Goals Methodology Assessment - The Rise (3) - Signal To Noise (Vinyl, LP)

Contaminated soil replacement in spillage areas, excavated soil disposal Hydrogen — making the move from industrial gas to fuel. Fifty years of CCR platforming. Professionals in the oil and gas industry today may not remember when gasoline was sold in multiple grades that included fuels containing tetraethyl l Molecular management for refinery-petrochemical complexes. Designing a digital twin for process simulation of an integrated complex enables enhanced molecular management to deliver higher margin.

The future comprises Steam reforming natural gas containing higher hydrocarbons. A method is described for estimating reformed gas composition in a primary reformer when the feed is a natural gas containing higher hydrocarbons. Solving foaming problems related to absorption of hydrocarbon and feed contaminants by amine solution. Commercial results from a naphtha reformer are a close match with data from micro-pilot plant tests.

Pilot plant studies of hydrotreating catalysts. Studies of catalysts for hydrotreating lubricant base oil delivered similar results from conventional and high throughput pilot plants. The global climate change and the needed GHG emission reduction, as well as increasing awareness of the circular economy have pushed towards thinking about Neutralising amine selection for crude units. Making a proper selection of neutralising amine chemistry is a challenging task.

Even with incomplete information, a systematic approach can be used to identify the source of amine losses and the action needed to reduce them. Refinery processes account for a considerable share of the overall emissions of air pollutants in Europe.

There is a good economic case for petcoke slurry as a refinery fuel, but first you need to deal with the rheology. Nuclear level devices on coke drums. White Paper - Global refiners are always seeking new techniques to optimise their refinery assets with the purpose of maximising their profitability. Fresh look at accelerating electrification and the role that thermal plays.

The goals of the Paris Agreement are now playing out, with companies and governments making drastic changes to hit its ambitious targets. Goals Methodology Assessment - The Rise (3) - Signal To Noise (Vinyl hydrocracking units potential with pretreat and tailored hydrocracking catalysts. A refiner uses pretreat and hydrocracking catalyst to maximise heavy naphtha, kerosene, and diesel production with improved product properties.

Predicting process performance through an online platform. Digitalisation has potential benefits across the oil and gas value chain. Isomalk-3 and Isomalk-3R in production of light paraffin hydrocarbons. One of the main trends in the oil refining and petrochemical world market in recent years has become an increase in the environmental friendliness of high-octane Renewable Identification Numbers rins are credits used to certify compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standard which requires certain minimum volumes Improve profit with augmented digital twins.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning deliver greater, more sustainable value from simulation models. Impact of chlorides on fluid catalytic cracking. Fluid catalytic cracking FCC is an important conversion process in many refineries. It produces transportation fuels, including gasoline and diesel precursors, Maximising stripping section performance.

This paper presents an overview of how calcium interacts with the various essential nutrients within an environment of cellular and hormonal interactions for the purpose of increasing bioavailability to the human body.

One example of such interactions can be illustrated with calcium homeostasis. This paper gives an in-depth discussion on the possible interactive permutations with various nutrients and factors leading to the promotion of calcium bioavailability to the body. The review hopes to provide further insights into how calcium supplement formulations can be improved to better influence its bioavailability in the human body.

Keywords: Bioavailabilityenvironment of cellular and hormonal interactionscombinative nutritionnutrient synergy. Authors: Wai-Sum Lee. Five repetitions of each test syllable on a randomized list were elicited from Cantonese young adult speakers in their earlys. A research tool, EMA AG, was used to record the synchronized audio signals and articulatory data at three different locations of the tongue — tongue tip, tongue middle, and tongue back — and the positions of the upper and lower lips during the test syllables.

The main findings based on the articulatory data collected from two male Cantonese speakers are as follows: i For the syllable-initial [p-], strong co-articulation LP) observed when [p-] preceding the high vowel [i] or [u], but not the low vowel [a]. As for the syllable-final [-p], it is strongly co-articulated with the preceding vowel, even when the vowel is [a]. In the syllable-final position, the degree of co-articulatory resistance of [-t] is also large when following the vowel [u], but [-t] is largely co-articulated with the preceding vowel when the vowel is [i] or [a].

A stronger co-articulation between [k-] and [i] than between [k-] and [u], and the strength of co-articulation is much reduced between [k-] and [a]. However, in the syllable-final position, there is strong co-articulation between [-k] and the preceding vowel [a]. In general, the data on co-articulation between consonant and vowel in the Cantonese monosyllables are similar to those in other languages reported in previous studies.

