there are famished. To paraphrase the great Flip Wilson, They better get gruntled. Labels: OrcsTruthZeitgeist. From gCaptain :.

The ship is currently docked at the former Rodman Navy Base in Panama while experts from Naval Sea Systems Command fly out to diagnose and repair the ships propulsion system.

Labels: scumUSNWarships. Another good man has stepped into the clearing at the end of the path. I really enjoyed the old TV show Barney Miller where Ron played a dapper detective who was policing until he sold his book. He returned to my screen as Shepherd Book in Firefly.

He was a gifted actor and I enjoyed his appearances over the years. Labels: end of the path. A little evil has passed from the world with the death of Fidel Castro. He will not be missed. The sad thing is that I decided not to use any of them here for the simple reason that I live now in MetroParkCentralis and once lived in Detroit.

Right about the time that Castrol took power and started driving all of Cuba minus Guantanamo into the ground, Detroit and Cleveland were still thriving industrial powerhouses.

Sadly, the world changed. Some might see in this the dead hand of globalism steering American industry and jobs overseas to Japan and the Asian Tigers. Detroit was, in1, people with the highest per capita income in the United States. Fifty-eight years of bad government, bad policies, high taxes, big regulations. Failure of the police force, failure of the education system: Detroit today has aboutpeople, and ranks 66th.

Newt Gingrich interview to which I've lost the link. It's interesting to reflect what did the damage to the economies of both Cuba and the formerly successful cities of America's rust belt. If you read the two links to "Detroit" you will find an answer that I think covers the situation here very well. The major difference between Castro's approach to dissent and that of the new Rust Belt Urban Elite RBUE is Castro jailed his dissenters or killed them and the RBUE just made it so unpleasant that anyone that could leave, did, and left the rotten core of the former industrial heartland to the progressives, socialists, communists, UAW, SEIU and democratic party politicians.

I'll be curious to see what a 'businessman' President's take is on normalizing relations with Castro's brother's Cuba. I envision a few changes and perhaps the introduction of some more sticks. OTOH, he may also sweeten the pot and tell the ruling class there that they can live, if they leave.

I mean, it would be a 'coup' sorry, I couldn't help myself for Trump to introduce some weapons and trained soldiers into Cuba to roll up the country in a genteel and open-handed sort of way.

Kind of like we rolled up Grenada, Haiti, Panama and the rest. He is now rotting in a Panamanian prison in somewhat less salubrious conditions. In the grand scheme of things Cuba has lost little by its diversion into socialism.

The Cuban people have had better and worse government over the last 5 centuries. This is sort of what I envision happening to the DPRK soldiers if they ever do cross the DMZ and head into the Greater Metropolitan Seoul Area-- they'll stop and loot and eat and loot some more and eat and drink until they pass out.

I doubt they'll even make it to the north bank of the Han River. Still, it's nice to be able to say that Fidel Castro is finally dead. Let the celebration mourning begin.

Labels: Blithe SpiritsPalace News. It seems America's Navy is not alone in losing any knack it had for building warships. Our sad ships of this century include the Littoral Combat Ship, which, as a Class, suck in both variations and include the recently commissioned Zumwaltfirst of the 3 ship Zumwalt Class of Land Attack Destroyers which was recently disarmed when the Navy refused to ask for funds to purchase the Land Attack Munitions for the ships and the troubled bleeding edge Air Craft Carrier, Ford which cannot launch or recover planes and has other engineering problems that keep her years away from Sea Trials and a Commissioning Ceremony that brings her into the Navy.

Nope, we now have the Type MP3) Destroyer of the Royal Navy being towed back into port two days after getting underway on its first mission. Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. Perhaps his signal achievement as President was to launch the United States on a mission to land mankind on the moon and he set a deadline. This country used to be able to accomplish the most amazing technical feats in very short periods of time and with limited budgets.

I wonder what happened to change all that? I blame computers. One of the apocryphal stories related to mankind's descent upon the moon was the story of Mr. I will let it unfold from this space. I have heard, that upon standing on the moon, Neil Armstrong at some point said "Good luck Mr. The story being that while a child, playing baseball, through an open window he heard Mrs.

Gorsky yell at her husband: "Oral sex, you want oral sex? When the kid next door walks on the Moon! It's a cute story, an urban legend, but that's all it is. I think it's funny.

