I Can Tell You The Time - The Dixie Echoes - Shades Of Thought (Vinyl, LP, Album)I Can Tell You The Time - The Dixie Echoes - Shades Of Thought (Vinyl, LP, Album)

After We Collided. The inspiration behind the major motion picture After We Collided! Tessa has everything to lose. Hardin has nothing to lose Life will never be the same. After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, Tessa and Hardin were on the path to making things work. Hardin will always be But is he really the deep, thoughtful guy Tessa fell madly in love with despite his angry exterior, or has he been a stranger all along? She wishes she could walk away.

Not with the memory of passionate nights spent in his arms. His electric touch. His hungry kisses. She put so much on hold for Hardin—school, friends, her mom, a relationship with a guy who really loved her, and now possibly even a promising new career. She needs to move forward with her life. Hardin knows he made a mistake, possibly the biggest one of his life.

But can he change? Will he change Tasty, BuzzFeed 's popular cooking brand, delivers both comforting and healthy weeknight dinners for meat-lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike, plus treats like ice cream, chocolate desserts, and rainbow recipes galore.

Now you can deliver on the promise of a great dish whenever the urge strikes. Get ready—your cooking is about to go viral. George Orwell. It is, above all, a way of asserting power. Winston Smith is a man in grave danger for the simple reason that his memory still functions. Drawn into a forbidden love affair, Winston finds the courage to join a secret revolutionary organization called The Brotherhood, dedicated to the destruction of the Party.

Together with his beloved Julia, he hazards his life in a deadly match against the powers that be. It is a fantasy of the political future, and like any such fantasy, serves its author as a magnifying device for an examination of the present.

Gary John Bishop. If you are, Gary John Bishop has the answer. I am wired to win. I got this. I embrace the uncertainty. I am not my thoughts; I am what I do. I am relentless. I expect nothing and accept everything. The 48 Laws of Power. Robert Greene. Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, this multi-million-copy New York Times bestseller is the definitive manual for anyone interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control — from the author of The Laws of Human Nature.

Every law, though, has one thing in common: an interest in total domination. In a bold and arresting two-color package, The 48 Laws of Power is ideal whether your aim is conquest, self-defense, or simply to understand the rules of the game. Secouez-vous Acheter le dernier livre de Mark Manson. Charlotte Poussin. Survivre aux parents toxiques. Julie Arcoulin. Qui veut jouer avec moi?

Lawrence J. Jouer pour mieux communiquer avec nos enfants Vous ne savez pas comment faire pour obtenir de votre enfant ce que vous lui demandez? Les formules magiques : Devenez votre propre mage Claude Deplace. Avec cet ouvrage, vous deviendrez votre propre "mage". Comment se faire des amis. Dale Carnegie. Esther Hicks. Dans ce livre, Esther et Jerry Hicks vous expliquent comment mettre en oeuvre la Loi de l'Attraction.

Vous comprendrez ainsi que tout ce qui advient dans votre existence, que vous l'ayez voulu ou non, n'est pas le fruit du hasard mais l'effet direct de cette Loi, parmi les plus puissantes de l'Univers. Il identifie le mal et le neutralise. Les couleurs les plus courantes, sont l'argile blanche, la grise et la verte. Certains recommandent la blanche pour l'usage interne et la verte pour l'usage externe.

En fait l'argile grise conviendra parfaitement pour l'usage I Can Tell You The Time - The Dixie Echoes - Shades Of Thought (Vinyl et externe, tandis que la verte sera excellente pour les cataplasmes en usage externe.

Je pense trop : Comment canaliser ce mental envahissant. Christel Petitcollin. Je veux grossir: Oui c'est possible! Marie Bach. Comment faire quand l'aiguille de la balance ne veut pas osciller vers la droite? Comment gagner les kilos qui changeraient tout? Je veux grossir, Oui c'est possible! Shizuto Masunaga. Pre-order now, enjoy later. Is it truly possible to defy destiny and live a quiet life?

The problem is, only the hero can actually fell demons. Unfortunately, the only way to test this new magic is in a real battle! Seth Wickersham.

Stephanie Grisham. ReDawn Skyward Flight: Novella 2. Brandon Sanderson. From 1 bestselling author Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson comes the second of three Skyward series novellas, each told from the perspective of a different member of the team back on Detritus. Read Alanik's story between Starsight and Cytonic. What she found there was a shock—a whole planet of free humans fighting against the Superiority.

Were they the allies her people desperately needed? When she recovered from her injuries and met the friendly humans Jorgen and FM of Skyward Flight, she found that her warning to Spensa had gone unheeded by the government of Detritus, and they were considering a peace overture from the Superiority. Now having returned to ReDawn, Alanik is dismayed to learn that her own people are falling into the exact same trap.

Sanderson plainly had a ball with this nonstop, highflying opener, and readers will too. David Baldacci. For her entire life, FBI agent Atlee Pine has been searching for her twin sister, Mercy, who was abducted at the age of six and never seen again.

Though Atlee is tantalizingly close to her family at last, the final leg of her long road to Mercy will be the most treacherous yet. Mercy left at least one dead body behind before fleeing her captors years before.

Atlee has no idea if her sister is still alive, and if so, how she has been surviving all this time. When the truth is finally revealed, Atlee Pine will face the greatest danger yet, and it may well cost her everything. After all, every guild needs a home. Though their guild is still small, the girls and their friends are excited to have a place to meet, train, and grow—especially now that the newly minted guilds are all going to be facing off in the next big event! This is the birth of the legendary Maple Tree, the guild whose name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it!

Diana Gabaldon. The past may seem the safest place to be. Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the Jacobite Rising inand it took them twenty years to find each other again. Now the American Revolution threatens to do the same. Having the family together is a dream the Frasers had thought impossible. Yet even in the North Carolina backcountry, the effects of war are being felt. Brianna and Roger have their own worry: that the dangers that provoked their escape from the twentieth century might catch up to them.

Sometimes they question whether risking the perils of the s—among them disease, starvation, and an impending war—was indeed the safer choice for their family. And with the family finally together, Jamie and Claire have more at stake than ever before.

Livre 3. From the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Reckoners series, the Mistborn trilogy, and the Stormlight Archive comes the third book in an epic series about a girl who will travel beyond the stars to save the world she loves from destruction.

She proved herself one of the best starfighters in the human enclave of Detritus and she saved her people from extermination at the hands of the Krell—the enigmatic alien species that has been holding them captive for decades. Now, the Superiority—the governing galactic alliance bent on dominating all human life—has started a galaxy-wide war.

Ancient, mysterious alien forces that can wipe out entire planetary systems in an instant. Spensa knows that no matter how many pilots the DDF has, there is no defeating this predator.

Except that Spensa is Cytonic. Anche nei suoi distici, Marziale continua a citare il codex: un anno prima del suddetto, una raccolta di distici viene pubblicata con lo scopo di accompagnare donativi. Questa mole composta da numerosi fogli contiene quindici libri poetici del Nasone». Dal II secolo a. Nel mondo antico non godette di molta fortuna a causa del prezzo elevato rispetto a quello del papiro. Il libro in forma di rotolo consisteva in fogli preparati da fibre di papiro phylire disposte in uno strato orizzontale lo strato che poi riceveva la scrittura sovrapposto ad uno strato verticale la faccia opposta.

La scrittura era effettuata su colonne, generalmente sul lato del papiro che presentava le fibre orizzontali. Non si hanno molte testimonianze sui rotoli di pergamena tuttavia la loro forma era simile a quella dei libri in papiro.

Gli inchiostri neri utilizzati erano a base di nerofumo e gomma arabica. Dal II secolo d. La vecchia forma libraria a rotolo scompare in ambito librario. In forma notevolmente differente permane invece in ambito archivistico.

Questo mezzo, permettendo l'accelerazione della produzione delle copie di testi contribuisce alla diffusione del libro e della cultura. Altri suoi distici rivelano che tra i regali fatti da Marziale c'erano copie di Virgiliodi Cicerone e Livio.

Le parole di Marziale danno la distinta impressione che tali edizioni fossero qualcosa di recentemente introdotto. Sono stati rinvenuti "taccuini" contenenti fino a dieci tavolette. Nel tempo, furono anche disponibili modelli di lusso fatti con tavolette di avorio invece che di legno. Ai romani va il merito di aver compiuto questo passo essenziale, e devono averlo fatto alcuni decenni prima della fine del I secolo d.

Il grande vantaggio che offrivano rispetto ai rolli era la capienza, vantaggio che sorgeva dal fatto che la facciata esterna del rotolo era lasciata in bianco, vuota.

Il codice invece aveva scritte entrambe le facciate di ogni pagina, come in un libro moderno. La prima pagina porta il volto del poeta. I codici di cui parlava erano fatti di pergamena ; nei distici che accompagnavano il regalo di una copia di Omeroper esempio, Marziale la descrive come fatta di "cuoio con molte pieghe".

Ma copie erano anche fatte di fogli di papiro. Quando i greci ed i romani disponevano solo del rotolo per scrivere libri, si preferiva usare il papiro piuttosto che la pergamena. I ritrovamenti egiziani ci permettono di tracciare il graduale rimpiazzo del rotolo da parte del codice.

Fece la sua comparsa in Egitto non molto dopo il tempo di Marziale, nel II secolo d. Il suo debutto fu modesto. A tutt'oggi sono stati rinvenuti 1. Verso il d. I ritrovamenti egiziani gettano luce anche sulla transizione del codex dal papiro alla pergamena. Sebbene gli undici codici della Bibbia datati in quel secolo fossero papiracei, esistono circa 18 codici dello stesso secolo con scritti pagani e quattro di questi sono in pergamena. Non ne scegliemmo alcuno, ma ne raccogliemmo altri otto per i quali gli diedi dracme in conto.

Il codex tanto apprezzato da Marziale aveva quindi fatto molta strada da Roma. Nel terzo secolo, quando tali codici divennero alquanto diffusi, quelli di pergamena iniziarono ad essere popolari. In breve, anche in Egittola fonte mondiale del papiroil codice di pergamena occupava una notevole quota di mercato. Sono tutti di pergamena, edizioni eleganti, scritti in elaborata calligrafia su sottili fogli di pergamena. Per tali edizioni di lusso il papiro era certamente inadatto.

In almeno un'area, la giurisprudenza romanail codex di pergamena veniva prodotto sia in edizioni economiche che in quelle di lusso. La caduta dell'Impero romano nel V secolo d. Il papiro divenne difficile da reperire a causa della mancanza di contatti con l' Antico Egitto e la pergamenache per secoli era stata tenuta in secondo piano, divenne il materiale di scrittura principale.

I monasteri continuarono la tradizione scritturale latina dell' Impero romano d'Occidente. La tradizione e lo stile dell' Impero romano predominavano ancora, ma gradualmente emerse la cultura del libro medievale. I monaci irlandesi introdussero la spaziatura tra le parole nel VII secolo.

L'innovazione fu poi adottata anche nei Paesi neolatini come l'Italiaanche se non divenne comune prima del XII secolo. Si ritiene che l'inserimento di spazi tra le parole abbia favorito il passaggio dalla lettura semi-vocalizzata a quella silenziosa. Prima dell'invenzione e della diffusione del torchio tipograficoquasi tutti i libri venivano copiati a mano, il che li rendeva costosi e relativamente rari. I piccoli monasteri di solito possedevano al massimo qualche decina di libri, forse qualche centinaio quelli di medie dimensioni.

