Be Good To Yourself - Journey - Raised On Radio (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Inhe drummed on Jake E. Lee 's solo Retraced album. Lee, former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. The complete recordings of Dunbar's drumming with Frank Zappa at Carnegie Hall in October were released exactly 40 years after the event in a four-CD set.

In the blues album The Bluesmasters featuring Mickey Thomas was released, featuring Dunbar on drums along with Tim Tucker on guitar and Danny Miranda on bass as well as guest stars such as Magic Slim on guitar and vocals. Drummerworld recognized Dunbar as the only drummer to have played with such robust variety of successful bands and musicians.

Dunbar was ranked by Rolling Stone as 27th greatest drummer of all time. Dunbar's youngest son Dash was diagnosed with cancer in June and died on 9 May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British musician. Not to be confused with Sly Dunbar. Record information documented by audiopreservationfund. Sheet music archived at the University of North Texas Library. Also listed in the on-line Copyright Encyclopedia.

Retrieved 9 December Also released in as Polydor 237-inch rpm vinyl record. A short article on the musical group de:Die Sieben Raben can be found in German. Produced by Robert Metzgar. Album information documented by alllmusic.

The song apparently had been released earlier as a single, but no clear evidence of its existence has been found. The singer Mickey Jones has the same name as a more well-known musician who once played with Kenny Rogers and the First Editionbut they are not the same individuals.

The recording by Mickey Jones can be heard on YouTube. Where the West Remains! Cimarron Records, More information on Wayne Parker can be found at cagoldcoastdreamin. Kevin Danzig recorded his uncle's composition on his album Box Cars, Keda Records The Kevin Danzig recording can be heard on YouTube. Vocal by "Sleepy" Kidwell a. Record documented by discogs. The record label credits both Jack Perry and Marvin Montgomery, the band's banjo player, as composers.

The writing credit at repertoire. Released on record as RCA Victor Retrieved 6 May Retrieved 27 June Documentation of Kenton as a Bond pseudonym can be found in Library of Congress. Copyright Office. Archived in the Brigham Young University Library. The song was also released that same year on tape cassette, Best of Border Radio. More about the band can be found on the band's website.

From the UPI Archives. Internet sources retrieved 7 May Archived in the New York University Library. Records,also catalogued by worldcat. Album information documented by oldies. Retrieved 11 My Recorded and copyrighted in The record is archived in the library of the University of Missouri at Kansas City ; the compact disk is widely held, including by the Library of Congress.

Record information LP by georgehighfill. The song can be heard in a live performance video on YouTube. Record information documented by 78discography. Record information further documented by Dolgan, Bob Cleveland, Ohio: Gray and Company.

The discography on page of Dolgan's book shows that starting inYankovic's recordings of the song were titled "Old Oklahoma Waltz. For Steneker's recordings of the song on two albums, he credited Blatnick and Yankovic as the writers; see discogs. Songwriter credit verified by ascap. See also the allmusic. Album and song information documented by lpdiscography. Album information documented by bandcamp.

Stations were free to add their own material, and some modified versions ran longer. The sources of Album) additions are not clear. Anita Bonita's lyrics can be read by clicking this link and a three-minute version that includes her lyrics at the start and Dave Fields's arrangement throughout can be heard by clicking this link.

Songs recorded Recording date cited by robertchristgau. Peter Stampfel sings the song in live performance, viewable on YouTube. Album information also documented at allmusic. Song written infirst recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress in Accessed 23 October Song and record information documented by secondhandsongs.

Record information also documented by 45worlds. Miller and Brian A. Album information also documented by discogs. Chop Balboa, a. Not much specific can be found on the internet about this song or the performer. Presidential Trap House is based in Oklahoma City, specializing in rap and hip hop.

See Lonal X. Both sites have clips from the song. It is listed as being a release of JAGster Records. Otherwise, no information about the songwriter or other ways to hear it seem to be available, and there is no YouTube video. Web version no longer available Retrieved 1 August The Gina Michaells recording of the song is available as an mp3 single download from several websites, including apple.

The song can be heard on YouTubewhich also has the Myra Pearce version without Oklahoma in the lyrics. For images of the record and the sheet music title page, and some comments on the varied composer credits, click on this link. Writing credit verified by Songview LP ascap. The websites give two different dates for the original album release, and A clip of the Doye O'Dell recording can also be heard by clicking this link.

This recording has not yet been found in any archive. It is also documented by countrydiscography. The Mary London writing credit for the song can be found at ascap. A recording of Deuce Spriggens singing the vocal with the Tex Williams Musical Caravan can be heard at herbsteinermusic. Record information documented by 45worlds.

