Quiet Village - Les Baxter - Baxters Best (Vinyl, LP)

This magic formula initially sold millions of records and pleased hordes of tourists thronging to Hawaii in the Quiet Village - Les Baxter - Baxters Best (Vinyl. But the novelty wore thin, and exotica soon joined Hawaiian shirts and tiki statues as the province of the backyard "luau" set. Bird calls made easy targets for Spike Jones and Michel Magne. The latter's Tropical Fantasy --one of the holy grails of exotica, a sophisticated melange with tape manipulation, ocarina, and more-- aces most of its predecessors, however.

Pop exotica's success did not escape the attention of the jazz world; Cal Tjader and others experimented further with unusual percussion. Two of the most significant albums of jazz exotica were the work of the enigmatic Sabu Martinez. Exoticism permeates all types of music, however, and thousands of authentic, ethnic records have "exotic" tunes. Animal and jungle themes abound in esoteric records for children, comedy, lounge acts, etc. Exotica is where you find it. Exotica relies on percussion: conga, bongos, vibes, gongs, boo bams bamboo sticksTahitian log, Chinese bell tree, etc.

Bird cries, big-cat roars, and even primate shrieks invoke the dangers of the jungle. Except for a handful of singers and standards with lyrics, singing is rare. Abstract, sirenish ululations, fierce chants, or guttural growls are common, however. Intros of crashing surf and a conch-shell trumpet signal the coming of royalty. As a result of the popularity of exotica during the late s, a large number of records were released that featured covers of recently released exotica songs mainly by Les Baxter and Hawaiian and easy-listening standards.

Some composers pushed the bounds of the genre by producing albums of original content, often with unusual instrumentation. Bythe majority of American record labels had released at least one exotica-themed album, usually utilizing composers and musicians that produced jazzclassical or easy listening recordings.

After several years of rising excitement leading up to Hawaii becoming a state LP)the Hawaiiana fad waned in the United States and so did exotica's commercial appeal. CD re-issues ignited a revival in the early s. Although clearly influenced by the exotica arrangements of Baxter, Martin Denny, Frank Hunter and Dick Hymanit went beyond the simpler themes used by those composers to employ "a series of motifs, leitmotifs, and modes that were out of the musical sphere at the time: they took rock and classical and bossa and jazz and easy listening, wove them together with polyrhythmic invention and a boatload of sound effects".

In the s exotica resurfaced more generally, along with a new category in which to place the genre: lounge. Dozens of long out-of-print LPs were reissued on CD. The revival accompanied a related swing revival and general appreciation for tiki culture. A new crop of bands, such as Pink Martiniwere influenced by the classic albums, and Combustible Edison for one featured songs like "Breakfast at Denny's", a tongue-in-cheek title for a song styled on the music of Martin Denny.

The early s saw additional exotica revival efforts, such as Hawaii-based Don Tikithe comeback of s composer Robert Drasnin LP), WaitikiThe Stolen Idols, Kava Kon, and a group consisting of international exotica musicians called Tiki Joe's Ocean, formed by lifelong instrumentalist Andy Nazzal. As ofthere are many festivals worldwide that celebrate exotica music and the tiki culture. There are several podcasts that broadcast classic and new exotica and tiki revival music. Tiki culture is a motif of exotically decorated bars and restaurants catering to an escapist longing for travel to tropical regions of the South Pacific.

Featuring mock tiki carvings and complex, alluringly named alcoholic drinks, it eventually influenced residential recreation. Leslie Thompson Baxter was an American musician and composer. After working as an arranger and composer for swing bands, he developed his own style of easy listening music, known as exotica.

Martin Denny was an American pianist and composer best known as the "father of exotica. Arthur Lyman was an American jazz vibraphone and marimba player. His group popularized a style of faux-Polynesian music during the s and s which later became known as exotica. His albums became favorite stereo-effect demonstration discs during the early days LP) the stereophonic LP album for their elaborate and colorful percussion, deep bass and 3-dimensional recording soundstage.

Lyman was known as "the King of Lounge music. Lounge music is a LP) of easy listening music popular in the s and s. It may be meant to evoke in the listeners the feeling of being in a place, usually with a tranquil theme, such as a jungle, an island paradise or outer space. The range of lounge music encompasses beautiful music-influenced instrumentals, modern electronica, while remaining thematically focused on its retro-space-age cultural elements. The earliest type of lounge music appeared during the s and s, and was known as light music.