Il processo della produzione di un libro era lungo e laborioso. Infine, il libro veniva rilegato dal rilegatore. Esistono testi scritti in rosso o addirittura in oro, e diversi colori venivano utilizzati per le miniature. A volte la pergamena era tutta di colore viola e il testo vi era scritto in oro o argento per esempio, il Codex Argenteus.

Per tutto l'Alto Medioevo i libri furono copiati prevalentemente nei monasteri, uno alla volta. Il sistema venne gestito da corporazioni laiche di cartolaiche produssero sia materiale religioso che profano. Questi libri furono chiamati libri catenati.

Vedi illustrazione Album) margine. L' ebraismo ha mantenuto in vita l'arte dello scriba fino ad oggi. Anche gli arabi produssero e rilegarono libri durante il periodo medievale islamicosviluppando tecniche avanzate di calligrafia arabaminiatura e legatoria. Col metodo di controllo, solo "gli autori potevano autorizzare le copie, e questo veniva fatto in riunioni pubbliche, in cui il copista leggeva il testo ad alta voce in presenza dell'autore, il quale poi la certificava come precisa". In xilografiaun'immagine a LP di una pagina intera veniva intagliata su tavolette di legno, inchiostrata e usata per stampare le copie di quella pagina.

Questo metodo ebbe origine in Cinadurante la Dinastia Han prima del a. I monaci o altri che le scrivevano, venivano pagati profumatamente. I primi libri stampati, i singoli fogli e le immagini che furono creati prima del in Europa, sono noti come incunaboli.

Folio 14 recto del Vergilius romanus che contiene un ritratto dell'autore Virgilio. Back home in Wisconsin, Emily struggles to bury her trauma, diving headfirst into a new relationship and throwing herself into work.

Album) when Kristen shows up for a surprise visit, Emily is forced to confront their violent past. The more Kristen tries to keep Emily close, the more Emily questions her motives. As Emily feels the walls closing in on their cover-ups, she must reckon with the truth about her closest friend. Can Emily outrun the secrets she shares with Kristen, or will they destroy her relationship, her freedom—even her life?

The Downstairs Girl. Stacey Lee. By day, seventeen-year-old Jo Kuan works as a lady's maid for the cruel daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Atlanta. But by night, Jo moonlights as the pseudonymous author of a newspaper advice column for the genteel Southern lady, "Dear Miss Sweetie. While her opponents clamor to uncover the secret identity of Miss Sweetie, a mysterious letter sets Jo off on a search for her own past and the parents who abandoned her as a baby.

But when her efforts put her in the crosshairs of Atlanta's most notorious criminal, Jo must decide whether she, a girl used to living in the shadows, is ready to step into the light.

With prose that is witty, insightful, and at times heartbreaking, Stacey Lee masterfully crafts an extraordinary social drama set in the New South. The Downstairs Girlfor all its serious and timely content, is a jolly good time. The Paper Palace: A Novel. Miranda Cowley Heller. What more could you ask? But this morning is different: last night Elle and her oldest friend Jonas crept out the back door into the darkness and had sex with each other for the first time, all while their spouses chatted away inside.

As Heller colors in the experiences that have led Elle to this day, we arrive at LP ultimate decision with all its complexity. Tender yet devastating, The Paper Palace considers the tensions between desire and dignity, the legacies of abuse, and the crimes and misdemeanors of families. Seven Days in June. Tia Williams. Eva Mercy is a single mom and bestselling erotica writer who is feeling pressed from all sides. When Shane and Eva meet unexpectedly at a literary event, sparks fly, raising not only their buried traumas, but the eyebrows of the Black literati.

What no one knows is that fifteen years earlier, teenage Eva and Shane spent one crazy, torrid week madly in love. While they may be pretending not to know each other, they can't deny their chemistry—or the fact that they've been secretly writing to each other in their books through the years. Over the next seven days, amidst a steamy Brooklyn summer, Eva and Shane reconnect—but Eva's wary of the man who broke her heart, and wants him out of the city so her life can return to normal.

Before Shane disappears though, she needs a few questions answered Tokyo Ever After: A Novel. Emiko Jean. Which means outspoken, irreverent Izzy is literally a princess. In a whirlwind, Izumi travels to Japan to meet the father she never knew and discover the country she always dreamed of. There are conniving cousins, a hungry press, a scowling but handsome bodyguard who just might be her soulmate, and thousands of years of tradition and customs to learn practically overnight.

Will Izumi crumble under the weight of the crown, or will she live out her fairy tale, happily ever after? Look for the sequel, Tokyo Dreamingin ! Laura Dave. Before Owen Michaels disappears, he smuggles a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her. Bailey, who lost her mother tragically as a child. Bailey, who wants absolutely nothing to do with her new stepmother.

Hannah and Bailey set out to discover the truth. With its breakneck pacing, dizzying plot twists, and evocative family drama, The Last Thing He Told Me is a riveting mystery, certain to shock you with its final, heartbreaking turn.

Northern Spy: A Novel. Flynn Berry. I loved this thrill ride of a book. The IRA may have gone underground in the two decades since the Good Friday Agreement, but they never really went away, and lately bomb threats, security checkpoints, and helicopters floating ominously over the city have become features of everyday life. As the news reporter requests the public's help in locating those responsible for the robbery, security footage reveals Tessa's sister, Marian, pulling a black ski mask over her face.

The police believe Marian has joined the IRA, but Tessa is convinced she must have been abducted or coerced; the sisters have always opposed the violence enacted in the name of uniting Ireland. And besides, Marian is vacationing on the north coast. Tessa just spoke to her yesterday. When the truth about Marian comes to light, Tessa is faced with impossible choices that will test the limits of her ideals, the bonds of her family, her notions of right and wrong, and her identity as a sister and a mother.

Walking an increasingly perilous road, she wants nothing more than to protect the one person she loves more fiercely than her sister: her infant son, Finn. Riveting, atmospheric, and exquisitely written, Northern Spy is at once a heart-pounding story of the contemporary IRA and a moving portrait of sister- and motherhood, and of life in a deeply divided society. Infinite Country: A Novel. Patricia Engel. I often wonder if we are living the wrong life in the wrong country.

Talia is being held at a correctional facility for adolescent girls in the forested mountains of Colombia after committing an impulsive act of violence that may or may not have been warranted. If she misses her flight, she might also miss her chance to finally be reunited with her family. How this family came to occupy two different countries, two different worlds, comes into focus like twists of a kaleidoscope.

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed author Patricia Engel, herself a dual citizen and the daughter of Colombian immigrants, gives voice to all five family members as they navigate the particulars of their respective circumstances. Firekeeper's Daughter. Angeline Boulley. Eighteen-year-old Daunis Fontaine has never quite fit in, both in her hometown and on the nearby Ojibwe reservation. She dreams of a fresh start at college, but when family tragedy strikes, Daunis puts her future on hold to look after her fragile mother.

Yet even as Daunis falls for Jamie, she senses the dashing hockey star is hiding something. Everything comes to light when Daunis witnesses a shocking murder, thrusting her into an FBI investigation of a lethal new drug.

Reluctantly, Daunis agrees to go undercover, drawing on her knowledge of chemistry and Ojibwe traditional medicine to track down the source. But the search for truth is more complicated than Daunis imagined, exposing secrets and old scars. At the same time, she grows concerned with an investigation that seems more focused on punishing the offenders than protecting the victims. Le Roi Singe : Les Monts flamboyants.

La liste de mes envies. SAS 62 Vengeance romaine. SAS 69 Le tueur de Miami. Elle se retourna et cria : "Tue-le, Faustino! Tu as le choix. Ou je te castre. Pour moi, ce sera un plaisir. Tu as une minute. Find your next favorite book. Midnight Sun. Stephenie Meyer. But until now, fans have heard only Bella's side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward's version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.

This unforgettable tale as told through Edward's eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger? In Midnight SunStephenie Meyer transports us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of immortal love.

Battle Ground. Livre Harry has faced terrible odds before. He has a long history of fighting enemies above his weight class. The Red Court of vampires. The fallen angels of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. The Outsiders. A being more powerful and dangerous on an order of magnitude beyond what the world has seen in a millennium is coming.

The Last Titan has declared war on the city of Chicago, and has come to subjugate humanity, obliterating any who stand in her way. Mark Manson. Dune: Volume 1. Livre 1. Coveted across the known universe, melange is a prize worth killing for A stunning blend of adventure and mysticism, environmentalism and politics, Dune won the first Nebula Award, shared the Hugo Award, and formed the basis of what is undoubtedly the grandest epic in science fiction. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter 'H'. Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Then, on Harry's eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Me And My Music - Barbara* - Me & My Music (CD, Album), I Dont Want Your Money - Chicago (2) - Chicago III (Vinyl, LP, Album), Kanonische Veränderung Über „Von Himmel Hoch, Da Komm’ Ich Her“, Bwv 769 - Johann Sebastian Bach, Mi, Sunday - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD), Mistreat - Never Forgive... Never Forget (Vinyl, LP, Album), Suburban Death Camp - Third Leg - Phurly (CD), My Girlfriends Shower Sucks - Goldfinger (7) - Goldfinger (CD, Album), Beautiful (Nu: Tone Remix) - Various - Hospital Loungecore Classics (File, MP3, MP3), El Hombre De La Serrania - La Inmensa - La Reina De Las Orquestas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Du Kære Blide Danske Bæk - Lasse & Mathilde - 32 Hits (Vinyl, LP), In My Heart To Stay - Robin Beck - The Platinum DVD Collection (DVDr), Therapy - Infectious Grooves - The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move... Its The Infectious Grooves ({...}


Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD)Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD)

Read Story. The difference is mainly about emphasis and attitude, where trap concerns itself with the scuzzy end of the narcotics industry drill focuses on the often related but distinct topic of gun violence and gang warfare.

Scroll down to read about the UK drill phenomenon. Lil Reese. Emo rap. Then the vulnerable seductions of Drake and sad hedonism of Future normalised a melancholic spirit Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD) rap further. Hear it best in: Lil Peep — Awful Things ft.

Lil Tracy. Frat rap. Frat rap is carefree and frequently thought-free rap music celebrating the party lifestyle associated with USA college fraternities. Perhaps the most telling thing about it is the way its pioneers and early success stories distanced themselves from it at the earliest possible opportunity.

Asher Rothwhose track I Love College got the genre going back innever really made another record with quite the same blend of beer-chugging lecherous debauchery. Mac Miller spent the early stages of his career helping define frat rap and the rest trying to live it down. Support your local scene. Labels: News. This saturday 25th February ! Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Labels Article 1 interview 2 News 3 Releases 11 Show 15 video 2. And no operatic singers with weird lyrics.

Magma was French and this is German. But this a better album than some of Magma Lps. Hard to find but definitely worth having as an essential in your prog rock collection. If you like the jazzier stuff Guru Guru did, Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD) is right up your alley. Surprisingly good and modern sounding. Kennedy" is led by bass and drums then the organ comes in ripping it up.

I like this. The tempo picks up before 2 minutes followed by a haunting calm. It picks up again with some fuzz this time. Tea" is a little heavier as drums pound in random patterns and organ and bass provide the base. Fuzz after 2 minutes to the end.

I like the background organ. Psychedelic sounding guitar plays over top. Love the groove here. Speaking Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD) groove "Groove Tango Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD) is up next Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD) it opens with guitar as spacey sounds follow. Experimental sounds come in and are contrasted with the guitar.

Sax late. They're spoken at first then he sings as the sound gets fuller. Intricate Curious - Various - Kind Of Funk 2 (CD) work follows as the vocals stop. Cool song. Light drums join in. It builds. Settles before 2 minutes. The electric piano before 3 minutes is a nice touch. I really like the second half of this tune,it makes me think of Miles. Flute before 3 minutes and percussion. Piano is back. Not really any melody here just sounds and samples.

