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The production extended its run on Broadway [18] until December 30,closing after 21 previews and performances. The tour featured Nadia Vynnytsky and Zuri Washington. The screenwriter of the original movie, Jessica Bendingersued inarguing that she had rights in the licensing of the theater production. The musical received positive reviews, with the dance numbers being praised. The New York Times reviewer wrote that the opening number of the Ahmanson Theatre production "truly dazzles" and noted the cast's "impressive gymnastic prowess".

The Huffington Post positively reviewed the show, writing that it had been "a long time since [he] enjoyed a new musical quite as much as Bring It On: The Musical ". The review praised the musical's set and "sassy" libretto. The reviewer did however note that the "acrobatic cast impressively manage to tumble, dance, and sing at the same time" and gave a "special nod" to Gregory Haney.

In his review of the Broadway production, Charles Isherwood of The New York Times wrote: "The cast of this alternately snarky and sentimental show about rival high school cheer squads often seems to be in constant motion, tumbling and flipping across the stage in elaborate routines that culminate in towering formations of human pyramids While it has its moments of memorable wit and some appealing rhythmic Broadway-pop songs, Bring It On is by no means in the same league as those musicals [ Next to Normal and In the Heights ], and has the feel of a daffy lark embarked upon as a summer-vacation goof.

Lin-Manuel Miranda has released two early demos of songs from during the development of the show, "Cross The Line Early Demo, December " [45] and "Don't Drop Demo", which was an intro tune to The National Competition finale that was cut later in development. A large collection of photos from the Broadway cast party were published online. A full cast recording was released digitally on September 25, A CD was released in stores on October 16, Bring It On was the first Broadway musical to feature a transgender high school character, La Cienega, originally played by Gregory Haney.

Due to the many complex cheerleading routines in the show, about half of the cast of the Broadway musical were actual cheerleaders and not musical theater performers.

Jessica Colombo, a cheerleading judge and consultant, served as a technical advisor to the musical. The cheerleading competition company Varsity Spirit was involved in the musical and a Varsity Nationals banner hangs during the national competition scenes at the end of the second act. In the London production, Matthew Brazier who also played La Cienega was a trained gymnast and cheerleader. Matthew taught the entire cast how to do various cheerleading moves such as stunts, jumps and tumbles.

Matthew Brazier was also Dance Captain for this production. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Official Playbill for the Broadway production. The New York Times. Retrieved TimeOut New York. ISSN Retrieved 26 November Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on News Observer. Bring It On! The Charlotte Observer. Huffington Post. The point is Wikipedia's guidelines tell us that a book like Griffin's is a more reliable source than any of the government reports used for this article. You've uncovered another splendid example of why there are such seirious NPOV problems here.

Wikipedia doesn't deal with "official stories" that's something for Pravda. Wikipedia is for enyclopedia articles that need to reflect the relevant stories: not just the Whitehouse. Mongo, you know the answer to this question. Considering the accusations in the village pump discussion that US Bush administration officials are involved in this page, then of course Lovelight's edits were "repeatedly overturned by a large number of editors".

Of course the repeition of the mantra "clear concesnsus" is unwarranted and I know you know that too. Come on Mongo, stand up for what you know is right.

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My NPOV problems mostly relate to the slanted state of this article where a minority of editors camping out here insist that only sources casting the Bush administration in the most favorable light can be included here. The preceding discussion demontrates a clear dispute over NPOV problems.

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PTR there is no need to constantly readdress same ever burning issues, we are all well aware of them. How many Bring It On - F.Y.P* - Incomplete Crap (CD) do you need? Input: 1 vial of aerosol amnestic solution. Setting: Fine Output: A colorless, odorless gas.

Detection methods proved unable to detect the gas, so the chamber was declared empty, and several researchers, including Calloway, were affected. The gas proved to be anomalous, with the effect of making all subjects who inhale it speak and write backwards for an unknown length of time.

