Sex (Im A ...) (Extended Version) - Various - Classic Alternatives Volume 2 (CD)

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Let us do the math on everything from your amortization schedule to your debt payoff. Next Advisor Logo. Trending 1. Not like the Roger mayer but a different, lighter flavour. It is a dual vibrato and chorus pedal but really it gets quite decent leslie tones. The depth knob goes way up to warped so you can get some crazy ray gun 50s sci fi tones or sweeping chorus with the speed turned down.

Not to harp on it but I have a whole new understanding of some of my pedals and I have finally begun to get what my EMG Strat replica is supposed to do and spun like. And most of all just totally digging my new tone! So, as always, many thanks. All best —John. I would place it in front of the gain pedal, to get a more natural sounding phasing.

Sorry, I forgot the Pickle Vibe from my options. I like it the best when judging purely on demos. Some people really seem to love it and some people dismiss it as a phaser and nothing like a vibe. Villanova on the other hand has tone and mix controls. MXR just sounds good on demos, so tough decisions, tough decisions…. The Micro Vibe is dark sounding but it works really well on most amps and it blends nicely with gain effects.

The Micro Vibe is kind of a phaser sounding more like a UniVibe. Perhaps not as dynamic and warm sounding as many of the others. Hard to pick one. Have you had a chance to try out the newer Fulltone Mini Dejavibe 3? A comparison video would be awesome! Thanks for the great work you do! Need to check it out. I used to have the complete Hendrix rig way back in the early seventies, including the Univibe with pedal. I have yet to hear any imitator that sounds like it.

The thing I really liked about the original was the deeper, earthier tone. You simply cannot do Machine Gun justice unless you have the real thing. The Univibe with a compact Ibanez multieffects rack worked well for me for years. I still carry a torch for that UniVibe. It was a fantastic little box and sold my Hendrix sound. Check out the pickle vibe by lovepedal great for shine on you crazy diamond, Breathehave a cigar, Us and them, Brain damage, Eclipse, Pigs three different ones, and a whole lot more!!

I love my Drybell and they are great people to deal with. I still find that my Sweetsound Ultra Vibe II has a touch more mojo but it is also almost 3 times the size. For the price, the size, tweekability, and over all quality, the Drybell is a top notch vibe! Not a Mad Men fan?

He was one of the first to offer the real circuit in true bypass on a scale so many could get their hands on it, so maybe that is a claim that was more true a time ago. In any case, he certainly seems like a man with some opinions, and quite a personality.

What goes along with that is that some are gonna love ya, and some are gonna hate ya. The thing is though that people are easily fooled.

How many Vibes has Fulltone sold because they claim to offer the real deal? How many buys a US Fender based on reputation alone? If you scream loud enough people will always listen. The downside of the internet is that these claims are more easily heard. The good thing is that with a bit of research you can get much more info and make up your own mind on what to get. The ones with often a great deal more honesty and devotion.

Regarding Drybell, just the experience of dealing with Martina, and the man behind, and inside the machine, Zvonch was enough to make the pedal worth every penny.

Regardless of any new Photocells, That company has a reputation for stretching the truth about how they make the only exact clone of the original, and the two Fulltones I tried, were plain shite! Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, Keith. Amen on the Vibe Machine!

Expensive for one pedal, no doubt, but an authentic univibe clone is one of the few effects, in my opinion, it makes sense to spend some money on. Absolutely no regrets on getting the Vibe Machine, though. My interactions with the Dry Bell folks were great.

My pedal was held up in customs for a while and they even looked into it for me, to the extent they could, from Croatia. The Mooer Soul Shiver looks promising. Will we get a video review of it done by our favorite Gilmourish guitar wizard? I hope we do because you opinion usually sways mine I just saw that Mooer website was updated, with the brand new Soul Shiver pedal.

Very few informations about it, but some commercial websites sell it as a Uni-Vibe clone seems to be in accordance with the three modes. Knowing the quality of Mooer effects, and as the MXR Uni-Vibe was launched few months ago really great sound imoI was wondering if this new Soul Shiver could compete with. Maybe yes, if the chorus and vibrato sections are identical, and if the rotary effect is convincing enough.

Price could be a selling point too. The quality of the pedal itself is superb, and as you know the sounds the pedal is producing are simply amazing! It is super-quiet as well. Personally, I like the clarity of tone it is producing. It is not per se cheap, but in my opinion well worth the price.