Sax 6 minutes in. Like all of 'Healthy Colors' and also 'Swastika Girls'. Basically what you get here is the ambient electronic style with added guit You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Latest members reviews This is a compilation in three parts.

You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Forum user Forum password.

Nacht In Den Strassen - Endlösung (4) - Live Im Osten 2005 - 2006 (Cassette, Album), Mama Goes Where Papa Goes - Nancy Sinatra - Sugar (Vinyl, LP, Album), Visions Of Mortality - Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales (CD, Album), Fortune (Elektrokid Vs Dave Lambert Smash Remix Edit) - Various - On Air 2005 - Upfront Beats Vol. 1, ST 37 - And Then What (Vinyl, LP, Album), Scene 1 - Jean Sibelius / The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra*, Neeme Järvi - Maiden In The Tower (Jun, Day After Day - The Don Tweedy Orchestra - An Affair To Remember (Vinyl, LP), Follow Me Home (Paul Vinitsky Remix) - Meital De Razon - Follow Me Home (File, MP3), Silent Night - Elvis Presley - Elvis’ Christmas Album (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hollywood And Vine, White Room - Cream (2) - The Best Of Cream (Vinyl, LP), You Want It, You Got It - Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall - 5 (Vinyl), III. Allegreto Vivaci - The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy - The Philadelphia Orchestra Euge{...}


I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD)I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD)

The camshaft timing gear assembly contained advance and retard oil passages, as well as a detent I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD) passage to make intermediate locking possible. Furthermore, a thin cam timing oil control valve assembly was installed on the front surface side of the timing chain cover to make the variable valve timing mechanism more compact. The cam timing oil control valve assembly operated according to signals from the ECM, controlling the position of the spool valve and supplying engine oil to the advance hydraulic chamber or retard hydraulic chamber of the camshaft timing gear assembly.

To alter cam timing, the spool valve would be activated by the cam timing oil control valve assembly via a signal from the ECM and move to either the right to advance timing or the left to retard timing.

Pressed by hydraulic pressure from the oil I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD), the detent oil passage would become blocked so that it did not operate. When the engine was stopped, the spool valve was put into an intermediate locking position on I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD) intake side by spring power, and maximum advance state on the exhaust side, to prepare for the next activation.

Consultado el 25 de marzo de Archivado desde el original el 20 de febrero de Consultado el 20 de febrero de Archivado desde el original el 31 de enero de Consultado el 25 de mayo de Consultado el 5 de agosto de I libri con copertina cartonata in genere sono rivestiti da una "sovraccoperta". Oltre al taglio "superiore" o di "testa" vi sono il taglio esterno, detto "davanti" o "concavo"e il taglio inferiore, detto "piede". I tagli possono essere al naturale, decorati o colorati in vario modo.

In questi ultimi casi, si parla di "taglio colore", nel passato usati per distinguere i libri religiosi o di valore dalla restante produzione editoriale, utilizzando una spugna imbevuta di inchiostri all' anilina anni del XX secolo.

Riporta solitamente titolo, autore, e editore del libro. Sovente riporta un motto. Assente nel libro antico. I primi incunaboli e manoscritti non avevano il frontespizio, ma si aprivano con una carta bianca con funzione protettiva.

Nel XVII secolo cede la parte decorativa all' antiporta e vi compaiono le indicazioni di carattere pubblicitario riferite all'editore, un tempo riservate al colophon. In epoca moderna, le illustrazioni e parte delle informazioni si sono trasferite sulla copertina o sulla sovraccoperta e altre informazioni nel verso del frontespizio.

Nel libro antico i "nervi" sono i supporti di cucitura dei fascicoli. I nervi possono essere lasciati a vista e messi in evidenza attraverso la "staffilatura"oppure nascosti in modo da ottenere un dorso liscio.

Nel libro moderno i nervi sono di norma finti, apposti per imitare l'estetica del libro antico e conferire importanza al libro. Se esse fanno parte integrante del testo sono chiamate illustrazioni. Esse hanno una numerazione di pagina distinta da quella del testo; vengono impresse su una carta speciale, quasi sempre una carta patinata.

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Disambiguazione — "Libri" rimanda qui. Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Libri disambigua. Disambiguazione — Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Libro disambigua. Pagina del Codex Argenteus. Storia, tecnica, strutture. Arma di Taggia, Atene,p. All , of you. URL consultato il 15 agosto There are , of them. At least until Sunday. URL consultato il 5 giugno Scribes, Script and Booksp.

Dover Publicationsp. Libro VI, capitolo Cambridge University Presspp. Casson, op. Solo codici I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD) usati dai cristiani per far copie delle Sacre Scritture e anche per altri scritti religiosi. Gli undici codici biblici di questo periodo sei con la Septuaginta e cinque con parti del Nuovo Testamento sono su codici. Colin H. Roberts e T. ISBN Hagedorn et al. I Cant Wait - Various - Colección 80s Ahora - Volumen 9 (CD) cur. Ritrovamenti del III secolo : di cui 15 sono codici greci di pergamena e 2 latini di pergamena; IV secolo : di cui 56 in pergamena; V secolo : di cui 46 in pergamena.

Willis su Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studiesp. Scribes, Script and Bookspp. Saint Benedict and His Monks. Staples Press Ltdpp. Latin Palaeographypp. URL consultato il 26 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 4 dicembre Oxfordp. URL consultato il 20 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 19 agosto Altre edizioni: —84,—93 edizione italiana, Literary machines URL consultato il 10 gennaio Altri progetti Wikiquote Wikizionario Wikimedia Commons.

Portale Editoria. Portale Letteratura. Categorie : Libro Opere letterarie per tipo. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Namespace Voce Discussione. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Tavoletta supporto. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Rotulus.

Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Codice filologia.

Barnacle Bill The Sailor, Paid My Dues - Various - Hits Total Vol. 3 (CD), Eaten Alive - Repulsion - Horrified (Vinyl, LP, Album), O Me O (Quei Deficienti Li) - 883 - La Donna Il Sogno & Il Grande Incubo (Cassette), Waiting - Erik Faber - Between The Lines (CD, Album), Pa Nan - George Willems - Indira (Vinyl, LP, Album), Romano McNacho - Nar - History (Cassette), Y Como Es El - Arkdya - Alas Rotas (CD, Album), Montana - John Leach - Music From Other Lands - South America (CD, Album), My Heart - Windham Hill Artists - Sundance Reflections (CD), Celebration - Various - Laserium Presents Crystal Odyssey A Classical Fantasy (Cassette), glaciære Test (Very First Attempt) - Stevia Sphere - Abandoned (File), Aint She Sweet - Tokyo Rose (22) - St (CD, Album), ytatsl - Colortheft - Ytatsl, Eternal Sunset - Neurotic Design (File, MP3){...}


Tiger By The Tail - Buck Owens - Live From Austin TX (Vinyl, LP, Album)Tiger By The Tail - Buck Owens - Live From Austin TX (Vinyl, LP, Album)

We controleren altijd uitvoerig of het pro Verzenden. Tweedehands CD Maassluis Bezoek website. Lu's Jukebox Vol. BookSpot Heel Nederland Bezoek website. Produktspecificatie formaat : cd re Verzenden.

Truckers Jukebox - 3 CD Box Tweedehands cd is een webshop die tweedehands cd's, dvd's en lp's verkoopt. Ophalen of Verzenden. Bieden 23 sep. Uithuizen 23 sep. Willem Uithuizen. Tracklist chattahoochee extended mix gone country she Nieuw in verpakking Ophalen of Verzenden. Vroomshoop 29 sep. Jan Vroomshoop. Bezoek website 29 sep. Rosmalen 23 sep.

Boschrock Rosmalen. Label: arista format: cd, album country: europe released: Nieuw in verpakking Ophalen of Verzenden.

Vroomshoop 6 sep. Bezoek website 6 sep. Eindhoven 11 sep. Floor Eindhoven. Alan Jackson de cd don't rock the jukebox Deze cd is in goede staat Ophalen of Verzenden. Geleen 11 jul. Bezoek website 11 jul.

CD's country en LP Cd's country en pop 1. Kid Galahad. I Love You. It did not surface as a regular album in the U. Jimi Hendrix was having equipment problems and in his frustration rammed his Gibson Flying V into his speaker cabinets. Like an enormous arrow, the guitar became stuck in the amplifier, which the audience greeted as all was part of the act.

Agnew, and forty US governors view simulated acid trip films and listen to Rock music in order to comprehend the generation gap. American guitarist Tommy Bolin died from a heroin overdose aged 25 the day after opening a show for Jeff Beck in Miami, Florida. Date: 04 Dec Time: 8.

Page and Plant did get together for a highly successful tour in The front and back covers for the LP were taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz on December 8th,just five hours before Lennon was murdered. Madonna filed for divorce from actor Sean Penn. She changed her mind, but would file again in January The bootleg and unprofessional recordings had been shot during when Cliff Burton was still with the band.

Orbison died of a heart attack two days later. The U. Lorna Nelson claimed the lyrics were similar to ones she had written. The video was banned by MTV. The Recording Industry Association of America updates the sales amounts of 11 Led Zeppelin albums, making Zeppelin second only to The Beatles as the all-time top-selling artist.

Yahoo revealed that Britney Spears was the most searched for term of with more online searches done about Spears than any other topic or person.

Female celebrities dominated the top 10 overall search list, with Shakira at number three, Jessica Simpson at number four and Paris Hilton at number five.

A new statue of The Beatles was unveiled in Liverpool — 50 years after their last show in Merseyside. The bronze sculpture, by Andy Edwards which weighed 1. Starr used the drums in more than performances between May of and February of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was the successful bidder.

Justin Bieber scored his third UK No. Wayne Duncan, bassist with Australian rock band Daddy Cool died following a stroke. Daddy Cool also reached No. The song, written incame under renewed scrutiny over what some say are Tiger By The Tail - Buck Owens - Live From Austin TX (Vinyl lyrics which have been amplified in the wake of the MeToo movement. In Montgomery, Alabama, black seamstress Rosa Parks refused to obey the order of a bus driver to give up her seat on the bus to a white man.

Her defiance amounted to an act of civil disobedience. It resulted in her arrest and conviction by a local court, which proved to be the spark for the Montgomery Bus Boycott and became an important symbol of the modern Civil Rights Movement. Colonel Parker had previously managed Eddy Arnold. James Theatre. Bobby Darin took time out from his busy recording schedule to marry actress Sandra Dee.

The couple would divorce in early The Beatles performed a lunchtime show at the The Cavern in Liverpool. Brian Epstein met with Decca Records to discuss a deal for a hot new band he was interested in called the Beatles.

Elvis Presley started a week run at No. Blue Hawaii was reissued on compact disc in and again in The latter edition was a deluxe 2-disc release on the Follow That Dream label that featured numerous alternate takes. It also corrected the error with the issue that incorrectly reversed the stereo channels.

Kid Galahad Production. The New York Times published an article about the growing phenomenon that was The Beatles and the music they made with guitars. By comparison, Elvis Presley is an Edwardian tenor of considerable diffidence. The latter spent five weeks at 1 on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart and was his highest-charting entry on the Billboard Hotpeaking at It will become his biggest hit, selling over 1.

The record reached 11 in the US. The double set was the first on the Apple label. His brother Robin had made the same decision earlier in the year and all three brothers ended up releasing solo material before they would reform in late Jim Diamond was LP No.

