The Hidden Shamrock / Jakobs Jig

The overall production value of the picture is fine. Some will like the slow-motion visuals of the drawn-out accident between the tractor-trailer tanker and the car. Many will consider the ending to be pointless. The script could have been more convincing, especially the conversations between Linda and the well-meaning priest. Two brief exasperating conversations that stand out are between Linda and Jim, and Linda with her mother Joanne.

Linda to Jim: "If tomorrow is Wednesday, just please wake me up. And Linda could have consulted her calendar or simply asked him about the day, in a casual way. Linda with Joanne: "If I let Jim die, is that the same as killing him? Good night dear.

The main weakness of the movie was not only in its confusion but also its illogicality. If Linda has a premonition, why does the movie continually veer back and forth with Jim's life? Except recently, she has never had a premonition, but The Hidden Shamrock / Jakobs Jig situation is unexplained.

Also, Linda had met Claire Amber Valletta before Jim died, yet she did not recognize her at the funeral. Linda does a chart of the week's events, but we do not see enough of it; I find that annoying.

As for other performances, the supporting cast is fine enough. Bullock does evoke her feeling of confusion and vulnerability, although she could have been more in tune with her premonition skills. Julian McMahon as the husband Jim does not appear concerned over his wife's ever increasing strange behavior.

Only at the denouement does he evoke sympathy when Linda finally shows a full smile. The movie was filmed in Shreveport, LA.

The haute-cuisine Newfoundland restaurant with its fine wines called "The Auk," owned by Dave Purcell William Hurtis almost out of business because there is no business. After the meal, Phonce takes Dave to his shed through a secret tunnel that is lit up with sheets of light hung up via a clothesline Yuri Tsvetkov illumination system. In the shed, Phonce shows Dave a pound carton of cocaine that he found at sea.

Phonce wants to know what it's worth, but Dave advises him to throw it into the ocean. But when Dave snorts it, he tells Phonce that it is good quality. So these story lines set up the rest of the movie. Such an assertion will attract birders to the area, and since they have to eat, will provide customers for Dave's business. The ruse works as birders rush to the bay to get a glimpse of the duck. The restaurant is extremely busy. Dave, though, gets into the habit of snorting cocaine.

He feels guilty when a birder plunges off a nearby cliff in a fruitless search for the rare duck. Dave convinces him otherwise, and then enlists his aid in launching his prototype sub. Just when the long-awaited romantic interlude between Dave and Alice apparently commences, his long separated wife Claire announces that she will be arriving from Washington, DC.

What will Dave do? Will he dump the coke? Will he hang onto the girl from Gull Tickle? Will the duck ruse last? What does the RCMP want? One thing is for certain, this writer did not need to see Hurt's naked butt! Another thing, the subplots generally detract from the main story.

And Dave's attraction to the coke was pointless. By the way, the Taskers Sulphureous Duck is non-existent. And the Yuri Tsvetkov illumination system is probably unreal. On positive notes, the cinematography is excellent: the movie was filmed off the rocky and rugged shores of Newfoundland.

Hurt is good as usual, and Jones is comedic. Red-headed Molly Parker, a Canadian gal, is so appealing that she brightens up the entire film. She is a scene-stealer. I do not see her attraction for the far-older man, however, except for his food-preparation expertise.

By the way, the restaurant is named after the Great Auk, the flightless Atlantic sea bird that was unfortunately hunted to extinction in Yet it is entertaining, and this author did not waste time in watching it.

The anomaly in question - the "Elephant Man" - 21 year-old Joseph "John" Merrick has a large and deformed head, a twisted spine, enlarged and nearly useless right arm, a twisted foot, and numerous scale growths on his back. Bytes continually mistreats his meal ticket, and sadistically beats him without mercy. Treves first "borrows" Merrick to use as a model for his lecture before his academic colleagues. Then he decides to rescue him from Bytes but still believes that Merrick is a mental idiot who thankfully does not realize his plight.

Treves eventually convinces Mr. Treves wants Merrick to be used as a source of study. Over time Merrick and Treves become friends and the latter soon realizes that Merrick is no idiot.

Not only can he speak, but also is a sensitive, gentle, and intelligent individual. Even the staff begins to respect Merrick.

Ultimately though, his life would not be a long one. In the surreal opening scene, a dreamlike sight, elephants are in motion and one attacks a woman.

