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Comments 6. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Edit source History Talk 0. At least High 6-C Contents. Cancel Save. However, this stage play was said to be popular and should be hard to get a ticket. It turned out to be true, the tickets were sold out just a few minutes after the sell started. I checked on their site mutone9 - Ju_k_ - ePVo011 (File) there is an English page for overseas customer.

I filled out the form and requested a ticket for the last show. I told them that I would like to be put on the waiting list, but it was impossible as there was no waiting list. They informed me that they would enquire to the organiser and asked whether they could get an additional ticket for me.

Frankly speaking, the ticket was crazy expensive. It was 10, yen for S seat which I initially thought should be closer to the main stage. Yet, I was wrong. The venue is divided into two floors where the S seat was located on the first floor. I got a seat that was quite far from the main stage, but I could still see the main stage clearly without having to use binoculars.

Yeah, there were a couple of people who brought binoculars. The audiences were dominated by women because the main cast is a famous musical actor.

It felt strange for me, as an akb fan who is always in a men-dominated venue. It was hella funny. I did cry when I watched Black Of course, this time Tomu also showed her significant improvement. Her acting skill is more natural.

She looked so sexy in traditional kimono. Her body gestures and intonation were perfect for her role as a prostitute. After acquiring the warhead, the female MUTO created a nest and attached her eggs to the warhead, nourishing them with the radiation. The male meanwhile attempted to distract Godzilla, who had broken through the Golden Gate Bridge and come ashore. Eventually, Godzilla reached the nest and took on both MUTOs at once, while an extraction team led by Ford Brody arrived to recover the armed warhead.

The explosion attracted the attention of the MUTOs, who had overpowered Godzilla, and they went to investigate. The female MUTO was stricken with grief after seeing her young killed but became enraged when she saw Fordthe man responsible. Before the MUTO could kill Ford, Godzilla emerged from behind her and pummeled her mercilessly with his atomic breath.

The male MUTO attacked Godzilla from behind, allowing the female to pursue Ford and his team as they attempted to take the bomb out to sea. Ford's team arrived at the docks with the bomb but were all slaughtered by the female MUTO, leaving Ford the only one left. Ford grabbed the bomb and placed it on a boat. Unable to defuse it, he started the boat in an attempt to take it out over the bay before it could detonate.

Ford mutone9 - Ju_k_ - ePVo011 (File) his pistol and aimed it at the MUTO, but knew he stood no chance and closed his eyes as she prepared to kill him. Suddenly, the female MUTO was pulled back by Godzilla, who pried open her jaws and fired his atomic breath down her throat, severing her head from her body and killing her. Following her new alpha's orders, the MUTO begins to hunt on Earth with her new pack by attacking the city of Hoboken.

Queen MUTO remains dormant during Godzilla's search for Ghidorah's remains that desecrated by Apex Cybernetics and fight against Kong and later, Mechagodzilla as per her alpha's instruction. Both male and female MUTOs are armed with hook-like claws that are used to hack at and stab any Titan aggressors. Both MUTOs were durable enough to take barrages of both small and large arms fire without any damage.

However, the attacks from Godzilla are shown to harm them greatly, as both the male and female screeched in pain whenever they were bitten or clawed by him. Both MUTOs can use echolocation to communicate, find sources of radiation, and locate each other.

The male MUTO can unleash electromagnetic pulses from his claws, which can disable electric apparatuses in a five-mile-wide radius though it is also implied mutone9 - Ju_k_ - ePVo011 (File) does not necessarily have to rely on his claws to unleash an EMP, as when he mutone9 - Ju_k_ - ePVo011 (File) the warhead, he unleashes it from within mid-air. The female can instead surround herself with an EMP field labeled the "Sphere of Influence" by the news which performs the same function.

In the official novelization, it is explained the EMP ability evolved as a defense mechanism, used to prevent Godzilla's species from using their atomic breath. In an earlier screenplay and also in the final film's novelizationit's explained the MUTOs' EMP weakens Godzilla's atomic breath and renders him unable to use it by dampening the bio-electric spark which ignites it - it's never explicitly confirmed if this is canon in the film, but Godzilla's atomic breath does appear weaker when fighting the MUTOs than when he later fights Ghidorah and other opponents.

The male MUTO has wings that he can use to fly, but his top speed is undetermined. Naturally, these wings aided him in seeking out radiation to offer to the female. The wings also gave the male a massive combat advantage against Godzilla, being able to ambush him from the skies with a series of strafing and grappling attacks. He would usually be able to escape back into the skies before Godzilla could retaliate. The female was also able to quickly determine Ford's involvement in destroying her nest.

