Dream With Me - Various - Section_Z Volume One (CD)

Finally it could be that someone is copying you or mimicking you as these days we burn a CD so we can duplicate it. Using a CD to play music in a dream can mean that you have been under a great deal of stress and you are trying to remember happier times. Then on my birthday my brother got me a CD.

It was Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I couldn't work out why he would buy me this because I have never really listened to them. I just put the CD on my dresser and didn't give it another thought. One day I was cleaning up and I went to put the CD away. I am not against listening to preachers on tapes or CD 's, they just don't compare to a direct word from God. This person became very angry with me when I shared this with them.

I felt that I could not stop from telling them this truth. Clicking a link in the index below will take you to the exact position of the interpretation on this page. If you have never heard of them, or never heard them play. If you do listen, let me know what you think Proj ects The following are some practical guidelines for the Projects.

These include writing down notes on the information they want to present, ideas for how to organize the presentation, ideas on how to divide the presentation among diferent students, and so on. This may be on displays in the classroom or in the school. Students might present the results to other classes, not just to their class. Chants Using chants in the classroom will enrich learning in an entertaining way, motivate students, and generate enthusiasm.

The MegaGoal series includes two original chants in Books Activities to learn vocabulary and practice the four skills are included with each chant. When presenting the chants, you can follow the same presentation steps as with the Reading sections, whereby you activate students prior knowledge about the chant or its theme, introduce the lyrics as you play the chant, use cloze activities to test listening skills, etc.

Once students understand the Dream With Me - Various - Section_Z Volume One (CD) of the lyrics, you can work on pronunciation and rhythm. Additional games and the personalization of the chant lyrics, where students change the lyrics to refect their own lives, will allow students to be more creative with English in a fun and memorable way.

They should also encourage students to speak English as much as possible. Apart from what are strictly teaching activities, English can be used for taking attendance, for school announcements, and for explaining activities and assigning homework.

This way, students see English as a vehicle for communication and not just an academic subject to be studied. If students are expected to use English all the time in the classroom, they will be giving themselves the opportunity to practice much more of the language.

Differentiating and Individualizing Classrooms comprise a wide spectrum of learners who vary in how they learn best. Some students are visual learners, while others are auditory learners.

Still other students rely on the written word to succeed. To accommodate all students, teachers need to respond to each individual and ofer appropriate experiences. The varied presentation formats in MegaGoal allow for this diferentiation of learning styles. The abundance of visuals, the audio program, and the variety of activity formats can meet the needs of any learner. In addition, the Teachers Guide notes within the units provide suggestions for alternative ways to present material.

MegaGoal also recognizes students individuality and encourages them to express themselves. Give students plenty of opportunities to express their ideas, their preferences, and their opinions. This way, students will start to develop a sense of identifying with the language, of owning the language, and of being able to use it to express real ideas.

It is also important to make connections between the characters and situations in the textbook with students own lives. Find ways to relate the information in the textbook to local and national fgures, places, historical events, etc. Let students bring their own experiences, attitudes, and ideas into the learning process in order to make learning more relevant and memorable. Pair Work Pair Work ofers teachers and students a number of benefts.

Having students work in pairs is an ideal way to maximize opportunities for communication and practice. Many students feel a great sense of involvement when working with classmates. Another practical advantage is that while students are working in pairs, the teacher can spend time with individual students who need help.

For organizing students into pairs, the simplest method is to have students work with the person sitting next to them. Alternatively, the students in the frst row can turn around to make pairs with the students in the second row, and so on.

Be sure to mix up the pairs periodically to give students a chance to work with other classmates. Ask students to stand in line in order of birth date, height, alphabetical order, etc. Cooperative Learning MegaGoal provides students with many opportunities to work together to complete a task. The Project section of most units is one such opportunity. To help ensure the success of such activities, make sure that groups are balanced in terms of language ability and profciency.