In reality, when Merrick's mother was pregnant with him inshe was knocked down by a fairground elephant. Apparently - and not explained in the movie - both she and her son thought that the confrontation was the source of John's disease. This concept of "maternal impression," that emotional experiences of a pregnant woman could have lasting effect on unborn children, was seemingly a common belief in the 19th century. A touching moment occurs when Merrick weeps when he is in the presence of Mrs.

Treves Hannah Gordon. He explains that he never had been in the company of such an attractive woman. Also note his most sincere appreciation when he receives a grooming kit as a present. Another impassioned scene occurs near the end when John proclaims to the crowd at the train station, "I am not an animal.

Treves' account and not upon the play of the same name. Liberties have been taken, especially with Bytes' character. Treves somehow had a mental block about Merrick's given name. Shot in crisp and appropriate black and white with smooth editing, the movie by David Lynch is well-filmed. Note the dark undertones of human misery in 19th century London. The music score Adagio for Strings is lovingly played and is so apropos.

The acting is great all-around, including that of the supporting cast. Anthony Hopkins as the good doctor very well plays the part of a compassionate man who had to question himself of his ulterior motivation.

Freddie Jones is appropriate as the sleazy Bytes. John Hurt is totally unrecognizable and outstanding; it took seven-eight hours daily to apply his makeup, and two hours to remove. I don't know how he accomplished his role so well. At the beginning, when Portland police conduct a successful raid on some nefarious folks, we are introduced to detectives Carly Sagan Tracey Gold and her partner Joe Avery Mitchell Kosterman. They have worked together for two years, although it is apparent that Carly likes to march to the beat of her own drum.

Our protagonists are called in to Safe Harbor, a refuge for abused young adolescents ages The haven is owned by wealthy Olivia Wyatt Pamela Perry. Her assistant is quirky Julia Thorpe Stacy Grantwho seems to harbor a secret no pun intended. Wyatt's son Sam Steve Bacican investment broker, is an old friend of Carly. Anyway, a woman's strangled body is found on the harbor's grounds, with a painted red satanic image on the wall next to the body.

After investigating, it is found that the young woman was a previous resident of the center. Tracking down the leads points to a previous maintenance man of the harbor, Ray Oakum Scott Heindl. When the detectives confront him, he shoots his way out.

We don't get to see much of him again until well into the second part. Soon there is another strangled body with a red satanic image, and also another suspect, weird artist Daz Cobair Jody Racicot. Meanwhile we discover that Carly was once a resident at Safe Harbor; she had witnessed her crazy father shoot her mother to death before turning his pistol on himself.

Evidence begins to pile up against Oakum, especially after he has apparently been blackmailing Mrs. Julia Thorpe was really responsible for Oakum's hiring and has obviously been protecting him. Having been imprisoned as a pedophile, he has a criminal background.

Revealing this information publicly would have a negative effect on the school. Sam Wyatt has advised his mother to call Oakum's bluff, not to pay the bribe.

But in the course of the film, it is revealed that most of the former residents of Safe Harbor matured poorly into drug pushers, prostitutes, and never-do-well types. Then Mrs. Wyatt herself is found strangled. This writer has taken you through most of the movie and will stop here so as to preclude any spoilers in the denouement. But there is a dialog involving Carly and another person past the half-way mark that reveals an important clue. See if you can find it. The movie is not particularly suspenseful, but it is watchable.

The movie begins with news montages about the unprecedented crime wave in Columbus, Ohio. Esprit gives a press conference and says the opposite: crime is down. When questioned by protestors about a proposed pipeline, Meserve promises that he has commissioned an independent study of the pipeline. Vivian Rebecca De Mornaywho has something to say about the proposed pipeline, picks up her unemployed husband Stanley John Travoltawho has returned from a positive job interview to manage a factory in California.

Stanley politely refuses, but two other men mysteriously sneak up on Stanley and stun him with a blow to the head. The first man fatally stabs Vivian and takes her wallet. Although dazed, Stanley watches the men flee. With Stanley's description of Charley, the police are able to apprehend him.

They say that his descriptions changed too much they didn't. Stanley, despondent and enraged, yearns for revenge. While tracking down the men, Stanley realizes that the fatal mugging was no random attack. There were political forces behind his wife's murder. Now he has bigger fish to fry.

Stanley, with his mercenary past, is well-equipped to get his revenge. He also has an ally in a barber, Dennis Christopher Meloni. Together these guys are dynamite. But you've seen it all before. The flic borrows from other films, such as "Goldfinger" car-crush scene and "Taken" hostage part.

The ending with the last shootout doesn't ring true. And there are questions: for instance, why is Stanley's life spared as he is the only witness to the crime in the garage and the bad guys lack empathy?