I wonder just how NASA managed to hang onto the transcripts and the audio recordings of all conversations on the moon even though they destroyed all the high resolution video recordings of man landing and walking on the moon.

Still, a day to remember. Well, two of them actually. Labels: AmericaAmerican royaltyMoon shotMyth. Stolen from Megan's Place. Labels: Truth. We flew into LaGuardia last month on our way to embark on a ship and found an unusual set up for passengers intent on departing the airport with all their luggage and heading into New York City.

For some reason, LaGuardia requires its customers to haul their bags the full length of the terminal; where, just beyond the end, one can find a taxi stand and hail a cab. It appears that one is not permitted to hail empty cabs passing down the length of the terminal after dropping off departing passengers. We went ahead and hailed one anyway who stopped and picked us up. What a stupid way to run an airport. Labels: DiscoveryStupidology.

From Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage. This pretty much sums up the Democrcats again and going into the next election cycle. Labels: bright and shiny as the truthOrcsPeace and Harmony.

It's like bombs and bombers are incapable of hitting anything other than children's hospitals, orphanages, milk factories, schools and Chinese embassies. Targets bombed are in Green. Labels: SJWTruth. As we know, Illinois voters once again clasped the Party of Slavery to their breasts and raved defiance at the rest of the States for refusing to accept their glorious leader as their savior for all things defined purely by race. I particularly like the in-the-river aftermath after one car swept them off the bridge and into the water, since these appear to be the words of the Socialist Party, the media, race hatred groups and the common core of BLM, SPLC, and all the other oxygen thieves who promote hatred and division between people of America.

You can pretty much take it to the bank that only evil and violent losers and scumbags block the nation's highways and expect to be protected by the police from motorists who would otherwise use them for speedbumps.

Labels: MockeryOrcsPeace and Harmony. It will take twenty memorable contestants from five preceding stories and have them compete against each other for the latest amount of prize money and the title of Best of the best!

Audrey II. Micky D. A familiar figure stands in front of a brick building, wearing his blue green button up shirt, and usual stubble. He states, "We're back for an all-new season of Total This time, twenty contestants that already competed are returning to compete They'll experience all-new challenges, and face off against the best This is Total Best of the Best! Named that since, the contestants are the best, I think.

Of the best. He was really memorable for being a cool, smarty guy. He doesn't need an introduction, but I don't want to be rude. Here's Tsuyoshi.

The young, Asian man steps out of his taxi. He looks around at his surroundings, with a contemplative look. He reaches into the back of the taxi and pulls a heavy looking backpack out of the vehicle with great ease, likely due to his muscular form. He smiles at the host and says, "Hey, Chris. It feels good not to be introduced last, this time. Thanks for inviting You're not Chris. Tsuyoshi leans toward the man in front of him. He says, "Wait another minute.

I know you. He says, "You're Nolan. You were on Total Drama Wildernessright? Nolan nods. He says, "Wow. You're as smart as your index card says you are. I guess that means I can take this off. He starts to unbutton his shirt. I've been waiting to do that, since I got here. Nolan answers, "Chris was unable to host this season due to his parole officer I mean, he's visiting his mother.

He's, uh, visiting his mother's parole officer. He hired me due to his trust in my skills and talent. Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "He thought you generally looked like him, and figured that he could still get paid for hosting if you did it dressed as him.

Nolan looks at the next arriving contestant. This guy named Doyce. I wonder what he's like. His index card says he's He sounds nice. Doyce steps out of the taxi, wearing a pair of boots, elbow pads, wrestling trunks, and that's all. Tsuyoshi looks at him with his eyes wide. The freckled, red haired teen shouts one of his signature catchphrases, "Doyce! Tsuyoshi turns to look behind himself. Doyce runs toward Tsuyoshi and says, "Oh, man! I'm so glad you're here, son!

He clears his throat after his voice cracks. Doyce approaches Tsuyoshi and hugs him tightly. Doyce lets go of Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi continues to blush, as he tries to avert his eyes from Doyce. Tsuyoshi insists, "I'm, uh, not Nathan, actually. My name's Tsuyoshi, actually. Uh, it's good to meet you. Doyce looks like he's not paying attention.