Let students determine the diferent roles that they might play recorder, artist, researcher, and so on. The teaching suggestions for the Project sections in this Teachers Guide provide a lot of helpful information for you and students for organizing and managing projects. Most of the Projects in the Student Book are designed for groups of four to six students. There are many techniques to encourage cooperative work, even in everyday classroom activities: zNumbered Heads Together.

Each student in a group takes a number for example, 1, 2, 3, or 4. You present a question. Students in the group work together to get the answer and make sure that all the students in the group know the answer or can do the activity.

To check for accountability, call on, for example, all the number 1s to give the answer. Pairs take turns interviewing one another. Then two pairs join together. Students think about a topic or question posed. They pair up with another student to discuss it. They then share their thoughts with the class. Each student becomes an expert on a topic or on one part of a Reading. This is a way to present a Reading: each student reads a diferent paragraph and the groups work together to get the important information from the Reading.

Reading Strategies Researchers are giving more and more attention to how language learners learn to read. These strategies relate specifcally to the Reading, but can also be used for the presentation material, the Conversations, and activities that require reading. Periodically review the tips throughout the program to help students apply them automatically. Grammar and Vocabulary Review The two pages of More! They can be used as homework after Self Refection, especially if students require more work on those areas or as optional practice for early fnishers in class.

Monitoring Students and Correcting Errors As students do pair and group activities, circulate around the room. Check that students are using English and are on task. This is an efective way to see how students are progressing. In terms of error correction, it is recommended that you dont interrupt students to make corrections. Instead, make a list of major mistakes or misunderstandings, and reteach once the pair or group activity is completed. It is important to realize that errors are a natural part of the learning process and that students may recognize errors when doing grammar activities but produce them while speaking.

Give priority to errors that interfere with understanding. Less important errors can be ignored, at least while you are focusing on major errors. Another technique is to tell students that you will correct only errors of a specifc type or a particular grammar point in a forthcoming activity.

Ongoing, Informal Assessment There are many opportunities in MegaGoal for ongoing, informal assessment. Some examples are: zStudent work in the About You section can be monitored to see how fuently students express basic ideas in English.

For example, to assess understanding of questions and answers, dictate three or four questions. Then have students answer each of the questions. Next, have students exchange and correct papers. This provides students with immediate feedback. Another way is to write scrambled words or sentences on the board for students to unscramble. Sel f Refl ection zThe Self Refection page of the course fully acknowledges and supports ongoinginformal assessment in a truly learner-centered way. It allows and trains learners to think back on the topics, tasks and language presented and practiced in the unit, step by step in a systematic and consistent manner, utilizing all available knowledge resources.

Self refection is Dream With Me - Various - Section_Z Volume One (CD) recognized as an integral part of the learning process throughout. This is the time for students to decide for themselves what they can or cannot do and to what extent; and to make a plan of action to remedy problems, clarify points, confrm and consolidate learning.

Additional Activity ideas as well as More! My friends call me adventure girl because Im very spontaneous and I love to do new things. Theres almost nothing I wont try once. For example, Ive gone bungee jumping and parachuting! Ive eaten frog legs and chocolate covered crickets!

I like to set challenges for myself, and Ive found that I can do anything I set my mind to. Im also a very straightforward person. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If you ask my advice, youre going to get it! I do have some f aws, though. For example, Im always losing track of time, so Im constantly late. If you make plans with me forIm not likely to show up until ! Find two important details about each. I believe in living life to the fullest.

My friends call me adventure boy because Im very spontaneous and I love to do new things. So the f rst thing you should know about me is that Im obsessed with technology and media. I have to be plugged in all the time. I spend hours each day on the Web and playing computer games. Im a lot like my dad. Hes a software engineer and he loves technology and spending time on the computer, too.

It drives my mom crazy. But just because I love technology doesnt mean Im a loner. Im always hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I spend hours talking with friends online. Im a pretty funny guy and I like cracking people up. My approach to life is laid back.