No one tell him the answer; he'll have to come up with it on his own. Input: See above. Object seems to emit a pulse of an unknown energy that renders all who view it to immediately revert to a vegetable-like state. Object was terminated by several members of the amnestics division. Tsubasa Note:. Researcher Calloway. I was expecting it to super heat it or destroy it in some way, well, better deal with this water and dispose of it properly.

SCP apparently turned the bucket of water into a bucket of Di-Hydrogen Monoxide, this change was only detected when Researcher Darby was put into the medical bay approximately two hours after drinking from the bucket. All reported claims of Di-Hydrogen monoxide as stated by the pamphlet are revealed to be the case as reported by medical staff's examination of the researcher. Note: Please, please, test everything that comes out of if it looks unchanged.

I'm signing a disclaimer right now, not to be the one responsible for cleaning up his corpse when the idiot inevitably gets himself killed. D-Class personnel performed a test to review if it had the same effect as in-game Atomic Punch.

After a single sip, DWA immediately grabbed their chest in pain and collapsed. On conduction of an autopsy, medical staff confirmed the cause of death to be a heart attack, along with toxic amounts of plastic and wood pulp forming in the stomach and liver, presumably the remains of the game and the picture. Note: It appears that the drink's total amount of sugar conformed to realityso instead of making a person able to move impossible speedstheir heart rate elevated impossible speeds.

They could escape if the effect had been to speed them up rather than blow their hearts with sugar! Input: Voyager II disk copy Setting: Very Fine Output: Unchanged Unknown Staff have no memory of taking disk out of output booth, but it cannot be found and several researchers are reporting symptoms similar to amnesiac victims.

Input: One 2 Terabyte hard drive Setting: Very Fine Output: Unchanged Hard Drive now acts as a matter containment device, device specifications Storage: Meters 2 has been inscribed on packaging along with the Apple logo.

Note: Researcher Darby was absorbed through Bring It On - F.Y.P* - Incomplete Crap (CD) upon picking up device with bare hands. At this time, Researcher Darby still has not been recovered, though several attempts have been made and tests are ongoing. Note: If he doesn't survive this time, let it be known that I called it. Setting: Fine Output: A blu-ray disk containing the entire Underworld series.

Upon further examination, a note within the case of said disk reading " NO " was found in the place of a printed digital download code. Note: Me too, Me too.

Viridine Input: Printed copy of "My Immortal" fanfiction. Pages completely blank. Experimentation revealed that if a reader viewed each page within the book, they were suddenly compelled to write. Several D-Class subjects were instructed to read the book, and each produced within several hours a full draft of a fictional story with an incredibly detailed plot. Permission of further research on book and possible classification as an anomaly of its own requested.

Note: I think even is disgusted by that fic. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a completed manuscript to email to my publisher. Test Name: Researcher I. Input: Terracotta Soldier Setting: Coarse Output: Neatly disassembled and arranged on floor of booth Note: Put straps on those pieces and you could wear it like armor.

Oh waitthe soldiers guard the Emperor in death and the statues guard the tomb. It then moved in an aggressive manner while yelling early Chinese; upon reaching Researcher I.

Darby, it proceeded to assault him until it was crippled by security personnel and put into containment. Researcher I. Darby suffered several broken bones and has been sent to the infirmary while the Terracotta soldier is interrogated. Note: Audio translation of Chinese; You devil! You killed the Emperor! Note: I caught a few junior researchers taking bets on Darby's demise, how long he has and in which manner he'll get himself killed.

Take that outside of my testing area and put 50 bucks on 12 months for me. Crushed by a large object. Note: Can I sell those diamonds? I need the money. If we were to use these, we're limited to using them only in Transformer cosplay events.

Upon output booth opening, Object rushed at Researcher Darby and proceeded to feed him chocolate until he fainted from inability to breath through the chocolate. Then the Object avoided Security Personnel attempts to contain it and accessed the Mech from the previous test, which it used to enact a massive Containment Breach until MTF forces took it down with a AT weapon.