Born in the U. You must be logged in to post a comment. Elvis worked at Crown Electric, until mid-October The Presleys lived at Lamar Avenue, rented til the end of to mid Romances: Dixie Locke. On this Day — Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley Candid Central:.

Share this: Share Email. Like this: Like Loading Roy Orbison was at No. Orbison was the first American artist to score a UK No. The Beatles started a Album) week run at No. Jackie Wilson was arrested for inciting a riot and refusing to obey a police order at a nightclub in Port Arthur, Texas. Wilson had a crowd of between and whipped into a frenzy and refused to stop singing when requested to do so by police. Elvis Presley June 25, — 8. Songwriter Boudleaux Bryant died. Debbie Gibson went to No.

Van Halen started a four-week run at number one on the album chart with OU He was just 45 years old. Billy Joel gets his diploma, twenty-five years after leaving high school. The piano man had overslept and missed his English and Gym finals in With grunge still going strong, Stone Temple Pilots debut at 1 in America with their second album Purple. It holds the top spot for three weeks, dethroned by The Lion King soundtrack.

Five people attending this years UK Glastonbury Festival were shot and injured when a lone madman pulled a gun and started shooting into the crowd.

Pearl Jam cancelled their current tour, citing an ongoing war with Ticketmaster as the reason. A full lineup of Album) stars attended the Detroit funeral of Lawrence Payton, the former member of the great group the Four Tops, who had died of liver cancer. Elvis fans …. The plane was owned by Elvis and his father, Vernon Presley.

Daily Mail — 1 hour ago. On June 25,Elvis Presley performed at Riverfront Coliseum for what would be his next to last concert. Lisa Marie Presley posted a photo with her family—and fans are pointing out just how much her son, Benjamin Keough, looks like Elvis Presley.

Today in History, June 25, Elvis performed next to last concert at … Cincinnati. Who Is Benjamin Keough? Lisa Marie Presley — the only child of the late Elvis Presley and his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley — recently took to Instagram to share a family ….

Elvis Presley got all shook up about his food. Just like his personality, he had a larger-than-life appetite and is famous for his food cravings. Adam Lambert is desperate to play Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic. Showbiz Cheat Sheet — 3 hours ago. Her marriage to Elvis Presley has granted her legendary status. In the years since his untimely death, Presley has served as one of the ….

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Im Through With Love - Felicia Sanders - Felicia Sanders (CD, Album), Prove It to You (feat. Lenachka) - Kris Allen - Horizons (CD, Album), Untitled - mhzesent - #trainspotting (File, MP3, Album), If Somebody Cares - The Controllers (2) - The Timeless Soul Collection (CD), Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD, Album), Carmen Cavallaro And His Orchestra* - Chopins Polonaise (Shellac), Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones - «Lâge Dor» Des Rolling Stones - Vol.17 - Gimme Shelter (Viny, Vision (13) - Under My Thumb (Vinyl), E Salutala Per Me - Le Ragazze di "Non È La Rai" - Non È La Rai sTREnna (CD, Album), Act III (Conclusion) - Wagner* - Furtwängler* - Der Ring des Nibelungen (Vinyl, LP), Bill & Ben - Bills Fill (Vinyl), David Bowie - Knock On Wood (Vinyl), Nuria Feliu - El Cuplet À Barcelona (Vinyl, LP, Album), Gimme Shelter - The Sisters Of Mercy - Hard Reign (Vinyl), Il Tempo Se Ne Va - Adriano Celentano - Un Po Artista Un Po No (CD, Album){...}


Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl)Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl)

Foi quando a gente fugiu. Ri, tapando o rosto. Bianca: Claro Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl) queriam! Dois dias depois, tinha famiglia nova na fazenda.

Eu rastelava e seu pai abanava. Bianca: Egisto! Questa terra fez brotar o Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl) Isto no! E foi assim, com um lavoro honesto Em quarenta anos ele conseguiu o que levamos quatrocentos. Que adianta descender dos bandeirantes e precisar fazer a feira toda semana! Afinal, o que temos?

O samba brasileiro Elza Soares ; Palladium Orlandivo ; Louca de saudade Miltinho ; Vale a pena ouvir. Nasceu em Girona, Catalunha,Espanha, no dia Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl) de janeiro de Ghiaroni, entre outras. Filiberto e G. Lado A:. Para que sofras Para que sufras.

Lado B:. Marcadores: Anos 70Carlos Alberto. Marcadores: Eart Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl). Acredito que esse foi o disco mais comercial e que teve sucesso de vendagens. The alchemist; Jamaica heartbeat; Georgia peach; Playing for Os Ossos Do Barão - Various - Os Ossos Do Barão (Vinyl) When the lights go out; Clear air for miles; Fire of the heart; Freeze frame; On the case; Break for the boxer.

Sunday, August 8, Everlasting. Everlasting by The Revenants. Thursday, August 5, Intruder. Thursday, July 29, Letters Home.

Friday, July 23, Bone. Thursday, July 22, Weepin' Song. Friday, July 16, Perfection. Thursday, July 15, Going Native. Sunday, July 4, The Longest Dream. Saturday, July 3, Leviathan. Sunday, June 27, Black Dog. Saturday, June 26, Black Dog. Sunday, June 20, All-Knowing Eye. Friday, June 18, The Culture of Me. The Culture of Me by The Revenants. So if you're planning to download, please think of contributing.

Even a dollar will help. Saturday, June 12, Jacob's Ladder. Wednesday, June 9, Summerville. Monday, May 31, Better Angel.

Friday, May 28, Raw. Raw by The Revenants. Thursday, May 27, Brutal Beauty. Wednesday, May 19, Light Out for the Territory. Light Out for the Territory by The Revenants. Saturday, May 15, Orphan. Orphan by The Revenants.

Saturday, May 8, Witness. Witness by The Revenants. Friday, May 7, Highway 46 Revisited.

Spread Love - Al Hudson And The Soul Partners* - Spreading Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), All That Jazz - 209 - The Gothenburg Tapes (Cassette), Guitarra Mía - Polo Montañez - Memoria (CD, Album), Chucrut - Rottenmeyer And The Psichopunks - Brain For X-Mas (CD), Off The Deep End, Told You So - Paramore - After Laughter (CD, Album), The Division Group - Dissolve (File, MP3), Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (2) - Inseminoid (File, Album), I Mulateri D Ulmetu - Nicos* - Mediterraneo (CD, Album), El Gaucho - Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Reginald Workman*, Joe Chambers - Adams Apple (CD, Album), Myopia - Moby - MP3 Collection (CDr), The Boy Who Held His Breath Too Long - Neil Landstrumm Feat. The Horrorist - Asphyxia E.P. (Vinyl), Oh My Voice Is Sad And Low - Gilbert & Sullivan, DOyly Carte Opera Company, Isidore Godfrey - Th, 1999 #06 SO/LN - Progressive / Techno / Trance - Noise* - 1999 #06 SO/LN - Progressive / Techno / Tr, Jackie Leven & The Celtic Soulmen - Man Bleeds In Glasgow (CD, Album){...}


A Mutual Success - Invader (7) - How Yuh Feel? (Vinyl)A Mutual Success - Invader (7) - How Yuh Feel? (Vinyl)

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Night Swimmers - Foals - What Went Down (Box Set, LP, Album, Album), Biggest Joke Of All - Fatima (12) - Yellow Memories (CD, Album), Middle Of The House - Rusty Draper - Rusty Drapers Greatest Hits (Volume 1) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dont Touch Me Tomato - George Symonette - Calypso And Native Bahamian Rhythms (Vinyl, LP), Deathdemonn - Darkness Rising (CDr, Album), Tipsy Taylor - Oo-Wee-Baby / What Is It? (Vinyl), Tell The World About This - Mahalia Jackson - Trouble Of The World (Vinyl), Wann Kehrst Du Zurück, Mein Treuer Johnie (Schottland), Leipzig Swing - M.E.S.H. (2) - Cxemcast 054 (File, MP3), I Do, I Do, I Do! - Mrcien - Bridges Over Symptoms And Tunnels Under Disorders (File, MP3), Untitled - Ecthyma Gangrenosum - Demo (CDr), Let It Go - King T* - The Ruthless Chronicles (CD, Album), Substance (Savage Version) - Bocca Juniors - Substance (Remix) (Vinyl), Deathbed - Deathrite - Into Extinction (Cassette, Album){...}


I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD)I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD)

Tuesday 27 July Wednesday 28 July Thursday 29 July Friday 30 July Saturday 31 July Sunday 1 August Monday 2 August Tuesday 3 August Wednesday 4 August Thursday 5 August Friday 6 August Saturday 7 August Sunday 8 I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD) Monday 9 August Tuesday 10 August Wednesday 11 August Thursday 12 August Friday 13 August Saturday 14 August Sunday 15 August Monday 16 August Tuesday 17 August Wednesday 18 August Thursday 19 August Friday 20 August Saturday 21 August Sunday 22 August Monday 23 August Tuesday 24 August Wednesday 25 August Thursday 26 August Friday 27 August Saturday I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD) August Sunday 29 August Monday 30 August Tuesday 31 August Wednesday 1 September Thursday 2 September Friday 3 September Saturday 4 September Sunday 5 September Monday 6 September Tuesday 7 September Play That Funky Music.

Sem Chance — Touch Down. Sinceramente — Touch Down. Bom Demais — Touch Down. Touch Down — Touch Down. I Love My Music. Try a Piece of My Love. Hold On with strings. Hold on to Your Hiney. Keep on Playin' That Funky Music. London: Guinness World Records Limited. ISBN Zink Media. Retrieved June 14, Greatest Hits. Holiday Wishes: From Me to You. Authority control. France data United States Greece.

Namespaces Article Talk. I Like the Way You Walk [ Garota De Ipanema [ Jon B - Bonafide Stephanie Mills - Stephanie Mills Wild Cherry - Wild Cherry - Touch Down - Touch Down Wild Cherry - - Super Hits. Various Artists - Miss Congeniality I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD) Postagens Atom.

Touch Down — Touch Down. I Love My Music. Try a Piece of My Love. Hold On with strings. Hold on to Your Hiney. Keep on Playin' That Funky Music. Electrified Funk. Feirinha da Pavuna [ Garota Zona Sul Sonho Juvenil [ Banho de Felicidade [ Pagode no Serrado [ Amigos Chegados [ Daniel — Estou I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD). Stephanie Mills - - I Do (Radio Edit) - Jon B.* - I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (CD) Real. Various — Grammy Nominees Flac. Jon B - Bonafide Stephanie Mills - Stephanie Mills

Hanging On The Telephone - Various - Valu-Plus (CD), Serpent And The Rainbow - Various - Cranial Detonation Vol.1 (CD), Lover, Lover, Lover - Leonard Cohen - Once More For Marianne (CD, Album), Evilution - Lone Star Hippie - Mind Ride (Vinyl, LP, Album), Fascinating Rhythm - Various - The Melodies Linger On (An All-Star Salute To The Great American Song, Motorpsycho Nitemare - Bob Dylan - Another Side Of Bob Dylan (Vinyl, LP, Album), Obsesiva - Loco Mia - Loco Mía (CD), Nevermight - Darkseed - Spellcraft (CD, Album), Moder Jord - Ultima Thule (2) - Resa Utan Slut (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mister Nashville - Dannie Richmonds "In" Crowd - "In" Jazz For The Culture Set (, Chords Of Fame - Various - Whats That I Hear? The Songs Of Phil Ochs (CD), IV. Fecit Potentiam - Antonio Vivaldi - Taverner Choir And Players* / Parrott* / Van Evera* / Argent{...}


Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD)Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD)

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain, and then we Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD) the audio files back onto the net.