I like helping others lighten up and not take life so seriously. Make some notes about their answers on the board. Which of these means of communication involve technology? If you havent discussed this already, ask students what a social networking site is and which ones they and their friends use most.

Have students listen with their books closed. Ask students to read along in their books. Unit Goals. Functions Ask for clarifcation and confrm Discuss using technology for communication Talk about personality characteristics. Writing Write about socializing on the Internet and in person zPut students into small groups and assign each group one of the profles.

Have each group fnd two important details about each and list three or four words or phrases from the profle that describe the persons personality. As an example, point out the word spontaneous in Franks profle. Elicit that spontaneous means that a person is ready to do something at a moments notice, without a lot of planning.

These are a few of the words and phrases Dream With Me - Various - Section_Z Volume One (CD) might choose: Frank Silva: spontaneous, likes to set challenges for herself, straightforward, constantly late Luke Mitchell: obsessed with technology, not a loner, funny, laid back Ahmed Al Ali: down to earth, loves being outdoors, a good listener zHave groups report on the important details and the words or expressions they selected for each person.

Elicit or explain the meaning of any words or expressions students dont understand. Have students fnd them in the profles and guess their meaning. Ask a volunteer to read aloud the sentence. Ask: Whos the best person for this, Frank, Luke, or Ahmed? Elicit that Luke is probably the best answer because he likes technology and spends a lot of time online. Then have them compare answers with a partner. If their answers are diferent, have them discuss the answers.

Ask if everyone agrees. If some dont agree, have them explain why. Accept any logical answers. Answers Answers may vary. Sample answers: 1. Luke 2. Ahmed 3. Frank 4. Ahmed 5. Frank 6. Luke 7. Luke B zHave students read the proverbs silently.

Answer any questions about vocabulary, but dont get into a discussion of the meaning of the proverb at this time. This proverb means that children are similar to their parents. If not, have them explain why not. Frank 2. Frank 3. Ahmed 4. Luke 5. Luke 6. Frank 2 Pair Work zPut students in pairs to discuss the questions in Dream With Me - Various - Section_Z Volume One (CD) frst item. They can use the profles on these pages as models. As students are working, go around and help as needed with vocabulary.

Write some of the more useful words students ask for on the board for everyone to learn. Do they think the profle describes their partner well?

What would they add to the profle? Workbook Assign page 1 for practice with the vocabulary of the unit. Teaching Tip If students dont already have vocabulary notebooks, have them start one now. They should Dream With Me - Various - Section_Z Volume One (CD) new words that come up in class in their notebooks. As students become more advanced in the language, they will need more words that describe their own individual interests and activities.

Additional Activity Have students role-play explaining a proverb from their own language to an English speaker. Put students in pairs. Each student thinks of a proverb in the students own language and tries to explain what the proverb means to his or her partner using only English.

Language Builder Explain that a proverb is a common saying that usually states a general truth or gives advice. The frst real social networking site was a site called Six Degrees. It was created in It allowed users to create profles and list their friends.

The site was not successful and closed in Some think it was just ahead of its time. Which person is most like you? Which person is most unlike you?

Write your own profle. Exchange and discuss your profle with your partner. Who do you think would most likely do the following actionsFrank, Luke, or Ahmed? Chat with friends over the computer. Go camping with friends. Go bungee jumping. Help a friend with a problem. Share his honest opinion about a friends problem. Make a friend laugh about his problem. Spend evenings watching TV with his friends. Discuss the meaning of these expressions with a partner. Decide which person each proverb describes bestFrank, Luke, or Ahmed.

Better late than never. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Laughter is the best medicine. Silence is golden. Honesty is the best policy. I also love being outdoors.

Being in nature makes me feel peaceful and happy. I especially love the quiet of morning. One of my favorite things to do is wake up really early, before the rest of the world has gotten up, and go for a long hike. Im not always quiet, though.