Incident Report: Researcher I. SCP was not damaged, but its Containment Area requires cleaning and minor repair. Researcher Norton Note: Every test this guy does is a spit in Darwin's face. It's a miracle that he survived this long, I have half a mind to have him classified as an anomalous object. Someone get me a bloody aspirin. Upon the creature's name being uttered, the sound of 2 snare drums and a cymbal were heard from an unknown location.

Wren Input: The aforementioned box with all proper contents inside. Setting: Fine Note: For about 14 minutes after I turned the key, nothing happened. I'm pretty sure I heard lots of clanging and banging from in there, though. Wren Output: A heavily damaged cardboard box, multiple furniture pieces assembled in a shape vaguely resembling a giraffe with others strewn around the floor, [REDACTED] origami throwing stars later determined to be made from the assembly instructions.

The paper stars were clocked exiting the "Output" booth for a duration of 48 seconds at speeds of up to kilometers per hour and struck Prof. Wren in multiple locations, including multiple strikes to the face and groin. No serious injuries were reported. Yeah, can't blame you there, Gotta say, though, the origami game is definitely on point.

Pun fully intended. Note: A copy of the security footage has been made available with the professor's permission for anyone who wishes to view it.

When Researcher Darby exited his control booth to examine the object, it proceeded aim itself at Researcher Darby and fire with no discernible trigger. The projectile appeared to be a small 6cm log of compressed SCP experiment logs and it exited the barrel of the cannon at a relatively low speed for a cannon. However, the velocity was still enough to put Researcher Darby in the infirmary for severe blunt force trauma.

Note: I think I'm getting a flak vest, or maybe a suit of armor - Researcher Darby Note: Money changing hands due to bets made on Darby's injuries can be done outside of my testing area. Note: has been encouraged to do creative acts before - let's see if adding instruction helps. Setting: Output: As above. The paints have been mixed to more closely match the colors commonly used by Bob Ross.

The contents of the VHS has been altered to contain different episodes of 'The Joy of Painting' - all of which have been verified identical to existing broadcast episodes. Note: has locked onto the theme at least. Now we will test if upping the setting results in a painting of the given style. Case has a grayish brown color, created by mixing all of the paints together.

Each episode depicts Bob Ross operating to produce fantastical and anomalous creations. Ross demonstrates a great deal of skill and familiarity with the device, explaining why he places a given item intoalong with other factors that influence its output. These include specific thoughts or visualizations in his mind, temperature and humidity levels of his studio, and amount of light shining upon These explanations do not provide insight into 's operation, as they are offered as a means to an end.

Example: "I've turned it up to the 'fine' setting now. I want super-cooled fiber optic sheets, so while I turn this key I of course need to think about my grandparents driving along a busy highway discussing their taxes.

This can take the form of censoring of video or muting of audio if output contains a memetic hazard. Hopefully can fill in the gaps for us. Try again. Note: I'm not sure it understands what I'm going for.

Input: One incomplete test log, with input "SCP" and setting " Those who look at it fall into a dreamlike state where they imagine a titanic SCP ruling over something. No two dreams have been the same thus far. Note: The paper has been incinerated at the request of many.

All I saw was burning down the entire planet. Apparently I got lucky. Some researchers witnessed it eating a galaxy, others saw it killing individual family membersand at least two saw it try to seduce them. Note: Researcher Devyn is on assignment from Dr. A handheld unit like the one provided can produce up to 48 watts of power an hour for a period of up to 4 hours. Tests revealed that, while each generator had Additionally, a cognitohazardous anomaly causes anyone directly viewing them to perceive them as appleseeds; viewing through a camera feed mitigates the anomaly.

Further analysis of the changes in the devices' technology is currently pending. King are preemptively denied. Also, don't ask what the point of this is because I have no answer. Upon exiting output booth, it charged at Researcher Darby's control booth and forced him to enter the Input booth. Researcher Darby's Intern attempted to rescue Researcher Darby, but was stopped by a burst of ink from the Beetle and the Quantum Darby holding him back.

