Why Supermarkets Are A Drag - Mary Peate (2) - If You Lived Here, Youd Be Home Now (Vinyl, LP)

My partner is reading in bed with the cats on my side, as usual. Partner keeps asking me to come to bed, but I don't want to disturb the cats, only to fall asleep and have nightmares. We've had various cats, but this scenario has occurred almost every night since At least tonight I will have a dead cat instead of missed flights or being caught naked in public again.

Anyone figured out a way to post during the new version of Prime Time? I used to be able to post from my iPhone. I'd made the pages 75 posts long,so only half the page was blocked out. But this new Prime Time - meh. I'm surfing the internet, lamenting the fact that right after I got out of the military, I got rid of all my uniforms because I was so disgusted with my experience.

Now, 20 years later, I wish I had at least one to wear to a costume party next week. I woke up. I took something so I'll probably fall asleep again soon, but I think I'll have a brownie and a glass of milk before I doze off. Somebody should make a new doorman thread.

I like how doormen know about a lot of strange goings on. I think I'm going to go eat some Stouffer's cheddar potato bake. I'll add sour cream and green onions. I'm watching an episode of Full House and all that keeps running through my mind is "These girls all turned into a bunch of drug addicted messes.

What is it with Joe Miller and the half-grown beard? It's hideous. Maybe he thinks it makes him look sexy like House but it's more Emmett Kelly. Awww, ayb. You just need a good man to take care of you. I would be happy to apply for the position. My winter birds are here. Juncos and white throats from Canada; the tufted titmice and nuthatches and woodpeckers have come out of the woods and to my feeder. Mockingbird has staked out the pear tree and after the first frost, the acorn-sized pears will be ripe for the birds but yukky for humans.

Used to just have one or two who stayed behind, but there's a whole flock hanging around in the trees and pecking the backyard. For some reason, my dog prefers it if I sit on the floor with him, rather than sit on the couch with me.

Sally's practicing her radio voice in the kitchen. She's auditioning for a radio show called Dear Mom. She's practicing her Mom-fu on Justin, upset about his divorce, and she gives him cake. Kitty went on a run with that guy up in Ojai who's name I'm not bothering learning. They're about to do it on the couch when Justin shows up. Sarah and Scotty are talking in the restaurant.

Sarah's upset because Luc didn't want to have sex this morning and she's nervous he's getting some on the side. Sally's freaking out. She makes Kevin come down to give her a pep talk. The girl at the shake shack flirts with Justin and asks him to go see a band at a bar.

He mentions he doesn't drink, but you can see where it's going. Nora's bombing on air. Paula Deen's a pro, and all the callers are so excited to speak to her. Sarah picks up the phone, which Luc's accidentally dialed. She hears a conversation that sounds like he's having an affair. Paula hijacks the conversation, and gets to the crux of Kevin's problem, which happens to be covered in her new book. How is the old broad doing?

I watched that David Zucker commercial and it made me retroactively hate Airplane! Fuck him and Clint Howard. She's not even six months old, I'd like her to hold on to some of her nine lives. I'm still not entirely sure how I managed to get her back inside without spooking her. Though I do know she wasn't too happy with me yanking her back. I'm loving the unfortunate funerals thread my condolences to the OP of that thread and the time traveler thread and the potato salad thread.

Scary Mermaid! I once found my large cat sitting on the balcony railing 4 floors up! He had made a hole in the screen. It worked out okay and never happened again. The older I get, the more I find other people's children irritating. Is it just me or are there very few charming, well-behaved children left in the world now? I know of two, of a friend of mine. I was panhandled while waiting in the drive thru line for White Castles.

Dude, I'm paying for sliders with laundry change. Best of luck. I'm having a glass of wine and am waiting for a new fuck buddy to come over. He'll be the first person I've slept with since the married guy I had an affair with for the last two years. His wife just found out so I gotta get mine somewhere else now. I have to make my chainsaw work so I can get rid of dead tree limbs. It starts and then dies as soon as I move it. I should have drained last year's gas and replaced it.

Saw my front yard bunny today. That's when I remembered he has a bunny hole that goes under the shed. I must have scared the little round shit pellets out of him when I went in the shed and clapped my hands. I was looking at a picture of Carey Mulligan, and then a fart came out of me. I thought that was interesting. I live in a little neighborhood of working class and retired folks and lots of them have concrete statues of bunnies.

Not bunnies, really, with the cotton-puffed tail, but rabbits, realistic looking hares, sitting upright. It wouldn't seem strange except there are so many of them and I don't see them in any other neighborhood. I've never once seen a rabbit around here. I sat down with a container of cherry tomatoes to watch some videos online, ended up eating the whole thing.

Now I have to buy some more. I had words with someone visiting my new neighbor today. For some reason, these idiots were filming some horribly acted scene in front of my house.

My address and house were clearly in the shot. My roommate told him, very nicely, that we don't want our house and address to end up in some viral video on youtube. He got nasty with her and said, "this is a public street.

So I had to go over there and tell him how our streets are actually private property in a privately owned development. And that he needed a permit to film, anyway. I can't decide if I want to early vote in my casual clothes, come home and change then go to work, or go in my work clothes and then go directly to work. I know you can be overwhelmed I'm beginning to feel the effects of my spicy tuna bowl in the form of a rice coma. Staying awake is going to be very difficult for the next few hours.

Good looking dude, straight, divorced but with a girlfriend. It's been a while since I've seen him, probably weeks because of vacations, business travel, etc. Anyway, he's standing in my office talking to me, and I notice he's probably lbs heavier. Nothing major, not fat, but his tummy is a little rounder. I immediately got aroused. I wanted to see him and his sexy paunch naked. After he left, I packed up for the day, came home, and rubbed one out thinking about him. So strange, but some guys are actually a little sexier with some heft to them.

There is a political commercial mentioning a biomass plant. I must have heard it a hundred times without actually watching. I was sure they were saying bom ass. Finally, I actually watched it and saw that it was biomass.

Spent way too much time trying to figure out what a bom ass is. Like any other addiction, let it run its course. I thought killing broadband would limit DL time, but 3G works very well with this board.

Now, he's in and Max is marching around stomping his cat feet as loud as possible so I'll let him oouuuttt. Not going to happen, Buddy. How does a ten pound cat make so much noise just stomping on the floor? I swear she's a mutant. It's that time of year again, I am eating Milk Duds and am still really puzzled by the name. They're so delicious, hardly a dud of a candy.

I previously avoided them my whole life because of the name. After watching a bunch of his interviews I'm in love with Matt Smith. He's not the obvious hottie David Tennant is but he's so adorable and sweet and charming, really embracing his new role as the Doctor no matter how many silly kiddie contests and stupid interviews they're having him do, he still looks like a big goofy kid having a great time. I just want to give him a cuddle. R, if you mean cock, me too. I'm dying to give a blowjob.

It's been forever! Please, DL, give me some motivation to go out and find somebody to hook up with. Sorry R That was supposed to be a coffee beaker. LOL Although I wouldn't mind a bit of the other either. My bags of Halloween candies are in the Halloween bowl, waiting to be passed out tomorrow. I wanted to make sure I got the best candy for the best price before it was all sold out. But I didn't trust myself with all that candy in the house, so I made up the Halloween bags and put them in the closet, safe and sound.

I will eat loose candy, but I will not violate a Halloween bag. R, the key is to buy Halloween candy that you don't like, that way you won't be tempted by it.

God, I hate this holiday. I have no idea where the cat is sleeping right now. I'll walk around up here calling her and all of a sudden she'll come bounding out of nowhere. It's like she's just reappeared on this dimension. I've been reading old People magazines from the 80s on their website. They often had Jockey underwear ads with Jim Palmer, wearing his little bikini briefs. I finally got my little guy in April. He's a 7. He was rescued from a BYB in Florida. His papers say he's a Morkie as if I care.

He is perfect for me. He sleeps in, naps on my lap pretty much all day. He is fine with short walks 4x a day and gets a bit play-happy for an hour or 2 every night. He's stubborn as hell He'll do "sit" and "lay down", but won't come to me unless I have a treat in my hand or wants to play. He has a BIG basket of toys and chewies but of course only plays with 3 of them, and is always giving me the "mom I'm bored stare" when he won't play on his own.

Every autumn, I have summer flowers that remain in bloom on the sunny side of the house and I say, "Maybe this means we are going to have a mild winter! I just ate a bunch of Whoppers. Not the burgers, the malted milk ball candy left over from the Halloween candy stash. The coworker I despise more than anyone else at work gave notice today. I really don't feel guilty though, the company is better off without him, and I've only been making his life hell trying to get him to do his damn job.

