Covered With Punk - Hey There Delilah (CDr)

They were reluctant to play shows because Fagen had serious stage fright. They stole the piano riff in the beginning of "Rikki The fact that they could blend rock and jazz so nicely and Fagen's unique voice is why this band still resonates with people today. They started touring again in They sound just like they did on their studio recordings with some fun lines and riffs thrown in.

They played the show with Michael McDonald as the opener. Many people don't know that McDonald was a back-up singer for Steely Dan for most of their records.

We used him as a back-up singer for years and got more than we bargained for. Here's what 'Do It Again' would have sounded like in I love making kitschy mixes and what better an opportunity than Halloween. It was unsurprisingly easy and fun to make so hopefully you have as good a time listening to it as I did making it. Posted by matt at AM No comments:.

Thursday, October 22, Saccharine Trust - Paganicons. I've always wondered why this band never got more recognition.

They blended slower melodic guitar parts with straight punk and made it sound great. I saw an interview with Henry Rollins where he says that this is one of his favorite songs and that Saccharine Trust was one of his favorite bands.

Also, to make this record even more rad, Mike Watt produced it. He left Saccharine Trust after this record to join Circle Jerks. He has some crazy stories to say the least. He has the bands logo tattooed on his Covered With Punk - Hey There Delilah (CDr) the cross making a T and a snake wrapped around it making an S.

He was telling me that he got it with Henry Rollins. They were sitting at some house and they decided to get their bands logo's tattooed on their arms. So, Henry got the Black Flag bars and "Earl" got the cross and the snake. He was telling me about one night when he was at a Black Flag show at a house party and ended up in the hospital. I'll post what he said in an interview in after it happened: "This party with Black Flag in Carson. Cops came and broke it up. One of the cops asked me if I knew the girls whose house it was, went out front, tried to look for her.

Cops out front told me to go home. My ride was in the backyard. One cop put a stick in my stomach. The two other cops came up and started pulling out their night sticks, so I ran for it. It was a dead end street. I jumped a brick wall and Covered With Punk - Hey There Delilah (CDr) a fence behind that, and fell 20 feet.

Broke my leg. Knocked my teeth out. Opened up a hole in my jaw. He also played shows with Minutemen and Black Flag. I'll also post the TV Party video.

Saccharine Trust - Paganicons. The new record by Groundation "Here I Am" has some differences from its predecessors but is still a phenomenal record. The all white reggae band from Northern California is hands down one of the best reggae bands right now.

This record, unlike past Groundation records, has longer songs that go from Dub to Jazz to Reggae. With members that are top of the line musicians Saxophone player Jason Robinson heads the Jazz program at UC San Diego and knowledgeable in the history of the genre Singer Harrison Stafford taught Reggae History at Sonoma Stateyou know you're getting great music everytime these guys release a record.

This record also features members of The Congos and Pablo Moses. I got a chance to see them the other night and it was a seriously genius performance. If you get a chance you should check out a show as well. These guys are not only great musicans but great song Covered With Punk - Hey There Delilah (CDr) and great performers. What more could you ask for? Also check out their other records, especially Hebron Gate.

Groundation - Here I Am Groundation website. For whatever reason Boyracer kind of reminds me of a british equivalent to Jawbreaker on this record. Even the cover art kind of reminds me of the bay area aesthetic that punk bands like Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine and Green Day were using back in the early nineties. As you probably know by now, around these parts we love Jawbreaker so these are all good things in my world. Although its not out of the question that Boyracer did get some influences from Jawbreaker and their peers I think they are actually a great representation of the quality things about lo-fi independent music at that time.

I think a good measuring mark in the history of the band is that "More Songs About Frustration and Self Hate" was released first on Sarah records and then later on Slumberland. I know that both of these labels have a lot in common but the reason I pointed it out is because I always interpreted them as being interested in the same types of music but with a different set of artists.