Album information documented by cdbaby. Digital download album. Album information documented by music. The song is played three times in the film: during the opening credits, at about the minute mark, and at the end. The abridged minute version of the movie can be seen on YouTube. The song can also be heard, recorded from the soundtrack, by clicking this link. Album information documented on discogs.

Retrieved 28 April Both recordings featured fiddle by Berline, guitar by Crary, and banjo by John Hickman. Catalogued by world cat. This recording can be heard on YouTube. Album information at discogs. Both recordings of the song can be heard on YouTube: the original Vocation release, as later included on an anthology albumand the Regal Records release.

Album documented by allmusic. MacGregor LB. Album information documented at reddstewart. More album information and images of the cover, including the copyright date, can be found on 45worlds. Albums documented by cdbaby. Reissued on Columbia July and Columbia The song was later recorded again by Bob Wills, and by many other groups.

The Gary P. The R. Hampton recording is Catalogued by worldcat. Writing credit and original title verified by repertoire. YouTube has the Gary P. Nunn recording and also the recording by R. Collected by many libraries; catalogued by worldcat. The song appears at the end of the CD as a "hidden track," its title not written on the CD case or listed in library catalogs.

For more information on the song, see the accounts given by songfacts. A documentary film about the band is also entitled Talihina Sky. Archived in the Bowling Green State University library. The song appeared twice on the album, once with electric instruments and once in an acoustic version. The acoustic recording can be heard on YouTube.

The recording can be heard on reverberation. Album information also documented by hortonrecords. Accessed 12 July Nashville Additional information, including the song list, documented by allmusic. Writing credit, lyrics and chords shown by t-rev. The recording can be heard by clicking this link to vimeo. The recording was later anthologized on the album Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. They would all fit.

You could put them one in front of the other, or arrange it in any way you wanted. It was sort of like making films I think. In the s, it was common for pop music to be recorded in a single take, but the Beach Boys' approach differed. Instead of working on whole songs with "clear large-scale syntactical structures", he limited himself to recording short interchangeable fragments or "modules".

Through the method of tape splicing, each fragment could then be assembled into a linear sequence, allowing any number of larger structures and divergent moods to be produced at a later time. Parks said that he and Wilson were conscious of musique concrete and that they "were trying to make something of it".

There was no way this music could be 'real'. The material was continuously revised, rewritten, and rearranged on a daily basis. Anderle recalled examples: "The beginning of 'Cabin Essence' becomes the middle of 'Vega-Tables', or the ending becomes the bridge. I would beg Brian not to change a piece of music because it was too fantastic. But when Brian did change it, I admit it was equally beautiful.

In the mids, trialing mixes required the physical act of cutting tape reels with razor blades and splicing them together. Creating an entire LP that relied on these processes proved too challenging for Wilson. About fifty hours of tape was produced from the Smile sessions and encompassed musical and spoken word to sound effects and role playing. Many of the modules were composed as word paintings and invoked visual concepts or physical entities. The music itself carried on the "harmonic ingenuity" of Pet Sounds[] and in the belief of academic Dave Carter, "it makes little point to distinguish between the two albums in terms of their differential impact.

Jardine said that the music became "more textural, more complex and it had a lot more vocal movement. With ['Good Vibrations'] and other songs on Smilewe began to get into more esoteric kind of chord changes, and mood changes and movement. You'll find Smile full of different movements and vignettes. Each movement had its own texture and required its own session.

The vocal arrangements, according to Heiser, use "a wide range of pitch centres, antiphonal effects, rhythmic variations, juxtapositions of legato and staccato figures, rounders-like echoes, and vocal effects not usually associated with mid-sixties rock records. The journal considers comparisons with the work of Sun Ra and John Cageand concludes that this was a reconfiguration of doo-wop, a genre that the Beach Boys were rooted in.

Psychedelic music will cover the face of the world and color the whole popular music scene. Anybody happening is psychedelic. She argued that Smile presented such a quality in the form of "alternately frantic and grinding mayhem" " Fire ""isolated, small-hours creepiness" " Wind Chimes "and "weird, dislocated voices" " Love to Say Dada ".

I'd call it contemporary American music, not rock 'n' roll. Rock 'n' roll is such a worn out phrase. It's just contemporary American. Smile drew from what most rock stars of the time considered to be antiquated pop culture touchstones, like doo-wopbarbershopragtimeexoticapre-rock and roll popand cowboy films. Priore described this action as Wilson's attempt to expose "pre-'60s songwriting This LP will include "Good Vibrations" and "Heroes And Villains" and ten other tracks [plus] lots of humor—some musical and some spoken.

It won't be like a comedy LP—there won't be any spoken tracks as such—but someone might say something in between verses. On December 15,Wilson attempted to ease Capitol's concerns over the album's delay by delivering a handwritten note that contained an unordered, preliminary track listing.

