Message 1 - Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый (Cassette)

Customer: I'll need a size five. Assistant: Oh dear, Im ' afraid I don't have them in a five. But we're expect some more in next week. Customer: OK, I'll tryagain next week. Assistant: Anything else? Some tights? The colours are interesting this y Customer: No, Im ' allright fortights, thanks. Is it cash? Customer: Yes. Here you are. She gv ies the asss itant the m Assistant: Thanks very much. I'll put the recep i t in the bag. Customer: Thank you. Customer: Oh dear, thats ' very expensv ie.

They must be real Assistant: They are. The stones are garnets. Customer: Theyr'e beautiful. I'll have to try and save up for th Assistant: Goodbye!

I'll try again next week. I'm sure it'll look very smart. I'm sure these sandals will sell like hot cakes. One of these T-shirts would look very nice with it. The dark-blue T-shirt might go nicely with the skirt. We could also take the 8. I couldn't work twelve hours a day. Could you meet me at the station? What kind of person is he? Which one exactly do you mean? Have you got a top to go with it?

How much are they? Nice - nicely: One of these T-shirt would look very nice with it. Parking is very expensive in London. That's a small. Something else? Swiss francs. How much is a cinema ticket? It's German marks. How much does a cinema ticket cost? It costs British pounds. Austrian schillings. I expect we like on time.

I hope the medium look our next holiday in Majorca. I think the T-shirt sell some gardening this afternoon I'm sure the train spend the vase. A friend of the family. Fine, thanks. Fourteen, I think.

I'm Message 1 - Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый (Cassette) travel rep. In the household. Oh, she's very nice. On Sunday. Some technical failure, I think. The jug. The sand-coloured one. The Sea Shell. This is Vivien. It's urgent, j The object isn't a kettle or like that.

I'm sure you like it. You use it as a vase, d We've got one in blue and one in pink. Which one you like? They be real gold, h There are always delays. I don't know why British Rail keep to their timetables, i This candlestick looks very nice we buy it?

I have to get a new one. You take the Tube. Mike: Fit a s a fiddle. Eric: Y o u look thinner too. I feel like forty. I w a s at your birth- day party three "How d'you mean I'm as fit as a man of thirty - m o n t h s ago. I am thirty! Eric: S o u n d s like s o m e special kind of holiday. N o t the usual sunbathing a n d overeating, I t a k e it. Mike: No, not this time. W e b o o k e d w h a t they call a n activity holiday this time. Eric: I don't believe it.

Eric: You're joking! Mike: No, I'm not. A n d after breakfast w e played tennis for a n hour or so. Mike: W e l lnot always. Eric: A n d how did you s p e n d your evenings? Mike: O hw e played table tennis or billiards, or took a b o a t trip round the lake. W e tried the discos too, but w e couldn't stand the noise. Eric: Y o u didn't visit the local nightclubs? Mike: No, w e usually w e n t to b e d early. Eric: W e l lI'm glad to h e a r you're in such splendid form, M i k e.

Alan's wife just phoned to s a y he's ill. Ate s o m e strange foreign food on his holiday. I'm afraid you're in for s o m e overtime I couldn't stand the noise. Orson Welles in What time did he get home last night? Where did you live ten years ago? Lee Chang-Soon has a fruit and vegetable store in Manhattan. His workday starts at midnight and ends at 10 p. Mr Lee never watches television in the evening. His customers want a wide choice of fruit and vegetables and they want everything cheap.

When Mr Lee gets back from the market at about six o'clock in the morning, he first unloads and stores eve- rything.

That takes about two hours. After that he has an hour's rest. He also gets a bit of sleep after work in the evening. Life is hard for Mr Lee but he doesn't complain. How long? Other activities? When Mike came back his holiday, he was feeling fit a fiddle. When he and his wife were away holiday, they got up seven every morning and jogged the lake breakfast breakfast they played tennis an hour or so. Then they were for a swim in the pool and a sauna the afternoon they had an hour's rest and then went a walking or cycling tour.

