The Floor (R&B Edit) - Johnny Gill - The Floor (CD)

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Just boggles the mind. She got co-writing credits on this one too. Unknown to a lot of folks who just think Missy out here writing raps. The Floor (R&B Edit) - Johnny Gill - The Floor (CD) Melissa! I just glad she is still breathing to accept it. I just hate when folks past, then they want to give them all kinds of awards that they can't even appreciate.

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When Soul Train went off, it was time to practice what you learned! Since then, Blaze released three more albums, alongside a few scattered compilations of earlier productions and works and countless singles.

It is best known to modern audiences by its singles featuring Palmer Brown on vocals, the oft-remixed "My Beat," and the tribute anthem "I Remember House. When thinking about Tony Humphries, you might be minded of his epic stint at KISS FM as one of its greatest Mastermixers; or of his residency at one of the greatest US clubs, The Zanzibar; or, even, the walls that are lined with gold discs, from Indeep to Janet Jackson; or even his legendary eclecticism.

Tony is all of those things and more. Which is pretty much how Tony has always been. Plus he has a raft of cousins, uncles and aunts who have forged a career in the performing arts. Tony was born to it. Tony Humphries has been DJing nearly 35 years, an incredible achievement that in any other industry would have been rewarded with a carriage clo ck or service medal. His big break came through a chance meeting with Mastermixer Shep Pettibone at the offices of Prelude Records. Tony handed the maestro a tape and the rest is history.

Although Humphries was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he has long been associated with New Jersey and the reason for that is his long-held residency at Club Zanzibar in Newark that began in You had to come with everything possible. Although Tony is often seen more as a DJ than a remixer, his forays into the studio have always been productive.

I just thought folks needed to be reminded. Little did any of them anticipate the success that this would be, turning into a worldwide phen omenon that has straddled continents and cities, as well as regular trips to the likes of Pacha Ibiza. We finally had the honor of opening for Tony this year and we were blown away by his ability to represent the old, while pushing a unique, modern house sound.

There is clearly only one Tony Humphries! The two native New Yorkers have amassed an overwhelming body of work in that time, one that includes hundreds of original productions, remixes and side projects, redefining the way we think of music in clubs.

Vega and Gonzalez defiantly mix everything they can The Floor (R&B Edit) - Johnny Gill - The Floor (CD) — house, hip-hop, funk, disco, Latin, African and jazz — into a universal groove.

Their name says it all — Masters At The Floor (R&B Edit) - Johnny Gill - The Floor (CD). For over a decade, "Little Louie" Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez have shepherded dance music down new paths with their inventive production style and imaginative feel for different musical forms. The two native New Yorkers have amassed an overwhelming body of work in that time, one that includes hundreds of original productions, r emixes and side projects, redefining the way we think of music in clubs.

Comprised of wonderful new compositions and a handful of their most popular singles from recent years, it is indicative of the ambitiously eclectic MAW sound: a vibrant dance groove culled from a mesh of Latin rhythms, jazz and soul. Vega and Gonzalez composed, produced and arranged the album's 15 songs, using crafty studio work and live instrumentation and help from some regular collaborators India, Roy Ayers and a few special g uests Patti Austin, James Ingram, Stephanie Mills.

Our Time Is Coming combines new compositions with popular MAW singles from recent years, all co-written, produced, arranged and mixed by Vega and Gonzalez, who recruited a number of friends and influences to add to the sessions.

The title track boasts the inimitable influence of Roy Ayers on vibes and background vocals. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when Fela passed away in August

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  1. Check out The Floor by Johnny Gill on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

  2. ARTIST: Johnny Gill TITLE: The Floor (CDM) LABEL: Motown RIP DATE: Jun GENRE: R&B SOURCE: CDDA ENCODER: Lame -V0 QUALITY: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo PLAYTIME: min SIZE: 40,1 MB The Floor (Pop Edit #1) [] The Floor (Flyte Tyme Edit) []

  3. Johnny Gill R&B/Soul. 50, Shazams. PLAY FULL SONG. Get up to 3 months free. Share. OVERVIEW. LYRICS. PLAY FULL SONG. Connect with Apple Music. Sign-in or Try it free for 3 months. Music Video. Johnny Gill - The Floor. Featured In. Album. Provocative. Johnny Gill. Top Songs By Johnny Gill. TRACK. ARTIST. This One's For Me And You. This One.

  4. In the #83 R&B song in the charts was The Floor by Johnny Gill. Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic R&B song now.

  5. Mar 22,  · Johnny Gill (born May 22, in Washington, D.C., United States) is an R&B singer best known as a member of quintet New Edition. Gill, the son of a minister, started singing at age five in a family gospel group called "Wings of Faith". His solo career began in when his childhood friend, singer Stacy Lattisaw convinced him to record a demo.

  6. Provocative is the fourth album by American R&B recording artist Johnny Gill. It was his second album for Motown Records and fourth album overall. Three singles were released from the album with music videos. The first single, "The Floor", was .

  7. May 23,  · 1. In this Series of Posts, I will writing about a Particular Classic Soul/Funk Album from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. The one’s that stand out in my Mind, as The Best Soul/Funk/Jazz/R&B Albums ever Released. All of them, I purchased as Vinyl many Years ago and also I have them on CD today.

  8. The Floor (Pop Remix) by Johnny Gill, The Floor (R&B Remix) by Johnny Gill, The Floor (LR Edit) by Johnny Gill, The Floor (L.R. Extended Mix) by Johnny Gill, The Floor (Smoove Edit) by Johnny Gill.

  9. Here we go, I'm gonna hit the floor, so much to explore. Here I go, I'm gonna hit the floor. Soon as I hit the door, I won't be no more. I won't get, you're sexy undies under the door. Whatever you want, whatever you need. (Yeah, yeah) I'm gonna give it, just let me rule it. (Yeah) Gonna hit the, gonna hit the floor.

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