When finished refining, security personnel attempted to rescue Researcher Darby, but instant examination of the Output booth showed that both Researcher Darby and the Beetle were gone. Note: It had to happen. Otherwise, we would be stuck in a paradoxand nothing gets done. Cause if you are, then I would appreciate if you would stop, as the Ramen is the food for my mug cat. Also, try asking Rosen if he can help you with the status problem. Also, where are you? Note: Apparently I don't exist anymore, I'd tell you my location but I'm not even sure where that is.

Matism Note: Who the hell put that thing in the cafeteria during pizza Wednesday? Everyone starved themselves! His ingenuity is baffling. Matism Note: Let him send his resume to my office. I have a feeling a position is going to open up if you keep up the level of professionalism that you currently have. Note: If all goes well with this testthis will create the perfect multi-tool, suitable for any task.

Setting: Very Fine Output: A large, multi-limbed arthropodal creature made of plastic and metal. Its abdomen and head resembled the toolbox. At the end of each limb was the end of one of the tools. Immediately upon the "Output" booth opening, the creature attacked Dr.

Security personnel moved in and destroyed the creature. Note: "If all goes well with this test? Since when has that ever happened with anything involvingespecially on the Very Fine setting? I've only been here a few weeks and even I know better than that. Wren Note: If he was trying to do this for profit, you could say he was being a tool. Also, yeah, don't think Very Fine is going to do what you want.

Am I not strict enough in security measures or are half of my research staff just drooling imbeciles?! Input: One of the above mentioned vials. Setting: Fine Output: Prescription Vial of 12 unmarked pills, each of which are the equivalent to the mass of two pills.

Take one every 24 hours for instantaneous pain relief. No negative side effects have been witnessed at this time. Note: After having it tested for anomalous tendencies, I'm going to bring this to the lab for possible reverse-engineering.

Lord knows that you people could use these. Take one every 12 hours for instantaneous pain. Within 1 hour, subjects stopped screaming due to loss of voice, but continued to roll of ground in agony for 2 more hours before being administered a " brand Painkiller" to test which drug is more powerful.

Subjects state there was still a dull throb of pain across their entire body after being administered pain killer. A physical evaluation of subjects reveal no lingering damage to internal organ structure or bodily functions.

Test Name: Prof. Notes: As disgusting as I'm sure that Passion Fruit-Ranch stuff made a can for the other night, it did give me a couple of ideas. If these pan out, we might be able to market them on a front company for increased revenue.

Or at least serve them in the break room. Wren Input: 1 bottle of soda, 1 container of fruit salad. Setting: Fine Output: One oz bottle of carbonated beverage.

The label shows a variety of fruit made entirely out of bubbles. Note: Tried a bit after it was cleared of hazards.

As expected, it's soda with a mixed variety of fruit flavors, most prominently apple, grape, and strawberry. Marketability level: 8. Wren Input: 1 bottle of soda, 1 tea bag. Setting: Fine Output: One oz bottle of brown liquid, warm to the touch, and 2 small cubes later identified as pure cane sugar.

The label shows the Union Jack made entirely of bubbles. Basically, it made carbonated tea and stripped the sugar I used to make the stuff out entirely. Marketability level: 1. Setting: Fine Output: One oz bottle of fizzy red liquid, shaking violently.

Bottle exploded shortly after the "output" booth opened, spraying the booth with liquid and glass shards while lodging the cap in the ceiling. No indication of NBR hazards were found; explosion thought to be caused by the liquid being superheated.

Cleanup crews cleaned the "output" booth of soda spray and shattered glass without incident. Input: One MasterCard. Setting: Fine Output: The card appears unchanged. When used, it seemingly pays with money from a random person's bank accounts, even if they don't own a credit card. Setting: Very Fine Output: The card appears unchanged. When picked up by Researcher Luke, it began materializing money in the output booth. During the process, a sudden drop in Researcher Luke's bank account balance was noticed and is proportional to the money created by the object.

Anomalous activities ceased when the object was dropped. The object was moved to anomalous objects-storage and the money was returned to Researcher Luke.