He says, "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. I don't speak Asian, but if I had tried to listen, I probably could have understood it. You know Since I'm awesome, and stuff. Before I just said that I'm Tsuyoshi, not Nathan. Doyce puts his hand on his face. He says, "Oh, sorry about that. I hope I didn't offend you.

I can be pretty obnoxious, at times. Doyce nods. He Tastes Like Glass - Medals - Disguised (File, "Hey, there was something I was wondering if you could tell me, man to man.

Doyce says, "Well, I've been trying to become an awesome professional wrestler guy, so I've been working out like crazy, but it seems like my muscles aren't getting any more awesome, but my butt seems bigger. Doyce turns around and says, "Do these wrestling trunks make my butt look big? Doyce puts his head in his hands. He says, "Oh, crap! My taxi! Where did it go? I forgot my stuff! My mom's going to kill me! Nolan looks over at him, not knowing what to say. Nolan turns and says, "Oh, hey!

It's the next contestant. A meek looking, short, brown haired, young woman steps out of a taxi. She puts down her bag. She says, "Hi.

I'm Autumn. Is Chris around? Nolan stares at his index card. He then stares at Autumn. He says, "No offense, but you aren't nearly as smoking hot as your index card says you are. Tsuyoshi looks at Nolan with a concerned look. He says, "Don't mind him. He's a bit of a dim bulb.

Tsuyoshi adds, "No offense. Nolan lets out a deep sigh. He says, "Oh, good. I was totally offended, until you said no offense. Autumn is shown in confessional.

She says, "Tsuyoshi is pretty nice. I was kind of worried when I got here, about how everyone would treat me. I don't think I'm really 'All-Star' material, or anything. I got voted out pretty early, because of Never mind. I don't really want to talk about that.

Audrey IIa wide eyed, pretty, blonde girl with odd fashion sense, is shown stepping out of her taxi. She looks around and asks, "Could I bother one of you big, strapping, manly guys to help me with my suitcase?

He has a confused expression on his face. He says quietly to himself, "This isn't heavy, at all. But, hey, who am I to judge, right? Audrey II smiles and extends her hand to Tsuyoshi. She says, "Pleased to meet you, Nolan. Tsuyoshi's eyes widen. He says, "You meant me? Audrey II gives a breathy sigh. She says, "Why are words so much more beautiful when you say them? Doyce runs back to the others carrying his incredibly large suitcase.

He informs the others, "I caught the taxi with my teeth. That's how awesome I am. He leans in, and covers his mouth with his hand, thinking it makes him inaudible to anyone but Tsuyoshi.

Got any advice? Doyce gives Tsuyoshi a thumbs up. Nolan looks at his next index card. He says, "Next up is a man who needs no introduction. That's right it's that hero among heroes, Stevie! Doyce stands up as straight as he can, and puffs out his chest. Stevie steps out of his taxi with a small plastic bag. He looks laid-back, wearing a sarong, sandals, and a necklace adorned with seashells, his former self-conscious demeanor nowhere in sight.

He says, "Hey, dudes and dudesses. What's chillaxin'? Nolan smiles and says, "Hey, Stevie! Remember me! We met This one time! I'm your biggest fan. Doyce looks at Nolan, with a look of betrayal in his eyes. Doyce contends, "What was that? I thought you said you were Stevie's biggest fan, but that can't be right, since I'm his biggest fan.

Calm down. There's no reason to fight over me. Autumn stares at Stevie, and says, "Is this some colossal joke, or something? Is this one of those hidden camera prank shows? Autumn blushes. She says, "Sorry. It's just that Well, I was on Stevie's season, and he was a lot different. Stevie puts his arm around Autumn, who responds by blushing. Stevie says, trying to keep his strong, masculine voice as mellow as he can muster, "Everyone changes, sister.

Some more than others, and some less than the other others, you know what I mean? I just realized that I needed to stop and enjoy life. Nolan shrugs. He says, "I'm not sure, but here comes Joanna. I'm positive that it's a coincidence. Joanna steps out of her taxi, looking fresh and relaxed.

She smiles and waves at the gathered contestants. She says, "Hello, darlings. He looks at Joanna and then back at Stevie. I didn't mean Joanna pulls her luggage on wheels to the other contestants, her formerly stressed, sloppy appearance now entirely erased and replaced with smart business attire, and a smile.

She says, "It's an honor to be invited to even be hear. I'm glad I was able to take time off of work. I'm kind of busy, at the moment Try to get the documents submitted by Thursday.