Hey Bjorn, played the b9 at the music store, and it blew my mind how absolutely close to a real b3 sound you get. If I were in a band without a keys player, and wanted to play some Deep Purple, or any old rock n roll that featured b3 like say, the Zombies, My rhythm player could provide the b3 perfectly.

It does exactly what they say it does!!! Peace, KC. OK, thanks, Bjorn. The Deja is the most vintage sounding while the Micro sounds warmer and has a tad more mid range. Both can do fast rotary pretty well. Hi, Bjorn. A phaser is a better option. The Univibe, my all-time favourite effect.

I would like to add two recommendations to the list, as my effects range from dirt cheap to boutique. Both are excellent at what they aim to deliver — which brings me to my point of ultra affordable tone. They are true bypass and deliver analogue tone pur sang. Hi Bjorn, what is the difference between a rotary speaker sim like the Lex Strymon and the effectrode tube vibe? Never owned any of these types of modulations.

A rotating speaker sounds much more liquidy, with a brighter character and more definition. The Lex is a rotating speaker simulator and not a phaser. Still, by setting the speed high, you get a fast modulation, which can, with some imagination, sound like a Leslie but the similarities is basically just the fact that they both are able to do modulation in different speeds.

Sorry to bother you again, but was wondering if you have looked at the EarthQuaker Devices The Depths? Would love to hear what you think of this one. What would you say is the best rotary speaker simulator pedal other than the boss rt?

I heard the dunlop rotovibe is good, would you say this is true? That one seemed to be the closest match to my ears. It is discontinued now, but you can probably find one around. This thing does Wah, Whammy, a bunch of weird stuff and has a bunch of stomp box models in it but I use it solely for its Uni-Vibe model which it really does very well.

And the foot pedal controls the speed, which I use a lot for the leslie-style slow-to-fast changes. It also has a rotary speaker emulator which is pretty good but I pretty much never switch it off the UniVibe. Just point all the knobs to noon, put on the vibe model, and push the pedal down until it just engages, slowest setting.

Do you still use it, and still think this is the best univibe with gains and in particular germanium fuzz pedals? The 60s has a more vintage flavour with more of that low-fi character. The Machine Vibe has a more distinct phasing and cleaner tone. The VM seems to work great on smaller amps and low volume while the 60s needs a bit of volume to really open up.

Do you have a review of the Jam Retrovibe yet? Not for Gilmour per se I am ashamed : but similar mild rotary. Lex is, as you say, too domineering, and I hate the dual function controls; preparing to dump my Fulltone MDV — too authentic? Thoughts on the Earthquaker Depths? What say you? Personally I prefer the Machine Vibe. Hi, have you tried the new MXR uni-vibe? Thanks for an Amazing web-page! I really appreciate your work on this page! Have you tried the new MXR Uni-vibe the black one the same size as a phase Any comments?

My search is still on for a suitable vibe. But alas, the MDV-3 is too low in volume even with it cranked all the way. And the MDV-2 also beats it in that it seems to boost your signal and I really liked that. The Drybell EQ was just too flat for my ears, even with the bright switch on.

The controls are very interactive and can go from deep, lush, syrupy, bubbly, fluid…very subtle to in your face. The only other minuses: no tap tempo or external rate control not a problem for me, though I may add an enlarged extension to the rate knob so I can adjust it with my toe.

Made in USA, solid build,great packaging and case candy. I put it in front of all my dirt with only the compressor and wah in front of it. I use the channel switching on the ht to take the dirt to another level dirt channel dialed to crunch with modern voice and mid boost. Check out the Mooer Ninety Phaser as well : — Bjorn]. It is really amazing to read all your stuff. Regarding your article on Tone, I really enjoying reading it.

Do you think that a Rotovibe would be the best solution? Thanks for your kind words! The Rotovibe would do the job. You might want to check out a UniVibe as well though. Most of the models available are great. The modified Keeley model is recommended. Check out similar pedals like the Throbak Overdriveboost, Buffalo Powerbooster etc. Delay or echo is also essential. David used a Binson echo machine at that point. Catalinbread has released a replica in a single pedal, the Echorec.