We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project. LibriVox volunteers narrate, proof listen, and upload chapters of books and other textual works in the public domain.

These projects are then made available on the Internet for everyone to enjoy, Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD) free. There are many, Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD) things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help!

See also: How LibriVox Works. Description: The u. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. List of Amc. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD). We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards.

We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch. A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording.

Metadata coordinators MCshelp and advise Book Coordinators, Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD) take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators. The files are then prepared and uploaded to the LibriVox catalogue, in a lengthy and cumbersome process. NOTE: Anyone may read this Wiki, but if you wish to edit the pages, please log in, as this Wiki has been locked to avoid spam.

There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help! See also: How LibriVox Works. LibriVox volunteers are helpful and friendly, and if you post a question anywhere on the forum you are likely to get an answer from someone, somewhere within Going To California - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD) hour or so.

So don't be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording.

Blutiger Pfad - PA Sports & Kianush - Desperadoz (Box Set, Album), Det Tror Jag Inte På - Bengt Hedin* - Lättblandant 4 (Vinyl, LP), All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers* - The Everly Brothers: 1957-1962 (CD), Tony, De Zieke Pony - Hugo Matthysen - Dankuwel! (Vinyl, LP, Album), 79 Seville - M.W.P. & Senica Da Misfit - Marc My Words (CD, Album), Τέτος Δημητριάδης / Δ. Στρατηγοπούλου* Και Π. Βισβάρδης* - Αϊσέ / Δυο Μαύρα Μάτια (Shellac), The Song At The End Of The Movie - Joan Baez - Honest Lullaby (Vinyl, LP, Album), Love, Ashley (Acoustic) - Taylor Scott Dunn* - October (File, MP3, Album), Дай Руку Мне - Ария - Лучшие Песни. Часть 1 (CD), I Believe In Dub - Mystic Revealers - Space And Dub (CD), Wind On My Porch, One Night Stand (Album Mix) - Ghetto People - Those Were The Days (CD), Dick Rivers - Ces Mots QuOn Oublie Un Jour / Mais Je TAime (Vinyl), Oneprox (S100 Remix) - Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search / S100 - A&S003B (Vinyl){...}


Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl)Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl)

Welcome to the Douche Froide blog 1 month ago. Cosmogol How to send 4 months ago. Cellar Tapes. Some selections 4 months ago. La Pelle Muta. Simply Superior. Gods And Beasts. Ferric Archaeology. Shards Of Beauty. Theory Therapy Tomoyuki Fujii 1 year ago. Paranoia is freedom. Alice Rabbit.

And Then She Lied Again. Shock Corridor. Old Is Gold. Nouvelle adresse 4 Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl) ago.

Ritualistic Nature. The Thing On The Doorstep. Geoff Leigh — The Chemical Bank 6 years ago. Spot a broken link? Bout de Jambe. Plague Recordings. Bebergal, Peter October 16, Penguin Books. Bey, Thomas; Bailey, William Belsona Books Ltd. Diesel, Andreas; Gerten, Dieter Index Verlag.

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Retrieved April 28, — via Brainwashed archive. Keenan, David SAF Publishing Ltd. ISBN — via Scribd. Keister, Jay In Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl), Sheila; Sklower, Jedediah eds. Countercultures and Popular Music. Neal, Charles, ed. Tape Delay: Confessions from the Eighties Underground. See transcript of Coil's interview pp. CS1 maint: postscript link Partridge, Christopher Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl) University Press.

Partridge, Christopher December 5, In Partridge, Christopher ed. The Occult World. Reed, S. Alexander New York: Oxford University Press.

Reynolds, Simon London: Faber and Faber. Sanders, John; Gaffney, Mike A Coil Magazine — via Brainwashed archive. Schweitzer, Darrell The Thomas Ligotti Reader.

Wildside Press. Steirer, Gregory June 23, In Wilson, Scott A. Strong, Martin C. Edinburgh: Canongate. Tham, Joseph July 18, A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl) volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording.

Metadata coordinators MCshelp and advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators. The files are then prepared and uploaded to the LibriVox catalogue, in a lengthy and cumbersome process. NOTE: Anyone may read this Wiki, but if Equinox - Underground Classics (Disc 2) (Vinyl) wish to edit the pages, please log in, as this Wiki has been locked to avoid spam.

Apologies for the inconvenience. David Sanborn saxophone b. Michael Brecker saxophone, tenor - Randy Brecker trumpet b. John Coltrane saxophone - Don Grolnick piano - Milton Nascimento guitar b. Harvie S bass b. Sue Evans percussion b.

Oliver Nelson saxophone - Richie Cole saxophone, alto - Bill Mays piano b. Bruce Forman guitar b. Charlie Parker saxophone, alto - David Braham. Gerry Niewood saxophone - Eligible for Free Shipping. Award Winners. Packaging Option. Customer Review. Amazon Global Store. International Shipping. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Gerard Blené - Time For Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), Smurph Across The Surf (Club Version) - The Micronawts* - Smurph Across The Surf (Vinyl), I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix) - Moby - Last Night : Remixed (CD), Daughters - We Were Evergreen - Towards (Vinyl, LP, Album), Straight From Your Heart - Tavares - Straight From Your Heart / The Ghost Of Love (Vinyl), All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers* - The Everly Brothers: 1957-1962 (CD), This Calling - Various - SAW III - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD), Visitors - Asia 2001 - Ama Zone (CD, Album), Tango Delle Rose - William Fisarmonica E Ritmi - Tango Delle Rose / Tango Di Mezzanotte (Vinyl), One Day, Dogs Will Eat People - Trepan Dead / Yattaï - Trepan Dead / Yattaï (Vinyl), Saw You Dancing - Home Boy And The C.O.L. - Out Break (Vinyl, LP, Album){...}


Rehab - Notice - Middle Class (CD, Album)Rehab - Notice - Middle Class (CD, Album)

This left them stuck with awful acting, poor visual quality, and having to excessively use Stock Footage. The genre was dead by the late s. Video game graphics continuing to drastically improve, ensuring that FMV games wouldn't make a comeback. Their one selling point was their "graphical edge", and that was gone when other games could look great while offering actual gameplay.

In the current day, the genre is essentially extinct. Certain FMV games like the above-mentioned Dragon's Lair are still well-remembered for their graphical prowess, but most examples of the genre are seen as a failed experiment with new technology.

Several titles in genre are often thought as some of the worst video games ever released, and even for the genre's better titles, many agree that the gameplay hasn't aged well. At best, Night Trap is a cult hit, but nobody would actually admit to the title being a legitimately good game. People only remember it for starring the late Dana Plato, for its slumber party song sequenceand for its infamous trial that led to the creation of the ESRB. Capcom Sequel Stagnation in Fighting Games is considered to be an obsolete model.

During the golden age of fighting games in the 90s, due to the games being released straight first to Arcades before being ported to consoles, it was common for the more popular games to get updated releases featuring rebalancing of the gameplay and new characters.

Since they were not wholly new games, they typically got denoted with new subtitles to denote that they were updated versions of the original games. This method of updating games continued into the The Sixth Generation of Console Video Gamesbut by that point, the trend was growing increasingly more unpopular. The arcade scene saw a massive decline in the West while fighting games as a whole saw diminishing returns into their commercial success.

Come the The Seventh Generation of Console Video Gamespaid Downloadable Content became the new norm for doing upgrades to existing games and new characters would be released this way. Capcom, the namesake of this trend, caught increasing flack for continuing to rely on the classic methods of doing a new release rather than rebalancing the game through DLC, although they did finally adapt to offering an upgrade path through DLC for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Finally, by The Eighth Generation of Console Video GamesCapcom Sequel Stagnation got phased almost completely out in favor of Fighting Games adopting a season pass model, in which each year of the game's duration would be dedicated to a new season of releasing new characters and balance patches for it.

This is due to the arcade decline finally catching up to Japan as well, so many fighting games saw their releases made first to Console and PC. Console manufacturer Sony would seize on this, publishing the games in western territories.

They were hyping the franchise as a " Sega Saturn killer" and used its female characters as the unofficial mascots of the PS1 launch in multiple ads. The game would be among the first to be re-released as part of the "Greatest Hits" line, further confirming its success.

However, in hindsight, retrospectives of the PS1 launch and modern reviews removed from the context of the launch hype have little kind things to say about the game. The consensus is that it had shallow mechanics and clunky controls, which don't even compare favorably to earlier 3D fighters such as the first Virtua Fighter.

A belated Saturn port would receive mediocre reviews and sink without a trace, despite being the same game with more content. None of the game's sequels came close to replicating the original's success. The advent of Namco's Soul Edge further confirmed the game's obsolescence. Soul Edge was another weapon-based 3D fighter, but was considered superior to Toshinden in every way.

Originally the launch title of the PS1, Battle Arena Toshinden is largely forgotten and disliked by those that remember it, with the game being held up as a prime example of style over substance.

But is it actually good? Oh God, no. Web Original. Creepypastascampfire-style horror stories originating on internet forums and Image Boardsemerged into the Web mainstream during the second half of the s. They were extremely popular during the earlys, with entire communities dedicated to certain stories or genres. By the lates however, creepypastas quickly lost popularity for a variety of reasons.

First, their mostly teenage audience grew out of them as they got older. Second, tastes began to shift towards less "edgy" material, primarily among younger audiences. Finally, later creepypastas became increasingly derivative and cliched, and soon enough, their "scare factor" declined dramatically.

Bycreepypastas became regarded as the symbol of everything wrong with the internet a decade prior, with the genre's most popular stories becoming the most scorned in retrospect. Special mention goes to the following: Jeff the Killer was one of the most popular creepypastas ever written.

It inspired loads of imitators, spin-offs, and sequels. But the story's popularity eventually caused its own downfall. The first problem was that the imitators were generally seen as badusually having a character called "X the Killer" who had some kind of Nightmare FaceBody Horror and an edgy background story. The second problem was that when people looked back at the original story, they discovered it wasn't that great to begin with.

It was filled with typos and failed attempts at scares or drama. An attempted "rewrite" just made it look even more outdated and badly-designed. These days, if asked about "Jeff the Killer", most Internet denizens will greet it with either a snort of derision or a short lecture about the poor imitators it inspired in its wake. Slender Man was an early innovator of the creepypasta. Slender Man's mythos spread far and wide across the internet, like wildfire. Works such as Marble Hornets became viral sensations, making the character a popular boogeyman and a hit with horror fans.

Not long after his introduction though, the character became massively overexposed. He appeared in video games, fanfics, and was shoehorned into works that didn't need him. But what really sealed Slender Man's fate was a incident in which two adolescent girls stabbed one of their friends multiple times and left her for dead as an attempted Human Sacrifice to Slender Man. This incident, among others, damaged Slender Man's relevance and public perception.

A movie that is based on the incident was widely panned as being in poor taste. While the character still has his fans, the overexposure and bad publicity of Slender Man has all but assured that he will never be as popular as he once was. EXE used to be one of the most well-respected creepypastas based on a video game. EXE was seen as genuinely creepy and unsettling.

Time was not kind to the story, however. It not only shares the aforementioned "outgrown by the audience as they get older" problem Creepypastas in general tend Album) have, but critics picked the story apart and pointed out all its plot holes and glaring writing flaws over time.

The pasta was lampooned so hard it got moved off the Creepypasta Wiki and onto a wiki dedicated explicitly for bad creepypastas. The creator's rather vitriolic reaction towards the decision did not help the story's reputation at all. The only fans of the creepypasta left now are either little kids or purely ironic "fans" who enjoy it for decidedly different reasons.