I have a few very close friends, and we spend hours talking and laughing. My family and friends mean everything to me, and they know that they can depend on me for anything. Im a good listener. Im not the type of person who tells people what they should do when they have a problem. Instead, I give lots of support and encouragement. The most common auxiliary verbs are do, have, and be.

Use do with negative statements and questions and with af rmative and negative short answers. She doesnt like social networking websites. Do you send lots of text messages? Yes, I do. Did Thomas answer your email? Yes, he did. Use have with present perfect and past perfect af rmative and negative statements, questions, and short answers.

She has not created her own website. Has she posted any photos yet? Yes, she has. Have you charged your cell phone?

Yes, I have. I had gotten his email an hour before he called me. Use be with progressive af rmative and negative statements, questions, and short answers. She is not answering her cell phone. Is your cell phone working? Yes, it is. He was using his brothers cell phone yesterday. Were you surfng the Internet last night? Yes, I was. Also use be with passive af rmative and negative statements, questions, and short answers. The Internet is not used by millions of people. Were you given a password?

Circle the auxiliary verb in each sentence. We are downloading an antivirus right now. I do not check my email when Im on vacation.

Online newspapers have become more popular than print newspapers. Did you send her a message? The Internet is used by millions of people each day. My grandmother had never used the Internet before last week. We have been online for a long time.

Im shutting the computer down now. Are you shuting the computer down now? He found lots of good resources for his essay online. She usually turns her cell phone of before class. Shes had that bicycle for a long time. Hes not answering his phone. She has posted photos on her website. Weve downloaded the program we were looking for. The short answer echoes the auxiliary used in the question.

Do you? Did he? Have you charged your phone? Did they call you? After do, does, and did we use the base form of the main verb. He didnt answer the phone. Elicit that the auxiliary verb in this sentence is are.

Point out that in number 2, the verb am in when Im on vacation is not an auxiliary verb. Its the main verb in that part of the sentence. Answers 1. Did 5. If there are errors in the sentences on the board, get the class to point them out and correct them rather than pointing them out yourself.

Did he fnd lots of good resources for his essay online? Does she usually turn her cell phone of before class? Has she had that bicycle for a long time? Is he not answering his phone? Has she posted photos on her website?

Have you downloaded the program you were looking for? Language Builder Point out that the verbs do, have, and be can also be the main verb in a sentence. For example, in the sentence Tom did his homework, did is the main verb.

But in the question Did he arrive late? Ask a few questions for general comprehension. For example: What does Ana make? As students are working, go around the room and check answers. If some pairs fnish early, have them help check the answers of another pair. Are 4. Did 9. Do Ask a volunteer to read the directions and the example questions. After they fnish writing, they should circle or underline all the auxiliary verbs in the story. As students are working, go around and check their use of the auxiliary verbs.

How are the stories the same or diferent? Workbook Assign pages 24 for practice with the grammar of the unit. Teaching Tip When students are writing, tell them not to worry about things like spelling and grammar at frst.

They should just focus on putting their ideas down on paper. Then they can go back and make corrections as necessary. Additional Activity Have students work in groups to create a questionnaire about social networking sites for their classmates. They might include questions, such as Do you belong to a social networking site? How often do you use it? Do you like it? Have you made any new friends?

Then have groups exchange questionnaires and answer them. Discuss the questionnaires with the whole class. One of the frst online businesses to make online shopping popular was Amazon.

Jef Bezos started Amazon in to sell books. However, the company quickly expanded to sell other things as well. Now Amazon is an international company that sells a wide variety of products including books, music, electronics, and home furnishings.

The company has warehouses and order centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Amazon received more than 1. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of do, have, and be. Ana: Yes, I do. Leila: Really? Leila: Its lovely. Ana: Of course.

Look at the picture. Make up a story about it. Use sentences with auxiliary verbs. Answer questions like these: Who are these people? How long have they been here? How long have they known each other? What are they doing? Explain to your partner how to do something. Use phrases to ask for clarifcation and confrm from the box. About the Conversation In pairs, ask and answer the questions. Then switch roles. What doesnt the grandmother understand? What acronym does the grandmother learn?