I guess, I feel like I should be feeling guilty. If the guy wasn't pulling his weight and was making your life miserable, he deserved to go! Obama's performance as President and his deadly impact on the Democratic party is about as underwhelming as you can get.

Today I was in a cab and couldn't figure out why the driver was so slow to respond to the lights changing green. The second page addresses the fear that hyper focussed single issue groups can use the Internet to hold effective government hostage.

Those big chocolate malted milk balls sold in theaters are to die for. Big and dipped in really thick milk chocolate. The package ones are not so good. Q:Would you consider turning Secrets and Lies into a stageplay, and if so, could I translate it into French and direct it in Paris? ML: Sorry, but no. It's out of the question. I've just recently refused some folk in New York permission to turn it into a musical. They even sent me some sample songs, which were very nice but really nothing to do with the film.

For me, a film is a film and a play is a play. But what you could do is re-translate one of my existing stage plays into French and direct that in Paris. Abigail's Party, Goose-pimples, Smelling a Rat etc. Remember the babies who were attacked by foxes in their home in the UK? Now there's a baby who was nearly eaten by raccoons in her crib!

It's getting cold here in New England, and I can't figure out how to get my heater to warm up my new house enough. So far I have a choice of freezing or roasting. I've had to unpack the throw blankets. John Boehner, the presumptive House Speaker just pronounced hyperbole as hyper-bole. What a fecking eejit we've elected for ourselves. So guess whose niece-in-law invited him to join her and some girlfriends AND her mother at a local gay bar for "Trash Night," where nubile women and men strip to their undies before a mostly-straight audience in a contest hosted by a drag queen?

It's awful. They are hunting as a pack, exhausting the birds. I left the feeder empty, but the birds are still hanging around waiting to get fed.

What became of Mika's sister, the girl who was impaled when she fell, jumped or was pushed from a 4th story window last month? I'm actually angry about the elections. Not about the results but about the way Fox News deliberately spreads lies and waters them with money. Elvira's on right now. I'm watching. I think I've insulted my racketycoons with moldy mild chedder - it was a brick that got lost in the crisper for awhile.

They weren't out there for the leftover stew last night and they haven't touched the broasted chicken carcass. I'm stuck with fucking opossums. Nice enough, but not cool like racketycoons - especially that hunched over look " my humps, my humps my badass raccoon humps". I'm still pissed at this lady who tried to come home with me last night. She followed me out of the grocery store at PM and blurted out "I need somewhere to stay, can I stay with you?

She kept pressing: Do I know who she can stay with, am I sure I have no room for her, where could she stay? I told her to try a motel or go into the store and ask for the number for the emergency shelter. She said no. She looked like a year-old frau, too. I think she approached me because I was a woman alone at 11 PM at night. Wish I'd called the cops on her. I just watched "The Sweet Smell of Success". Who knew? Saw Katie Holmes in the People magazine in the Style Watch with a leopard coat on; would have been interesting if she was also holding an e-meter.

Got my paper back first draft. I thought it was shite but handed it in anyway because I didn't have time to write another. The prof wrote a paragraph about how well-written it was, and he praised my candor and insight. Then he critiqued it and recommended changes. As usual, I focus on the need for changes rather than his praise.

I know it is a first draft and it is his job to tell me what doesn't work and to suggest changes, but it makes me feel like a failure. My neighbor is going on vacation tomorrow. She's really nice, but she's also really loud. Mixed feelings. They need to re-open mental hospitals so I can check in some of my relatives because they are the biggest retards. They all seem to have brain damage except for the one who claims a doctor actually told him part of his brain had turned to ashes from huffing so much.

It was the remake, and wasn't all that great. It starred Hugh O'Brian, who was very handsome, and showed off a nice hairy chest in a couple of scenes. When I googled Hugh, I found out he's still living at age 85, and just got married for the first time four years ago. What say you, DL?

I want a butterfinger, bad. Someone brought snacks and they are in the break room taunting me with all of their sugary chocolaty goodness. Mental health care is a thing of the past. Now you're allowed 10 if that many visits to a social worker for all your mental health needs and all the medication a psychiatrist can order for you.

Because all the other big acts of the era had either died or changed so much that they lost their original fan base? Bridget Moynahan used to be gorgeous. Applied for an old springer spaniel. She's blonde and has eye boogers, but seems mellow enough for two cats and a senior citizen. The house is so quiet without a dog. I'm sure the opossums and racketycoons will be overjoyed.

It's like they own the back yard. I don't have time, Ciaran. I have two Kitty's and two doggies. All of them are opportunistic eaters- it's like an alligator den here. In all reality, I do do a high protein diet. Fatty's been fat since I brought him home from the HS eight years ago. He's adorable, sheds like a banshee, and eats like a horse. It is what it is, I love him anyway. R you should come out from behind that veil, already.

I just said I'm surprised ambitious thoughts are raising their head, I didn't say I'm rich yet lol. Well guys, maybe you should place a classified in the NYT when that happy moment arrives! You can feed the winged beasts CAK! I'm heading out for a short trip and I see I only have one tube of toothpaste. A HUGE tube. No small container around to put some toothpaste in. I guess I'll have to drag that monsterous tube with me.

Yes, that's obviously the only option for you, r! Are you the dimwit in the drunkard thread who doesn't believe in nutrition? I think there are a lot of functional illiterates around. I'm not talking about people who never learned to read.

I mean people who learned to read and then lost whatever ability they might have had at school from never using it. And that includes college graduates. My cat just puked in a half-empty box of tissues.

R, I was in my front yard and saw what I thought was a dead bird under a tree. But when I got there, I saw it was a half-eaten mouse and, next to it, vomit which contained a bit of mouse fur and some bloody-looking partly digested entrails. I thought I just saw Martin Freeman, but then it turned out to be a guy who just looks like Martin Freeman. I sold my ipad to an Eastern European in California via Amazon last night - the listing was up for one hour. I've decided that this is a scam and I will be robbed of my ipad as well as the seller fees.

I will live on the street without 3g data and have to blow hobos for rolled cigarettes. Ketchup packets need to go back to pres regulation size which IIRC contained twice as much.

It's ridiculous to have to use six packets for a medium size order of fries. I really want to read the Survivor thread, but I just know there's probably some asshole posting who is spoiling the whole season. Dog No.

It was a very neat job with only a little spillage. I'm thinking of getting him a potty. Doing an annual update and changing the names of the examples, I couldn't use the name of my fave footballer and secret crush because it's too obvious - hello, Fernando - so now 'Sergio' after my inexplicable crush Ramos is appearing in a nation-wide text. No one knows, of course. I've been watching the Tal Memorial chess tournament from Russia, listening to English analysis and waiting for the players to walk around so I can see who has a nice ass.

I'm going out for a drink with my crush next week. It's been a looong drought, to say the least, and I'm so fucking nervous. WTF do I do? Fuck Ikea.

They never called to confirm delibvery and their "customer service" phone number is manned by a robot. He told me I was full of it; he doesn't have ANY electronics.

I hauled two of his other 'finds' up from the basement to prove I wasn't lying. I am on year 4 or 5 of a really bad mid-life crisis. My SO is going to leave me if I don't stop talking about all the things I should have done differently. I'm sending some waves of gratitude into the Universe. A civil servant had the chance to make my life completely miserable, and she chose to be helpful instead.

Thank you! I'm homesick for NYC. I got the deli people at Gelson's to make me a sandwich on a bagel which I had to buy from the bakery department separately. This toilet handle doesn't flush right either. Godamnit do I have to buy a whole new fucking toilet to get it to flush right?

Universal my ass! My fricken laptop's charger has picked the week I'm off work not back in the office until 22nd- should explain it's a Sony SZ3 work freebie to die.

So I'm forced to use an old laptop I used before that I've been keeping in my bedroom for when I'm ill yeah, I know- decadent eh? Are 4 sheets of paper with a paper clip in a regular business sized envelope too heavy for just one first class stamp? I want to join a marching band, I think. I don't play any instruments, but I really enjoyed protesting the war and a marching band seems like the closest thing.

I fucking hate you R And I think you're a retarded year-old girl, because you certainly write like one. It's cold, it's rainy, it's gray. In other words, it's perfect Smiths weather. Does anyone have a hi-fi we can spin some records on? I'd like to request "Sheila Take A Bow" for our first track. I can't wait for this term to end.

Four more lectures then I'm out on research leave until September I still don't get what's so controversial about not using the name 'Fernando' in a publication where it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Or was it the fact that I was bored and decided to use the opportunity to slip in a football reference that pissed you off? Whatever it was, your response was way over the top.