Young fans have not helped in improving the pasta's image, given that derivative fanworks made by these young children are generally not very good. As such, it's unlikely that Sonic. EXE will be taken seriously as a horror story ever again.

Squidward's Suicide was one of the very first and most well-known pastas of the "lost episode" subgenre. It started using the typical tropes of this subgenre, like the description of "hyper-realistic" eyes, extra blood and gore, and normally lighthearted cartoons doing unbelievably dark things. All of those aspects were probably very shocking and disturbing at the time, leading to its initial popularity.

But it was followed by the massive influx of poorly written "lost episode" stories that used the same format or something similar. It now comes off as more Narmful than anything else. The SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon itself has done just as many shocking things to the eyes of the average fanmaking a suicide seem less shocking. The story doesn't hold up nearly as well as it once did.

The only reason why it is still fondly remembered at all is that " SpongeBob in RandomLand " made a brief reference to itand even then it didn't take long for it to be censored afterwards. The " angry reviewer " style was a popular style of reviewing in the late s and early s. It was popularized around by The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Criticwho made a name for themselves deliberately reviewing bad video games and movies with comedically exaggerated anger.

They often interspersed their "reviews" with skits, foul language, and Vulgar Humoralongside giving background information about what they reviewed. The genre also spread outside of reviewing video games and movies, with many critics reviewing comics or animated works. However, in the mids, the genre saw a massive decline in popularity. Once AVGN and The Nostalgia Critic blew up, Sturgeon's Law kicked in: a large number of inferior copycats tried to ape their style by simply ramping up the vitriol and Vulgar Humorwhile ignoring the wit and research they had in their videos of the two aforementioned review shows.

Several of these videos also contained personal attacks against the creators, as well as against fans of the works being reviewedwhich were not always done humorously.

By the late s, viewers began to see such reviews as too mean-spirited and often done in bad faith, gravitating towards straight-forward video essays with less vitriolic humour. Perhaps the final blow was a series of scandals involving Channel Awesome. Nowadays, the only shows that survive with this style are the aforementioned AVGN note Largely due to the Grandfather ClauseJames Rolfe 's tendency to stay out of Internet drama, the formula often being changed around to work with the original style on top of being more informative and extensively researchedand Rolfe being as respectful as can be to both fans and the creators of the content he reviews when not in character and JonTron note Who phased out the style for more surreal, zany humor over time.

Even Doug Walker himself, despite being the main inspiration and source of criticism for the genre, significantly toned down the anger in his Nostalgia Critic persona when the show was Un-Cancelled and incorporated film re-enactments and surreal comedy.

Most of the critics known for the genre have either suffered from declining viewership for sticking with the old formula or have transitioned into a more professional style, with some going so far as to publicly disavow their older videos. Phil Burnell, better known by his internet handles The King of Hate and DarksydePhil, was once very popular on YouTubeeven among the first creators to be featured on the website when he was at critical mass.

But his numerous poor decisions led to an increasing number of fans getting fed up with him. Phil's inability to learn from his mistakes and accept criticism, his overreliance on politically incorrect humor, and an annoying and antagonistic companion in the form of PandaLeeGames all caused Phil's fanbase to start turning against him.

Not helping was Phil's refusal to adapt to changes in viewers' tastes and YouTube's business model, due to a belief that people would still watch his content regardless i. Phil is now considered by many to be a laughingstock and emblematic of how not to be a content creator. Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler first caught the internet's attention with his reviews for games in popular franchises like Final Fantasy and Ultima during the late s.

However, he also faced backlash for his reliance on nitpicking and tendency to insult fans of works in his videos, frequently seen arguing with anyone who disagreed with his views.

His bad attitude got him in trouble with Channel Awesome in after joking about raping JesuOtaku who hadn't come out as transgender at the timewhich led Noah to resign from the site shortly afterwards due to a backlash. From there, Spoony's worsening physical and mental health led him to clash with his most loyal fans over the handling of his opinions and content direction, along with his increasingly frequent hiatuses. With his admission to having no plans for a Spoony Experiment movie after crowdfunding for one inwhat little goodwill Noah still had left vanished.

Spoony's former fans now see his critiques as hateful and nitpick-heavy towards their subjects, and his even slower update schedule means he's remained in obscurity. As such, it's highly unlikely that he'll ever achieve the same level of success ever again. While Youtube Poop as a whole remains popular, numerous techniques commonly used in it have fallen out of grace. Jokes relying on Refuge in Audacitysuch as racial jokes and Black Comedy Rapehave increasingly come to be seen as tasteless as the Internet moved its preferences farther away from "edgy" content.

Some creators who once employed it, such as Combuskenisawesome, have publicly disowned the videos in question. Audio Sensory Abusecolloquially known as "ear rape", has come to be strongly associated with Sturgeon's Lawas many, many videos that utilize it use it as a substitute for jokes, sometimes to the point of having the entire video being nothing but it. Word-mirroring, also known as "sus jokes" or " coc jokes", or " weew jokes" is simply taking half of a word and reversing it immediately afterward.

This grew to be widely mocked the more it was used due to being one of the easiest possible edits to make. Even the creator who popularized it in the first place, DaThingsmainly uses it in ironic Self-Deprecation.

Western Animation. His inability to keep a deadline eventually got him fired from his own show. The final blow came in when he released the short film Cans Without Labelswhich had been in Development Hell since following a successful Kickstarter campaign and was felt to be not worth the wait when it finally did come out.

All of this has made Kricfalusi's name toxic among animation fans. That the show was getting a reboot at all was enough to spark harsh criticism, due to its association with Kricfalusi's sordid history. Genres and Trends Ethnic and gender stereotypes or caricatures along with cartoon violence were very prevalent in cartoons made during The Golden Age of Animation or during World War II. Starting inthese cartoons were increasingly censored in TV re-airings.

Some of the cartoons that did contain stereotypes were banned altogether, such as the Censored Eleven. The first to go were gags about black people, then one by one jokes about Asians, Native Americans, women, and the like all received informal bans. Today, the only cartoons that still use these jokes, albeit under a satirical hood, are adult cartoon series. Series InScrappy-Doo was beloved by children and credited with preventing Scooby-Doo 's cancellation.

As a result, the show focused on this character even more during The '80s. The changes annoyed and alienated older fans who accused Scrappy of ruining the franchise, and he became one of the most loathed characters in western animation, to the point of being the Trope Namer to this wiki's term for hated characters. The Dumbest Events in Television History at 7few modern incarnations of Scooby-Doo even acknowledge him, and the rare occasions when they do are never with kindness.

Most notably, the live-action movie portrayed him as the Black Sheep of Mystery, Inc. Even Cartoon Network makes fun of Scrappy. Their very first Flash game, "Scrappy Stinks", had the player throw tomatoes at Scrappy, and their 20th anniversary promo featured Jake from Adventure Time stretching to keep Scrappy out of the Cartoon Network group picture.

While fan opinion on Scrappy-Doo has softened over time, it is unlikely he will regain respect from the public or shake off the stigma any time soon. Architecture Brutalist architecture, as explained in this article.

Buildings in this style were designed so that form followed function. Their few windows and tons of unfinished concrete often made them look like fortresses, and they were indeed very durable and cheap to build. This led to the proliferation of brutalist structures in urban centers and on university campuses in the s and '70s. However, while modernist structures from the same time period are still beloved today, brutalist structures are not.

For many people, they evoked the image of flood channels and highway overpasses, Before long they came to be seen as blights on the landscape. Furthermore, while they were easy to build and keep standing, keeping them looking decent was a different story altogether. Unfinished concrete has a tendency to crack and stain very easily, especially in humid climates. The cracks let water in, further undermining the structure. The proliferation of brutalist structures in the Eastern Bloc gave the style an indelible association with Soviet-style communism.

Many dystopian sci-fi films from the '70s and '80s used such buildings as symbols of the oppressive regime. Nowadays, "brutalist" is often used as a synonym for any ugly concrete building or public space. Few people still defend the style. To add insult to injury, quite a few brutalist structures were built to replace either the function of a building of a previous era of architecture or built in the place of a bombed-out or torn-down building of a previous style.

It is unlikely that the building style will be respected or replicated again after the destruction of Grenfell Tower, London in The poorly-done cladding note which, to be scrupulously fair to the original architects, was a much later addition added during an extensive renovation program was blamed for helping the fire escalate. Automobiles The Chevrolet Vega was showered with praise by automotive critics when it debuted inand it was hailed as proof that General Motors could compete with Volkswagen and Toyota at their own game.

However, the Vega had a multitude of engineering and build quality problems that made it notorious for rust, breakdowns, excessive oil consumption, and being a death trap in crashes.

These flaws turned the character's name into a byword for The Alleged Car. It was seen as a symbol of GM's Dork Age in the '70s. By the end of the decade, even many junkyards refused to take Vega cars.

It was assumed that there were virtually no usable parts that could be stripped off of them. Nowadays, Americans remember the Vega as one of the worst cars ever built, a car whose initial praise is now treated as an Old Shame by the magazines which published the glowing reviews.

The Hummer. Particularly after the launch of the smaller, cheaper H2 and H3 models. The original H1 model earned a reputation as the ultimate off-road vehicle and a Rated M for Manly super-truck.

The H2 and H3 models offered the same swagger to people who didn't have six figures to shell out. However, even at the height of their popularity, Hummers were notorious for guzzling gas. Sales for the brand started to tumble as a result of the oil crisis and recession of the mids when people had less money to throw around.

Today, the brand is remembered as a poster child for the excesses of Turn of the Millennium consumerism. Only the original H1 model still gets any respect nowadays, and even that comes almost entirely from off-road enthusiasts. Its H2 and H3 siblings are seen as pure style-over-substance road boats. Food and Drink Zima was a clear alcopop beverage that showed up in the s during the "clear craze". Beverage manufacturers had started selling clear drinks, such as Crystal Pepsi and Tab Clear.

Zima was marketed heavily by its manufacturer, the Coors Brewing Company, as a manly alternative to wine coolers for guys who didn't like beer.

For a while, the drink became very popular. To Coors' horror, most of its drinkers were women in their twenties. He was closest to Jimmy Carterwith whom he became close friends and who was a distant cousin of his wife, June.

When invited to perform at the White House for the first time in[94] Richard Nixon's office requested that he play " Okie from Muskogee " a satirical Merle Haggard song about people who despised hippies, young drug users and Vietnam war protesters"Welfare Cadillac" a Guy Drake song which chastises the integrity of welfare recipientsand "A Boy Named Sue".

Cash declined to play the first two and instead selected other songs, including "The Ballad of Ira Hayes " and his own compositions, " What Is Truth " and "Man in Black". Cash wrote that the reasons for denying Nixon's song choices were not knowing them and having fairly short notice to rehearse them, rather than any political reason.

Johnny Cash was the grand marshal of the United States Bicentennial parade. InCash became the Country Music Hall of Fame 's youngest living inductee at age 48, but during the s, his records failed to make a major impact on the country charts, although he continued to tour successfully.

In the mids, he recorded and toured with Waylon JenningsWillie Nelsonand Kris Kristofferson as The Highwaymenmaking three hit albums, which were released beginning with the originally titled Highwayman infollowed by Highwaymen 2 inand concluding with Highwaymen — The Road Goes On Forever in During that period, Cash appeared in a number of television films.