They usually went bed early. A London Transport spokesman A passerby - year-old secretary praised the staff for stopping the Vivien Ford - saw the smartly- dressed robber running from the shop and followed him along Baker Street and into I Baker Street Tube Station. When the man got on to a southbound train, she ran up to a London Transport official, shouting that he should stop the train because there was a gun- man on it.

Police sealed off evening following an operation on the station and searched the train an arm wound. She ran up to a London Transport official, shouting that he should stop the train. The staff shut the doors of the train, locking the robber in with the passengers. She shouted for us to stop the train. We did so. Is that the robber? Have you got a size five? Police sealed off the station and searched the train.

The gunman shot the secretary. No, he didn't shoot the secretary. He shot the assistant. The assistant try The London Transport spokesman praise A hospital spokesman say A London Transport spokesman is an official Chandler, who died inwrote only seven novels, butthey became classics of their kind.

The central character in allof them is Philip Marlowe, a private detectivewho lives and works in the Los Angeles area. One may say that Maro l we is a typical American hero: tough, honest, quick-witted, always ready to risk his life for somebody who suffers injustice. Maro l we is poor, because Chandler believes it is impossible for a decent man to become rich. As Chande lr wrties in a letter: "I see hm i aw l ays in a o l ne o l ney l rooms, puzze ld but never qutie defeated.

When hs i father left the mother took hm i to Enga lnd to stay wtih her rea l tvies in London. From he atended an Engs ilh pubc il school and then spent some tm ie and Germany in order to e l arn the a lnguages.

After varo ius oj bs in London and Los Angee ls, and servc ie in France d First Word l War, Chande lr returned to the Untied States to live in southern nia, where he eventuay l became driector of a number of oil compane is.

Fri hs i o j b for drn i kn i g, he turned to writing, pubs ilhn ig hs i first short story in he brought out hs i first nove,l The Big Sleep.

Ths i and o lwed, together wtih the film scrp i ts he wrote for Hoylwood, made hm i Amerc ias 'e ladn ig wrtiers. Hs i books were d i eal matera il for films. For Chande lr, Bogart was just the rg i ht actor to pa ly Marolwe. Together wtih hs i wfie - they mare id in - Chande lr v iled a rather life. Perhaps for this reason he was a great letter writer. Why or why not? I got married in. Where is? Judy: Almost. These are your things, mine are over there, and Dave has packed his own bag. It's an awful lot, all together.

Shep's things will take up a lot of space too. Roy: Yes. I've told them to hold our mail, and I've paid all the bills. Judy: And you've cancelled the paper and the milk? Roy: Oh yes, I did that yesterday. I collected the passport too.

Judy: Whose passport? Roy: Dave's. You remember, it had to be extended. Judy: Oh yes, of course. Goodness, I forgot all about it. There are so many things to think of Have you talked to John and Morna about the garden? John's going to mow the lawn once a week, and Morna will water the plants. They're coming over tonight, so we can show them everything then. Judy: You've told them about the cats? Roy: They'll give them their meal every day, starting tomorrow, but apart from that they'll leave them to themselves.

Judy: We are lucky to have them as neighbours. They're such nice people, and always ready to help Roy: And reliable! Judy: Yes, absolutely. And fond of animals. All the same, I'm glad they won't have to take Shep this time. Of course, he's already noticed that we're go- ing away.

He's following me like a shadow. Roy: I wouldn't want to leave him behind again. He gets so depressed, thinks we've gone for good. Judy: He'll be happy this time. He loves travelling by car That reminds me - you've had the car serviced, haven't you? Roy: Oh yes. They've checked everything - oil, battery, tyres, brakes, the lot.