About how you can't wait for our best players to leave the club, etc. I've never derailed the other thread by telling you what an annoying cunt I think you are, out of respect for your fellow creepsters.

I looked in this thread straight after, and saw your previous post. Just got back from vacation, and I'm exhausted. Next time I'm going to do nothing but read and take strolls in the woods. If you love the sea as I do you will love beachcombing after a storm, possibly finding washed ashore beach treasures.

The air is brisk; not much sunbathing here, even in summer. The food is fabulous, like r's friend said. We tried different seafood chowders every day of our vacation, ate Why Supermarkets Are A Drag - Mary Peate (2) - If You Lived Here freshest seafoods. The people of Oregon are so friendly and accommodating,the antique and specialty shops are fabulous.

The small towns do close up early off-season, but that was fine. Love the pace of the Oregon Coast. We plan to retire there someday. My BFF just called me - she gave birth last night to a beautiful baby girl!

I'm so excited. I'm a new "auntie". And what's even better, she didn't name her Madison - she named her an awesome unique name - one that does not disappoint! R - if I post it, it won't be cool and unique for long. It starts with an S. The kids only a day old and her name is totally rockin'.

I've been without a dog for about three years now. A friend of a friend has rescued what everyone says is a very sweet dog, who looks like a cross between a Lab and a small Irish Setter.

I haven't met her yet, but they tell me she's skittish and takes a while to get to know you, but has a lovely personality. I adore dogs. And I probably need one--I've been alone for too long. So why in the world am I nervous about meeting her? I'm afraid of failing her, of not being what she needs. I should have known you wouldn't disappoint me, ayb. I should have known. The sun shines out of our behinds. I'm starting to hate Forrest Gump now after seeing part of it on TV the other night.

I always regarded it as harmless fluff, but now I am starting to agree with a lot of it's biggest critics here at Datalounge. Forrest Gump running with Bubba in his arm as the napalm explodes just a few feet behind him.

If he had left the jungle with Bubba half a second later, they both would've been incinerated. Very embarrassing to watch. The goofy special effects in the LBJ scene. The effects look bad and it's just tacky to begin with. If you are an an avid watcher, believe me, you'll miss it. Don't buy so much junk food. So not to brag or anything because it's been something of a double-edged sword, I had this local lad round from gaydar and he wasn't like superhot but he was kinda sexy.

Anyway he brought over a joint and woh So that was good. I ate a bunch of food and I'm still like floating somewhere around my own periphery. It's like what. Anne gradu- ated from the Plymouth High School in As a young woman, Anne worked at J. Anne lived most of her life in Plymouth until she moved next to her daugh- ter in Kingston. She was a constant helper and source of strength to Cheryl and her family.

Due to her declining health, she resided at the Meadows Manor for the past three years. Her fellowresi- dents andstaff soonbecame her sec- ond family. Anne was strong in body, mindandspirit. Her entire life was dedicated to her family. Her personality won over anyone she touched. She was full of laughter, humor, wit and caring. Once you were part of her life she cared deeply for you forever. She will be remembered and cherished by all who knew her. A special thank you goes to her physician for over 30 years, Dr.

John Carey, and the entire staff of the Meadows Manor for their compas- sion and caring. Anne was preceded in death by her loving husband, Edwin R. Po- well Sr. Thefuneral will beheldat11a. Tuesday morning from the William A. Reese Funeral Chapel, 56 Gay- lord Ave. Anita J. Friends and family may call from 4 to 7 p. Monday and from 10 a. Anne Powell September 30, M rs. Della was born Adel Vichulis in Ashley on February 24, At the age of 22, she married Wal- ter Grey Gryskewicz, born He was killedinthe Battle of the Bulge.

Della was sworn in as Burgess upon his death and was re- elected to the position twice, serv- ing until They had three children, Mari- lyn, Jean, and Walter Jr. Della never remarried. She loved to travel, including trips to Hawaii, Poland, Germany and Rome, where she had an audience with the Pope.

Her favorite colors were orchid and mint green. Della was preceded in death by her children, Marilyn G. Hinchliffe, Jean A. Juba and Walter R. Magrath, Michael J. Magrath, Debbi L. Juba Chronister, and Jeffrey A. Services will be held at 2 p. Saturday in St. Leos Catholic Church, 33 Manhattan St. She will be buriedwithher family at St Marys Cemetery in Ashley. Memorial funeral services will be held at 2 p.

In- terment will be in Evergreen Cem- etery, Shavertown. Family and friends may call from 1 to 2 p. His death came without illness or pain. He was born on May 29,in Wilkes-Barre. After attending elementary and high school locally, he completed his education at Bloomsburg College. Fran will long be remembered for his love of family and friends, his pas- sion for animals, his quick and easy laugh, his long-winded stories, his loyalty to friends and his zest for life.

He is also survived by three nieces, four nephews, one great-niece and four great-nephews; as well as his stepchildren, Lori McNitt and Todd Probst; and grand- son Keegan McNitt. She was a member of the Episcopal Church of St. Clem- ent and St. Flo was formerly employed by the former Mercy Hospital as a nurse in the Cancer Ward.

She was a longtime member and treasurer of the Friends of the Oster- hout Library and a lifetime member of Susquehanna Trailers Hiking Club. She was also a member of the League of Women Voters and watched the polls. She loved attend- ing plays at Kings College and Wilkes University. She was preceded in death by sev- eral brothers and sisters. Surviving are her son Stephen J. Weber and his wife, Christine, Hern- don, Va. A memorial service will be held from noon to 2 p.

Interment will be in Mohlers Cemetery, Ephra- ta. To send Flos family words of com- fort and friendship, please visit www. Florence Z. Weber September 29, J ohn C. His loving wife is Shirley A. Za- lenski Krzysik. Together, John and Shirley celebrated their 51st wed- ding anniversary on May 7, John and his parents immigrated to the Unit- ed States when John was 14 years old.

John was a graduate of Hanover Area High School, class of Fol- lowing high school, John went on to further his education at Penn State University at the former Wilkes- Barre campus, where he acquired his associates degree in Electrical Engineering. Uponhis honorable discharge onJu- ly 14,John had attained the rank of Staff Sergeant after only serving in the U. Air Force for four years. Prior to his retirement, John was employed for 31 years as an electri- cian by the former Owens-Illinois Techniglas Corporation, Pittston Township.

In his earlier years, John was employed by the former Con- solidated Cigar Co. Additionally, John was a longtime member of the Pol- ish National Alliance, LodgeSugar Notch, with whom he served as treasurer and also was a member of the American Legion, PostWomelsdorf.

Aman of many enjoyments, John enjoyed tending to his annual vege- table garden Youd Be Home Now (Vinyl working cross- word puzzles and word finds. John was a great handyman and he was always there to help anyone who was in need. Family was the center of Johns life and he cherished each moment he had with his loved ones.

He al- ways helda special place inhis heart for his grandchildren, eachof whom he adored. In addition to his wife, John is al- so survived by his sons, John C. Relatives and Friends are re- spectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will be conduct- ed at 9 a. Tuesday from the Jo- seph L. Wroblewski Funeral Home, 56 Ashley St. Joseph R. Kakareka, his pastor, officiating. Family andFriends areinvitedtocall from5 to 8 p. Monday at the funeral home. John C. Her beloved husband was the late John AndrewSoha, whopassedaway on May 13, Funeral arrangements are pending and have been entrusted to the care of the Wroblewski Fu- neral Home Inc.

Acomplete obitu- ary will appear in Mondays Times Leader. D avid P. Baldy Hilenski, born October 10,a resident of Slocum Township, passed away Friday, September 30,at his residence. Baldy, as he was known by his many friends, was a son of the late Stella and Wallace Hilen- ski, who were formerly of Blythe- burn. He was a graduate of Crestwood High School, Mountain Top, and was self employed as a carpenter most of his life. He was anavidout- doorsman and trap shooter. He was also a member of the Barren Acres Trap League.

Baldy enjoyed hunting, mush- room picking, canning, and mak- ing his award-winning peanut but- ter eggs and lollipops. He especial- ly enjoyed rounding the troops for the annual kielbasa, scrapple mak- ing, sauerkraut making and piero- gi making.

One of his favorite ac- tivities was watching John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies. Dave will be sadly missed by his family and friends. If you knewDave you knewthat if youneededsomethingyoucould call on Baldy for assistance; he had a heart of gold. To those who knew him he will always be re- membered as a big man with a big heart.

Relatives and friends may call from 5 to 8 p. In- terment will be held at the conve- nience of the family. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate memorial dona- tions be made to The Slocum Township Volunteer Fire Co.