Inhe starred in The Pride of Jesse Hallamwinning fine reviews for a film that called attention to adult illiteracy. Inhe appeared as a heroic sheriff in Murder in Coweta Countybased on a real-life Georgia murder case, which co-starred Andy Griffith as his nemesis. Cash relapsed into addiction after being administered painkillers for a serious abdominal injury in caused by an incident in which he was kicked and wounded by an Ostrich on his farm.

At a hospital visit inthis time to watch over Waylon Jennings who was recovering from a heart attackJennings suggested that Cash have himself checked into the hospital for his own heart condition. Doctors recommended preventive heart surgery, and Cash underwent double bypass surgery in the same hospital.

Both recovered, although Cash refused to use any prescription painkillers, fearing a relapse into dependency. Cash later claimed that during his operation, he had what is called a " near-death experience ". InCash released a self-parody recording titled "Chicken in Black" about Cash's brain being transplanted into a chicken and Cash receiving a bank robber's brain in return.

Biographer Robert Hilburn, in his book Johnny Cash: The Lifedisputes the claim made that Cash chose to record an intentionally poor song in protest of Columbia's treatment of him. On the contrary, Hilburn writes, it was Columbia that presented Cash with the song, which Cash — who had previously scored major chart hits with comedic material such as "A Boy Named Sue" and "One Piece at a Time" — accepted enthusiastically, performing the song live on stage and filming a comedic music video in which he dresses up in a superhero-like bank-robber costume.

According to Hilburn, Cash's enthusiasm for the song waned after Waylon Jennings told Cash he looked "like a buffoon" in the music video which was showcased during Cash's Christmas TV specialand Cash subsequently demanded that Columbia withdraw the music video from broadcast and recall the single from stores—interrupting its bona fide chart success—and termed the venture "a fiasco.

Between andhe recorded several sessions with famed countrypolitan producer Billy Sherrill who also produced "Chicken in Black"which were shelved; they would be released by Columbia's sister label, Legacy Recordingsin as Out Among the Stars. InCash returned to Sun Studios in Memphis to team up with Roy OrbisonJerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins to create the album Class of '55 ; according to Hilburn, Columbia still had Cash under contract at the time, so special arrangements had to be made to allow him to participate.

After Columbia Records dropped Cash from his recording contract, he had a short and unsuccessful stint with Mercury Records from to During this time, he recorded an album of new versions of some of his best-known Sun and Columbia hits, as well as Water from the Wells of Homea duets album that paired him with, among others, his children Rosanne Cash and John Carter Cashas well as Paul McCartney.

A one-off Christmas album recorded for Delta Records followed his Mercury contract. Though Cash would never have another chart hit from until his death, his career was rejuvenated in the s, leading to popularity with an audience which was not traditionally considered interested in country music.

Cash was enthusiastic about the project, telling Langford that it was a "morale booster"; Rosanne Cash later said "he felt a real connection with those musicians and very validated It was very good for him: he was in his element. He absolutely understood what they were tapping into, and loved it". The album attracted press attention on both sides of the Atlantic. Inhe sang "The Wanderer", the closing track of U2 's album Zooropa.

According to Rolling Stone writer Adam Gold, "The Wanderer" — written for Cash by Bono, "defies Album) the U2 and Cash canons, combining rhythmic and textural elements of Nineties synth-pop with a Countrypolitan lament fit for the closing credits of a Seventies western.

No longer sought-after by major labels, he was offered a contract with producer Rick Rubin 's American Recordings label, which had recently been rebranded from Def American, under which name it was better known for rap and hard rock. Under Rubin's supervision, he recorded American Recordings in his living room, accompanied only by his Martin Dreadnought guitar — one of many Cash played throughout his career.

The album had a great deal of critical and commercial success, winning a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Cash wrote that his reception at the Glastonbury Festival was one of the highlights of his career. This was the beginning of a decade of music industry accolades and commercial success.

On the same album, he performed the Bob Dylan favorite " Forever Young. Cash and his wife appeared on a number of episodes of the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. The album was produced by Rick Rubin with Sylvia Massy engineering and mixing. Believing he did not explain enough of himself in his autobiography Man in Blackhe wrote Cash: The Autobiography in Induring a trip to New York City, Cash was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease Shy—Drager syndrome, a form of multiple system atrophy.

Soon afterwards, his diagnosis was changed to Shy—Drager, and Cash was told he had about 18 months to live.

The illness forced Cash to curtail his touring. He was hospitalized in with severe pneumoniawhich damaged his lungs. June Carter Cash died on May 15,aged At the July 5,concert his last public performancebefore singing "Ring of Fire", Cash read a statement that he had written shortly before taking the stage:. The spirit of June Carter overshadows me tonight with the love she had for me and the love I have for her.

We connect somewhere between here and Heaven. She came down for a short visit, I guess, from Heaven to visit with me tonight to give me courage and inspiration like she always has. She's never been one for me except courage and inspiration.

I thank God for June Carter. I love her with all my heart. Cash continued to record until shortly before his death. While being hospitalized at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Cash died of complications from diabetes at around am Central Time on September 12,aged 71—less than four months after his wife.

He was buried next to her at Hendersonville Memory Gardens near his home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. During that time, the couple exchanged hundreds of love letters. They had four daughters: RosanneKathy, Cindyand Tara.

InCash moved his family to a hilltop home overlooking Casitas Springs, California. He had previously moved his parents to the area to run a small trailer park called the Johnny Cash Trailer Park. His drinking led to several run-ins with local law enforcement. Liberto later said that she had filed for divorce in because of Cash's severe drug and alcohol abuse, as well as his constant touring, his repeated acts of adultery with other women, and his close relationship with singer June Carter.

Their four daughters were then raised by their mother. Cash met June of the famed Carter Family while on tour, and the two became infatuated with each other. Inthirteen years after they first met backstage at the Grand Ole OpryCash proposed to June, during a live performance in London, Ontario. They had one child together, John Carter Cashborn March 3, He was the only son for both Johnny and June.

In addition to having his four daughters and John Carter, Cash also became step-father to Carlene and RosieJune's daughters from her first two marriages. Cash and Carter continued to work, raise their child, create music, and tour together for 35 years until June's death in May Throughout their marriage, June attempted to keep Cash off amphetaminesoften taking his drugs and flushing them down the toilet. June remained with him even throughout his multiple admissions for rehabilitation treatment and decades of drug addiction.

After June's death inCash believed that his only reason for living was his music. Cash was raised by his parents in the Southern Baptist denomination of Christianity.

A troubled but devout Christian, [] [] Cash has been characterized as a "lens through which to view American contradictions and challenges. Snow with outreach to people in the music world.

A biblical scholar[] [] Cash penned a Christian novelMan in White in and in the introduction writes about a reporter, who, interested in Cash's religious beliefs, questioned whether the book is written from a Baptist, Catholic, or Jewish perspective. Cash replies "I'm a Christian. Don't put me in another box. In the mids, Cash and his wife, June, completed a course of study in the Bible through Christian International Bible College, culminating in a pilgrimage to Israel in November, He then sang, "Family Bible".

He recorded several gospel albums and made a spoken-word recording of the entire New King James Version of the New Testament. Cash is credited with having converted actor and singer John Schneider to Christianity. Cash nurtured and defended artists such as Bob Dylan [46] on the fringes of what was acceptable in country music even while serving as the country music establishment's most visible symbol. Cash himself appeared at the end and performed for the first time in more than a year.

Two tribute albums were released shortly before his death; Kindred Spirits contains works from established artists, while Dressed in Black contains works from many lesser-known musicians. In total, he wrote over Album), songs and released dozens of albums.

A box set titled Unearthed was issued posthumously. The set also includes a page book that discusses each track and features one of Cash's final interviews.

On April 10,during major renovation works carried out for Gibb, a fire broke out at the house, spreading quickly due to a flammable wood preservative that had been used. The building was completely destroyed. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard Top album chart for the week ending July 22, Prior to this, having been closed for a number of years, the museum had been featured in Cash's music video for "Hurt".

The house subsequently burned down during the renovation by the new owner. On November 2—4,the Johnny Cash Flower Pickin' Festival was held in Starkville, Mississippi, where Cash had been arrested more than 40 years earlier and held overnight at the city jail on May 11, The incident inspired Cash to write the song "Starkville City Jail". The festival, where he was offered a symbolic posthumous pardon, honored Cash's life and music, and was expected to become an annual event.

The museum offers public tours of the bus on a seasonal basis it is stored during the winter and not exhibited during those times. A limited-edition Forever stamp honoring Cash went on sale June 5, On October 14,the City of Folsom unveiled phase 1 of the Johnny Cash Trail to the public with a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Rosanne Cash.

Along the trail, eight larger-than-life public art pieces will tell the story of Johnny Cash, his connection to Folsom Prison, and his epic musical career. Ina new species of black tarantula was identified near Folsom Prison and named Aphonopelma johnnycashi in his honor. At the middle of the fifth inning, people in oversized foam caricature costumes depicting Cash, as well as George JonesReba McEntireand Dolly Partonrace around the warning track at First Horizon Park from center field to the home plate side of the first base dugout.

On February 8,the album Forever Words was announced, putting music to poems that Cash had written and which were published in book form in The nominations took place in early Crow, who had originally written and recorded the song inrecorded new vocals and added them to those of Cash, who recorded the song for his American VI: Ain't No Grave album.

In Aprilit was announced that the state of Arkansas would place a statue of Cash in the National Statuary Hall in an effort to represent the modern history of Arkansas. The Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinsonstated that Cash's contributions to music made him an appropriate figure to tell the story of the state. In NovemberWalk the Linea biographical film about Cash's life, was released in the United States to considerable commercial success and critical acclaim. They both performed their own vocals in the film with their version of "Jackson" being released as a singleand Phoenix learned to play guitar for the role.

Phoenix received a Grammy Award for his contributions to the soundtrack. John Carter Cash, the son of Johnny and June, served as an executive producer. On March 12,Ring of Firea jukebox musical of the Cash oeuvre, debuted on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theaterbut closed due to harsh reviews and disappointing sales on April Actor Lance Guest portrayed Cash.

The musical was nominated for three awards at the Tony Awards and won one. Robert Hilburnveteran Los Angeles Times pop music critic, the journalist who accompanied Cash in his Folsom prison tour, and interviewed Cash many times throughout his life including months before his death, published a page biography with 16 pages of photographs in If there were a hall of fame for creating larger-than-life personae, Cash would no doubt have been elected to it as well.

His song "Man in Black" codified an image that the singer had assumed naturally for more than fifteen years at that point. Part rural preacher, part outlaw Robin Hood, he was a blue-collar prophet who, dressed in stark contrast to the glinting rhinestones and shimmering psychedelia of the time, spoke truth to power.

Cash received multiple Country Music Association AwardsGrammys, and other awards, in categories ranging from vocal and spoken performances to album notes and videos. In a career that spanned almost five decades, Cash was the personification of country music to many people around the world. Cash was a musician who was not defined by a single genre.

He recorded songs that could be considered rock and rollbluesrockabillyfolkand gospeland exerted an influence on each of those genres. His contributions to the genre have been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Inhe was awarded the National Medal of Arts. This vinyl box set contains six Gorillaz studio albums from -including their current release "Song Machine, Season 1.

This album was nominated for a Grammy in and went on to sellcopies that year which at the time was seen as surprisingly unfavorable. A rare Gun Club album, released in in the UK only and out of print for decades. Kid Congo would rejoin The Gun Club in Released inthis album spent weeks on the Billboard Top It is the first time the whole show has been available on double vinyl.