I think the fact that Boyracer are one of the few groups to release records on both labels kind of just illustrates what I was talking about when I said they seem like they really understood what was going on in America at the time from the sound to the aesthetic. There is nothing groundbreaking on "More Songs. Personally, its one of my favorites from the Sarah records catalogue and I think it stands up today just as well as it ever did maybe even better.

Posted by matt at PM No comments:. Tuesday, September 22, Public Image Ltd. The Sex Pistols were one of the first punk bands I had ever heard of when I was a kid and in the nineties John Lydon was completely irrelevant in terms of music so I didn't have that high of expectations for whatever he did in between. I guess as a kid I also felt that when "punk" musicians tried to experiment too far, in the case of Public Image Ltd.

Obviously I was wrong, at least in this case because First Issue is probably one of the best "punk" albums ever recorded and still stands the test of time like a lot of their contemporaries didn't. Although the music on First Issue probably sounds less like the cliche that "punk" has come to represent at this point in time it really is a much better representation of what it should mean.

First Issue was never originally released in due to Warner Brothers feelings that it wouldn't move enough units because it sounded weird. It is still not available for purchase in the United States which is a shame.

I was as stoked as any sane person would be. But, today I heard some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: Thorns of Life already broke up. Good news: Schwarzenbach already started a new band called "forgetters" with ex-Against Me! They're playing some shows on the east coast starting this weekend. More good news: Thorns of Life sounds a lot like Jawbreaker. Let's hope forgetters sounds like Jawbreaker too.

If you've read this far, and on a completely different note, you'll be happy to hear that Pavement is reuniting. No joke. When approached about the growing trend of Grateful Dead soundboard tape trading Jerry Garcia said something to the tune of: "After we play a show, it doesn't belong to us anymore, it belongs to the fans.

Phil Lesh, the Dead bassist and advocate of keeping the shows online, was angry at Weir for a good year or two. When I started getting into the Dead 7 or 8 years ago I realized that there was a never-ending world of Dead music and shows waiting to be discovered.

Within a year or so I had hundreds of CD's worth of soundboard Dead shows. As a sidenote: soundboard versions of Dead shows were recorded directly from the amps and microphones through a "soundboard". As a result, these shows are of the greatest quality possible at the time these shows were recorded and were far superior to the other source of recorded shows which were through audience tapings. Now that the soundboard recorded shows have been taken off Covered With Punk - Hey There Delilah (CDr) internet, Deadheads have had to either go underground or start paying for officially released concert recordings.

With that said, in defiance of Bob Weir, I have decided to start posting full soundboard Dead shows every now and then. Because, like Lesh and Garcia, I feel that fans should have the right to own these concerts and acquire them freely.

Because these concerts really do "belong to the fans". The first concert I'm posting is one of my favorite Dead recordings: May 7, at the Boston Garden. I have a recording of every show the Dead played in May '77 and they are all amazing. They are on target every night and it is the best era song wise as well.

Blues as the encore. If this is your first Dead show, you're in for a real treat. Put on your headphones, lay back, and enjoy this amazing experience. If this isn't your first Dead show, you'll see why I chose this show as my first Dead post. Posted by Kevin at PM 2 comments:. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Keith Jarrett's solo concerts knows that he is an amazing performer and perhaps the greatest pianist of all time. His remarkable ability to perform solo for over an hour and have the listener completely in awe cannot be matched by anyone else, living or dead.

Jarrett's performances with his trio; consisting of Jarrett on Piano, Gary Peacock on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums; are a delight as well. You know that Peacock and DeJohnette are great musicians to have the ability to keep up with a pianist as unbelievable as Jarrett. After playing with them and with a group of his own, Jarrett played his first solo concert in Jarrett still plays solo concerts every now and then he's 64 but has been focusing more on the Keith Jarrett Trio who play mostly standards.

In the 90's, Jarrett battled chronic fatigue syndrome and had difficulty performing but has since reinvented himself and works around it. When Jarrett plays, as you'll notice in this recording, he tends to mouth the notes he's hitting on the piano. At first, it is kind of annoying but the more you listen to it, the more you realize that it adds to the improv.