Keywords: Cantoneseco-articulationconsonantvowel. Keywords: Text miningtopic extractionindependentincrementalindependent component analysis. Authors: Rohit SharmaFabio Cozzi.

A 3C-2D PIV technique was applied to investigate the swirling flow generated by an axial plus tangential type swirl generator. Effects of the Reynolds number on the flow structure were also studied. The experimental results show significant effects of the confinement on the mean velocity fields and its fluctuations.

The size of the recirculation zone was significantly enlarged upon confinement compared to the free swirling jet. Increasing in the Reynolds number further enhanced the recirculation zone. The frequency characteristics have been measured with a capacitive microphone which indicates the presence of periodic oscillation related to the existence of precessing vortex core, PVC.

Proper orthogonal decomposition of the jet velocity field was carried out, enabling the identification of coherent structures.

The time coefficients of the first two most energetic POD modes were used to reconstruct the phase-averaged velocity field of the oscillatory motion in the swirling flow. By phase averaging the instantaneous swirling strength maps, the 3D helical vortex structure was reconstructed. AndradeV. Keywords: F Aircraftlinear matrix inequalitiespole placementrobust control. Authors: Lawrence I. OnyejiGirish M. KaleM. Bijan Kermani. Corrosion problem which exists in every stage of oil and gas production has been a great challenge to the operators in the industry.

The conventional carbon steel with all its inherent advantages has been adjudged susceptible to the aggressive corrosion environment of oilfield. This has aroused increased interest in the use of micro alloyed steels for oil and gas production and transportation. The corrosion behavior of three commercially supplied micro alloyed steels designated as A, B, and C have been investigated with API 5L X65 as reference samples.

Electrochemical corrosion tests were conducted in an unbuffered 3. Pre-corrosion analyses revealed that samples A, B and X65 consist of ferrite-pearlite microstructures but with different grain sizes, shapes and distribution whereas sample C has bainitic microstructure with dispersed acicular ferrites. These results are attributed to difference in microstructures of the samples as depicted by ASTM grain size number in accordance with ASTM E Standard and ferrite-pearlite volume fractions determined by ImageJ Fiji grain size analysis software.

Keywords: Carbon dioxide corrosioncorrosion behaviormicro-alloyed steelmicrostructures. ElsheikhMoutaz Hegazy. Keywords: Attitude and orbit controltime-optimal nonlinear feedback controlmodeling and simulationpointing accuracymaximum torques.

The nonlinear time history analysis of seismically base-isolated structures can require a significant computational effort when the behavior of each seismic isolator is predicted by adopting the widely used differential equation Bouc-Wen model.

In this paper, a nonlinear exponential model, able to simulate the response of seismic isolation bearings within a relatively large displacements range, is described and adopted in order to reduce the numerical computations and speed up the nonlinear dynamic analysis. Compared to the Bouc-Wen model, the proposed one does not require the numerical solution of a nonlinear differential equation for each time step of the analysis.

The seismic response of a 3d base-isolated structure with a lead rubber bearing system subjected to harmonic earthquake excitation is simulated by modeling each isolator using the proposed analytical model. The comparison of the numerical results and computational time with those obtained by modeling the lead rubber bearings using the Bouc-Wen model demonstrates the good accuracy of the proposed model and its capability to reduce significantly the computational effort of the analysis.

Keywords: Base isolationcomputational efficiencynonlinear exponential modelnonlinear time history analysis. Authors: Huong M. NguyenHoa A. NguyenMai P. NguyenNgoc D. NgoVan T. TaHai T. LeChi V. Keywords: Robotneuroncell assemblyspiking neuronforce sensitive resistor. The application of constructability is increasingly required not only in the construction phase but also in the whole project stage.

In particular, the proper application of construction experience and knowledge during the design phase enables the minimization of inefficiencies such as design changes and improvements in constructability during the construction phase. In order to apply knowledge effectively, engineering technology efforts should be implemented with design progress. Among many engineering technologies, engineering for temporary works, including facilities, equipment, and other related construction methods, is important to improve constructability.

Therefore, as basic research, this study investigates the applicability of temporary work engineering during the design phase in the building construction industry. As a result, application of temporary work engineering has a greater impact on construction cost reduction and constructability improvement.

In contrast to the existing design-bid-build method, the turn-key and CM construct management procurement methods currently being implemented in Korea are expected to have a significant impact on the direction of temporary work engineering. The results of this study are expected to be useful as reference material for the development of more effective temporary work engineering tasks and work processes in the future. Keywords: Temporary work engineeringdesign phaseconstructabilitybuilding construction.