But some may like the fact that the film does not require much brainpower to figure out. Also, both Travolta and Meloni are good and rise above their material, which is not strong despite the plot twists. Christopher Meloni at age 55 is in excellent physical condition; Travolta's hair including the hairline is peculiar. The movie was filmed on location in Columbus, Ohio. In the film's beginning, at a sparsely attended hockey game a woman yells at a French-Canadian player, "frog pussy!

Paul Newman stars as aging veteran player-coach Reggie Dunlop of the Charlestown Chiefs, a Pennsylvania minor league hockey team on a losing streak. That is, until the participants begin to play with extreme fierceness with the addition of three Hanson Brothers, who wear thick eyeglasses and who play rough and tough.

They can certainly skate. Brawls abound as the fans cheer, and Dunlop approves of all this. With the dirty tactics, the Chiefs start to win right and make the playoffs. They sell out games. Then there is the irony that I will not disclose here. Meanwhile the local mill will soon be The Hidden Shamrock / Jakobs Jig, and without support the team will also fold. It looks like the last season. As Dunlop incorrectly believes that the team will be sold to a Florida interest, he plants a story in the local newspaper.

The story has several subplots. Paul Newman is in his element. In fact, he stated that he had more fun making this movie than any other. He's fun to watch as usual, but his heated discussion with the team owner near the end is over the top. Andrew Duncan is madcap sportscaster Jim Carr. In a minor role, Melinda Dillon as Suzanne displays her lovely boobs for us to see. Lindsay Crouse as Lily is Ned's long-suffering wife. Ned Dowd himself plays brutish Ogilthorpe.

By the way, the hockey team really is the old Johnstown Jets of the North American Hockey League and before that the East Coast Hockey leagueas the ending credits thank them specifically. They actually won their league championship in The movie, filmed before helmets were mandatory, was filmed in New York and Pennsylvania.

South of the border, during church services, an The Hidden Shamrock / Jakobs Jig strikes. North of the border, patrol agent Charlie Smith Jack Nicholson arrests two illegals working below minimum wages at a sweatshop. These vignettes introduce to this movie about illegal immigration by Mexicans to the USA, and the corruption that goes along with it, from the Mexican coyotes, American lawmen, and Mexican hustlers. The border patrol cops work to keep out illegals, but businesses pay to keep them.

In the beginning the movie focuses on illegal immigrants, but it morphs into an action movie with little action until the end. To furnish her "dream house," Marcy loves to buy things on the installment plan that Charlie knows that the couple simply cannot afford: huge water bed, large sofa, pool in yard. She hosts expensive parties. They live on the other side of the duplex. Cat has offered Charlie a buy-in to his system of earning more cash.

This involves allowing illegals inside the USA to do day jobs at nearby businesses and farms. The decent-minded Charlie vehemently turns down the offer at first, but his wife's constant spending changes his mind. Meanwhile Charlie becomes obsessed with helping young Mexican mom Maria Elpidia Carrillowho's new infant was stolen from her in a smuggling ring that sells babies for adoption.

The compassionate Charlie wants to help Maria and ask for nothing in return. She winds up trapped working in the sleaziest bar you'll ever see and run by the slimiest of characters.

Meanwhile Cat is not against an occasional murder. The acting holds up well. To mention a few names, Nicholson is always good. Keitel is also a good actor; he plays devious characters very well. The Freddie Fender soundtrack helps. But the film suffers from any lack of excitement. The funniest line in the film emanates from a drunken woman: "You look like my husband. The opening credits feature puzzle pieces floating around the screen along with a catchy soundtrack.

Eventually the pieces begin to fit together. The meaning is obvious, and it is a nice beginning. The beginning scene shows an elderly lady, Mrs. Hilary Lonnigan Bette Beatricestalked and murdered by an intruder in her penthouse apartment in a Columbus Circle Manhattan high rise. Some will claim that she had fallen down the stairs, but the viewers know she was killed.

Across the hall, in the only other loft penthouse apartment, lives a 35 year-old recluse heiress, agoraphobic Abigail Clayton Selma Blairwho has The Hidden Shamrock / Jakobs Jig left her luxurious apartment for 17 years.

The famous daughter of a wealthy, alcoholic, and abusive industrialist, Abigail withdrew from her intrusive family and the press on her 18th birthday. During years of her self-imposed isolation, Abigail has had contact with only two people: 1 Dr.