Most of the time, he'll mouth the notes as he plays them, which is insane when you realize the speed he often plays at. I went with a friend and we were laughing every now and then because his playing and pure talent was so ridiculous. Jarrett is also known for his temper.

Before the concert, Jarrett told the audience that he did not want flash photography at any time during the concert. Right before the Trio went offstage for intermisison, someone in the crowd took a picture and Jarrett went off on the person, telling them that they "had no respect for the musicians" and that they should "think twice before coming to see them again".

I thought it was pretty hilarious but Jarrett was dead serious and pretty damn pissed. I've been wanting to post a Keith Jarrett record for a while. I'll post one of his solo concerts soon. The Trio is in top form. Inafter the U. Jara first had his hands and ribs broken. He was then shot in the head and several times in his body and died.

His body was dumped in the road near Santiago, he was 40 years old. Macbeth 6. Paris 7. Graham Greene 8. Half Past France 9. Everything he has done over the years—from his electric viola work and his development of destructive sound effects for the Velvet Underground onward—bears witness to a formidable intelligence and a commitment to what remains viable in the avant-garde tradition.

Last year, Cale released his first Reprise album following two excellent albums for ColumbiaThe Academy in Peril, which Warners justly called their first "classical" album. Parisby contrast, is pop-oriented with strong classical underpinnings. Indeed, it comes far closer to being a finished work of art than any previous attempt to effect a rock-classical synthesis.

The subject of Paris is nothing less than the entirety of Western European high culture, viewed roughly from a post-World War I, Dada-Surrealist perspective. The album is an epic reassessment of history, geography and art itself. Paris was produced by Floyd-Harum wizard Chris Thomas. The strings of the UCLA Symphony Orchestra are used to magnificent effect, enhanced with what sounds like a mellotron. Cale's lyrics are something else entirely. He has scored a major coup by adapting, often brilliantly, the spirit of Dada-Surrealist poetry into the pop idiom.

The contrast between the somewhat destructive playfulness of Dada and the Romantic thrust of the music sets up tensions that are never resolved, nor are they meant to be. At its most accessible, the poetry is highly allusory and multifaceted. The central image of the title cut, whose arrangement is somewhat similar to Nilsson's wonderful "Mourning Glory," is that of a woman appearing as a ghost "from the clock across the hall.

Though at first all of this might seem simply to be sublime nonsense, much of it improvised, Cale employs imagery that is fundamentally cohesive in an impressionistic way and further unified by its elegiac spirit.

His cerebrations are as Romantic as they are anti-Romantic, perhaps more the former, since the music finally impells us to take him very seriously. Wit, humor and irony are here in abundance. So too are metaphysical contemplation and sadness.

Paris is one of the most ambitious albums ever released under the name of "pop. As usual, John Cale is several steps ahead of the times. It is up to us to catch up with him. Paris is a pop masterpiece. Permanent Yesterday 2. Greyed 3. Little Hand 4. Thread Still 5. Lasted In Different View 6.

Three Winters Our Trace 7. Under Calf, Winged Steps 8. Lullaby For Rainsongs Few areas of the world have been as exciting to watch as the experimental community in Japan over the past half a decade. What was originally dominated by noise and psychedelia-oriented music has slowly transformed into a sea of post-rock, ambient, and electronic artists, exposing a magnitude of creative musicians with large ambitions and a wealth of talent at their disposal.

While this is undoubtedly a counter-culture movement amongst the very pop focused Japanese mainstream, it is having a much larger and significant impact on the global scale.

Although many have celebrated the evolution of ambient music within the boundaries of Japan, which has broken through a decade-old stagnation of the generation with a more humanistic approach to the whole process, it has really been the electronic circuit which has received the most critical acclaim and will probably leave a lasting impression decades to come. The innovation comes in the natural blending of unnatural pairs of genres, particularly the classical and glitch IDM influenced genres.