Of course, an old car like ours can always break down. But it isn't likely - not after all the trouble they've taken with it at the garage. He knows exactyl w can see it in hs i eyes. Yes, I paid them this morning. Have you cancelled the paper? You've had the car serviced, haven't you? He followed her like a shadow, didn't he? Yoy aren't serious, are you? This book is mine. Have you been to the post office?

You've had the car serviced? When are you going to pay the bills? When are you going to collect the passport? Have you got everything ready? Has Dave packed his bag? Have you packed your bag? Have you cancelled the papers? I think in mow the car serviced. Perhaps I'm going to have to pack the lawn. These are your things; my things are over there. These are your things; mine are over there. Can I use your car this morning?

We didn't know where it was helpfamilies hit by the bushfires in south- going. All we could do was try toget peo- eastern Australia.

Several and strong winds after a twelvemonth pe- towns as well as large areas of forest and riod of dry weather, the fires spread at farmland have been burnt, and hundreds oflightning speed. Some of them may have thousands of sheep and cattle have been been started deliberately.

In South Austra- killed by the firestorm, which raced along lia yesterday a year-old unemployed miles of coast from Adelaide to Mel- worker was charged with deliberately bourne. For his own safety, common in Australia. If they occur in un- the accused man was locked up until his inhabited areas, they are often allowed to trial.

Where human life or Lastnight, thanks to cooler Message 1 - Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый (Cassette) less windy property is threatened, they can usually be weather,the fires were largely under con- put out before too much damage has been trol, but higher temperatures have been caused. South Australian but this was the one time we couldn't," a fire-service spokesman David Wiliams fire officer said in Melbourne yesterday.

They are extremely dry, none like this. It was frightening, the speed and carelessness or a deliberate act could of the fire. There was nothing we could dostartitall again. Most bushfires are caused by humans. Higher temperatures have been forecast for the weekend.

Some of the fires may have been started deliberately. Bushfires — 90 per cent of which are now caused by humans. The accused man is 19 years old. What helped the fires? The let- tuce has to clean and the peas have to sorti A man has just arrest and charged with starting the fires, j Your bags have already packk Bushfires can usually put out before too much trouble cause.

They have set up a fund. They could not stop the fires. People don't play squash here. I'm has been charged apart from play her in hospital. She is so fond for set up me the right size. The dog not interested in shoot nightclubs. The mother praised the children of tell squash. They're talking with travel the heater. We Thanks without turn off the old man. Let's assume you arrive at the airport to travel somewhere by air.

You have possi- bly made your reservation by phone and haven't got your ticket yet. In that case the first thing you'll do Message 1 - Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый (Cassette) go to the airline ticket desk to buy your ticket.

If you look at the flight-information board, you'll find details about your flight: what the scheduled departure time is, whether it's delayed, which gate you're to "proceed" to, etc. If possible, don't check in at the last minute. Since a certain percentage of passen- gers are "no-shows" i. Latecomers are more likely to get "bumped" than those who check in early.

At the check-in desk you show your ticket, check in your baggage, and are given a boarding pass. At most airports there are security checks. Cabin bags are X-rayed and must be opened if suspicious objects are seen. Passengers are examined with a metal detector or hand-searched.

If you're going abroad, you have to go through passport control. On your arrival you have to go through customs as well. Things like cigarettes and whisky are usually much cheaper there than in normal shops. But be careful: not everything is necessarily less expensive than at home. And don't forget: goods bought cheap at the duty-free may prove expen- sive if you have to pay duty on them at your destination. After boarding, stow your hand baggage safely under the seat in front of you or, where possible, in one of the overhead luggage bins.

Smoking is only allowed in the smoking section. One person in six is afraid of flying. If you have this problem, you should relax, breathe deeply, and consider this: Statistics show that it's 25 times safer to travel by air than by car.

She took the late train. They had a quick drink at the pub. Her English is very good. You have possibly made your reservation. Check in: You should check in early. Flying is safer than travelling by car. Flying is more expensive than travelling by car. His face the flight will be delayed by about 40 is familiar. The Green Gate and the Live and Let films, at the airport shop.