I'll see you when I get back. She pretends to place it back into her pocket. The others stare at her with wide eyes and confused expressions. Joanna says, "Where was I? Oh, right. I'm sure this will be an exciting season. Stevie looks at her, and takes a few steps away from her. Nolan says, "That was certainly Anyway, my index card tells me that Nathan is here. Doyce looks at Tsuyoshi with a confused expression and says, "I didn't need a card to tell me that.

Nathan's cab driver goes to one of the back doors of his vehicle and opens it. He looks inside, and eventually pulls Nathan out of it. Most of the others gasp at the sight of Nathan, now with a shave head, far less concern over his appearance, and a depressed demeanor.

He slouches as he stands. He lets out a sigh. The cab driver puts a small paper bag in Nathan's hand, before leaving. Nathan slumps over to the rest of the group. He says, without any hint at emotion, "I know I don't deserve to be here, and that no one wants me here, but it is what it is.

Doyce looks at Nathan, and then back at Tsuyoshi. He says, "Two Nathans? Muscular Nathan and skinny Nathan? Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "I told you. My name is Tsuyoshi. Nolan announces, "Okay, people. The next people to join you other people is named Willowmake her feel welcome. The pretty, green eyed girl with short, brown hair emerges from the taxi cab that delivered her. She smiles as she looks over the other contestants. She says, "Hi, everyone.

Let me grab my bag. She says, "Most of you probably remember me as that shallow, emotional girl from Total Drama Tropicsbut I'd like you to know that I've changed.

You're even hotter in person. She says, "Uh, I haven't met all of you, in person, but I'm sure we'll all get along, really well. She says from her knees, "Ow! Who put him there? Tsuyoshi blushes. He insists, "I take pride in the fact that I don't have a girly voice, thank you very much. Stevie takes his arm off of Autumn and puts it around Tsuyoshi.

He says, "No reason to get all defensive, man. If we were to get offended by everything, how could life go on, man She was also a very good person, and we have just lost one of the most important fans in the history of our subculture.

More - I don't doubt - will follow. I only met her once, but my impression is she was very beloved in the community. Best, R. Fred Blosser; Indys battle for survival. Ed, this may be an item of interest to the readers of the blog.

I know some are fans of this particular artist. One of this year's great pop culture events occurred Saturday night but received scant notice in the media, aside from an article and a review in the NY Times. I drove up from Virginia and discovered that my reserved seat could hardly have been better -- eight rows from the stage, in direct line with Maestro Morricone, and an unobstructed view.

Yesterday's New York Times ran a middling review that made some valid points. The concert was relatively short, a little over two hours, including three encores that repeated "The Ecstasy of Gold" and two other tunes that the orchestra and chorus had already performed. The producers missed a chance to add another dimension by not using a multi-media format in which relevant movie clips would have been projected onto a back screen.

But those are minor quibbles when one considers that this man is one of the great popular composers of the past 40 years, who with his friend Leone created movies that continue to have a profound influence on film culture. To see him in person, conducting music that reverberates in this country's vast collective unconscious, was grand. Nine out of ten people in the country may not know his name, but I betcha if they hear the opening notes of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," they can identify the tune.

Given his age 78seeing him perform in public was probably an opportunity that I'll never have again. My only regret was that I didn't plan ahead a bit better. After the concert ended and the crowd began to file out, I looked back and noticed that Morricone was standing on one side of the stage, speaking to some folks below. By the time I made my way through the crowd, he had gone backstage.

I hung around for a few minutes, suspecting that with some persistence and polite wheedling, I might have a chance of talking my way backstage to shake hands with the Maestro, at least. But the hour was late, time was growing short, and my wife was waiting elsewhere, so I gave up the idea.

The Booksmith had built a fine reputation over a quarter of a century, thanks to an impressive series of author appearances and a high-traffic location in the old hippie neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury. Yet hardly anyone expressed interest.

Frank was disappointed but not surprised. Cody's Books shut its flagship Berkeley store after a half-century run. Black Oak Books closed one of its stores and is considering shutting the other two if a buyer can't be found. Numerous small new and secondhand stores have fallen with little fanfare. The casualties are nationwide. Coliseum Books and Murder Ink in Manhattan shut down in recent weeks. Micawber Books in Princeton, N. Dutton's 2-year-old outpost in Beverly Hills has closed, and the original Dutton's in Brentwood will be forced to shrink or relocate if the landlord carries through with plans to redevelop the site.