In the 21st century, the term lounge music may also be used to describe the types of music played in hotels, casinos, supermarkets, several restaurants, and piano bars. Exotica is the first album by Martin Denny, released in It contained Les Baxter's most famous piece, "Quiet Village", and spawned an entire genre bearing its name. It was recorded December in Webley Edwards' studio in Waikiki.

The album topped Billboard's charts in Space age pop is a subgenre of pop and easy listening music associated with Mexican and American composers and songwriters in the space age of the s and s.

It is also called bachelor pad music or lounge music. Space age pop was inspired by the spirit of those times, an optimism based on the strong post-war economy and technology boom, and excitement about humanity's early forays into space. Bacoa 96 remaster - Les Baxter Adventures in Paradise - The Ukadelics Surfin' Lessons - The Ukadelics Luau Tango - The Ukadelics Tiki Party - The Ukadelics I'll Remember April - Cal Tjader Exotic Exile - Ryan Love Womp - Sunday Combo.

ETI Show 43 track list: 1. Christmas in Hawaii - The Hot Rods 4. Christmas Island - The Dinning Sisters 5. Ski Surfin' - The Avalanches 7. Holiday Hula - The Maile Serenaders 8. Song of Christmas - The Hula Honeys 9. Blue Christmas - The Blue Hawaiians Frosty the Snowman The Ventures Little Drummer Boy - Holiday Favorites Winder Wonderland - Jan Luna Kanaka Christmas - Lucky Luck Christmas Island Medley - Aloha Delire Jingle Bells - The Surfers Disney Jungle Cruise radio announcements 2.

Disney Jungle Cruise radio announcements 4. Jungle Romance - The Surfmen 5. Disney Jungle Cruise radio announcements 6. Disneyland - Indiana Jones Adventure attraction cue music A 8. Disney Jungle Cruise radio announcements Jungle Speaks - Jay Epae Aloha Salution - Maui Beach Band Blue Hawaii - Bing Crosby Moonlight in Waikiki - Felix Mendelssohn Similau - The Waitiki 7 Nocturnia - Elliot Eastons Tiki Gods Pineapple Promenade - Kinky Wikiki Congo Bounce - Red Rogers Pantan - Les Baxter The Twilight Zone - The Ventures 2.

Quiet Village - Jimmy Virani 3. Krakatoa - Clouseaux 4. Voodoo Dreams - Martin Denny 6. The Jungle - Diabito 9. Geek - Thurl Ravenscroft Tabu - Elliot Eastons Tiki Gods Green Tiki - Drool Brothers ETI Show 35 track list: 1. Quiet Village - Nathan Aweau 2. Afro-Deesia - Les Baxter 3.

Tabu for Two - The Tikiyaki Orchestra 4. Jungle Drums - The Surfers 7. Sophisticated Savage - Lex Baxter 8. One Eyed Monkey - Combustible Edison 9. The Enchanted Sea - Martin Denny Monkey Mayhem - Stolen Idols Jungle Fantasy- Yusef Lateef Terang Bulan - Orchestre Daikiki Visit www. Join Tiki Brian as he travels to different parts of Exotic Tiki Island while playing vintage Hawaiian, Exotica and island related music from his personal LP record collection.

Aloha friends and welcome to the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast. I'm your host Tiki Brian and this is show number Join me for another adventure back on time to Exotic Tiki Island as I play Vintage Hawaiian, Exotica, and island related music from my vintage vinyl and digital collection.

Your in for a wonderful adventure for this 30th episode so lets get started. Aloha friends, welcome to a special edition of the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast. In this special episode I'm going to give you a preview of a new project that I've been working on.

ETI Radio is an extension of the podcast where it gives you, the listener, the opportunity to hear even more vintage Hawaiian, Exotica and Tiki music from my personal LP and digital collection. That's over 72 hours of nonstop Tiki music! And to make it even more exciting I'll be spinning some pirate and mermaid music too along with lots of other surprises. Now here's the best part.

The schedule will be first Friday of each month beginning at 3pm EST. Once your there, be sure to click on the follow button to get an email reminder when I'm live on the air. For more into on ETI radio visit exotictikiisland. All this and more coming up on this episode of the Exotic Tiki Island Show LInks:. Lovers - Perry Botkin 2. Ukey-Ukulele - Akamai Brain Collective 3.