Viewobituaries on line at mccu- nefuneralserviceinc. David P. Edwardlivedmost of his life inPly- mouth and was educated at Vo- Tech, Pringle.

Ed was an avid baseball fan of the Reds. Memorial Service will be held at 6 p. Monday from the Yeo- sockFuneral Home, 40S. Reginald H. Thomas officiating. Friends may call 5 p. Memorial donations may be made to the family. Funeral arrangements will be announced by the H. Merritt Hughes Funeral Home Inc. At Our George Ave. See store for details. Believe It or Not Only one business in town, an insurance company, was spared the early September flooding.

The record-high waters of the Susquehanna have left proprie- tors struggling some with the challenges of reopening, others with uncertainty whether they can come back and at least one with a feeling of defeat. Bach, who opened a fitness center in the former furniture store two years ago, is among those who are fighting their way back. I have an investment here. My familys been here for years. And whoamI goingtosell it to? Whos going to come here and buy this andgivemeareasonablepricefor it? Bach said.

We lost moneyonthe building and time, but there are a lot of people worse off than we are, Wayne Wolfe, 54, said. The Union Township couple recentlyreturnedtothearea after living in Saudi Arabia for 30 years. Wayne Wolfe took an early retirement package from his pet- roleum engineer job so he and Sue could be close to their chil- dren and grandchildren, who had moved to the states years ago.

Were using some of that mon- ey to do this. Its an income stream for retirement, Wayne said, and the fact that the store is inafloodzonedoesnt worryhim.

This building has had water in, and, so this is the fourth flood in this build- ing. It will happen again. Its not a matter of if it will, its when it will, he said.

Frame shop reopening Bonnie Shane, 56, is reopening her art and frame shop The Up- stairs Gallery at the corner of Main and Union streets. Shane had moved the shop to a ground floor section of the build- ing so she could remodel the up- stairs, andlost some heavy equip- ment whenthe townflooded.

But family and friends helped Shane and her husband, Dan, move most everything else back up- stairs before the flood hit. I saved my inventory and my customer work.

I would hope to reopen by the end of October, Shane said. The Shanes ground-floor ten- ant wasnt as fortunate. Jim Houseknecht, 50, lost all theequipment inhis two-year-old business Angelos Pizzeria. He thought it would be covered by the Shanes flood insurance, but their policy covered only the structure.

He hopes to qualify for a Small Business Administration loan. And hes worried. On the SBApapers, they want to knowwhat you have for collat- eral. I sold my classic car and I borrowed and borrowed and bor- rowed because, when you open up a new restaurant, you cant go to a bank, they dont want to talk to you. So, pretty much, every- things in the breeze, he said.

John Morgan, owner of the 5 Mountain Market, also is waiting on numbers. Whether or not we can come back is going to dependonif I can get these SBA loans. I dont even have all the numbers to plug in to the loan application yet. My warehouse is workingonwhat its going to take to do a total rebuild here. And if its not cost-effective to operate and pay back those loans, if its just too much money, we cant do it, the year-old Pittston resident said. Theda Bellas isnt interested in a loan for her business.

Ive beenhere 25years andnot a drop of water on the floor, so I didnt get any flood insurance. Im too old to borrow money and goindebt at this age, saidBellas, of Union Township.

Future is unclear Her future may be uncertain, but Bellas knows she doesnt want toopenanother flower shop somewhere else. I need to do something different. But at 65, Imnot sure I want todoanything right now anyway.

The town needs a flower shop, shesaid, but her storefront will be flooded again in the future. And shes not at all confident shell be able to find a buyer. Youcanlookat it twoways: Its a good opportunity, but its also a gamble. You could have another flood next year or it could be 25 years before it happens again. PETE G. The couple plans to reopen the hardware store under the name of Five Mountains Hardware.

He talked about the work that is involved getting his businesses restarted after the Susquehanna River flooding that oc- curred in Shickshinny two weeks ago caused by Tropical Storm Lee. Bach has placed his iconic life- sized stuffed gorilla back outside the fitness center. PA mttopaluminum. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Dickson City, PA www. May said PennDOT is facing time constraints, as patching work cannot be done in overly- cold weather.

The paving work is being done in preparation for bridge deck replacement work slated to begin in the spring. That construction is anticipat- ed to last 12 to 18 months.

We had to wait for the rain and we cant wait until it gets too cold, May said. If we cant get it done before the weather gets cold, then we cant start on it until the spring and then everything gets pushed back. He also said PennDOT will monitor how the road work af- fects traffic patterns and adapt its plans as necessary.

On Monday well look at it, and if its causing major head- aches well get in contact with the city of Wilkes-Barre to see what our options are to make it as convenient as possible for the traveling public, May said.

Wilkes-Barre City spokesman Drew McLaughlin said the bridge work will not alter the detour in place around the Sterling as the detour needs to remain in place until the build- ing is demolished. Emergency vehicles have al- ready been instructed to use al- ternate routes such as North Main or Pennsylvania Avenue instead of River Street.

The city understands the in- convenience factor for people, but public safety is para- mount, McLaughlin said. Lane closures on the Veter- ans Memorial Bridge will begin in the westbound driving lane, then move to the westbound passing lane, then to the east- bound driving lane, then to the eastbound passing lane.

Work on each lane is expected to last two weeks, according to Penn- DOT. Permanent detours were in- stalled around the Hotel Ster- ling on Wednesday at the rec- ommendation of two engi- neers, who inspected the build- ing after it took on water that leaked from the Market Street Bridge flood gate in early Sep- tember. Temporary detours had been put in place a week earlier. The walk, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, has been held annually for the past 18 years in communities through- out the United States.

The first Making Strides event was heldin, inBoston. Every Octo- ber, various organizations make an effort to educate and make the public more aware of this dis- ease. The walkers, as well as the vol- unteers, all had personal reasons for their attendance at Saturdays fundraiser.

Plymouth residents Henry and Elizabeth Mertis were among the first to register for the walk. I am here to support my wife, Mr. Mertis said. She will be a two-year survivor this De- cember.

She has also personally known individuals who have bat- tled the disease. Im here to do whatever they need me to do Keeler said.

Joan Senchak, a four-year cancer survivor from Pringle, was in charge of setting up the survivors table at the event. Senchaks reasons for at- tending the event were deeply personal. Everybody was so wonderful during my time of needthe American Cancer Society is where I volunteer my free time. Kingston resident Linda Mo- harsky has participated in several cancer fundraising events.

Her mother, as well as a close friend, were both diagnosed with breast cancer. Another four-year survivor, Jackie Kahley, of Plymouth, is the only one in her family who has ever sufferedfrombreast can- cer. This is the first time that she has participated in this type of event. This is the first year that I feel well enough to attend, she said.

The event is popular national- ly, but this was the first time it was held in this area. People who turned out to help expressed many reasons for getting involved. Some were can- cer survivors, while oth- ers just wanted to help. A popular national event comes to town and brings out some very committed people. Captured Moments. Reader submitted photos thats as easy as drag and drop or a simple click and upload.

Now you can create your own online photo gallery. Start sharing your collection today at photos. Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake, re- leased the schedule for her satellite offices for the month of October, which will be the last month for satellite hours until next spring.

A member of Bo- backs staff will be available on the following dates and times: Tuesday, p. Municipal Building, Tunk- hannock Highway; Wednesday, 9 a. Municipal Building, LP) Bomboy Lane; Oct.

Municipal Build- ing, South Mountain Blvd. Vine St. Oak St. The committee to elect Dr. James F. Wednesday at Vesuvios Restaurant, N. Wyoming St. Food and refreshments will be provid- ed. Long spent the last few weeks washing out mud and grease, dis- infecting the garage and rebuild- ing his inventory so he may ser- vicecustomers togeneratemuch- needed revenue.

He doesnt have flood insur- ance and he jacked up equipment about 7 feet on a lift mistakenly thinkingit wouldbe out of harms way. He bought the business about five years ago and is frus- trated that the federal govern- ment provides grants for homes without flood insurance but not businesses.

Our governments done noth- ing for small businesses, Long saidas heput awaysomeof there- placement parts. The two are among an estimat- ed Luzerne County business- es along the Susquehanna that were damaged by flooding from Tropical StormLee.

Despite suffering ma- jorlosses, manyownersdisplayed anoptimisticspirit, taintedwitha strong dose of reality. Plymouth Richard Brassington recently received a call from a customer whowantedBrassingtontocheck something on a motorcycle. He wanted to help the man but couldnt find his volt meter. Evenif its still inthedisarrayat Wyoming Valley Wheels, the de- vice may be on the growing list of stuff that no longer works.