Rising rents and competition from the chains have imperiled independents for years, but San Francisco used to think it was immune. Cody's and other Bay Area stores helped spark the Beat movement, encouraged the counterculture, fueled the initial protests against the Vietnam War. In a region that sees itself as smart and civilized, bookshops were things to be cherished.

No longer, apparently. The stores that are still in business feel compelled to underline that fact. Another, announcing a special sale in a leaflet, felt the need to emphasize, "We're not going out of business. Ordering from Amazon. Technology changes behavior, which reshapes the physical landscape.

The telephone booth was replaced by the beeper, which was made obsolete by the cellphone. And the newspaper is under siege by the Internet's ability to recombine and distribute news without leaving ink on your hands. Posted by Ed Gorman at AM 1 comment:. Dick; Frankie Laine. Check it out. Dick A bleak mainstream novel by the sci-fi legend. IN "Search for Philip K.

Dick"Anne R. Dick the third of the visionary science-fiction writer's five wives recalls a potentially life-changing response to the manuscript of "Confessions of a Crap Artist," a mainstream novel he had finished in We were both thrilled with this letter. But Phil said, 'I can't rewrite this book! It's not that I don't want to, it's that I'm not able to! Encouraged by critics, he happily departs the precincts of science fiction, which had nurtured and released 10 of his books, and has a successful career producing highbrow, gently experimental fare.

Decades later, his oeuvre like Philip Roth's is lovingly enshrined in our national pantheon. None of this happens in the real world, of course, save for that last outrageous twist: This spring, four of his best novels will appear in a Library of America volume edited by novelist and stalwart PKD champion Jonathan Lethem.

Lauded in science-fiction circles, Dick gained mass exposure after the movie "Blade Runner," based on one of his books, was released the year of his death.

His carpet-yanking virtual realities have been film fodder ever since — most recently, Richard Linklater's stunning adaptation of "A Scanner Darkly. An early fan of "scientifiction" stories, Dick also read widely outside the genre.

In s Berkeley, beginning at age 19, he roomed in a converted warehouse occasionally occupied by literary figures like poets Robert Duncan and Jack Spicer, with whom he struck up friendships. During this time, according to biographer Lawrence Sutin, he was inspired to steep himself in the classics "I gained a working knowledge of literature from the Anabasis to Ulysses," Dick wrote in a "Self-Portrait"with special attention to modernists like Ezra Pound and John Dos Passos.

Sutin notes that from to Dick wrote dozens of science-fiction stories and six science-fiction novels, all of which were published, and seven mainstream novels, none of which found a publisher in his lifetime. The other surviving mainstream manuscripts gradually found their way to print, and with the publication of "Voices From the Street," finished inwe have a complete view of the path not taken.

Called "Stumblebum" by his boss, Jim Fergesson, Hadley is a dreamer with unclear dreams. His marriage leaves him cold, and his wife's pregnancy intensifies his feeling that life has trapped him. His solution: memory-obliterating pub-crawls. Taking note of a natty young man, Hadley imagines his bookcases hold "French novels in French paperback editions. Gide, Proust, Celine…. Whereas "Confessions" had both a wrenching, violent climax and a sense of humor, "Voices" is obsessed with rage and race and is unremittingly bleak, a mood intensified by its chapterless format.

The title suggests James Joyce's polyphonic "Ulysses," but Hadley is a dominant, unifying presence. Though an early story line centers around an avuncular character named Horace Wakefield, hints of a Bloom-Dedalus dyad get snuffed early. The only deviations from Dick's patient, observant style are Beckheim's tour de force of a sermon and Hadley's violent, drunken ramble, reminiscent of Joyce's hallucinatory "Nighttown" chapter. At times the novel reads like a hazy, low-rent version of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead," with Hadley's inchoate ambition as above reproach as Howard Roark's will to power; Hadley's one-night stand with the fearsome Marsha is, troublingly, a more vicious version of Roark's rape of Dominique.

The word "primordial" pops up frequently in "Voices," and it's tempting to read this early book as a Dickian ur-text. Most fascinating is how Dick's major theme — a playful, terrifying disjuncture between realities — has leaked into this seemingly solid, realistically rendered setting. The book begins mock-epically, with store owner Fergesson opening up shop in Old Testament fashion "his seventh day — a cup of black coffee".