The two most noteworthy pioneers of the field are undoubtedly found in Katsuhiko Maeda a. Maeda is the eldest of the group, with a discography that now spans almost a decade and a career that demonstrates strong sonic development through time. His work is the strongly influenced by the avant-garde, and, in general, his compositions represent sketches or snapshots of a sonic landscape that is constantly evolving and largely chaotic in nature.

Daisuke's approach is much more narrative in nature, as he takes a longer form to allow the pieces to fully illustrate his themes and paints a full portrait for the listener. While both pull from very similar worlds for influence, they achieve stunningly different results, although comparisons between their work is surely evident. Yasushi Yoshida's debut, Secret Gardenwas very much in line with this world.

Little Gracehis newly released sophomore effort, is as well, but it'd be difficult to draw such a conclusion without knowledge of Secret Garden and seeing the progression in action. On the surface, much of Little Grace sounds like it's in comfortable proximity to the works of contemporaries Olafur ArnaldsPeter Broderickand maybe even Balmorhea and, let's be honest, they all love Rachel's. It has all the required ingredients -- piano, strings, a slow, emotional air -- and the pieces are composed in the general neo-classical style that has now become standard.

However, tracks like "Greyed," "Under Calf, Winged Steps," and "Untitled" should tip us off that there's much more going on below the surface than just pretty neo-classical music not that there's anything wrong with that Indeed, on closer inspection, even the seemingly straightforward classical pieces are less predictable than Yoshida's peers. The lengthier Covered With Punk - Hey There Delilah (CDr) "Thread Still" and "Three Winters Our Grace" are accomplished tracks that stretch the imagination and offer a few extra tricks during the expanded time frame.

Essentially, Yoshida provides a spectrum of tracks that highlight the movement of his music from the experimental to the conservative, but in doing so he also doesn't give up the things that made him love the combination thereof in the first place. Although the electronic component is drastically reduced in Little Graceit is still present and, for the most part, used subtlely. This is brought to the fore in the more experimental tracks, but then fades back into supporting role if any at all during the rest of the album.

There's no denying that Yoshida has created a timeless, exhilarating album that many will quickly fall in love with.

But, for several reasons, I'm unable to give this album my full support. First of all, I feel that Yoshida is, at times, trying too hard to distance himself from Daisuke and Maeda, and in the process sacrifices the electronic component which is largely what gives his work a voice and separates it from his Western peers.

There are many moments on the album that slide into generic neo-classical territory, which is not something you typically see on many Japanese releases. Secondly, his newfound style hasn't quite been developed as fully as his older work, which had the benefit of appealing to the work of his influences. A little more tinkering would flush out the Yoshida sound to great lengths.

Lastly, upon analysis of the album and the progress of Yoshida's work, I can't help but conclude that this is a transitional album and his next will be a more satisfying release.

Little Grace looks to be wedged between his past work and a more organic work that awaits in the future; we've yet to see his masterpiece, but we're still getting a pretty good view in the meantime. Door Open Both Ways 2. Jeg Er Bare Her 3. Juli 4. Politiska Dikten Atervander 5. Giving And Taking Book 7. Ingen Vet Om Fremtiden Kommer 9. Forskjellige Gode Ting His debut album "Hei" was released in to rave reviews around the world.

His second record, "Melke", a collection of remixes, 7 inches, rejected tracks and tracks for compilations, was released in His live sets differ somewhat from the records; with faster speeds and louder beats they sometimes end up as tiny techno raves, if perhaps weird ones at that.

Well, depends on how much you like your electronics on the experimental side. Me, I love it, so it was worth it. To approach things without the limitations of professionalism. Read the Milk Factory interview with Kim Hiorthoy….

The Desert Music addresses the idea of mankind's awareness of his own condition, a subject that appears in one way or another in each of the three included poems.

I am wide awake, the mind is listening. And, referring indirectly to the deserts of Alamagordo, New Mexico, where the first A-bombs were detonated, Reich quotes again from The Orchestra: "Man has survived hitherto because he was too ignorant to know how to realize his wishes.