I feel overwhelmed. I cant put a dent in what I have to do, said Brassington, who rents three buildings near the old Carey Ave- nue bridge for his business.

He did not obtain flood insur- anceasarenterandisparticularly worriedbecauseoneair compres- sor was lost, andtheother oneap- pears to be damaged.

Selling and installingmotorcycletires is a big part of his business, andhes been struggling to stay afloat with the downturnintheeconomythelast two years.

AnythingI needtoreplacewill have to be out-of-pocket, and theres nothing in the pocket, Brassington said. About 95 percent of that inven- tory was destroyed by flooding, said his sons, Jamey and Jerry Lech, who now operate the busi- ness.

Thebrothershavesoldparts to people around the globe. Their relatives had helped to move vehicles and trailers filled with parts to higher ground on their acres of property. Much of the inventory would have been safe if the foot river crest esti- mate that was ineffect whenthey evacuated had held true.

JLisnowopenforbusiness, but the Lechs cant simply order new parts because they are the suppli- ers. Were mainlyopennowtotrytobuycars to rebuild our stock, said Jamey Lech. On top of their loss, the Lechs alsomust removeshedsandother debris deposited on their land. They didnt have flood insur- ance, sayinggovernment officials led themto believe years ago that they were not at risk for signifi- cant flooding, eventhoughthe ar- ea wasnt protectedbytheWyom- ing Valley Levee, they said.

We had a false security, Ja- mey Lech said. Other busi- nesses on lower ground in the complex, including flagship ten- ants Kmart and Redners Ware- house Market, were still in clea- nup mode last week. A security company has been hired to make sure no trespassers enter. The roughly full- and part- time workers at Redners have been offered employment at the chains other stores in Pittston, NesquehoningandScranton, said company spokesman Eric White.

Arcadia Realty, the plaza own- er, is still assessingdamage tothe structure and has not informed tenants whether it will rebuild, White said. Redners officials have not yet decided whether they will locate another store at the plaza if Arca- dia decides to repair the place, White said. We are still in the process of sorting through insurance claims and damage estimates, White said, thanking the many custom- ers who have contacted the com- pany with well wishes and inqui- ries about its future plans for the Edwardsville location.

Kmart plans to reopen, and the store is working with Arcadia to calculate damages and come up with a plan for repairs, said spo- keswoman Kim Freely.

The stores employees she wasnt sureof thenumber arecurrently working on other post-flood as- signments, and they will be briefedsoonontheiroptionsuntil the store reopens, she said. The second floor area was part of theWyomingAvenuespabut is now used for all salon work be- cause it wasnt touched by flood waters.

Weve been back two weeks now. Tuesday, October 4 th P. Saturday, October 8 th A. Course covers cooking basics and easy plate presentations. A hands on approach to learn basic computer skills. All materials, handouts, and testing included. Materials, projects, and textbooks are NOT included.

Also, oxyacetylene ame cutting, welding and brazing are included. Times to be arranged with instructor. Provides classroom and shop instruction regarding requirements governing PA State Vehicle Inspection for an extended period. Working at night is odd be- cause hes used to the bright lights and sounds of other sur- rounding businesses that remain closed.

Little by little, you see the lights coming back, he said. George and Carol Budnovitch ate sandwiches packed in tin foil outsidehisself-namedautorepair and inspection station one after- noon last week, enjoying the break. Theyve come every day since the flood, chipping away at the work and trying to keep each other upbeat. Some days are good and some are bad, Carol said. Budnovitch worked at the sta- tion since and bought the propertyin He plans to reopen but doesnt know when.

He needs electricity todetermineif theemissionstest- ing machine that he elevated still works, and he hasnt yet touched the basement cleanup. Jeff Holtz reopened his Old Mill Pine hardware store on Exe- ter Avenue the day after the flood because his fellow flood victims needed supplies.

Friends and customers arrived ontheirowntohelphimcleanout themuckleft by3feet of water a height he has marked with a sign in the store. It was overwhelming, he said of the support. He didnt have floodinsurance, because in the structure had water only inthe basement, so he will havetopayforanewfloorand other repairs.

Bicycles, snowblowers andlots of other merchandise were moved to a safe spot before the water rose inside the structure. The stuff that was inthe floodbut still usable is for sale cheap in the lot outside the store, as indicated by a large sign that says mud sale.

Some businesses in the bor- oughhavecomeupwithother op- tions tocontinue servingcustom- ers. Bank of America has a mobile banking trailer set up. Two Cefalo Associates law of- fice buildings were damaged by flooding, sothelawstaff isoperat- ing from an office trailer behind the building and another loca- tion, a worker said.

Our town will be back, says a banner hang- ing on a Cefalo building. Pittston G T Fabrication Inc. Tigheis tryingtoworkout a so- lutionsothedisruptionandlossis not repeated at the metal fabrica- tionandfinishingplant. The Ben- edict Street property has been flooded several times sinceand staying would be like Rus- sian roulette, he said. We need to relocate, but we cant do that without a buyout, he said.

That wont come close to the money needed to acquire new equipment, and the business wont receivethebuildingdamag- es portion because hes not fixing up the old place. Tighes head is spinningwithnumbers that must be crunched to figure Why Supermarkets Are A Drag - Mary Peate (2) - If You Lived Here what it would cost to start fresh. He had to pay other fabricators to complete existing orders be- cause he doesnt want to lose cus- tomers.

Tighe said he was power- less to remove expensive, heavy machinerybeforethefloodhit be- cause he neededmore time to ob- tain a crane. Were in a tough position, he said.

The roof was the only part of the building visible in the flood, and he shows pictures on his phoneif peopledont believehim. He leased the building and doesnt know if the owner will renovate, or even if the building can be saved.

He is focusing on his grilling and barbeque catering businessfor nowbut hopestoreo- pen the restaurant there or some- where else by the spring. He took over the restaurant three years ago and said he had started attracting faithful cus- tomers and newcomers. Things were just starting to get moving, he said.

GreenValleyLandscapingis on the highest ground in the Plains- ville section of the township, but workers still prepared by moving equipment and supplies above flood levels. The effort helped, but the busi- ness still lost material that was swept away or inundated, said Jerry Natishan, president and owner of the company alongwith business partner Dale Shuman.

The office had more than 3 feet of water, forcing two managers to set up shop upstairs. The solution: Green Valleys roughly 60 employees showed up the Sunday after the flood to doc- ument damage, remove mud and ruined property and to scrub. The workers also rescued a stray kitten that is now being nursed back to health and will likely be named Mud. Natishan saidhewasthankful hehadthere- sources to recover quickly so cus- tomers wouldnt miss service.

Wegot thisplacebackinshape in two days, he said. Mark Plaza owner Arcadia Realty is still assessing damage and has not in- formed ten- ants whether it will rebuild. Luzerne County has a loan program that may be an option for businesses that need to bor- row money to repair damage caused by tropical storms Irene and Lee, county officials said. Loan funds are available for eligible busi- nesses at an interest rate of 1. Amajority 51per- cent or more of the jobs must be held by people from low- or moderate-income families.

County Community Devel- opment Director Andrew Reil- ly, who oversees the loan pro- gram, said interested business- es must also obtain a letter of credit from a lending institu- tion in the amount of the loan guaranteeing that the county will be repaid if the borrower stops repaying. Borrowers must have good credit to obtain these letters of credit, and banks typically charge 1 percent to 3 percent fees, though the interest pay- ment will be lowered as the amount owed to the county de- creases, he said.

The countys loan program has many more strings at- tached than the disaster re- covery loans provided through the U. Small Business Ad- ministration, he said. Interest on the SBA loans ranges from 4 percent to 6 percent. The county loan program may fit some businesses needs, but for others the SBA loan is going to be a better op- tion for them, said Reilly, who advises businesses to first ex- plore SBA loans.

Information about the coun- ty loan program may be ob- tained by calling Community Development at on weekdays between 9 a. Times Leader staff Some private nonprofit orga- nizations may be eligible for Small Business Administration low- interest-rate disaster loans to help them recover from damages caused by Tropical Storm Irene that occurred Aug.

Organizations in 10 counties, in- cluding Luzerne and Wyoming, may be eligible. Examples include, but are not limited to, food kitch- ens, homeless shelters, museums, libraries, community centers, schools and colleges. Disaster loan information and application forms may be obtained by calling for the deaf and hard-of- hearingor by sending an email to disastercustomerservice sba. The filing deadline for physical property damage is Nov. For most of his life, heworkedinthefieldof not-for-profit management, includingwork for the Boy Scouts of America, the National Audubon Society and Volunteers of America.