Promoted to manager, Hadley grapples with the dark thought that "he might suddenly, blindly, burst out and destroy the safety of his microcosmos. In his archaic fury he might smash, demolish, pull down the only world in which he could exist. By book's end, he is carving out a second life, starting a whole new world from scratch. Dick completed one other novel in The local paper reports that he died as a 9-year-old, and he discovers that the current townspeople operate under a mutual, sustainable delusion.

All Barton wants is to get back to the status quo — a return to normalcy. What follows is a Zoroastrian freakout-cum-battle featuring golems, spiders, moths and gods. If "Puppets" is a lot more fun to read than "Voices," that shouldn't diminish the real struggle suffusing the longer, lonelier shadow of a book. The struggle lies not just in Hadley's losing bargain with the real world but in Dick's changing notion of what sort of writer he needed to be.

A good chance Dick ight have been able to escape the sf ghetto. But what about the sf masterpieces that lay ahead? Confessions is is one my favorite literary novels because in it Dick feels free to expand on his characters more than his themes. And it's the usual neurotic, agigated and vaguely despicable Dickian crews.

It's my favorite book of his. As for The Cosmic Puppets, it was half of an Ace Doubklebook and is a minor but entertaining sf novel with horrorific elments. I Tastes Like Glass - Medals - Disguised (File it last night to see how it held up. It was first opublished whole in Satellite sf and then appeared soon after in Ace DB.

I remember not being disappointed eiter time. I liked his hits. I've heard some of his jazz albums from the forties and I thought he was pretty bad. Way too much crooner-sobbing and a vibratto that was frequently out of control. He probably could have had a longer run at Columbia but he had a run in with the reigning asshole there Mitch Miller. I have no respect for Sinatra as human being--he wouldn't even do his own fighting; his thugs did it for him--but he was th best pop singer of all, flat out.

To ask a man of his talent to bark Mitch Miller said as late as that rock and roll would never last. He was Laine entered the hospital over the weekend for hip replacement surgery but suffered complications from the operation, said his friend A. Lyles, the longtime producer at Paramount Pictures.

In all, Laine sold well over million records and was hugely popular not only in the United States but in Britain and Australia.

Even after his popularity crested after the rise of rock 'n' roll, Laine was heard for many years singing the theme to the TV series "Rawhide," which featured a young Clint Eastwood and ran until Most of those who remember Laine for his biggest hits would hardly know that his body of work included "Baby That Ain't Right," "Rosetta" and many other songs that were more in the style of what Laine considered his roots -- jazz and blues.

Though Laine was big of voice, he said he didn't like being referred to as a "belter. His father was a barber whose customers included Al Capone; his maternal grandfather was the victim of a mob hit. Laine said he came from a "big and poor, but happy" family. As a kid, Laine sang in the all-boy choir at church, but first became excited about music when he listened to one of his mother's records on a windup Victrola: Bessie Smith singing "Bleeding Hearted Blues," with "Midnight Blues" on the flip side.

This record was his first exposure to jazz and the blues, which would draw him into music. At 18, with the Depression underway and his father out of work, Laine hit the road as a dance marathoner. Altogether he participated in 14 marathons, coming in first on three occasions. He and his partner, Ruthie Smith, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for dancing days straight although he disputed Guinness, saying he and Smith danced for days. Laine said the life of a marathoner wasn't as grim as was portrayed in the film, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

With a little bit of luck he'll even mention my name. That's four, counting the one I just delivered. I published my first book with SMP inhave been on a book every other year schedule with them.

This is the first time they've ever given me a two book contract. Go figure. Elisabeth Foxwell Ed here: Because I have to go through my webmaster to add sites to my links I'll start recommending some that haven't made it to the links list yet. Writer, editor, mystery historian and very nice person Elizabeth Foxwell has one of the best sites going.

You really need to check it out. I've said all along that to treat James Patterson like any other author - and hold him to the same standards - is an unwise move. He used to run an advertising agency, and the model he's concocted is clearly based on having a CEO come up with big ideas, and creative mouses scurrying around to flesh them out with backbreaking deadlines. Or as Little, Brown publisher Michael Pietsch puts it, Patterson is effectively "developing a studio system for writers.