The female MUTO can mutone9 - Ju_k_ - ePVo011 (File) sexually. She lays hundreds of eggs near radioactive objects so that when her offspring hatch, they can immediately feed off the radiation. As parasites, the females of the MUTO parasitic species lay their eggs inside the radioactive carcasses of the larger Godzilla species to reproduce. If no carcass is present, the female will create an improvised nest by smashing a large hole into the earth and laying the eggs around a secondary source of radiation.

The male's smaller size also allowed him to climb and perch atop buildings with ease. The MUTOs were shown to have excellent stamina and resilience. The male spent most of his time after hatching flying around in a constant hunt for radiation, and most importantly, a potential mate. Before she can react, Godzilla crushes her head with a devastating stomp, killing her. With his ancient rival finally defeated, Godzilla makes his way back into the ocean, radiating a pure nuclear energy cloud from his back.

The fossilized skull of a MUTO Prime can be seen jutting out the side of an underwater cavern amongst other Titan remains as Godzilla swims towards his old lair. The MUTO Prime possessed tremor-inducing legs, which made her capable of producing massive earthquakes. By slamming the ground with her forelimbs, MUTO Prime could trigger shockwaves that would destabilize nearby fault lines in the Earth.

As explained by Dr. Emma Russell in the graphic novel, MUTO Prime triggered these massive earthquakes to lure out members of Godzilla's species into a fight they cannot win. Prime was able to claw and tunnel through the Earth's crust with ease, with her underground travels mutone9 - Ju_k_ - ePVo011 (File) being mistaken as natural seismic activity. This spiked armored shell served mostly as protection, as Prime was not seen utilizing it offensively.

Being a parasite, the MUTO Prime reproduced by inserting her eggs into the stomach lining of a suitable Titan host through ovipositors guided by traces of uranium in the host's blood. Then, the eggs settle within the muscle tissue and incubate, slowly feeding on the nuclear-rich hemoglobin in the host's blood and eventually killing it by draining its atomic energy.

After growing for sometimes up to centuries, two mature MUTOs, a male and female, will hatch and begin breeding rapidly with other MUTOs, creating a "breeding force" capable of quickly overwhelming life on Earth.

It is stated by Dr. The MUTO Prime was able to release a powerful sonic roar, which was so powerful that the sound waves easily shattered Godzilla's dorsal plates. MUTO Prime's eyes would glow red when she used the sonic roar, similar to how Godzilla's eyes glow blue when he uses atomic breath.

The sonic roar causes seismic instability, for it evolved to specifically resonate and shatter Godzilla's dorsal plates through "harmonic resonance". The MUTO Prime's legs are notably powerful enough to cause tremors strong enough to be heard for miles with each step. Throughout her life, MUTO Prime had killed several members of Titanus Gojira, no easy feat for any Titan, and successfully planted her eggs inside their bodies.

Her forelimbs were able to knock Godzilla himself back in one hit, temporarily staggering him. At first, weakened by several millennia of hibernation, she avoided prolonged combat with Godzilla. However, after steadily consuming more radiation, she grew more powerful with each encounter. But even at her peak, she preferred to utilize her seismic abilities as an easier and quicker way of subduing Godzilla. In her last fight with Godzilla, she resorted to her sonic roar to bring him down and she could have very well infected Godzilla had she not been distracted by the ORCA device.

MUTO Prime could swim underwater quite efficiently, using her massive forelimbs to propel herself through the water. It is assumed that she was a fast swimmer, as even the amphibious Godzilla himself could not catch her as she swam away from him.

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  7. Sep 21,  · The MUTOs (ムートー, Mūtō) are parasitic Titans who first appeared in the Legendary Pictures film, Godzilla.. Prehistoric parasites that thrived at the same time as Godzilla's species, the MUTOs survived by attacking and killing members of Godzilla's species and laying their eggs in their radioactive carcasses. Two MUTO spores left in the carcass of a Godzilla .

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  9. Sep 09,  · When a MUTO transforms into a MUTO Prime,the body will a brown coloration insteat of a black coloration,hardened outer turtle shells going from the head to the tail,orange-glowing forearm,a human-like appearence,three back-hands with one razor sharp forelimp-like claw,a pair of three fingered back-hands and a pair of hand-looking wings,a very.

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