He was ordained a deacon in and ordained a priest in This week, he is noting his second anniversary at Grace Episcopal Church. Youve said that you were very involved withyour churchas a youth, but then got away from organized religion for a while. And though you entered the priesthood later in life, youve said that you always felt a special connection with God. I never lost Christ as my savior. I knew that I had a very special relationshipwithChrist. I take so much comfort in know- ing that Christ was both human and divine.

The idea that Christ walked on the Earth I take great comfort in that and always did. From the very beginning, even before I went to seminary, I knew that I was being called to a parish ministry.

And that has been con- firmed to me over and over and over again, almost on a daily basis. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

It worked out much cheaper this way. The delivery van is the same as the Kombi and Microbus in everything but dress, and was several hundred dollars cheaper. Windows could be installed for half the price of the special VW windows, which sometimes leaked anyway. Research had also led me to believe that the pineboard carpentry in the off-the-shelf VW campers would loosen and rattle after a time. It was heavier, too, than the fibreglass conversion I had in mind.

For that price I got everything except the more exotic extras, such as air-conditioning imagine the poor otherwise! Expensive for a car, maybe, but not for a car and a mobile holiday home. Over the years my wife, child and I have done a lot of living in that VW camper. It's been bush, interstate, trekked in Alps snow and Western Plains heat.

My only real complaint? I wish I had two of them, so 1 could rent out the spare and make a fortune. Living in a camper requires some planning. You soon learn that once you've organised your gear it's a whole lot easier to leave it there.

You don't, for example, take plates, cutlery and condiments that you also need at home. Transferring them back and forth from camper to kitchen is too much of a drag. So you have a second set of kitchen utensils, probably the old chipped stuff, and that stays always in the camper. You make great use of plastic boxes, the airtight ones that come in all shapes and sizes, and can be bought in any department store.

Unless you're heading off immediately to some totally arid area, refrain from filling the water tank at point of departure. Mine holds 45 litres, which is enough mass to boost the petrol bill noticeably on long trips. You'll get there faster and more economically if you fill up with water at the garage nearest your destination. Some camper owners carry a second volt battery, arguing that they need a backup for the power drain of the fridge, lights and, perhaps, electric frying pan.

I don't find this necessary. I switch it to 12 volts when leaving and turn it over to gas, which also fuels the stove, when camping overnight. A covered outside plug at the rear of the Kombi means I can tap the volt power sources at caravan parks, although in fact I've never had to do this. The 4. The interior lighting drain on the battery is negligible, thanks to the transistorised strip light in the pop-up roof. In the interests of safety, I make it a rule to have the gas off when on the move.

Battery power, constantly charged by the generator, is sufficient for all systems car electrics and fridge and the battery, in fact, won't begin to run down until some five to seven hours after the engine has been switched off.

For this reason, I don't bother to turn on the gas during roadside stops unless I want to use the stove. It lowers the insurance premiums, too. Overcrowding in a Kombi camper begins only when you have more than two adults and two small children aboard. But the ideal, of course, is a twosome, which means both cosiness yet plenty of room to move around.

Most of the advantages of camper vans are fairly apparent; the cost-saving on motels and rented holiday houses, being able to pull up anchor and shift without hassle or fanfare, the duality of having at the same time an urban and suburban commuter vehicle, which you can park legally on loading zones.

Others are less apparent. Did you realise that they add an extra room to your house? If you have a small flat and some people want to crash for the night, then you can put them up without cluttering the lounge room floor - in the Kombi camper. Another use is load carrying. The Kombi has a one tonne payload and even an elaborately fitted out camper still has plenty of room for light trucking chores.

I remember once moving four bulging tea chests and five bulging suitcases for a friend who'd just moved back from overseas. They all fitted just - but the mirror was still unobscured and there was still room for the passenger up front. Doubters might still say - well, why not a car and a tent instead? Then you would have performance, plus a getting-away-from-it-all facility.

But I remember once camping at Geehi, above Khancoban in the Snowy Mountains one cool autumn, playing cards in the Kombi dressed in board shorts, the warmth guaranteed by the insulation and the simmerer setting on the stove. We looked out sardonically at a wretched group huddled in a tent nearby, their fire spluttering in the rain and a whistling wind chilling their bones. It took them an hour to pack up in the morning, shifting their gear to the back of their ute, taking down their sodden tent, rolling and packing it.

All I had to do was roll up the awning at the side of the Kombi, drop the roof and turn off the gas. Five minutes easy work. Despite all, however, there are disadvantages in campervans. I also have to wash and polish it myself - with a height of 2. Automatic transmissions are not recommended, at least for VW campers. Even an auto or 2 litre is difficult to put up over a kerb. Manuals on the other hand, present few traction problems and the engine weight over the rear wheels allows you to churn through swamps where many sedans would fear to tread.

For married men, campers pose special problems. When you come home late, it's no use arguing you've been a good and faithful lad when she knows what you both know - that you've been travelling in a mobile bedroom. There are probably a number of reasons, but more and more Americans, English and Europeans are engaging in a month holiday tour of Australia.

Arriving at one of our International Airports, one of their first priorities is to purchase a cheap vehicle for the purpose of seeing the sights of Australia. A popular choice is a VW Kombi Camper, which is then resold just prior to departure. Vehicles are often sold to another traveller, changing hands many times, sometimes not even transferring the registration. The following story is a true account of a couple's last few weeks in Australia, doing the rounds of VW garages as opposed to sightseeing not by their choice.

Names and addresses have been excluded to protect all parties. I run a VW workshop. Just on opening time, I received a phone call from another VW repairer located a few hours drive away, advising us he recently did some work on a Kombi travelling in our direction. Their apprentice, who later took the day off to remove an imprint from his tail, had left the air cleaner off the said Kombi.

He requested we fit an air cleaner and send him the bill. Later that morning the Kombi concerned arrived. On fitting the air cleaner, we advised the owners we didn't have the filter section which sits in the oil bowl, so we would convert the air cleaner to dry element type. We assured them it was a modification approved by VW and that it would be all right.

Two hours after the travellers departed, we received a phone call from one of our VW parts suppliers, telling us they had been contacted by the Kombi owners, who had just put a conrod through the crankcase. It was one of their exchange motors still under warranty, and arrangements were being made to have the poor Kombi towed back to our workshop. They requested we fit an exchange motor which they would dispatch that dayand of course to send them the bill. Later that day the Kombi arrived and yes, a conrod was emerging from the crankcase, and there was still plenty of oil left in the motor.

The engine was soon dropped out and the tinware removed. During this procedure we began to notice a few improprieties. One - the foam engine bay seal had not been fitted correctly behind the fan housing, and in fact had been sucked into the cooling fan. Two - the cooling fan in place was the narrower unit fitted to single port motors, not the wider unit specified for twin port engines.

We also noted the melted spark plug rubbers, seeming otherwise to be quite new, which had adhered to the tinware. The Bureau of Meteorology recorded a district maximum of A shop discussion was held to discuss the findings, with the decision being made to inform the engine supplier of the above factors. After all, they were the ones honouring the warranty, and we were their source of information.

Next day the Kombi owners returned to get the latest update on the situation. The replacement exchange engine had arrived, being a cc twin port with a 6-volt flywheel, built on an early Beetle crankcase. Apparently the VW parts supplier was phasing out exchange engines, and this one and the failed motor were at the end of their supply. We showed the Kombi owners what we had found and explained what effects it would have on their motor.

The owners then told us their story. They had been experiencing trouble with their motor, taking it to many garages to have the problems rectified but only to have it then expire.

A garage then fitted this motor, after sourcing it through one VW suppler from the VW parts supplier now honouring the warranty. It took three days after installation to get the motor running. Upon resuming their journey the owners soon experienced trouble. They sought out another garage down the road, who found the timing was a long way out.

Continuing on their journey, trouble again reared its ugly head, this time in the form of leaking cylinder heads. The heads were repaired under warranty by yet another garage and they were sent on their way, minus the air cleaner. We fitted an air cleaner as requested, only to have the motor fail a short time later.

They were now in a situation where they no longer knew who or what to believe or trust, but they knew the trouble was brought on due to fitting the incorrect motor the engine was built on a Beetle crankcase and used an adaptor plate to fit, rather than using a Kombi crankcase with three point mounting.

They rightly insisted the technically correct motor be fitted, and not the replacement one sent. We advised they would have to take the matter up with the VW Parts engine supplier, and they did so. Details of that discussion are very hazy, but the offer of warranty was then withdrawn.