Live are my favourite in London. It consists of 50 states and a "federal district", the site of the capital, Washington D. Like West Germany, the U. In contrast to countries like Britain - where the head of state the king or queen and the head of government the prime minister are two different people - the United States has a president who is both the head of government and the head of state.

Politically and economically the U. It is also the most conspicuous country in the sense that America's fashions and poli- cies, goods and weapons, executives and soldiers have shaped today's world to a much greater extent than those of any other nation.

Untied States is a country of ran i forests and deserts, mountan is and one and the same November day the temperature may be 28 deg and -7 degrees in Aa lska. Its ctizens may be "od l-stock" Amerc ians scendants of m i mgirants from European, Asa in and Latn i Amerc ian cou may be Amerc ian Inda ins or the descendants of Afrc ian sa lves, or foreg iners who have become naturaziled.

Though they are al Amerc ian them are stil underprvie liged mn iortiy groups, who live in neg ihbourhood own and have theri own character, customs, religion, and somem ti es "The worst country to be poor in is Amerc ia," sad i the Engs ilh h Toynbee. Whe li U. The poverty rate is hg ihest in Ms issisp ipi 25 per ce in Wyomnig 8 per cent. Nao tinwdie the poverty rate is 11 per cen per cent for Hs ipanc is, and a shockn ig 35 per cent for ba lcks - e person lives in poverty.

What woud l the word l be like if there was no Amerc ia, if there we Woud l there be another superpower to take Amerc ias' pa lce? Woud l busniess be as lively as it s i? Woud l we Europeans be as prospero Woud l there be e jans and T-shrits, Coca-Coa l and hamburgers, soap supermarkets? Woud l there be cheap cars if Henry Ford hadnt' sta producn ig them? Woud l we have tee lphones and washn ig machn ies pens and personal computers if Amerc ians hadnt' nivented or perfected dont' know the answers to these questo ins, but most peope l woud l p that life in our tm i e owes a great deal of its vitality, coo lur, and m the peope l of the Untied States of Amerc ia.

Would there be another superpower to take America's place? English, a superpower. America be him behind, flying cheaper. If she not jog mass-produced, people not find more risky. In New York's Statue of Liberty was years old. First aid and after The motorbike had just overtaken her.

It had been going very fast. Then there was the bend. Just as Mrs Susan Turner rounded it in her estate car, she saw the mo- torcyclist skid, hit the crash bar- rier and fly through the air. She immediately pulled over to the side of the road, got out, and ran to where he was lying.

The young man was unconscious and bleeding. Other drivers stopped too. One of them ran off to call an ambulance while Mrs Turner searched for the first-aid box among the photographic equipment in the back of her car. Having found it, she dashed back to the injured man and applied a bandage to try and stop the bleeding. Some time later the ambulance arrived, and the motorcyclist was taken to the in- tensive-care unit of a nearby hospital. Mrs Turner left her name and address with a police officer and then drove on to her destination to keep a business appointment.

It had been stoe ln whe li Mrs Turner ha trying to hep l the motorcycsilt. Mrs Turner, who is 37 and a freelance photographer, sad i later: "I was c n ig on hep ln ig the youngster at the roadsd i e. He was in very bad sh coud l nt' thn i k about anythn ig es le at the tm i e except the best way of hep ln i my hury to reach the first-aid box and take it over to the boy, Ihad the back of the car open. Everybodys' atention was obvo iusyl on the accid must have been easy to take the bag wtih the cameras out of the car was who took the equp iment shoud l have consd iered the cricumstances.

I cant' understand how anybody coud l do a thn i g like that. I'd rather not s thni k of hm i. Fortunatey l the cameras and e lnses were n i sured". A poc ile spokesman said: "The thief knew what was gon ig on. He cod ly l the situation. It was certainly a cao l us theft. Perfect Infinitive. She saw the motorcyclist skid, hit the crash barrier and fly thro See someone do something.