Note: Oh boyone day this thing's gonna ruin my existence. Note: These next two tests were performed by Researcher Darby. Input: 6 kilograms steel, 6 capacitors, hard drive Setting: Fine Output: 6 1-kilogram Steel cockroaches run by AA batteries presumably what the capacitors transformed into1 control module with mini USB female port.

Oooh, it controls the cockroaches. Apparently they locate nearby electronics and do something. Viewing of note affects the viewer, causing them to believe they are Russian spies infiltrating the SCP Foundation. Note: Someone keep him on amnestics for a while before he hurts himself, or more importantly, my equipment.

Input: 6 kilograms steel, 6 capacitors, hard drive. Setting: Fine Output: A steel device, which acts as a sort of "human hard drive", allowing the downloading and uploading of memories and thoughts via a cerebral device. Note: Nice try, Setting: Fine Output: 1 note, with an anomalous symbol drawn on it. When viewed by a subject, all personnel viewing the subject will become convinced that it is SCP for fifteen minutes.

There were containment breach alarms going off everywhere, and we panicked, of course. Until it wore off, and we let the poor Class-D out of the containment chamber. Study reveals that had the rune been on paper, it would have imparted a blind rage upon viewers, causing them to attempt to terminate any living being nearby.

Thankfully, the SCPs that escaped containment were drawn to Researcher Darby and Calloway and attempted to eliminate them, causing massive casualties to personnel in their way. The effect of the cube lasted for 3 hours, upon which the SCPs were contained and repairs began. Lombardi notes that he got to "experience the joy of getting trampled by what felt like every damn skip in this facility" but only suffered a few broken ribs, while MT Johnson is surprised that he's still alive and confused as to why the rampaging SCPs completely ignored him as well as why he's being followed by a guard with a water gun, which references a later entry on this list.

I'm going to my room Cell until Veritas figures out what to do with me. Thank God for fail-safes or it could have been worse. Veritas' request to reassign Researcher Darby and Calloway to the mobile Site orbiting Mars has been denied. His request to reassign Darby and Calloway to the Research base in Antarctica is currently under review. Test Name: Researcher Z.

Upon viewing the paper, Researcher Larua began muttering "I must deliver them" continuously. Incident Report: Researcher was then detained by faculty staff and escorted to the med-bay for amnestic administration.

Prior to reaching the med-bay, Researcher Larua had escaped and was later found in Dr. Veritas' office. He was attempting to coerce the doctor, in a monotone voice, to redact his ruling to send Darby and Calloway to Antarctica.

Note: We've ascertained in the past that isn't sentient in the past, at least not as we understand it. Wren Note: I'm not giving either of them the satisfaction, Wren. The only two anomalous things are their stupid luck and my patience. No tracklist supplied. Note: D was supplied with headphones and a CD player, and instructed to listen to the album. D described it as an announcer detailing a match between Ali and George Foreman, shortly after which his body jerked violently as if struck by a hard punch.

Analysis of the placement and timing of the perceived blows coincided with footage of the "Rumble in the Jungle" match between the two aforementioned boxers in The album is being transferred to anomalous object storage. Note: " Greatest Hits " indeed. Stuff like this is why we should tread cautiously with the Very Fine setting, guys. Veritas also told me not to do it again. So instead of the prior test, let's examine what this machine is incompatible with.

Upon closer inspection with a microscope, the paper has the phrase "17 Again" written continuously from corner to corner on the front and back. When viewed at a certain angle in light, the shading on the graphite seems to display the name "NUKEA". Note: I'm afraid to ask. I have too many copies of 17 again. He was found by security personnel bleeding out, covered in papercuts, and suffering from poison derived from the Ink.

The assassin has not yet been found and guards equipped with water guns have been assigned to Researchers Darby, Calloway, Nukea, Wren, Stan, Lombardi, and any other Researcher that has had negative interactions with within the past 6 months. I think it rolled over spilling the tea I had in it and then shredded it with its claws. I found the paper assassin's head and torso struggling to get out of the cat mug's mouth.