Michael Cader at Publishers Lunch calculated that if Patterson were treated as a publishing house unto himself, he'd be tied for fourth for most No.

Minzesheimer also discovers how Patterson's newest co-authorship with Michael Ledwidge came about. The latter had written three novels that yielded big advances but sold a combined total of 20, copies. He'd known Patterson in his doorman days, and the bestseller helped land an agent. When Ledwidge asked Patterson to look at a draft of what he hoped would be his fourth novel, Patterson had a counteroffer: Would he be interested in collaborating on a novel Patterson had in mind?

Ledwidge says he agreed "at about the speed of light. In Detroit, USA in the s, a man called Joseph Figlock 9 was walking down the street when a baby fell from a high window onto him. Then, a year later, another baby fell from the very same building onto him again! Explain your choices. Sam: Who Ann: George. What a coincidence! Sam: It is!

Ann: No, what? Sam: Well, we She Ann: Wow, so it I bet you Compare: I'm tired. I've been typing letters since morning. I was tired yesterday. I had been typing letters since morning. Use the adverbs and time expressions below to make the sentences about yourself. Use past tenses. In which sentences could you also use woulcR 1 When I was a child, we Then write sentences. Swap memories with your partner.

They Then, Harry' Howev'er, they' then 9. Terrified, Harry' Later, Harry' Maybe these Can you Well, that's exactly what people say happens at Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, England, which She wanders along the corridors Some people say they have heard the rustling sound of her dress as she walked past them.

Many people Chillingham Castle is very However, it is also a great place to visit for 7. You can see the medieval Great Hall, the State Room where Edward I stayed as well as the dungeons and torture chambers. So, even if you don't believe in ghosts, it is well worth a visit! What part of speech is each? Imagine you are a tour guide at the castle. Tell your partner some interesting facts about the castle.

Project: In groups, collect information about a famous castle or house in your country and present it to the class. Write: its name, where it is, what it is famous for, who lives there, what one can see there. What are these words in your language? What style of painting is each picture? How do these styles differ? Read the texts to find out. Cubism was a popular painting style from around the s. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were two — Cubist painters.

Most of their paintings were dark and used dull colours like grey and brown. This makes the painting seem to have many layers and so it can be seen from a number of 4 viewpoints. FAME study skills r ' Word formation Read the title of the text to get an idea what the text is about.

Read the text once quickly. For each gap decide what the part of speech the missing word is e. You may need to write the word in the plural or with a negative meaning. Think of possible prefixes and suffixes.

Fill in the gaps. Check the spelling. Match the words in bold to their meanings. Check in Appendix 3. Are there similar ones in your language?

Not all people who like science fiction are bores! Which painting does it match? How does the author feel about the painting?

This picture shows many different lines and shapes like squares and triangles. When I look very closely, however, I can also see other things such as parts of bodies and objects.

The artist has used many dull colours such as brown, grey and green in the painting, which give it a very gloomy feeling. This painting makes me feel quite sad. Find paintings on the Internet or in reference books which represent the two styles of painting discussed in the text. Present them to the class. This painting is called It shows The painter uses The painting makes me feel Discuss in small groups.

This time last week we After Bill Daniel felt ill last night because he He must be coming How do you think they are related to the text?

S A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. Decide in pairs. Read and check. There is one extra phrase. All of these I things are now a reality: So j where are these household robots we were promised? Where are our robot helpers to do the ironing, cook dinner, walk the dog, clean the house and so on? It is true that we have already got some robots Perhaps it is much more difficult in practice than in theory to build such a robot.

The truth is that for such a robot to exist it must be able to think W44V04C reasoning. Researchers say that the best way to overcome this problem is to study the human brain Nevertheless, scientists have already overcome other problems such as mobility. Language may be another obstacle as robots have to be able to understand figurative speech such as idioms.

All in all, experts are divided as to when robot assistants may become a reality. Some say five years, others say fifty. Who knows - soon household robots may be Tastes Like Glass - Medals - Disguised (File common as home computers. E which has been used on robots such as Repliee Q2. F which can perform a single task such as vacuuming the carpets or mowing the lawn, G but robots do not have this ability. Check in the Word List. Speaking Imagine that robots existed that could do all the housework and lots of other tasks, too.