Turner had been trying to help the motorcyclist. Mrs Turner said. They be stolen while she was helping the motorcyclist. She be in such a hurry to reach the injured young man that she leave the back of the car open.

The thief take the bag with the equipment while everybody was concentrating on the accident. The motorcyclist was in very bad shape obvious. The motorcyclist was obviously in very bad shape.

It was obvious that the motorcyclist was in very bad shape. Someone had stolen the bag with the cameras. The bag with the cameras had been stolen. We must stop the bleeding. The bleeding must be stopped. A victory would make them the first English team ever to win the thre trophies in one season. Both teams began the game cautiously. There was a minor alarm at Everton's en after four minutes and a major one seven minutes later at United's.

That was whe a long throw-in from Stevens flew deep into theUnited penaltyarea and had goal- keeper Bailey stretching desperately to punch the ball clear.

Itdropped to Everton's. A more cac lualted threat came from Untied in the twente ith mn iute when Whtiesd i e, Oslenand Ab lsiton combn ied to send Hughes chargn ig through in the n i sd i e-el ft postion. Hughes was in an excee lnt pos-i toi n to shoot - even score - but he hes-i tated, thus ao l wnig the tireless Red i Message 1 - Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый (Cassette) steal the bal from hm i. The drama that was to come late in the second hafl coud l hardyl be foreseen when the interval came quietly, wtih the takn ig of Robsons' name for a foul on Red i as the ony l notabe l occurence of the mn iutes mi meda iteyl before it.

In the fiftieth mn iute Untied openedTshx te ihem we l iosd rl-fan m oo r tu hsesW w t em of b elyenS C t r atalduiLm on disn o Everton defence wtih a deg il htful move. Stape lton crossed from the rg i ht so that Hughes was abe l to head ni to the path of Robson, but the Untied captan is ' el ft-foot shot was n ich Untied came even co lser to scorn ig when Hughes sent Whtiesd ie throug mn iutes, but goakleeper Southa,l the new Foot-bae lr of the Year, ad bolck the shot experty l.

Twevle mn iutes from the end of reg tm i e came the sensato inal moment whe Moran was sent off by referee Peter W for a foul on Red i that had sent the pa lyer flying through the air.

Moran, a abe l Irs ihman, thus became the first pa ly ever to be sent of in a Wembe ly Cup The referees' decs io in to send Moran "for a rather ordn iary foul", much criticize after the match, made the Manchester p ers furo i us. To everyones ' surprs ie the mi meda iteyl pa lyed like twevle men n istea of ten. The referees' controversa il had turned a born ig game n ito one of the most dramatc i finals in the F hs itory.

If Gidman had not diverted the ball, Reid would have scored. The first English team ever to win three trophies in one season. FA cth nom ryall i Things at the office were hectic up to the last minute before I went on holiday.

Two important trade fairs kept us busy for most of May and June, and in between I had to take to the road myself to visit customers, because one of our salesmen had to have an operation. Considering that I've been working mainly in the office during the last few years, I did rather well out in the field. Since the beginning of my holiday a week ago I've been taking it easy, sleeping late, eating out, window-shopping, browsing around in bookshops, watching videos, or just idling around.

I suppose that's my idea of a perfect holiday - staying at home. The weather has been wonderful for the last ten days, with tem- peratures in the eighties - the kind of weather you'd expect in Spain or Greece but not in London. View full artist profile. View all trending tracks.

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We stayed out of We returned to When we came It is covered with Let's hurry It was very pleasant to live in Summer is How lovely There are no When spring comes, Winter is Sunday my friend and I usually go to We ski, skate, play My friend is Tomorrow is If it is too hot in And on Monday we shall come back.

Jones was One day Mr. Jones came to Jones smiled and said: "You are right: there's But how did you find it out? Jones did not like I bought I want to ask you to accompany rne to Where did you buy this overcoat? My sister bought I think We came to I don't like Let's go in and see if we can buy I am going to give him I knew He had visited many I remember some of One day he visited one of Houses of He came out on to Then he climbed up on He began shouting something in English, but my friend knew only a few words of English and did not understand him.