What texting acronyms do you use? Tell about a time you explained something or learned something new from someone. How do you? Can you explain it? What does that mean? Does that make sense? I get it. Cara: Im texting Maria. I havent seen her all week, so Im just saying hi. Grandma: Whats that beep? Cara: Its Maria. She just sent a text message back to me.

Grandma: I dont understand. How on earth do you type what you want to say so quickly? Cara: You dont actually type the words out. You use abbreviations and acronyms.

Hold on. Ill show you. Right now Im asking if she wants to come over and hang out. Grandma: Thats a lot to type. Cara: Right. Grandma: DYWT? Its the frst letter of each word. Grandma: Oh. Now what? Cara: Shell respond in a second. Grandma: What did she say? Cara: spelling it out Gr8. B ovr n 10 mins. Grandma: I think I get it. Shes saying, Great. Be over in ten minutes.

The title track is a kick-ass 12 minute plus rambling opus, cleverly sculpted in two distinct phases, superb mellotron and vocals that sound like a weaker version of IQ's Peter Nichols, again a voice devoid of both power and presence!

But this is a thrilling track musically, cleverly symphonic with strong winks at IQ. Quirky at times, shuffling along with impenetrable gusto and nicely loaded up with effects, the mood shifts to a harder edge that is most welcome, guitars and synthesizers ablaze. Little jazzy piano interlude amid the synth-swept canvas, the arrangement is well stretched out and carefully orchestrated. The main theme returns a second time with the hot mellotron whooshing ragingly.

A truly promising beginning, verging on a classic prog epic! The vaporous "Dream with Eyes Open" is another luxurious aural voyage, funneled by some desperate Repkes guitar stylings that will shock the uninitiated casual listener, doing 6 string pirouettes that defy gravity. Lots of keyboards on as well, synths and blasts of mellotron to add to the depth. This is arguably the most satisfying piece here, just a perfect prog epic, clocking in slightly past 10 minutes, again high marks for composing material that captures ones attention from the get-go.

Vocoded vocals give the intro a gaseous appeal, a lovely melody to boot, with compact drums, contrite bass and a burly guitar disposition as the tune explodes into a rambunctious affair.

Feathery synthesizers recall the legendary stylists Manfred Mann as Repkes does a little Jan Akkerman to fit the bill as both den Hartog and Post thrust this one along.

Championship piece! Three shorter songs follow and unfortunately, the first one constitutes a bit of a letdown when compared to the previous two dozen minutes! More accessible as a pop ballad, the conventional and short "Lead Me Home" is lame and it's precisely on such a vocal-oriented track where the spotlight is on the microphone that one has to concur with my colleague friso in relation to Jordi Repkes' vocals lacking oomph and hence, impact.

The wee synth solo is great but the voice is reedy at best. This is a skipper. Thankfully the middle piece is a return to swirling brilliance with the determined "Hand in Hand", a typical Neo- prog ditty, possessing all the classic elements in scope and effect, sounding like a lost Genesis-Trick of the Tails track.

The vocals are a bit insipid and sound shallow, so the initial impressions are not subjective to some deluded interpretation, they are really acceptably weak. On the other hand, the thrilling guitar solo is anything but, a twisted guided missile of emotion and feel. The synthesized follow-up no slouch either, these young lads can play. Vinyl grit adds an old school veneer to the swooping symphonics. There is still a fair amount of pleasure deriving from the emotions expressed, this will do.

The finale is the longest piece here, "The Last Road" clocks in nearly 16 minutes of progressive expression and the band throws everything into the fire, starting out sunshiny, fresh and upbeat, before gradually delving into more melancholic ruminations that are best expressed with the lead instruments, two talented keyboardists and a slick axe player.