Hawaiian Tale - Lani Lehua and the Surfers 4. Sand And Sandals - Jimmy Namaro 7. Ringo Oiwake - Arthur Lyman 9. Polynesian - Arthur Lyman Kellogg's Puffa Puffa Rice commercial Royal Hawaiian Hotel commercial Uheuhene - Hal Aloma and His Hawaiians Kauai Rose - Alika Lyman Group Theme from "Bewitched" - Alika Lyman Group Aloha and welcome to another episode of the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast.

This is show number Surf's up on Exotic Tiki Island. Enjoy the show. This is show number 26 and I'm your host Tiki Brian. Join me as we travel back in time to a south seas paradise island as I play vintage Hawaiian, Exotica and Island related music from my record collection. In this episode we'll be traveling to the main beach, and then we'll take an adventure walk on the Jungle path and head up to VooDoo Peak.

Plus I'll throw in some surprises along the way. Enjoy the show! For this 25th episode, I wanted to do something special for all you listeners and at the same time pay homage to one of Florida's best south seas Polynesian tiki tourist attractions. I'm referring to a place where every element was Polynesian themed. I'm sure many of you already know the place I've just described. But for those of you who don't, I'd like to introduce you to "Tiki Gardens".

Unfortunately in the gift shop burned down but within one year, Frank and Jo were able to rebuild, expand and reopen the attraction. And By "Tiki Gardens" expanded to a 12 acre tourist attraction making it a favorite for guests of all ages. Now, Sadly inthe Byars sold "Tiki Gardens" to a developer who planned to build a hotel on the large property but it never came to be and eventually the land was turned into a public beach access parking lot.

Luckily for us, there was a souvenir LP record produced that included an audio journey of "Tiki Gardens". For this special 25th episode, "Tiki Gardens" will be open again for business, at least in our imaginations on Exotic Tiki Island. Track List: 1. Coronation - Martin Denny - Quite Village Island Moon - The Polynesions Polynesia Poppie - Kava Kon Hula Blues - Lani McIntire -

Ibrahim Maalouf - Wind (CD, Album), Overboard (Live) - Justin Bieber - Never Say Never The Remixes (CD, Album), One After 909 (Take 3) - The Beatles - The Complete Roger Scott Tapes (CD), Secret Suffering Part. IV - Heirdrain / Nebula VII - Obscure Nebulas (CDr), Just Play - Blue Ice (7) - Legends In Our Mind (CD, Album), Hang On Sloopy - Apollo 100 - Melodies With A Beat (Vinyl, LP), Danser A Berlin - G* . Y* . P* - Sil Fait Jour Encore... (Vinyl, LP, Album), Torture - Various - Good Fellas (Third Chapter) (Special Edition) (File, MP3, Album), Nobody In Mind - Big Joe Turner - Blues On Central Avenue (CD, Album), Στης Ανάγκης Τον Απάνθρωπο Ρυθμό - Σύνδρομο - Σύνδρομο (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  6. Martin Denny Quiet Village Stereo Vinyl LP Liberty Records LST Tunesandtoons. 5 out of 5 stars ( vintage vinyl LP, The Very Best Of, Exotica/Space Age/Jazz, Quiet Village/Bali Hai/A Taste Of Honey/Ebb Tide, re-issue Les Baxter Sounds of Adventure vinyl 2 record set Quiet Village, Autumn Leaves, Enchanted Sea, Capitol Record.

  7. A re-issue of Quiet Village, the eighth studio album from the father of exotica, Martin onlineprofit.biz-titled The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny to make it appear like a compilation, it originally came out in , and as a package, complete with its famous artwork, it served as .

  8. Similar to Martin Denny: Les Baxter. Quiet Village Vinyl LP (JPRLP) All formats sold out - sorry! A re-issue of Quiet Village, the eighth studio album from the father of exotica, Martin Denny. Sub-titled The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny to make it appear like a compilation, it originally came out in , and as a package, complete with.

  9. Les Baxter's seminal Le Sacre du Sauvage 10" LP, billed as a "tone poem," became the definitive book of jungle melodies. Baxter and Cugat both helped establish sensational vocalist Yma Sumac, incidentally. Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman reduced Baxter's overblown orchestra and arrangements to groups of cocktail-bar size. In this warmer, more.

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