Englishman called Russian tourist wanted to kill himself by jumping from Later, when everything became clear, they laughed Everyone in our country knows Lomonosov. Russian peasants. I don't want to miss Philharmonic on. He graduated from Now he is And though he is My aunt is I am sorry, I don't know Who is We entered We joined them. I remember two of They were about Russian music.

I am sure he won't stay in Two weeks are left before June we shall take Today is my day off. I am going to spend My brother brought When I looked at My sister is acquainted with Any schoolboy can tell you that it is I am afraid you will have English king Richard the Lion Heart was He was very proud of his strength and liked to show Once, as he was riding on Luckily he was not far from Richard took it in his hand and broke it in two.

The blacksmith gave him a third shoe. This time Richard was satisfied and ordered Now it was Richard's turn to be surprised. Many years ago London theatre performed In those days That is why They jumped up and down under They worked for But then Asia and They knew nothing about such America was born in in His name was Christopher Columbus.

He became Knowing that India sailing to He tried to arrange At last Spain gave him He set October his ship reached When they landed, they saw Some time later He understood that it was My brother read to me When he came into He at once remembered that it was Yesterday I saw Tower Bridge is Thames coming from Built init is Each boy had one portion of Sundays they had two ounces and Oliver was chosen to go up to Then Oliver rose from Africa is Europe and to Asia to which it is joined by Isthmus of Suez.

Less than one hundred years ago Europe made Some travellers died of. The merchants who came from European countries had much to sell, and here were In the old days it was necessary for all European cities began with America there was little need for American cities have been built on American cities, instead of having American city, it is very easy to find one's way from one part of it to New York lies in Manhattan Island, and there And that is Broadway, New York's most famous street.

It starts within sight of This great street is Go t Then turn to I short distance down Do not cross You will see I am sure I shall find if without I want to send Perhaps you can tell me where I can find You can easily walk there in a few minutes.

Go straight down Post-office till you. I am sure you will find Until near England that if This imprisonment might very well be for If they had Dickens described It was largely because of Dickens' sharp criticism that English Government was finally forced to do away with Portsmouth, and was named Charles.

When Charles was seven, he was sent to He was not He did not like to play In London, and little Charles left behind him His father was in Dickens was put into Little Charles learned to know all. He had to go to work at He worked there from When his father came out of prison, Charles was sent to Soon he got work as Then he learned In at Charles Dickens is one of His novels are now translated into most languages of Stratford-upon-Avon in Stratford is Avon, which is Stratford, Not much is known of Shakespeare's father.

He was poor and was often in Very little is known about It is now William went to In he went to London at that time. Then he became Shakespeare bought He spent Stratford, but he often visited He died in George Bernard Shaw, Ireland in London where he became London slums where While travelling in. Germany Harry Trench, Trench knew that Sartorius was rich, but he did not know what He learned about it from It turned out that Sartorius was Trench was greatly shocked.

He did not want to take But Blanche said she could not live on They had After some time Trench learned that Everything comes out "all-right" in The author shows that in American War of It was almost beyond their power to lift Greatly surprised, I beg your pardon, Mr. And when Corporal, when you have Robert Burns, January, His parents were poor, so that Burns could not get a good education. He worked hard as He was fond of reading and always had Working in However, things became so bad on Jamaica hoping to get Luckily some friends helped Burns to publish In Burns went to Edinburgh, and his book of poems unlocked In he married Jean Armour and spent July, he died at A lion, a tiger, an actor, a poet, a man, an uncle, a husband, a brother, a grandfather, a Message 1 - Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый (Cassette), a master, a baron, a count, a shepherd, a host.

A lady, a girl, a niece, Mrs. Smith, a widow, a stewardess, a French woman, a cow, a queen, a princess, a duchess, a hen, a mother.