Both Lammers and Heijmans really lather up the ivories Ivory Snow? The second part is as powerful neo-prog as one can hope for, the grandiose guitar rant is full-on tremendous! Post drums like a confident madman and genuine applause should greet this kind of exuberant playing. Shall I bother to talk about the vocals? They are what they are.

Rodgers & Hart Medley (Who Are You? / Where Or When / Glad To Be Unhappy / It Never Entered My M, Ooey Gooey - I Love You - The Golden Singers & Orchestra* - Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone (V, Τα Μαύρα Σου Γυαλιά - Σταμάτης Γονίδης - Εσένα Θέλω Μόνο (CD, Album), X-Ray Vision - Strange Idols - Idolatry (CD), Hamburska E. Pehr Ericsson - Olle Gällmo - Med Pipan I Säcken (CD, Album), Opening Numbers - Joyce Grenfell - The Songs And Monologues Of Joyce Grenfell (CD, Album), De Boot Is Zoek - The Shepherds - In Concert (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pröva Din Vinge - Janne Anderson Pop* - Janne Anderson Pop (Vinyl, LP), The Daily Flash - I Flash Daily Plus (CD), Roadkill, You Cant Go Home Again - DJ Shadow - Reconstructed, Shakin Inside, Banquet Of Chestnuts - Various - Fantastic Voyagers (Volume 1) (CDr, Album), Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd - The Collection - Videos (DVDr), La Complainte Des Filles De Joie - Nanette Scriba - Französische Chansons (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Tell students that each group must choose one criminal they think is the most foolish. zHave one person from each group report the groups decision and explain why. 07_Unit2__MG_SA_onlineprofit.biz 14 8/8/11 PM 15 Teachers Guide 2 Crime Doesnt Pay zDraw a two-column chart on the board.

  2. “Dream With Me” contains 14 beautiful songs performed with a richness and warmth unique to Ms. Evancho’s incredible voice. When you listen to Jackie you to feel and share her emotional connection to the music. Having savored every promo clip of this album I'm anxiously awaiting its full release and have preordered numerous copies.5/5(10).

  3. - DREAM WITH ME - onlineprofit.biz Music. Skip to main onlineprofit.biz Hello Select your address CDs & Vinyl Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Cart /5(10).

  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Dream Babes Volume One - Am I Dreaming?" on Discogs.

  5. Dream with Me is the second full-length album (first on a major label) by American singer Jackie onlineprofit.biz was released on June 3, on digital download format, and on June 14, in the standard CD format. Evancho was eleven years old when this album was released, although she was still ten when it was onlineprofit.biz: Classical crossover.

  6. We Dream – VOLUMES 1 & 2 (2 Disc Set) $ Are night times and nap times challenging for you and your baby? Do you both have trouble getting the sleep you need? Music can help! Ryan Judd, a board-certified music therapist with a master’s degree in psychology, has composed these soothing lullabies to help ease you into a deep, restful sleep.

  7. - a - more tree, dream D/A a lit - tle dream B7 of me. A7 2 7 9 11 3. 14 Oo D Say “night Fdim7 - ie night” and and kiss kiss B7 me. me. A7 Oo D Just hold me tight and and tell B7 me you’ll miss me. G While I’m a - lone and 3 13 15 17 3 3 mel. (endsolo) 22 blue Gm as can be, dream D/A a lit - tle dream B7 of A7 me. D F7 B Stars fad Gm7.

  8. Nov 12,  · Dream A Little Dream Of Me. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" is a song composed by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt with lyrics by Gus Kahn. Is a pleasant bar AABA tune with the interesting harmonic device of emphasizing the flat 6, both as a very noticible chord in A section and as the tonic of the B section.

  9. Walton's initial film score was for 'Escape Me Never' which saw release to theaters on 1 April [film; 'Suite' arranged by Christopher Palmer - see Chandos /95]. Walton had also written the three-minute 'Escape Me Never Ballet' in ' .

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