Hope this helps : — Bjorn]. First, I want to thank you for creating this very useful web site. The Phase 45 is a lovely pedal. Very subtle but a nice alternative for a UniVibe. Hi what do you think about TRex Viper? But I need to try one to be able to tell. I have experienced some noise fluctuations in the output of my pedalboard. It appears that the oscillations are amplified. I placed it between a sweet honey from mad professor Sex (Im A .) (Extended Version) - Various - Classic Alternatives Volume 2 (CD) floorQ Compressor from Joe Meek.

Any idea what about is happening? I really have no idea. I get a nice sound out of the Digitech EX Much improved in every way! Peace, Keith. Hi guys, one that is not so famous is the Guitarsystems Vibetool…. Hi Bjorn Thank you for awesome shootout. Gotta throw a couple of coins about Jam-RetroVibe. There are two versions — standard and custom shop. The first is like a univibe in vibrato mode, without volume on the top.

I said that if your are going to order one : But we are all here for the vibrato mode, so both of them sound indentically. As for me it kills most of univibe clones and absolutely nails phase The pedal shipped from Croatia on Friday, a day after paying for it, and was at my door by 8 am 3 days later, in Virginia! However, the nicest thing in the box, was a handwrriten note, from Zvonch, the creator, and builder of the Vibe Machine, personally thanking me for my business.

Peace, Love, and Gimourish, Uncle Ebb! My new, and improved Vibe Machine should arrive Monday! The Leslie jumper I spoke of may be on all of them, but the concept is really cool. Probably take some getting used to, but it may function well enough to use instead of the RT I know a vibe is way different than a Leslie, but the way they talk about it, it sounds like you can get some very good rotary sounds.

What say you about that possibility Bjorn? Thanks, Peace to all, Keith. Looking forward to check out the new batch! In regards to leslie VS vibe… Depends on how accurate you want to be. That being said, the UniVibe was designed to capture the essence of the Leslie. You can tweak it for some pretty convincing rotary tones and especially in a live situation. Still, knowing how persistent you are I recommend checking out the Strymon Lex… yep!

OMG i just discovered this site and im addicted to all of this info!! Bjorn what do you think about the Lex by Strymon?

Check out my review of the Lex here. Hey Bjorn, and all readers, well Drybell has done it again. It seems like they have made a new addition to the already top scoring pedal on each run. It has a gain pot too, to push those tubes.

Well, at the beginning of this year, they started using their own optical sensors, exclusive to Drybell, and a new matching process that utilizes a machine they had developed, to perfectly match each sensor. Then, they added a Leslie made circuit, to make it a rotary type effect, and added a circuit of some kind, to allow you to switch other pedals on with the vibe. The one big problem I saw, was the fact that it would only work correctly with a rare, and expensive k expession pedal.

Well folks, the new batch, that I should get the first of, sometime in the next two weeks, works with any expression pedal, from 25k to k, and thus the only thing I saw as a downside to the pedal is solved.

I have no idea what they may build next, but their plan from day one, was only modulation pedals, one at a time, until they felt each was as good as current technology would allow. Will you be reviewing the Castledine Supra vibe soon?

Hello Bjorn, greetings from Seattle! I really like your website. You are VERY detailed and thorough in your research and explanations. Nice work…. Voodoo Vibe they had been able to obtain.

Since then Mr. Mayer has discontinued the pedal and now has a updated version with even more bells and whistles to dial in the tones of your choice. I have tried many other Univibe clones and in my opinion none of the others are comparable to the R. They are hand built in the U. Thank you for all you do for us tone thirsty gear heads around the planet! Never come across one… — Bjorn].

Hey Bjorn, as I mentioned earlier, I missed the August 19th Drybell release by a few days, they were gone by September 10th! I thought it would be my last aqusition, but the Buffalo fuzz, and booster are invading my dreams!

Imagination is the Mother of Invention ya know. FYI was using the feedback effect in the Boss. The feedback into the HUGE reverb was the magick.

Sorry for the overly long post, just wanted to share a good thing with everyone. Happy hunting! Phasers can certainly be used to replicate a UniVibe : — Bjorn]. Always hard to tell without having tried it my self though. Sex (Im A .) (Extended Version) - Various - Classic Alternatives Volume 2 (CD) Blackfinger is really cool.

Very warm and smooth. Gone in 26 days, but Martina promised that my name is on the first one of the new batch due out next month. Wow, those things are selling like hotcakes! Too noisy and dark sounding. There are lots of other better sounding units on the market. If you like Hendrix think about this. I dontbwant my him in polished and clean I love the dark noise its what makes it. Can you test a Soul Vibe pedal? I also recommend the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. Sounds nothing like a uni-vibe.