Keywords: Directional couplerfinite element methodmetallic nanowireplasmonicsurface plasmon polariton. FilippouGiorgio Serino. Keywords: Base isolationcomputational efficiencymixed explicit-implicit methodpartitioned solution approachstability. Keywords: Base isolationhardening behaviornonlinear exponential modelseismic isolatorssoftening behavior.

Keywords: Base isolationearthquake engineeringexperimental hysteresis loopswire rope isolators. Keywords: Base isolationearthquake engineeringparallel elasto-plastic modelseismic isolatorssoftening hysteresis loops.

The solution of the nonlinear dynamic equilibrium equations of base-isolated structures adopting a conventional monolithic solution approach, i. In order to reduce numerical computations, a partitioned solution method and a one dimensional nonlinear analytical model are presented in this paper.

A partitioned solution approach can be easily applied to base-isolated structures in which the base isolation system is much more flexible than the superstructure. The proposed mathematical model is able to simulate the dynamic behavior of seismic isolators without requiring the solution of a nonlinear differential equation, as in the case of widely used differential equation model. The proposed mixed explicit-implicit time integration method and nonlinear exponential model are adopted to analyze a three dimensional seismically isolated structure with a lead rubber bearing system subjected to earthquake excitation.

The numerical results show the good accuracy and the significant computational efficiency of the proposed solution approach and analytical model compared to the conventional solution method and mathematical model adopted in this work. Furthermore, the low stiffness value of the base isolation system with lead rubber bearings allows to have a critical time step considerably larger than the imposed ground acceleration time step, thus avoiding stability problems in the proposed mixed method.

Keywords: Base-isolated structuresearthquake engineeringmixed time integrationnonlinear exponential model. SadiqueS. AinaneY. YapP. RostronE. Al Hajri. The presence of sand in production lines in the oil and gas industries causes material degradation due to erosion-corrosion.

The material degradation caused by erosion-corrosion in pipelines can result in a high cost of monitoring and maintenance and in major accidents. The process of erosion-corrosion consists of erosion, corrosion, and their interactions. Investigating and understanding how the erosion-corrosion process affects the degradation process in certain materials will allow for a reduction in economic loss and help prevent accidents.

The results show that the velocity and sand loading have a great influence on the removal of materials, and erosion is more dominant under all conditions studied. Changes in the surface characteristics of the specimen after impingement test are also discussed. Keywords: Erosion-corrosionflow velocityjet impingementsand loading.

Many types of controllers were applied on the continuous stirred tank reactor CSTR unit to control the temperature. The control system for temperature non-isothermal of a CSTR will produce a stable response curve to its set point temperature. The reactor model and S-function are developed using m. Results that are obtained from simulation and temperature control were better when using Fuzzy logic control compared to PID control. Keywords: Band selectiondimensionality reductionfeature extractionhyperspectral imagerysemantic interpretation.

Keywords: CloisiteAcomplex shear modulusphase anglerutting resistance. The dramatic rise in violence against game officials has affected all levels of sports including recreational, amateur, and professional sports. One way to combat this rise in violence is through the creation of laws specifically aimed at preventing and punishing this kind of violence. This paper will use related legal cases as a starting point to explore possible ways of better protecting the safety of game officials.

It will do this by looking at relevant cases, related legal issues, and two specific ways of reducing violence against game officials. In closing, it will be argued that there needs to be a more robust legal approach with emphasis on criminal and civil penalties for assault and battery, and a more comprehensive social approach with emphasis on raising social awareness on the need to protect game officials from violence.

Keywords: Violencegame officialslegal issuesprotection. Keywords: Photovoltaic generationprimal-dual interior point methodthree-phase optimal power flowunbalanced system. Authors: Aleksandra ZyskPawel Badura. Keywords: Classificationsingingspectral analysisvocal emissionvocal register. Authors: Kapse SwapnilK. Keywords: Utopia pointmulti-objective particle swarm optimizationlocal searchcantilever beam.

Authors: Kung-Jen Tu. Many public housing properties developed by local governments in Taiwan in the s have deteriorated severely as these rental apartment buildings aged. The lack of building maintainability considerations during project design phase as well as insufficient maintenance funds have made it difficult and costly for local governments to maintain and keep public housing properties in good shape.

In order to assist the local governments in achieving and delivering sustainable public housing, this paper intends to present a developed design evaluation method to be used to evaluate the presented design schemes from property management and financial feasibility perspectives during project design phase of public housing projects.