I was going to rip it up and incinerate it but the cat ate it. If it weren't for the fact that that cat has shown nothing but kindness towards people, I would get rid of it. Is it not supposed to destroy things on Rough? He has been sent to psychological counseling and reassigned to a different section of the facility. I don't get paid enough for this crap. Plus, I let you yell at them all you want. You can't buy that kind of stress reliever.

Its claws are comparable to ceramic knives. I've lost several mouse pads to its claws. Also, don't cry over spilt liquids. Note: I'm going for an unbreakable rope. When approached by a human, it lunges at them in an attempt to wrap itself around its neck and strangle them. Note: Dr. Matism has been hospitalized Bring It On - F.Y.P* - Incomplete Crap (CD) to a ruptured airpipe.

Note: It's official, this skip doesn't like me - Dr. Matism Note: Your power of deduction is shocking. Note: I'm testing Dr. Matism's hypothesis on his relationship with while simultaneously seeing if using the same inputs with the same settings can yield different results.

Textbook definition of insanity, I know, but what isn't with this thing? Wren Input: The rope. Setting: Very Fine Output: A hempen chihuahua. The dog lunged at, and bit down on, Prof. Wren's ankle upon approach; it fell to the floor and went inert upon being slashed to pieces. Further testing revealed the rope no longer contained any anomalous properties.

Rope incinerated as a precautionary measure. Note: And that's what the katana was for. Not sure how this bodes with Dr. Matism's hypothesis, though. Maybe just doesn't like hemp? Either way, don't think I'm gonna be doing a three-peat of that experiment. Soulless bastards. Matism Note: If he can bring a Katana to work, can I bring weapons to defend myself?

Wren didn't get his PhD slashing everything resembling danger up. You should be glad that Hackett took pity on you and you're not in Antarctica right now. Polastri puts the whole team on a diet and regularly belittles them, but the team learns the routine in time for competition. Torrance speaks to a competition official and learns their choreographer has provided the routine for six other teams.

As the defending champions, the Toros are granted their place in Nationals in Daytona Beach, Floridabut Torrance is warned that a new routine will be expected. Big Red chastises Torrance for her inability to be a leader and says that if she made any mistake as a squad leader, it wasn't "burrowing" cheers, but it was announcing Torrance as her successor. Crushed by Big Red's words and her failure to lead the squad successfully, Torrance considers quitting.

Aaron recommends that Torrance step down from her position as captain and considers to sell her out to her team rivals, Courtney and Whitney. When Cliff sees Torrance and Aaron together, he severs his friendship with her. Torrance breaks up with Aaron after confronting him about being distant, as well as catching him cheating on her.

She uses Cliff's previous encouragement, and his personally made mixtape for her as inspiration for the team to come up with an original routine. Instead, the Clovers write to a local talk show host to get the funds needed to go to Florida.

At Nationals, both the Toros and the Clovers make it to finals with Cliff making a surprise appearance in the audience to cheer the team on. Ultimately, the Clovers come out victorious with the Toros coming in at a close second. Despite their loss, the Toros and Clovers leave with a newfound respect for each other, with Isis complimenting Torrance on leading the squad and Torrance admitting the Clovers were deserving of their victory.

As the Toros celebrate another successful season, Cliff and Torrance share a kiss. It was the debut film of director Peyton Reed. The film pushed the 'sex aspects of cheerleading' without losing a PG rating. Prior to auditioning for the film, actors were expected to Bring It On - F.Y.P* - Incomplete Crap (CD) a cheer prepared. The movie clip, seen in the 'types of inspiration' montage, is from Sweet Charity. Most of the scenes in the film were shot in different locations and high schools in San Diego CountyCalifornia, as well as San Diego State University.

Local high school cheer squads were used as extras. The site's consensus reads: "Despite the formulaic fluffy storyline, this movie is surprisingly fun to watch, mostly due to its high energy and how it humorously spoofs cheerleading.

However, some reviewers criticized the plot of the film. Although David Sterritt of The Christian Science Monitor gave praise for the writing, he likened the storyline's simplicity to "the average football cheer".

Many critics praised Kirsten Dunst's performance. In his review, A.

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