A star, a mountain, a tree, a shilling, a king, the waiter, the queen, a man, the man, a woman, the woman, an eye, a shelf, a box, the city, a boy, a goose, the watch, a mouse, a dress, a toy, the sheep, a tooth, a child, the ox, a deer, the life, a tomato. This tea-cup, this egg, that wall, that picture, this foot, that mountain, this lady, that window, this man, that match, this knife. This is a star. This is a boy. This is a baby. That is a plate.

That is a flower, j 6. That is a bookshelf. Is this a sofa? Is this a bookcase? Is this a man? Is that a ball? Is that a train? Is that a plane? Is the window open? Is the door closed? Is the boy near the window? That is not a king, That is not a queen. That is not a bus. This isn't a mountain. That isn't a goose. This isn't a mouse.

It is a sheep. It is a cigarette. It is a cat. It is not a girl. It isn't a bag. It isn't a tree. It is not a bad egg. It is a good egg. Is that a flower?

This man is an engineer. This child is my son, 4. That goose is big. This mouse is white. This man is a doctor. That woman is my cousin. She is a teacher 8. That girl is my niece. She is a pupil. This girl has a blue sweater.

This boy has a good coat. My uncle has a large flat. There is a table in the room. I have a good pen. My pen is in my pocket. There is a flower in the vase. This child's foot is sore. This room is very large. There is a match in the box. Has this lady a knife? There is a man and a woman in the street. This lady is that gentleman's wife. This shoe is too large for my foot. The child is sitting on a bench. My tooth is white. This key is made of steel.

A potato is a vegetable and a cherry is a fruit. What is that child's name? There was a lady, a gentleman, a boy and a girl in the room. In the farm-yard we could see an ox, a sheep, a cow and a goose.

Is this worker an Englishman or a German? Why don't you eat this potato? This strawberry is still green. The withered leaf has fallen to the ground. Can you see a bird in that tree? Does your tooth still ache? His child studies very well. This man works at our office. There is a new house in our street. This story is very interesting. I have hurt my foot. The wolf has been shot. He keeps his toy in a box.

Put this knife on that table. This is my stocking. He has a new suit. This metal is very hard. That ship is a Russian one. I heard her voice.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый on Discogs. Label: Feelee - FL 3 • Series: Учитесь Плавать - 1 • Format: Cassette Compilation • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Funk Metal, Hardcore, Punk.

  2. Various - Учитесь Плавать: Урок Первый | Message 1,Цыганка,Kidnappaz Groove,Розенбом,Vacuum,Tell Me Why,Lost World,Dehumanized,I Would Be Free,КлованУбийца,Naked,Я Живу В Москве Moscow City,Message 2 mp3 flac album download.

  3. Feb 17,  · Listen free to Various Artists – Учитесь плавать: урок первый. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at

  4. Various - Учитесь Плавать - Урок Первый (Cassette) Various - Учитесь Плавать - Урок Второй (Cassette) Various - Учитесь Плавать - Урок Третий (Cassette) Various - Хип-Хоп Взрыв '99 - Сборник Русского Рэпа (Cassette) Vasaria - Vasaria.

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  6. May 07,  · Various Artists - Учитесь плавать: Урок первый () #alternative #funk_metal #rapcore #hardcore #punk #various_artists #learn_to_swim #lesson_one #russia Стареющим подросткам посвящается! «Учитесь плавать: Урок первый» — сборник песен российских альтернативных.

  7. Учитесь плавать: Урок первый Жанр: Alternative Rock, Funk Metal, Hardcore, Punk Страна-производитель диска: Россия Год издания: Издатель (лейбл): Фирма грамзаписи ФИЛИ Номер по каталогу: FL 3 Страна: Россия.

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  9. Label: Feelee - FL3 • Format: Cassette • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Hardcore, Alternative Rock. Sitemap.

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