Clean Evil - Suspirians - Ti Bon Ange (Cassette, Album)

It uses the voice of Kagamine Rin and details the basic story of a cruel princess Rin ruling in a corrupt manner, using her servant Len to order the fall of the green kingdom after the man she loves is found to be in love with a woman from there, and subsequently "being executed". It mainly uses the voice of Kagamine Len, though a small portion near the end of the song includes Rin's voice. It details the story of how the twins were separated when they were very small and how the only thing of Rin Len could ever see was her soft, kind side, and of how he killed Miku after falling in love with her and eventually traded places with Rin to be executed.

Before dying, he wishes they could be reborn as twins again. Rin realizes that it had been her own selfishness that had killed her brother, and Clean Evil - Suspirians - Ti Bon Ange (Cassette wish she made was apparently also the Servant's wish before he died. The official English title of the song by Akuno-P is "Bystander". It is the longest song in the series, and also details some events after the end of "Regret Message" Haku trying to kill Rin but eventually feeling pity for her.

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In your write-ups you wrote as if you are one flawless human. Ogbeni we are not foolish ojust sharraap and stop claiming holy holy. While the song is definitely not winning any awards, it hardly qualifies as evil. Hear and share full album HERE. So much has changed so quickly in recent times, it's hard to even really recognize who we were just a short time ago.

Are we ever who we thought we were? New Mindsthe first proper full length in nearly 4 years from Chicago quartet Pink Frostaddresses a collective sense of abrupt changes. And while Pink Frost, too, has transformed in that time, New Minds proves to be an immense growth in dynamics, introspection and the band's own sense of identity.

The album showcases a diverging sound in which the straight ahead rock songs are heavier and darker, while the blissed out space jams and melodies are more delicate and personal. The album's deep grey on black cover art nicely illustrates the mood captured within. Its vision of a looming dystopia just happened to arrive a bit early. But the break is short-lived, as the song again erupts into an even more formidable obelisk of heavy riffs layered with a soaring guitar melody that continually builds upon itself until the song collapses under its own heft.

The simmering anthem "Burn Before Dawn" leads into the subtle album closer "We No Time" -- a slight reference to the song "We Know Time" from the band's first album, but even more so an adaptation of a song that precedes the band, originally recorded by Lukas on 4-track cassette using drum loops and sounds that were painstakingly reconstructed in the studio.

While the song was being mixed, riots were breaking out in the streets during the inauguration of Donald Trump, which can be heard in news snippets fading in toward the end of the song.

In DecemberPink Frost released a completely remixed, rethought and remastered version of their debut album Gargoyle Daysoriginally issued under the band's former name Apteka. Pre-orders are available at iTunes and Bandcamp. Artist: Pink Frost. Album: New Minds. Label: Under Road Records. Release Date: June 16th, Summer's here and RidingEasy Records bands are hitting the road!

Here's a quick list of dates for bands currently on the road. Many more tours to be announced soon for other RidingEasy bands in the coming months, including Monolord and Shooting Guns. Austin, TX songwriter Quin Galavis premieres 3 new tracks today from The Battery Linethe more refined yet lyrically weighty followup to last year's critically-praised double album.

Meanwhile, when Allister starts figuring out what's going on, Janet falls prey to the bong and passes out.

A man named Jimbo Leary Tommy Chong randomly enters the room and proclaims that the bong is his. He also explains that the bong named Eebee has a voodoo curse on it and that once you take enough hits from it, it brings you to the "Bong World" the strip club and kills you. In order to save Janet, Allister takes a hit from the bong and is instantly sent to the bong world.

Meanwhile, Jimbo tries destroying the bong with a hammer, chainsaw, and resorting to drastic measures a bomb. Eebee unleashes marijuana smoke from her bong, causing Jimbo to inhale and pass out. Meanwhile in the Bong World, Eebee forces the strippers to seduce Allister, but he breaks them off. Once he finds a stoned Janet, they take "vitamins" that Jimbo gave them to make them sober again. Jimbo, who has just got sucked into the bong world, tells them to go ahead and escape while he takes care of Eebee.

Lucifer Rising And Other Soundtracks, The Zeppelin guitarist was therefore the perfect choice to soundtrack Lucifer Rising, a Crowley-inspired film by occult director Kenneth Anger. Regardless, this bizarre music remains the most unsettling the man has ever created. Tiny Midwestern town Jordan, Minnesota entered the national consciousness in the U. Legend has it that Cross Road Blues is about a highway intersection in the city of Rosedale, where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his musical talent.

Plot twist: Robert died under mysterious circumstances aged just 27 years old. While many other popular punk bands of the time were singing songs about farting and penises, the always cut-above Alkaline Trio cast their gaze on darker matters.

As audio-nasties go, this is a superior offering. Dying sucks, but Carcass have done a bang-up job of making you hope to be vaporised at your moment of death by luridly detailing the process Album) decomposition.

The track opens with a quote from American serial killer Ted Bundy a man who kept severed heads as trophiesrecorded shortly before his execution and wrapped up in off-kilter jazzy beats.

How do you end one of the most bleak albums in history? By recording a 15 -minute doom jam that hints at necrophilia. The screams you hear on the song are quite real. A place with a long history of satanic goings on, legend has it that the band carried out satanic rituals, desecrations and headstone theft on the site supposedly the stone was returned after guitarist Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals suffered demonic attacks.

As 20 -ish minutes of raw, evil noise rather than a song, Obscuritatem… is certainly dark. Especially considering that the screaming sounds you hear are apparently band members IT and Evil violently torturing one another.

True or not, this is diabolic stuff. In his time, Alice Cooper caused outrage with the theatrics of his live show Clean Evil - Suspirians - Ti Bon Ange (Cassette songs like this tender track about stiffs. The character of Melissa was a witch who was burned at the stake. It had suffered a brutal injury, and the name Melissa came to the singer as he stared at it.

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