This Is Your Captain Speaking, 4. You Shouldn't Do That, 5. The Awakening. Mayer Hawthorne had been talking for a while about releasing a free collection of cover songs for the web, and on May 11, he did just that via his Twitter account.

Blue Sky 2. Fantasy Girl 5. Little Person 6. Work To Do. Best of Suburban Noize Years, taking the best performing songs from their Suburban Noize Records releases to mark their 15 year anniversary on the label. HED P. Aliens - Original Soundtrack 35th Anniversary Edition. One of the great science fiction franchises of all-time. Surprise vinyl color: Yellow or Blue. The Infamous Stringdusters are releasing a compilation of cover songs never-before released on vinyl for RSD Drops These songs have been played live in many instances, and were at once point released individually, so this will be a treat to band fans and vinyl collectors alike.

In"Magic No. Just Like Heaven 2. Golden 3. Jessica 4. What's Going On 5. Get Lucky 6. Big River 7. Highwayman 8. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 9. Fearless American Girl. Country Soul 2. Back Porch 3. Bachelorettes On Broadway 4. Down for It 5. American Dream 6. Right Now 7. Trainwreck 8. Drank Too Much 9. Whole Lotta Love Actions Back To The Old School may have seemed like a crazy title for a hip-hop album released in The release serves as a punctuation mark at the end of the old school of hip-hop Album) production by none other than Kurtis Mantronik of acclaimed electronic hip-hop group Mantronix.

Long out of print on vinyl, Get On Down marks the 35th anniversary of this landmark with a deluxe splatter color vinyl edition of the LP available only for RSD Drops A Side: 1. Cold Gettin' Dumb 2. Love Story 3. Back To The Old School 4. Latoya B Side: 1. Gangster Of Hip Hop 2. Little Bad Johnny 3. Put the Record Back On 4. Turbo Charged. Self-Esteem Offspring Cover 2. Brain Stew Green Day Cover. In the 30 years since Mr. To commemorate its 30th year, Get On Down presents Mr.

Hood in a never to be repeated tri-color pressing of the double LP. Who Me? With An Answer From Dr. Bert 3. Boogie Man! Hood Meets Onyx 5. C Side: 1. Hard Wit No Hoe 3. Hood Gets A Haircut 4. Boy Who Cried Wolf. This deluxe Vol. The record itself is clear vinyl with five-color splatter. Dirt 2. Nothing To So Demo Demo. His appetite for ripping up the rulebook has brought kudos and admirers from all sides, giving him a status and respect that ensures an unearthed, never before released recording such as this added importance.

Ruin 2. As the Palace Burns 3. Purified 4. For Your Malice Side B: 1. Boot Scraper 2. Devil In God's Country 3. In Defense of Our Good Name 4. Blood Junkie 5. Peggy Lee was in top form inin every aspect of her career. As a vocalist, she was at her peak. That same year, she recorded 49 selections as radio transcriptions for the World Program Service. These recordings were not released to the public, but used by radio stations with unexpected time to fill.

The music is more jazz-oriented than many of her Decca recordings of the time. This series compiles the best selections from those recordings, beginning with 14 tunes on this first volume.

The Backchannel Broadcast: 20th Anniversary Edition. The Lillingtons are best known for their catchy tunes about the paranormal, but twenty years ago they surprised us all with the release of The Backchannel Broadcast, an album of high adventure with songs about the Wild West and Russian Spies.

Final Transmission 2. Mindcontrol 3. The Kids 4. El Pamino 5. Dynomite 6. One Armed Man 8. Danger Lights. B Side: 1. Blue Steal 2. Santa Fe-0 3. Thunderball 4. The Russians Are Coming 5. Wrecking Ball 6. Badman With The Devil's Hand 7. Six Ways To Die. The extensive booklet includes essays and rare photos. Sweet Georgia Bright 2.

How Can I Tell You Love, led by the brilliant and complicated Arthur Lee, is considered one of the most influential American rock bands of all time. You Gotta Feel It Outtake 3.

I Gotta Remember Outtake 4. Do It Yourself Outtake 5. Singing Cowboy Alternate Take 6. Mahogany Rush is, without question, underrated. First time on vinyl. Embossed deluxe gatefold with live photos and enhanced liner notes. Unavailable on vinyl since its original release. He's Got All The Whiskey 2. God's Song 3. Small Town Talk 5. Excuse Me Mister Side B: 1. Strange Fruit 2. The Sky Is Crying 3. Glory Box 4. Feel So Bad 5.

Death Don't Have No Mercy. Polka by Wojtek Mazolewski is one of the most appreciated jazz albums in the world. InDownBeat Magazine recognized it as one of the five best jazz albums. We proudly present The Live version, which has never been released on vinyl before.

The album combines elements of jazz, rock, reggae and electronic music. The Live version is very expressive, danceable, and rhythmic.

Punk-T Gdansk live, Wadowice A2. Grochow live, Wadowice B1. Polka live, Wadowice. The vinyl release of the Grammy-nominated album. Presented for the first time ever on vinyl! Remastered from the original tapes. Belief 2. Little Melonae I Side B: 1. Phantasm 2. Afterglow Side C: 1. Limbo 2. Consenting Adults Side D: 1. From This Moment On 2. Peace 3. Little Melonae II. Hand-numbered orange vinyl, with random autographed sleeves inserted!

Mastered for first time audiophile by long time Monkees curator and associate Joe Reagoso. Pressed with four bonus tracks, never-before-included on original albums or singles. Surprise color: translucent red or translucent yellow. Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears 2. If You Have The Time 3. Party 5. Carlisle Wheeling First Recorded Version 6.

Storybook Of You 7. Rosemarie 8. My Share Of The Sidewalk. All Of Your Toys 2. Nine Times Blue 3. So Goes Love 4. Teeny Tiny Gnome 5. Of You Alternate Mix 6. War Games 7. Lady's Baby 8. Time And Time Again. Rare Monkees tracks, never included on original albums or singles. Valleri First Recorded Version 3. Matthew 4. Words Alternate Version 5. Some Of Shelly's Blues 6.

I Wanna Be Free 7. Come On In 9. Michigan Blackhawk 2. Hold On Girl 3. The Crippled Lion 4. Changes 5. Webster 6. Circle Sky Live Version 9. Seeger's Theme Riu Chiu. Kellogg's Jingle 3. Through The Looking Glass Prev. Unissued Alternate Version 5. Penny Music 7. Little Red Rider 9. You're So Good Look Down Hollywood Midnight Train Demo Version. SIDE 2 1. She Hangs Out Single Version 2.

Shake 'Em Up 3. Circle Sky Alternate Mix 4. She'll Be There 7. How Insensitive 8. Merry Go Round 9. Angel Band Tema Dei Monkees. To some he's the godfather, to others he's the king. Long before bedroom recording became an aesthetic choice, R.

Stevie Moore built a legend of pop experimentalism, home recording, and mystic curmudgeonry. Equal parts songwriter, improviser, composer, producer, filmmaker, artist, and comedy writer, the self-taught Tennessean polymath has released hundreds of homemade albums since the '60s--and inspired a thousand times more. Rather than pose and slither in the music biz, Moore opted for a more genuine life and a spot on the staff at legendary indie radio station WFMU, sharing Bedroom Radio with the world.

His independent streak extends to Album) record releases, the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club successful and long-lasting enough that it became the R.

By refusing to settle into any one genre or style, Moore has always dedicated himself to eccentric ideas and passions whether around the world or focused into his home. And as Moore now eases into a well-deserved retirement, ON EARTH stands as a powerful statement, an intimate companion, and a goofy guide through a storied career.

Ranging all the way back to 's classic Phonography, the double-disc retrospective collects a full suite of dazzling power pop, psychedelia, and indie rock, and opens the gateway to the ultimate cult DIY hero. Stevie Moore. Stevie Moore in Stevie Moore has recorded nearly 2, songs on over very original homemade double albums of alarmingly idiosyncratic variety and styles, often considered a seminal pioneer in the DIY ethic Made his first home recording in A New York Times article referenced Moore as the progenitor of "bedroom pop" XTC founder Andy Partridge said of Moore's work: "What beauty, what invention.

Much of his musical and lyrical content is characterised by a quirky cynicism. He also has a highly sophisticated sense of melody, again without following formulas. Some of those tracks are featured on this release. This is the first official vinyl reissue of the score since its original release in on the Cerberus label.

Madre Assente 3. Campi Aperti E Sospesi 4. Double Face 5. Esecuzione Radiofonica 6. For Enrico, Riccardo And Roberto 7. For Dalia 9. Stranamente Di Notte Madre Assente This release is an extract from a previously unreleased concert.

Toy [Live]. This project brings together the sophisticated songcraft of singer-songwriter Johnny O'Donnell, the iconoclastic arrangements of Van Dyke Parks, and the genial production touch of Lewis Pesacov into a refreshing and rewarding musical package that deserves the focus that only a 45RPM single provides.

Built upon a relationship formed in Los Angeles over a nearly twenty year period, the songs, penned by O'Donnell, are explorations in harmony, straddling the line between familiar and freakish. The arrangements and production are cinematic and full of drama which befits a production born of the belly of Hollywood. Romance, intrigue, and a touch of the unreal is where the tripartite of musical craftsmen have brewed this potion of melodies.

The two unreleased songs will be available for the first time as a 7" single, exclusively as part of RSD Drops. That newfound sense of freedom defined the record, on which Lynn wrote, played the entirely of the guitar, drums, and bass parts, cooked up beats, and of course, sang vocals.

For the first time ever, these five tracks are now available on coke bottle clear vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops. Special vinyl box set that contains all four studio albums - including the first album, Partynextdoor, which has never before been available on vinyl.

Early in Johnny Paycheck's pre-fame career, he toured as a sideman and bassist for George Jones in the early s. At that time, he entered a recording studio in an attempt to secure a record deal as a solo artist.

The recordings have been long forgotten and unheard until now. These recordings showcase Paycheck's considerable talent long before the music world took notice. Step back in time and listen to uncovered country music history. First ever vinyl release of the soundtrack for this Wes Craven classic from Composer Don Peake created an incredibly atmospheric and spooky score for this film. It's an incredible career and his musical diversity shines on this score.

Fun fact: People Under the Stairs opened at 1 on the box office chart and stayed in the Top 10 for a month. Remastered on violet vinyl for RSD Drops. Motorola 'edge 20 pro' launched in India at Rs 36, Never knew Monson Mavunkal was fraud: Actor Sreenivasan.

Capture Diwali moments with improved camera, more battery on iPhone Indian Blue uncovers a range of artistic practices. Jr World Championship: Ganemat wins silver in women's skeet. Terence Lewis reveals how he studied waltz to choreograph 'Lagaan' song. Taliban's ability to use Pak as a sanctuary in 20 yrs major issue: US generals.

Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division - Closer (CD, Album), Bears - Quicksilver Messenger Service - Anthology (Vinyl, LP), Vera - Georg Danzer - Raritäten (CD), Concerto For Flute, Strings, And Continuo In D Major - Vivaldi* / I Musici - Concerto For Oboe, Stri, Sweet Little Cherokee - k.d. lang - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Even Cowgirls Get The B, Luds Wedding - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD), Lover (Fat Cat Guitar Mix) - Meeshek pres. SoundSets - Lover (CD), Give Thanks - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation (Vinyl, LP, Album), Directions (Robert Holland & Iris Dee Jay Remix), Better By You, Better Than Me - Judas Priest - Stained Class (CD, Album), Frequencies (Altisona Remix) - Michael Badal Feat Catherine (27) - Frequencies EP (File, MP3){...}