Rather, they push the Leslie speaker comparison. Nice work. Love your page. The best Univibe out there in my opinion! I owned the Fulltone Micro Vibe like the one you have reviewed. I sold it for that reason. Do you find it that way as well? In my opinion, the TubeVibe is the overall best sounding, while the Vibe Machine has the best effect for slow, moderate and fast speeds.

The Sixties Vibe has a vintage tone, much more so than the VM and TV and it blends nicely with old fuzz units especially. However, my overall verdict is that the VM and TV sounds better for the tones I need and, based on my experience alone, what might be the best option for your Gilmour tones.

Naturally, when you choose which one to buy, it comes down to your preference and how the UniVibe work with your amp, guitar and pedals. I was about to mention the phase 45, then I read the entire article.

My dad kept his from when he used to play Sex (Im A .) (Extended Version) - Various - Classic Alternatives Volume 2 (CD) Many thanks for the reviews! Its main drawback is that Sex (Im A .) (Extended Version) - Various - Classic Alternatives Volume 2 (CD) lacks a vibrato mode but man, what a hypnotising texture! And it does wonders on dirty setups too. Anyway, it would be Sex (Im A .) (Extended Version) - Various - Classic Alternatives Volume 2 (CD) if you had a chance to include any or all of these to your testing one day.

The RetroVibe will be featured in the next update. Sounds great! I really like my Wilson Effects Haze Vibe. Thanks very much Bjorn for providing a wonderful resource for the Gilmour fans all over the globe. Ivenot heard anything good about the wah, but I heard its a decent sounding Vibe, but it was released in Nov, and Dunlop was out by Feb.

I searched every small store from Virginia, to California, and everyone had sold out. I like the vibe sounds. There are many vibe clone pedals in US. Wish I were there. It has vibe tone mode and sounds good. Thank you great reviews. Next update perhaps : — Bjorn]. I once asked to open the reply to everyone? And to Viscous, it is my favourite, also owning deja and lovepedals vibes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Uni-Vibe The UniVibe is perhaps one of the most unique effects ever created and its hypnotic tone still fascinates new generations of guitarists. UniVibe or phaser? UniVibe on the pedalboard There are different opinions about where the UniVibe and modulation effects in general should be placed on a pedal board. Which UniVibe is the best? Effectrode Tube-Vibe Effectrode has one philosophy — making the best pedals possible and base them all on tubes.

Craig M Thatcher says:. September 7, at am. Bjorn says:. September 8, at am. Bray C. August 15, at am. Retrieved 27 July Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ABC Help Centre. Judith Durham. Judy Durham The Seekers.

Dami Im. Live Sessions EP. Jessica Mauboy. Discography Videography Awards and nominations Songs. The Journey. Justice Crew. Live by the Words. Nathaniel Willemse. Yours Samantha Jade. Taylor Henderson.

I Belong To You - Kathy Troccoli - Heart & Soul (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mein Schatz, Ich Brauch Dich So Sehr - Die Nahetaler - Komm Ein Stück Näher (Vinyl, LP, Album), La Gota Fria - Various - Feliz Año Nuevo (CD), Знак Судьбы - Коловрат - Радикальный Голос (В Защиту Свободы) (CD, Album), Himlen E Blå (Blue Mix) - Rodney Öhman - Himlen E Blå (Vinyl), So A Edelweiß - Various - Der Berg Ruft! (Box Set), Insistence - Giancarlo Barigozzi Group* - Rock In The Air (Vinyl, LP), Keep The Motor Running, Cool It Now - Various - Chartbusters (Vinyl, LP), Das Lieben Bringt Groß Freud - Franz Lambert - Horch, Was Kommt Von Draußen Rein? (Cassette, Album), Ive Been Loving You Too Long - Various - Formidable Rhythm N Blues (Vol 1) (Vinyl, LP), Un Día En La Vida, Love Is A Swingin Thing - The Shirelles - The Worlds Greatest Girls Group (CD), Lazy River - Various - The Melodies Linger On (An All-Star Salute To The Great American Songs) (Cass

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  3. Jun 12,  · The classic four photo cell circuitry delivers everything from haunting lo-fi phasing to heavy throbbing rotary. In addition to the usual speed, intensity and volume controls the new Moon Vibe also feature a Symmetry control allowing a fine tuning of the low and high throb.

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