Now that he can realize them, he must either change them or perish. The first and fifth movements share the same harmonic material, while the second and fourth -- settings the same text -- are both in a moderate tempo and use similar harmonic progressions.

The central movement, the longest in the work, exhibits its own symmetrical form, beginning and ending with the same text. The middle portion, the work's focal point, sets a text from The Orchestra that sheds light upon the relationship between text and tone in The Desert Music: "It is a principle of music to repeat the theme.

Repeat and repeat again, as the pace mounts. The theme is difficult but no more difficult than the facts to be resolved. Sabres 2. Stranded In Greenland 3. Svengali 4. They Said 5. The Effect 6. December 7. There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help! See also: How LibriVox Works. LibriVox volunteers are helpful and friendly, and if you post a question anywhere on the forum you are likely to get an answer from someone, somewhere within an hour or so.

So don't be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording.

On the second ballot, Mr. Trudeau picked up support, improving to Winters picked up most of the anti-Trudeau support, and moved into second place with votes Great pressure was put on Mr.

Hellyer and Mr. Turner to withdraw and throw their support to Mr. Winters, but Mr. Hellyer still thought he had a chance, and Mr. Turner refused to make a deal. Hellyer, "You've got to go to Winters. Don't let that bastard win it, Paul—he isn't even a Liberal.

Greene to remain on the third ballot. Winters agreed that whichever of the two was behind after the third ballot would withdraw and support the other, but most observers figured that the time to stop Mr. Trudeau had passed. The third ballot was similar to the second, as the top two candidates began to pick up votes from the others. Trudeau stood at 1, Winters had Hellyer, Turner, Greene, 29 1. Hellyer now with drew in favour of Mr.

Winters, and Mr. Greene threw his support to Mr. Turner stubbornly remained on the ballot. Trudeau finally obtained the required majority of votes on the fourth ballot: 1, Winters polled votes Turner 8. The Liberal leadership convention was the first such convention in Canada in which computers were used to track delegates and votes.

IBM punch card machines were used to track the votes. Delegates were told not to fold the cards before casting their ballots, but many voters, used to folding paper ballots in previous votes, folded the punch cards, and these folded cards caused the machines to repeatedly jam.

To see how much things have changed sincejust look at Robert Winters. Winters promised, if elected, to privatize Crown corporations. These positions, coming from a leading Liberal inwould put Mr. Winters far to the right of the so-called "Conservatives" of An oddity from the convention was the candidacy of Lloyd Henderson. Henderson, a former mayor of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, had run for the party leadership andreceiving one vote.

His wife was a delegate, and was therefore entitled to vote. However, Rev. I suspect that Mrs. Henderson took one look at Mr. Trudeau and voted for him another reason women should never have been allowed to vote. In Czechoslovakia, Gen.

Hey Bulldog - The Beatles - Rock N Roll Music Vol 2 (Cassette), House Ya (Original), They All Must Die - Nick Reinhart - Scary Sounds (File), Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) - Crookers - Tons Of Remixes (CD, Album), This Boy - The Beatles - Live From Liverpool - Beatlemania 1963 (CD), Take The Piss On - Various - Freakbitchlickfly (CD), 3. Svetā Naktī - Silvija Erdmane, Alfred Genovese, Ilze Akerberga, Bruno Skulte - Spoža Zvaigzne Att, Me And Mrs. Jones - Various - Canzoni Per Una Estate (Vinyl, LP), Technoclubbie - Pablo Francisco - Sausage (CD, Album), Beach Dave - Fah (2) - Fahcid 2004-2006 (File), Hold Me - Ninjaman - Hollow Point Bad Boy... (Vinyl, LP), Song And Dance - Cornelius Cardew - Four Principles On Ireland And Other Pieces (1974) (CD, Album), The Caterpillar (Flicker Mix) - The Cure - Mixed Up (Vinyl, LP), Opening Up - Sara Bareilles - Whats Inside: Songs From Waitress (CD, Album)

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