Loss of warranty was then accredited to us over our findings, and the informing of the parts supplier thereof. Things did not look at all good for the Kombi owners then; no warranty, not enough money to cover repairs to the vehicle, and only three weeks to their Australian visa expiring.

Outside help was then sought by a Consumer Agency and an Auto Club of which they were members - after all, they did go to garages recommended by the Auto Club. Both of these organisations soon arrived at our garage to investigate the situation, believing they should receive warranty and that our findings on dismantling had no relevance to the failure.

Nevertheless the engine was taken by the Auto Club to be dismantled and inspected, and fortunately we had kept a sample of oil, which we gave with the motor.

The Auto Club later rang to say the heads, pistons and cylinders had been examined and they could find no sign of cylinder damage due to running with no air cleaner or signs of overheating. Heads, pistons, cylinders and push rods were not discoloured and there was plenty of oil around the piston rings.

The oil sample was not tested. They therefore believed the owner should receive warranty. All we could suggest was to take the matter up with the engine supplier, and they did so. This story unfolded over a period of ten days, with a lot of blame and insults being handed out in the process. The garage who left the air cleaner off ended up supplying a reconditioned motor and the owners had it fitted by another garage. I believe there are a lot of lessons and morals to be derived from this incident.

It's up to you to make your own assessment of this event. I would like to share with you a true story, which happened last month. For those who don't know me or remember me, I work as a mechanic at a Shell Auto Care garage in Rockhampton, central Queensland.

On arriving at work early one Monday morning, I was greeted by an awaiting cc VW Kombi that had several oil leaks. After checking and giving an estimate, I was given the go ahead to carry out repairs. They had only a limited English vocabulary, which was better than my Swiss.

The motor was missing the left and right under barrel deflector plates, left and right lower cylinder covers, and both rear deflector plates. It had the usual oil leaks - crank seal, oil cooler and pushrod tubes. On removal of the engine I soon discovered some cracks in the crankcase - one in the oil gallery to the cooler, one behind the flywheel on the No.

Well it was obvious that a few seals were not going to plug this leaker, so a new estimate on an exchange motor was given, for which their poor understanding of the Aussie language took a nosedive. After some negotiating the go ahead was given for an exchange motor. A motor was ordered and fitted with all the tinware. The owners dropped in just as I was finishing the job, and I explained I was going to take the van for a test drive, so the husband decided to tag along.

I pointed to the 50 mph mark on the speedo, but he pointed to the 80 mph mark. Well, you can imagine his surprise when I explained the Australian imperial speedo in this Kombi versus the metric system he knew. On arrival back at the shop, he explained the lesson in Swiss to his wife who rushed over seeking confirmation to their illegal driving habit.

The twin carburettors on Kombis can cause no end of problems unless they are set up correctly. I will try to explain how to set them up in plain English. Of course, before you start playing with the carb adjustments, you should make sure that the rest of the engine is correct first. Correctly adjust the valves, the points gap and ignition timing, following the instructions in your VW workshop manual. First, you must understand that there are actually three separate idle systems on these carburettors, and they must equally contribute to the idle speed and mixture for smooth idling and acceleration.

I will first explain the 3 idle systems. The right hand carburettor has a sunken mixture screw that was originally covered by a protective plastic cap. VW did not want you to touch these settings but if the plastic caps are missing, every man and his dog probably have had a twiddle with them. Idle speed or throttle opening at idle is controlled by a small screw on the linkage lever.

The left hand carburettor contains the same system with the addition of the third idle circuit. This idle circuit has two adjustment screws on top, the large one for idle and the smaller one for mixture adjustment. That funny little black steel pipe on the left hand side air cleaner supplies air to the third idle circuit, and fuel is supplied from the left hand side carburettor float bowl.

To get all systems contributing equally idle speed and mixtureyou must first disable the third idle circuit. You can do this by removing the wire from the large solenoid screwed into the left carburettor top. The revs should drop to about rpm if the system is working correctly, which it probably isn't. The large solenoid in the left carburettor often comes loose and enlarges the hole it screws into.

If this is the case, it can be heli-coiled. You will usually need a new solenoid, as the cotton reel shaped plunger on the end will often be worn and will not seal, and the mating surface the for cotton reel to is often damaged. If this is the case you can usually do away with the solenoid altogether by just plugging up the hole with a bolt or something, and a little bit of araldite to seal it.

The third idle circuit can also be disabled with help of an assistant. Remove the black steel pipe from the top of the left hand carby, together with rubber elbow and ask your assistant to put a finger over the brass tube that pokes out of the left hand carby top.

The solenoid is supposed to stop run on, but if the other two idle jet solenoids on the left and right carbs are working, and the compression is not too high to cause run on or the idle speed too high, it should not cause any problems. After having disabled the third idling system also called the central idle circuit you can start synchronising the left and right carbs.

It's important to have idle set low on this conventional type idle system about rpm otherwise when the central idle is brought back in the idle will be too high and the large idle screw will have no effect. Disconnect the linkage from carby levers, give each carb a blip and check idle synchronisation. You can do this three ways. You could use a synchronisation tool, such as a pea in a tube.

LP) you could remove the small idle solenoid wire, one at a time, and note the difference in idle speed on a dwell tach, or by ear. Or you could remove 2 and no. The first two methods are the least exciting. After any adjustment on the small idle screw on the linkage lever, blip the throttle and re-check your idle speed difference. Now comes the mixture adjustment. You either need an exhaust gas analyser or a pretty good ear to pick up where the car idles the best with the individual mixture screws wound in as far as possible and still having a smooth idle.

It's best to alternate between the mixture adjustment and the idle speed differences a few times, as they both have bearing on one another, and still keeping the idle speed about rpm. Also remember to give your assistant a chance to change fingers occasionally, or you could plug one of the rubber elbows to do the same job. After you have this system running sweetly, you can get back to control idle circuit.

Then just set the mixture and idle speed back to around rpm. One of the latest automobile fads, particularly in trend-setting Southern California, is the use of a delivery van for personal transportation. You see all manners and types of vans, with curtained windows, rear shackles lengthened to hoist the rear end, fat rear tyres, surfboards mounted on top or protruding from the rear door, and eight-track stereo blaring away. It makes a lot of sense. People have been known to live in them, and by adding a few seats the utility of a station wagon is obtained at a lot less cost.

There is undoubtedly a substantial market for box-like vehicles seating seven or more in comfort in a large space, which can be readily filled by a standard, commercial van. Since Volkswagenwerk AG has been highly successful in sensing new market trends, one might wonder what new offering could be expected in from Wolfsburg to capitalise on this one.

The answer is none. Their entry in the van-wagon-campmobile market was introduced to the U. Instead of Volkswagen having to come up with a new vehicle for this sector of the automotive market, their Type 2 has probably helped more than any other to create it.

There are five two-tone colour combinations available in the single body style, each sharing the pastel white top. Most customers will no doubt favour Chianti Red.

In addition, there is a soft blue, green, beige, and finally the colour of our test car, Sierra Yellow, which is an exact duplicate of the colour scheme recently adopted by General Telephone Company for its fleet of thousands of service vehicles. We were repeatedly asked when we had gone to work for the telephone company, so unless you are a career professional in the telephone communication field, pick another colour.

Consistent with Volkswagen policy on model changes, the Type 2 is the result of evolutionary rather than revolutionary changes. The opposed four-cylinder engine now has 50 percent more displacement and twice as much horsepower than when it started life in The rounded edges found on the early wagons have been squared off so that no space is wasted. It appears Volkswagen has adopted the philosophy that if the blessed thing is going to be called a box, it might as well look like one. There are comparatively few departures from conventional Volkswagen design in the station wagon.

One of them is an increase from 57 to 60 SAE horsepower, brought about by a change to a dual-port intake manifold and improved carburettor. Longer engine life will result from the use of a new magnesium alloy in the crankcase and also from improved cooling contributed by a new aluminium oil cooler and a larger fan.

Among the changes needed to maintain engine emissions within 's more stringent levels are additional engine modifications, a new carburettor, and the evaporative control fuel system. We also noticed that the ignition timing has been retarded another five degrees, and is now at 5 degrees after top-dead centre.

The four-speed all-synchromesh manual transmission connected to the engine with a single plate dry clutch is the only one available on the Type 2. Gear ratios are quite low, with a 5. It also means that it can and usually must be driven flat-out on the freeways.

Torsion bar suspension is used all round. Spring rates have been softened from the rock-hard setting used on earlier VW wagons. The dreaded rear swing axle is a thing of the past, having been superseded by double-jointed half-shafts located by trailing arms and diagonal links. A front stabiliser bar is standard equipment. One of the major changes, and a most welcome one, is the switch to power-assisted front disc brakes, augmented by a 20 percent increase in rear lining thickness and by a brake-force regulator in the rear brake circuit which functions as an anti-skid device by helping to prevent premature rear wheel lock.