Capitol prepared record sleeves that listed these songs on the reverse side with the disclaimer "see label for correct playing order". As Wilson neared the completion of "Good Vibrations", he asked Parks to rewrite the song's lyrics, but Parks declined, as he did not wish to alienate Mike Love.

Parks immediately conceived the opening line: "I've been in this town so long that back in the city I've been taken for lost and gone and unknown for a long, long time. The success of their collaboration led to them writing more songs with an Old West theme, including "Barnyard" and "I'm in Great Shape".

We got into something else. On November 4,Brian recorded a piano demonstration of "Heroes and Villains" that included "I'm in Great Shape" and "Barnyard" as sections of the song, but on his note from December, "I'm in Great Shape" was listed as a separate track from "Heroes and Villains". Marilyn said: "We went shopping one day and we brought home some wind chimes.

We hung them outside the house and then one day, while Brian was sitting around he sort of watched them out the window and then he wrote the song [' Wind Chimes ']. I think that's how it happened. He does a lot of things that way. The title of " Wonderful " derived from a pet name Wilson had for Marilyn. Honestly, I really thought we would do it, but I never found an opportunity to pursue that with the music I was given.

Oppenheim declared on his CBS documentary that "Surf's Up" was "one aspect of new things happening in pop music today. As such, it is a symbol of the change many of these young musicians see in our future. None of the lyrics mention worms. Parks later said that he did not know where the title came from and attributed it to possibly an engineer, Wilson, or Mike Love. Parks commented, "A lot of people misinterpreted that, but that's OK; it's OK not to be told what to think, if you're an audience.

Health is an important element in spiritual enlightenment. But I do not want to be pompous about it, so we will engage in a satirical approach. Inthe section spun off into a piece called "Mama Says". So the obvious thing was to do something that would cover the physical surroundings.

Vosse recalled, "I'd come by to see him every day, and he'd listen to my tapes and talk about them. I was just fascinated that he would hear things every once in a while and his ears would prick up and he'd go back and listen again.

And I had no idea what he was listening for! O'Leary's Cow" and commonly referred to as "Fire". Wilson instructed a friend to purchase several dozen fire helmets at a local toy store so that everybody in the studio could don them during its recording. Wilson also had the studio's janitor bring in a bucket with burning wood so that the studio would be filled with the smell of smoke.

Anderle recalled that Wilson told the group "what fire was going to be, and what water was going to be; we had some idea of air. That was where it stopped.

None of us had any ideas as to how it was going to tie together, except that it appeared to us to be an opera. In Julythe composition was reworked as the first section of " She's Goin' Bald ". Inthe piece was given new lyrics and retitled "On a Holiday". It was recorded the day after the "Fire" session, along with a piece titled "Friday Night", which was intended to segue from "I Wanna Be Around". He then handed out various tools to his musicians for them to create the sounds of sawing, wood cutting, hammering, and drilling.

Brian was consumed with humor at the time and the importance of humor. He was fascinated with the idea of getting humor onto a disc and how to get that disc out to the people. Wilson held sessions that were dedicated to capturing "humorous" situations. It was just like the old days with his Wollensak recorder, except much, much weirder. In earlyBrian's brothers Carl and Dennis went into the studio to record pieces that they had written individually.

This look of, 'What the fuck do I do? Capitol gave Smile the catalog number DT At least two versions of the album jacket were designed, with minor differences. By Holmes' recollection, his contributions were finished by October. Holmes based the cover on an abandoned jewelry store near his home in Pasadena. This was something that would be pulling you into the world of Smile —the Smile Shoppe—and it had these little smiles all around.

He felt that he and Wilson would not have continued the project the way they did without thinking of it in cartoon terms. According to Vosse, the smile shop derived from Wilson's humor concept. He said that "everybody who knew anything about graphics, and about art, thought that the cover was not terribly well done It was exactly what he wanted, precisely what he wanted. I think that still stands; I think of Smile in visual terms.

In September, Capitol began production on a lavish gatefold cover with a page booklet containing featuring color photographs of the group ultimately selected from a November 7 photoshoot in Boston conducted by Guy Webster as well as Holmes' illustrations. The gap between conception and realization was too great, and nothing satisfied Brian by the time he'd worked it out and gotten it on tape. And eventually the moment passed He no longer had the same vision. Smile was shelved due to corporate pressures, technical problems, internal power struggles, legal stalling, and Wilson's deteriorating mental health.

Writers frequently theorize that the album was cancelled because Wilson's bandmates were unable to appreciate the music. However, Stebbins says that the conclusions those writers draw from this perspective are "overly simplistic and mostly wrong" with not enough consideration for Wilson's psychological decline.