The design evaluation results, i. The ongoing Chung-Li Public Housing Project developed by the Taoyuan City Government will be used as a case to demonstrate how the presented design evaluation method is implemented. The results of property management assessment as well as the annual operational and capital expenses of a proposed design scheme are presented. Keywords: Design evaluation methodmanagement fundoperational and capital expensesrental apartment buildings.

Authors: Ayudhia P. GustiSemin. It is known that total operating cost of a vessel is dominated by the cost of fuel consumption. How to reduce the fuel cost of ship so that the operational costs of fuel can be minimized is the question that arises. As the basis of these kinds of problem, sailing speed determination is an important factor to be considered by a shipping company.

Optimal speed determination will give a significant influence on the route and berth schedule of ships, which also affect vessel operating costs. The purpose of this paper is to clarify some important issues about ship speed optimization. Sailing speed, displacement, sailing time, and specific fuel consumption were obtained from shipping log data to be further analyzed for modeling the speed optimization.

The presented speed optimization model is expected to affect the fuel consumption and to reduce the cost of fuel consumption. Keywords: Maritime transportationreducing fuelshipping log dataspeed optimization. Authors: Mrinmoy DharaVivek K. SengarShovan L. ChattorajSoumiya Bhattacharjee. Remote sensing techniques have emerged as an asset for various geological studies.

Satellite images obtained by different sensors contain plenty of information related to the terrain. Digital image processing further helps in customized ways for the prospecting of minerals. In this study, an attempt has been made to map the hydrothermally altered zones using multispectral and hyperspectral datasets of South East Rajasthan. Results were validated with the geological map of the area which shows positive agreement with the image processing outputs.

Thus, this study concludes that LP) band ratios and image processing in combination play significant role in demarcation of alteration zones which may provide pathfinders for mineral prospecting studies. Keywords: Kabul cityland development trendsurban land developmenturbanization. Authors: Qiong HeS. Thomas Ng. Keywords: Overhangenergy analysiscomputer-based simulationhigh-rise residential buildingmutual shadingclimate.

Location sharing is a fundamental service in mobile Online Social Networks mOSNswhich raises significant privacy concerns in recent years. CSLocShare enables location sharing between both trusted social friends and untrusted strangers without LP) third-party server.

Meanwhile, the storage and the communication cost are saved. CSLocShare is more suitable and effective in reality. Keywords: Rayleigh dampingmodal dampingdamping coefficientsseismic response analysis. Keywords: Thermal depositionwearable antennasBluetooth technologyflexible electronics.

Keywords: Data mininginformation retrieval systemmulti-labelproblem transformationhistogram of gradients. In big cities, construction on sloping land landslide is becoming increasingly prevalent due to the unavailability of flat lands.

This has created a major challenge for structural engineers with regard to structure design, due to the difficulties encountered during the implementation of projects, both for the structure and the soil. This paper analyses the effect of the number of floors of a building, founded on isolated footing on the stability of the slope using the computer code finite element PLAXIS 2D v.

The isolated footings of a building in this case were anchored in soil so that the levels of successive isolated footing realize a maximum slope of base of three for two heights, which connects the edges of the nearest footings, according to the Algerian building code DTR-BC 2.

The results show that the embedment of the foundation into the soil reduces the value of the safety factor due to the change of the stress state of the soil by these foundations. The number of floors a building has also influences the safety factor. Keywords: Element-independent formulationnon-matching interfaceinterface couplingmethods of Lagrange multipliers. Authors: Dharell B.

SianoWendy C. MateoVictorino T. TaylanFrancisco D. Biofuel is one of the renewable energy sources adapted by the Philippine government in order to lessen the dependency on foreign fuel and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Rain tree pods were seen to be a promising source of bioethanol since it contains significant amount of fermentable sugars. The study was conducted to establish the complete procedure in processing rain tree pods for village level hydrous bioethanol production.

Production processes were done for village level hydrous bioethanol production from collection, drying, storage, shredding, dilution, extraction, fermentation, and distillation. Dilution ratio was The dilution period was three hours. After three hours of diluting the samples, the juice was extracted using extractor with a capacity of Fermentation with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae can fasten up the process, thus producing more ethanol at a shorter period of time; however, without yeast fermentation, it also produces ethanol at lower volume with slower fermentation process.

The highest volume of ethanol recovered was established at with yeast fermentation at five-day duration with a value of In general, the results suggested that rain tree pods had a very good potential as feedstock for bioethanol production.

Fermentation of rain tree pods juice can be done with yeast and without yeast. Keywords: Fermentationhydrous bioethanolrain tree podsvillage level. AlmutairiS. The harmonic distortion of voltage is important in relation to power quality due to the interaction between the large diffusion of non-linear and time-varying single-phase and three-phase loads with power supply systems. However, harmonic distortion levels can be reduced by improving the design of polluting loads or by applying arrangements and adding filters.