When comparisons are made between station wagons, though, it's what's inside that counts. And what's inside the VW Type 2 is room We regard the interior room and accommodation as its most outstanding feature. The model we used for our test was the three-door, seven-seat version with a pair of bucket seats in front; a rear bench seat which accommodates three and a bench seat for two between them. Even with this much seating, there's enough room left over to virtually walk around. The seats can be removed by loosening a few wing nuts to make a rapid conversion to a delivery van configuration.

When this is done there is a total of five cubic metres to fill with furniture, gardening tools, camping gear or basketball teams. If the assigned task includes transporting totem poles or grandfather clocks, an optional sliding sunroof is available. In addition to this space, there is also a one cubic metre luggage compartment reached through an upward swinging rear door.

This space can hold a substantial number of suitcases provided that some provision has been made to restrain them from flying forward in the event of a sudden stop at the price of completely blocking the view through the rear window.

Unfortunately, access via the front doors to a commodious interior leaves something to be desired. The front seats, which are positioned directly over the front wheels, are 99 cm above the road, and the front floor is 56 cm above it. To climb into the front, it is necessary to step forward of the seat, not an easy task unless the door is at its maximum opening, grab something convenient like the steering wheel or top of the door and haul Youd Be Home Now (Vinyl until elevated sufficiently to assume a seated position.

It's about as easy as it sounds. Dismounting is done in the reverse manner, though possibly a little more gracefully. Although this is a rather harsh condemnation, we can't honestly suggest how the situation could be improved; the seats are really in the right place. Once seated, comfort is top level. With all the interior height available, the seating position is fully upright, and the front bucket seats are curved enough to provide a good degree of lateral support.

The driver's seat is provided with a back-rake adjustment in addition to the forward and back adjustment. Access to the rear seats is a different story. The sliding side door exposes a x cm opening through which either rear seat may be reached conveniently. Actually the front seats can be reached by this means also, since there is a 35 cm-wide opening between them, which also allows easy transfers within while on the road.

With the massive array of side windows and the large windscreen located close to the driver, visibility is great in all directions save directly to the rear through the rear window. Here the placement of the inside mirror is such that the driver is unable to see the horizon behind him, and in fact a car immediately following is cut off at about the belt line.

No amount of squirming or adjustment could correct this situation, which could be potentially dangerous. It does appear that the inside mirror could be mounted lower; this, coupled with a change to a larger mirror, should solve the problem. The driver is provided with the traditional VW instrumentation and control package, consisting of speedometer with fuel gauge and warning light cluster and an array of push-pull switches for headlights, wipers, inside light and electric rear window defroster.

After years of production, all operational problems have been solved save for the distance between the gearshift and transmission, which introduces some uncertainty into the linkage. There is a very effective ventilating and heating system. Fresh air is supplied through six outlets controllable from the dash with two supplying the windscreen, two outlets in the dashboard, and two supplying the rear compartment through ducts located on the inside of the front doors where they also double as arm rests.

Flow-through design allows exhaust and a comfortable airflow through the car while cruising without the need to lower any windows. Heat is supplied from an exhaust manifold heat exchanger in the traditional manner. There are five heated air outlets beside the two defroster outlets at the windshield. Each heater outlet can be separately controlled.

Thanks to the revised spring settings the VW Station Wagon delivers an acceptably comfortable ride over any paved road surface that we could find, and holds its own on the dirt stretches we encountered. However, any attempt at brisk cornering will probably strike terror into the heart of a driver inexperienced in the operation of van type vehicles.

A seating position above the front wheels and less than two feet behind the front bumper permits an unusual degree of awareness of what the front end of the vehicle is doing. Once armed with this realisation, the VW wagon's cornering performance is revealed to be on a par with its class.

Straight-line performance is either suitable or unsuitable, depending on driving habits. Sixty horsepower will only accelerate 1, kg so fast. In this case, we departed from our normal practice and took the acceleration times with four people on board. Thus, although, they don't represent the car's absolute performance potential, they do give a very honest picture of what the average owner can expect to achieve when he has the whole family with him.

Although the owner's manual assures you that the normal cruising speed is the same as top speed, we can't help but wonder what a steady diet of this would do to engine life. Incidentally, any acceleration through the gears is accompanied by noticeable drive train noise in the three lower gears. The owner's manual suggests a limit of kg on the weight of any trailer, and we question the use of any trailer at all, although we've seen many of them over the years.

If the acceleration is not impressive, the braking performance certainly is. On both a qualitative and a quantitative basis, the operation of the power-assisted disc brakes is nothing short of overwhelming. The favourable impression starts with the feel of a swift sure stop with no directional instability or lock-up as soon as the brakes are applied.

It's almost as though the proverbial great hand is reaching out to take hold of the car. It is comforting to know that you can stop in half the distance that it took you to reach a given speed. After the fact that the engine is accessible from the rear rather than the top has been accepted, one realises that all components are indeed readily serviceable, although it's a longish reach into the battery, which nestles just to the right of the engine.

The service of this without spillage requires a special pitcher, which normally is found only at a station specialising in Volkswagens. This is very comparable to the city fuel economy, which averaged out at just over On a price per unit of weight or length, the VW wagon costs about the same as a domestic station wagon or van.

The VW station wagon will not appeal to boat owners, drag racers or arthritics. It can be an outstanding conveyance for commuters in large ride pools, den mothers, Scoutmasters and camping families.

Its principal drawbacks are power-to-weight ratio, front seat entry and exit, and unacceptable visibility through the rear window.

These are countered with truly outstanding comfort for seven passengers complemented by a capability for movement inside the vehicle while on the road Don't knock this feature if you've never taken a long trip with small children. It has great visibility to all points of the compass except the rear, an effective ventilation and heating system which distributes heat to all parts of the interior, and a favourable purchase cost followed by reasonable operating costs and unusually low depreciation.

And, of course, the styling is not likely to become obsolete in the foreseeable future. The VW Station Wagon is bound to continue in heavy demand. If you don't believe us, go to a dealer and see if you can buy one off the floor. Until now, all the Australian Ford and Holden utes have had a solid rear axle with leaf springs.

I suppose this statement from Subaru was issued by their Australian distributors Inchcape Ltdwho until recently were the Australian VW distributors. In which case maybe they should have known better. The first ones were made in Septemberand were sold in Australia from I have emailed the columnist Peter Mackay a very nice fellow who always takes the time to reply to correct this. I own a VW Campmobile with the original bhp cc engine, with 18, miles on the clock.

I was curious to see how much difference the new, optional larger bhp twin carb engine cc makes, so I borrowed one from my local VW dealer. This engine is optional on all Type 2 VWs except for the Pickup models. A claimed fuel consumption figure for the new of After all, the brochures claim only Although coaxing the best out of VW Type 2s is enormous fun, one has to accept that vast carrying capacity and reasonable economy do not result in high performance.

VW have proved, though, that a very reasonable performance can result. They've done this by offering a detuned version of the bhp engine from the VW E. I collected the Microbus L from the dealer with only km on the speedo. The only giveaway as to the bigger engine was a larger tailpipe below the Niagara Blue body. The cold engine fired immediately and quickly settled down to a fast burbly tickover.

It was the rush hour, and I had to be patient in the traffic. The easily readable and sensibly circular speedo was very fast and gave higher figures. The theoretical top gear figure of is 10 km above the claimed maximum! The cutout operates at about rpm, which is some rpm faster than the old cc engine.

As the engines use the same gear and final drive ratios, the road speeds obtainable on the intermediate gears with the bigger engine are not much more, but can be reached more quickly. During the km of my test, I forgot the cutout on second as often as I did on third. It operates on second gear almost every time one overtakes a laden truck on a hill, when one must decide whether to hesitantly continue at the speed reached in second, or to hope for acceleration in third.

The truth is that the engine revs so very willingly and unobtrusively in its upper ranges and the beautiful butter-smooth gearbox is such a delight to use, that Volkswagen have felt it wise to limit the speed of the engine to protect it and so prolong its life.

Otherwise, I am certain that many drivers would constantly be tempted to make full use of the vehicle's accelerative powers on second and third gears.

The fact that it's so easy to reach the maximum permitted revs simply proves that the engine is very well protected and should enjoy the long life expected of VW engines. Included in the bigger engine option are radial-ply tyres and power assisted brakes. It was difficult to decide at first which were more reassuring.

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