It is often suggested that Mike Love, in particular, was responsible for the project's collapse. Love dismissed such claims as hyperbole and said that his vocal opposition to Wilson's drug suppliers was what spurred the accusation that he, as well as other members of the band and Wilson's family, sabotaged the project.

Parks' later accounts suggest that he was dismissed from the project at Love's behest. You do a lot of pot, LSD, cocaine, you name it, paranoia runs rampant, so, yes, Brian could have become extra- ultrasensitive But can I be responsible?

Should Mike Love take a beating for Brian's paranoid schizophrenia? A playpen of irresponsible people. The group's heavy consumption of drugs at the time has been cited as one of the reasons Smile collapsed. Carl recalled: "To get that album out, someone would have needed willingness and perseverance to corral all of us. Everybody was so loaded on pot and hash all of the time that it's no wonder the project didn't get done.

Drugs played a great role in our evolution but as a result we were frightened that people would no longer understand us, musically. We were stoned! You know, stoned on hash 'n' shit! Brian's use of LSD was negligible compared to his use of Desbutal. By that point, Brian was suffering from He was taking a lot of amphetamines, in the form of Desbutal, which is methedrine and some barbiturate mixed together. That's a combination that's gonna fuck you up — if you take enough of it, you will feel like the walls are looking at you!

There were a number of parts to his paranoia — some of [which] were valid — The things that you do, you see as having so much potency, which usually is your own delusion. The problem is when you crash, [just] how ugly and stupid and trivial it all looks — all you can see are the mistakes. Wilson was later declared to have schizoaffective disorderalthough most of his friends did not feel that he initially showed any signs of mental illness during the Smile era. We were all strange, doing strange things.

Vosse said that, despite the large amount of pot that was available, Wilson "wasn't stoned all the time If you look at the amount of work that was done in the amount of time it took to almost finish it, it's amazing. A very athletic situation, very focused. The session was conducted as an experiment and was not a full-fledged recording. Smile was one of the most-discussed albums in the rock press [] and was first projected for a December release date.

That's how good it is. We predict they'll take over where The Beatles left off. Number One in England. Coming soon with the 'Good Vibrations' sound. The Beach Boys. We're sure to sell a million units So that became the big argument: Are we gonna lose our image or are we gonna start a new one Wilson started having increasing doubts about the project during the latter months of I was an interloper and I was definitely fueling his creativity.

No holds barred. No rules. LP friends, family, and colleagues often date the project's unraveling to around the time he recorded "Fire" on November Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is Album) from Wikidata Use mdy dates from June Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Journey performing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in US: Platinum [10]. US: Gold [10].

UK: Gold [13]. This album should have made Adam a star; it didn't, but at least it did in my musical world. With its release, Daniel establishes himself as another gifted, though commercially overlooked, songwriter in the vein of Tommy Keene and Marshall Crenshaw, with an energetic attack of punchy guitars and singalong harmonies that will leave any true pop fan reeling! So I bought Logic Studio and some plugins, souped up my MacBook Pro refurb with extra RAM, and set to work with a crazy intention: songwriting, arranging, producing, performing, recording, mixing, and mastering all by myself.

All my favorite things, " states Adam. Welcome back, Adam! This was well worth the wait! But please, don't make us wait another 14 years for a new album! So, if you don't know Adam, now's as good time as any to do so - you won't be disappointed! To my ears, this sounds like Adam's most cohesive record to date.

You know, it just fits together very well. More importantly, I also think this double disc easily contains some of his best work to date. It's a wonderfully fun track especially per the cheerleading like backing vocals. Words fail, you'd just need to hear it. I smile every time I listen to it. Finally, to my ears 'Fade Away' is a stone cold classic tune. Lovely song, great vocals, melody and harmonies. Quite an accomplishment. Like all good art, it is ambitious, did not come into being without heartache or sweat, and is filled with contrasting emotions.

It is important to note this is unlike most albums: the ace material is not rolled into the record's onset, but rather spread throughout, which is why the second disc has as many compelling moments as the first.

And of course the secret to any good song collection is, if someone puts in a perfect pop tune, then follow it up with a rambunctious garage-punk track. In his case that is The Replacements-soundalike 'This Is Hard,' with a toughened hunk of gritty guitar, deliberately sloppy bass and drums, and disorderly vocals.

Anyone who misses Paul Westerberg's early misbehavior needs this shot of adrenaline.

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  5. Smile (stylized as SMiLE) is an unfinished album by the American rock band the Beach Boys that was planned to follow their 11th studio album Pet Sounds (). It was to be a track LP that drew from over 50 hours of interchangeable sound fragments, similar to the group's single "Good Vibrations".Instead, after a year of recording, the album was shelved and the group .

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