In pairs, discuss how your life would change if you had one. Writing study skills Summarising Make notes on the main points of the text under appropriate headings. Start your piece of writing with one sentence that summarises the idea of the whole text. Write your summary, including all the main points in your own words. Check that your summary is clear, complete and makes sense.

Think of a heading for each paragraph. Write your summary. Read it to the class. Write as many words as you can think of related to computers.

Use the language in the box to talk about computer problems, offering solutions and responding. I Software i document j 2 Choose the correct word.

Can you help me? What is it? Well, my computer keeps crashing. What exactly happens? Does the screen keep freezing? Have you tried switching it off and on again?

Yes, I have, but then after a while the same thing happens again. Have you got anti-virus software on your computer? Yes, I have. Well, I suggest that you do a full scan with your anti-virus software. Try that, then call me again if you still have a problem.

Thanks, Paul. Then read the dialogue out in pairs. Pay attention to the intonation. Listen again and mark the stressed syllables of the words in bold. B: Well B: Er B: Dm I suppose so. Your partner responds using the phrases in bold in Ex. B: Um Listen and check. B: a Thanks, but I think I can manage. B: a Sure, why not? Ask your friend for help. Use the dialogue in Ex. Listening Listen to five speakers talking about computers and match them to the statements A-E.

D The Internet has changed the way my family and myself live our lives. E I only know the basics. Say the examples in your language. You're very busy. I'll help you. Will you help me cook the dinner? Sfeve will be sixteen in May. This time next week he will be flying to Moscow. We will have left for Spain by the end of next month. By this time next week he will have been working here for 3 years. The bus to Glasgow leaves at pm. Why is each verb form used? Dear John, Hi! How are you? It's at the National Exhibition Centre on the 17th August.

It starts at 10 am and finishes at h pm. I'm going to give a presentation of my invention to hundreds of people. Until then I'll be working night and day to improve it. By the day of the competition I think I'll have had enough time to make it perfect.

Do you know I'll have been working on it for almost a year by then? Well, that's all for now. I hope you can come and see me and my invention.

Write back soon. Owen 2 3 62 Fill in will or be going to in the correct form. Are you staying here? B; No, I B: Then take an aspirin and lie down. B: I think she Choose the correct verb forms.

What are her: plans for the weekend! Put the verbs in brackets into the future continuous or the future perfect. What tense do we use after time words when, before, until, as soon as, after, etc.

Sure, no problem. If you Are you going out tonight? Yes, I By the time John Oh dear. Well, while she I buy Tastes Like Glass - Medals - Disguised (File something special when I Take your coat before When we arrive in Moscow, After I finish eating, I will call you when Do you know when?

Clauses of result Grammar Reference! It was This film is There were Games consoles cost The gadget had Do the quiz. How many were there by ? Write three questions. Read the text to check if your questions are answered. When was the last time you used the Internet?

Chances are, it was very recently! And you In the very early days of the Internet, in the s and 80s. To illustrate this, it took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million Many of us already use the Internet to make telephone calls, rent movies, buy music and watch TV programmes. Very soon, the Internet will be 3D, not 2D, and everything from our cars to our kitchen appliances will be connected to our local networks.

Split The Atom (Instrumental) - Noisia - FabricLive.40 (CD), Jah Say - Burning Spear - Resistance (CD), Tonight Youre Gonna Fall In Love With Me - The Shirelles - The Worlds Greatest Girls Group (CD), Theme From Love Story - Various - Romantic Collection - Volume 3 (CD), Underpass - Various - Best Of Synth (Cassette), Butterfly - Lux Lane* - Mixed And Pickles (Vinyl, LP), Boars Head Carol - La Société De La Chorale Bach De Montréal* - Music From The Court And Chapel Of H, Moon River - Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bumpty-Bump (Bumpty Original Mix) - Various - Techno Trance Adventure (CD), Twee Bloedrode Rozen - Bobby Prins - De 14 Beste (Vinyl, LP), New World - Do As Infinity - We Are. (CD), Szívemet Adnám - Various - Bravissimo 2007 (CD), The New Stone Age - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Architecture & Morality (Cassette, Album, Vrindavan - Ananta - Night And Daydream (Vinyl, LP, Album), Whiskey Selling Woman - Various - A Short Cut To The Grave (Gin, Justice, Jail & Judgement 1924-

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