Raymond Fontaine Beau Bridgesa long-time family friend and her sole confidant for most of her life, and 2 Joseph Klandermann, Kevin Pollakher building's concierge, with whom she communicates only by notes that he slips under her front door. After the death of Mrs.

Reluctantly she allows him into her residence for a few minutes. Note that Abigail's introductory scenes see her apartment almost completely shadowed by darkness, which is slowly peeled back like onion skins the longer she is forced to endure the detective's questioning. By the end of her questioning, her apartment is covered in full light, signifying the shift that her insulated life has been dragged irretrievably into the world. Meanwhile, having futilely tried to acquire the dead woman's now vacant apartment to ensure her privacy, Abigail is further upset when her requests go unanswered and new tenants, Charlie Sanford Jason Lee and blonde wife Lillian Amy Smart move in.

Abigail intently monitors her new neighbors from the safety of her front door's peephole. But her well-ordered world begins to unravel when the two almost immediately engage in vicious arguments that ultimately involve Abigail, because Lillian gets physically bruised and is subsequently allowed inside Abigail's apartment to shelter her from further abuse.

But why The Hidden Shamrock / Jakobs Jig Charlie look into her peephole from the outside? Anyway, the young couple has a sinister agenda, along with conspirators. Meanwhile we learn that Klandermann is a wanted felon whose real name is Nathaniel Muskit; Dr. Fontaine too is not what he seems. Then the body count begins to rise.

For the time being Lillian tries to deceitfully bond with Abigail for her own purposes, but Abigail soon becomes wise to the ruse. Before long, Lillian, looking like Abigail, enters the Waters Bank to close out a huge account. At this point, my narrative ends, and I will not reveal any spoilers. The central story is engaging, and the story-line's premise does deliver an element of intrigue.

On the other hand, the plot fails to live up to its potential. The movie cannot sustain the kind of consistent tension or unpredictability that the best thrillers of this genre boast. Also the character development is generally weak while the script - written director George Gallo and actor Kevin Pollak - makes several jumps in logic that are hard to overlook, especially during a most absurd conclusion.

Still, the film remains good enough to be watchable, and Giovanni Ribisi's performance is solid in a relatively small role. Down and out John Link Mel Gibsonan ex-husband, ex-convict, and ex-alcoholic with a runaway year-old daughter whom he hasn't seen in four years, addresses his AA support group. If he only knew that his daughter Lydia Jane Carson Erin Moriarty has just accidentally shot her longtime junkie boyfriend, Jonah Diego Lunawhen his gang intruded on a family's residence and killed someone.

As she is on the run from the gang, he soon will be. Link supports himself by his tattoo parlor that he runs in his dilapidated trailer that is located in a wasteland. On your own 9. A new start Farewell The choice of instruments is free; the music sheet contains all pieces in a version for alto recorder and for tenor recorder or their higher or lower relatives.

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  1. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Hidden Shamrock (@hiddenshamrock) posts.

  2. The Hidden Shamrock, Chicago, Illinois. 4, likes · 2 talking about this · 14, were here. Delicious Food, Great Cocktails and a Warm and Friendly Staff!/5(1).

  3. Specialties: A fun and friendly local watering hole since We have delicious elevated pub food and a fantastic range of beers and spirits to appease every variety of drinker. Established in The Hidden Shamrock opened its doors in What was the bar business like back then? The Hidden Shamrock was the second tavern on the North Side to have Guinness on /5().

  4. Chicago, IL. 10/22/ As a frequent guest at the Hidden Shamrock, I am always amazed at how nice the bar is to just sit in and eat. Mose Irish bars around don't have food, and if they do it isn't great food. But the Hidden Shamrock delivers. A Smithwicks pint and a shepard's pie make me a happy boy! Taylor O Yelp reviews.

  5. A jig with two settings and two comments. menu. Log in or Sign up. The Session. share. The Shamrock jig. The Shamrock has been added to 9 tunebooks. Download ABC Two settings. 1. ABC sheet music. “The Shamrock Jig”.

  6. Hidden Shamrock Lincoln Park Menu - View the Menu for Hidden Shamrock Chicago on Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway, Hidden Shamrock menu and prices. Hidden Shamrock Menu. Serves Irish. Cost $40 for two people (approx.) with alcohol. Products for Businesses We're hiring. Chicago.

  7. Hidden Shamrock - Want a slow-poured pint of Guinness and a tasty serving of fish and chips (with the requisite malt vinegar) right in the heart of Lincoln Park? Look no further than The Hidden Shamrock for a touch of the traditional Irish pub with a dash of contemporary sports programming and barroom gaming. The front room’s cozy vibe.

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