The application of passive filters is an effective solution that can be used to achieve harmonic mitigation mainly because filters offer high efficiency, simplicity, and are economical. Additionally, possible different frequency response characteristics can work to achieve certain required harmonic filtering targets. With these ideas in mind, the objective of this paper is to determine what size single tuned passive filters work in distribution networks best, in order to economically limit violations caused at LP) given point of common coupling PCC.

This article suggests that a single tuned passive filter could be employed in typical industrial power systems. Furthermore, constrained optimization can be used to find the optimal sizing of the passive filter in order to reduce both harmonic voltage and harmonic currents in the power system to an acceptable level, and, thus, improve the load power factor. The optimization technique works to minimize voltage total harmonic distortions VTHD and current total harmonic distortions ITHDwhere maintaining a given power factor at a specified range is desired.

According to the IEEE Standardboth indices are viewed as constraints for the optimal passive filter design problem. The performance of this technique will be discussed using numerical examples taken from previous publications. Keywords: Harmonicspassive filterpower factorpower quality. Authors: Henok HailemariamFrank Wuttke.

Collapsible soils are weak soils that appear to be stable in their natural state, normally dry condition, but rapidly deform under saturation wettingthus generating large and unexpected settlements Goals Methodology Assessment - The Rise (3) - Signal To Noise (Vinyl often yield disastrous consequences for structures unwittingly built on such deposits.

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Mathilde - Claude Nougaro - 50 Chansons (Box Set, LP), Lonely City - Various - "Its Trad Dad !" (From The Columbia Picture) (Vinyl, LP), A String Of Pearls - Max Greger - Max Greger Plays The Best Of Glenn Miller In Super-Stereo (Vinyl,, Kajagoogoo - Death Defying Headlines (The Dance Remixes) (CDr), Wicked Man (Longer), Sanity Dub - Ronski Speed - Second World (CD, Album), Think Again (Live) - Billy Bragg - Help Save The Youth Of America EP: Live And Dubious (Vinyl), Riot - Mark Knopfler - Last Exit To Brooklyn (CD, Album), Ich Stand An Der Fontäne - Helen Vita - Freche Chansons (CD), Boys In The Bathtub - Aloha (2) - Boys In The Bathtub (Vinyl)

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  1. Jan 01,  · The Rise - Signal To Noise LP by hecticrecs, released 01 January 1. The Fallacy Of A Retrospective Determinism 2. An Automated Response If You Will 3. If All You Have Is A Hammer Everything Begins To Look Like Nails 4. Constructive Criticism For A Predetermined Body Type 5. The Concept Of Transience 6. Station Indentification For The Print Less 7.

  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Rise - Signal To Noise at Discogs. Complete your The Rise collection/5(19).

  3. Apr 02,  · Guitar, Vocals – Stuart Reilly. Mastered By – Alan Douches. Other [Additional Writing Contributed] – Colin Fee. Photography By [Band Photo] – Aubrey Edwards. Producer – Kevin Ratterman, Mike Blaine, The Rise (3) Vocals, Electronics, Piano – Cory Kilduff.

  4. May 08,  · Vinyl typically offers db SNR, I've never seen an LP with 50db- even a good condition 78 has better signal to noise than that. Its also important to note that the signal to noise on a record varies depending on the frequency. At 10kz, the SNR is convincingly above 75db. I wouldn't look at SNR when comparing vinyl to a CD.

  5. Local Area Signal-to-Noise Ratio (LASNR) algorithm for Image Segmentation Laura Mascio Kegelmeyer *a, Philip W. Fong a, Steven M. Glenn a, Judy A. Liebman a aLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, PO Box , L, Livermore, CA USA ABSTRACT Many automated image-based applications have need of finding small spots in a variably noisy image.

  6. Maximizing the signal and minimizing the effects of noise then become the goals of the experimenter. To reach these goals we must understand the nature of the signal, the possible sources of noise and the possible strategies for extracting the desired quantity from a noisy environment.. Figure 1 shows a very generalized experimental situation.

  7. Peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) is commonly used as an objective quality metric in signal processing. However, PSNR correlates poorly with the subjective quality rating.

  8. Noise factor of a network is defined as the ratio of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the input to the SNR at the output. (7) Where SNRi is the signal-to-noise ratio at the input of the network and SNRo is the signal-to-noise ratio at the output of the network. This can also be specified as noise figure (NF) in logarithmic units as: (8).

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